The Dream Dominic 6th class

Today I got a new present from my friends . They got me a bicycle so we can race . When it was night time , I went to sleep . I had a dream of me having a pink dress . I knew it was a dream and I turned back to normal . I found a room empty but a bike in it . Then a person fired a gun at me and I was crawling to a door with light coming out . Then I saw red and blue light coming from the door . I said, yes the police are here . THE END

My Summer Day Wk 16 by Craig

I was out at the park in the summer. I bought a tub of bubbles. They were pink. Soon it was empty so I decided to ride my bicycle around town. I went home and my mom was really mad. I asked her what was wrong. She said she got fired. So I made her a cup of tea and went up stairs to play fortnite. After a few games I got bored. So then I went back on my bike and around town again. I stopped at the shop for a bag of Taylor’s. They were nice.

The Dream By Dacian WK 16

I woke up in the morning and went to work. My boss stopped me and said I was fired. I was so confused and mad at the same time I didn’t know what to do. I went back home and it was empty. Then I saw bubbles. I went to check it out and it was a pink bicycle so I took it and went to my mom’s house. But out of nowhere a car came and hit me. I was dead but I could still see my body. I woke up and it was just a dream. The End for now.



Is this the end? by Eoin; Week 16.

“You’re fired,” the cold voice sounded in my head like a mantra.

I didn’t  know what to do, so I simply turned around, clutching my release papers and walked. I got on my lowly bicycle and trundled home. As I entered my flat ,feeling defeated, I realised my bank account was as dry and empty as the Sahara desert. Everything had been sold in a futile attempt to pay off last month’s rent. With the electricity bill looming and no source of income, my imaginary bubbles of happiness were being popped. I even contemplated begging but went bright pink at what people would think of me.

“What is one, so pathetic and insignificant, supposed to do?”

Bubbles… By Darragh

I kicked the door down and immediately darted inside.

“I’m going in, cover me,” I shouted viciously to my squad.

As I cautiously walked past the doorway, I saw something in a corner. Straight away, I aimed my pistol at it and fired. Suddenly a sharp ringing came from the corner. I walked over to the object. It was a bicycle with a pink  bell which I hit with my shot.

“The rest of the house is empty,” my partner stated.

We started to make our way outside. As we stepped out, we could see bubbles in the air. Then they popped. The force of the explosion, caused by the bubbles, blew me off my feet. It was a trap…


I glanced up at the wonderful fireworks from Sydney  Harbour Bridge to see the fantastic firework display.  Suddenly  it rained out of the heavens  above us everybody ran for cover. There was thunder and flashes of lightning. Seconds later the water came crashing up onto to pavement from the treacherous sea. Everybody got their stuff and left the carnival atmosphere.  Lots of people were disappointed  at the commencement of 2019.  It started with a bang ……. pardon the pun.  There was a man, he was blinded by the light. He had to be airlifted to the nearest hospital possible. What a day!

week 16 Monday Morning by Dara

Get up!!


It’s half seven and you have got school today.

Okay. I’ll be down in 10 minutes. I need to go for a shower.

Okay. Hurry up or you will be late. Get your brother up too.

I went into my brother’s room and opened his curtains and the light blinded him.

Get up.


I went into the shower and 10 mins later I was done.

Come down for some pancakes.

Yup. Pancakes. Is there syrup?

Week 16 Friend by Anthony

James was a 13 years old boy,he was smart,kind and shy. One day,he was at school.He was learning Irish. Out of the blue,the door opened and the light blinded him.When he opened his eyes,he saw a beautiful girl walk into his classroom.She had a cute face,big eyes,long blonde hair and a thin body.His face turned red.The girl said her name was Michelle,. When the teacher chose a place for her, she chose beside James. James had a nose bleed when she sat beside him. He went to the bathroom to wash it.He went back and continued his class.Soon they became friends.

Blinded by Alex Week 16

Let me tell you a story about a guy called Timmy. This is how he’s blind.It was finally here, the solar eclipse. For safety, we wore special glasses so we wouldn’t be blinded but of course Timmy was a dare devil so he didn’t wear the glasses but the light blinded him. Ananthirn solar eclipse happened and Timmy looked up at it. This time though he wasn’t so lucky. He was rushed to hospital and he was blinded forever. A few years later another one happened but this time he couldn’t see it happen.  That’s because he is blind.

The Bank Robber wk 16 Craig

There was a man on the run after he robbed a bank. His name is Brian and his second name is Walker. Well he didn’t rob any ol’ bank, he robbed the biggest bank in America. He was on the run for a whole month before the FBI found him in a motel. When they found Brian, the FBI warned him a few times. Then they went to breach him. They were like, ” FBI, OPEN UP” and they kicked down the door. The light blinded him. He was hiding in the bathroom. Brian took a few shots at them but then he got popped.

The Chase by Stephen

Kyle swerved around another corner clipping the kerb. He was driving in darkness, relying only on his memory of the town. He had his headlights turned off in case anybody spotted him . He was heading towards the tunnel which was the only way out of town. Kyle clipped another kerb and decided to slow down a bit. 10 minutes on and he was midway through the tunnel. Kyle could hear something coming towards him.Suddenly a truck came  out of nowhere. The light blinded him. He skidded off course and was heading towards the cliff edge. He tried to brake but it was too late.

The Siege Of Jadotville By Cillian Week 16

Hello, my name is Pat Quinlan. I am the Captain of B Company for the Irish Army on a peacekeeping trip to Central Africa. Us Irish, Indian and Swedish forces have been chosen by the U.N to tackle the issues in Jadotville at the moment. You see they have a new Prime Minister and he is mad.

The Arrival

We arrived there and set up camp at an abandoned petrol station in practically the middle of nowhere. Although I am the Captain, this is my first time overseas.

The Battle

The light blinded him but suddenly Tommy shouted, “Hostiles incoming! Take point.”

We all took our positions and waited for the enemies to push. They did and they had way more fire and man power but the Irish forces held them off for a number of days. When they arrived home they got no credit for what they had done.

Week 16 by Alan The Run

I’m sprinting from this ugly monster . I couldn’t defeat him. I tried fighting him but he’s just too strong and powerful. I was just sprinting as fast as I could for my life. I don’t know how I even got in this cave! I just remembered that I had this really bright flash light in my pocket. So I got it out of my pocket and flashed it at him. The light blinded him. After, I was able to find my way home peacefully and relax in the end. In my cozy little bed at night I reminded myself of the cave and the monster. I was so surprised how I survived.

week 16 The Zoo Disaster by David

It was the day we were going on a trip to the zoo.  We had it planned for a while. My Mom went into my brothers room first. To wake him up she opened the curtains. The light blinded him. Then she came and woke me up. We were in the car on our way to the zoo. We arrived after a long trip because we had to go back because we forgot the tickets. There I was, exploring all the exhibits, looking at all the animals. As we came to the lions, one escaped and he jumped out at me. I was running.  He was on my tail but the zookeeper saved me. It was the scariest day of my life…


The Escape Week 16 by Sean

Today was the day I escaped. I was going to escape from prison. I had been working on making a hole into the vents for a few months now and it was finally done. I slowly crept into the small tunnel and then into the vents. As I got to the outside vents I could see the guards on patrol around the prison. When the guard wasn’t looking, I decided to run for the ladder up to the watch tower. I got to the ladder and crept up it slowly making sure no one could hear me. I got to the top of the wall and saw that no one was on  it so I scuttled across the wall and into the watch tower where I grabbed the light and shone it into the guard’s eyes below. The light blinded him so I sprinted as fast as I could down the ladder to the main gate and hot wired a police car and then drove as fast as I could.

BOMBED Wk16 by Nathan

It had been the middle of the night when the air raid siren blared across London. Jimmy’s mother came running into the room and told him to get dressed , to get out of the house and to the air raid shelter. Jimmy got dressed as fast as he could and ran out the door with his mother. Together they ran to the shelter which was actually a subway station and sat down. After a while they heard the drone of aircraft above their heads and then the sound of bombs. Dust fell from the ceiling as bombs shook the ground. In the morning all the people in the shelter got out and looked at their destroyed city. Jimmy tried to keep his eyes open but the light blinded him.

Freedom… By Darragh Quirke. Week 16

We had been stuck here for 10 years but at last we put our plan into action. We were breaking out. We were breaking out of this lifeless prison TONIGHT! 

I woke to find someone shaking me. It was my roommate John, but everyone called him Scar.

“Its time,” he said dramatically.

10 minutes later we were at the exit of the silent prison. I patted all 6 of my pockets and found the key in the fifth. Scar ran straight outside and almost immediately the light blinded him. I automatically shielded my eyes. “Freedom at last,” I murmured to myself…


The Bomber by David Lehane Week 16

It was the day I never forgot, the day we took down the suicide bomber. Unfortunately we could only save the people that didn’t want to die. The suicide bomber knew he lost his game. So he decided to end his life that day. I remember going into that hotel in New York City and seeing four dead bodies lying on the floor. I knew where that dreadful, sad and vicious man was. He was on the 74th floor. We had to get up there before anyone else got injured. When we got up to the 74th floor, we found him just like that. But he was near the biggest open window in the hotel. He didn’t shoot, he jumped….

Chaos Week16 By Killian

Jim lives in a big house with his family. Three generations live in the house : his four grandparents, two aunts and two uncles, his mom and dad and ten brothers and sisters. He has his own room but all his siblings play in it.. One morning he was fast asleep and his youngest brother came in and opened the curtains. The light blinded him. Walking downstairs every morning they would always leave a skateboard at the bottom of the stairs, hoping  he will step on it and slip. They then use their spoons as catapults to rocket food at him. Tough life.

LIGHTNING by Ronan wk16

The lightning struck. It flashed as bright as if you were staring at the sun. It was a wild goose chase with the people looking for their children in the village as it was set on fire by the lightning. Of course this wasn’t actually happening now. It was all just a movie I was watching in the cinema. As the film ended, I dashed towards the exit door. When I got to it someone was  already there. As he walked out the door he looked bewildered. The light blinded him. He started groaning wearily. I had to get help.

100 WC. WK 16 THE LIGHT By Krzysztof

The light blinded him.


The boy looked up at the torch, covering his eyes.

” I wanted a short break from the journey to find my uncle.”

“Where do you come from? ”

“From far away, 30 km away.”

The farmer gazed at him and thought what to do.

Finally he replied, “Come on, you get a bed, something to eat and new clothes.”

The boy got up slowly, got his bag and followed the man to the cottage. He looked at the stars , walked in…

Escape: Paddy 6th

“We live in a perfect world. That’s my problem.”

My father said that a lot. He also said that he saw a light in his dreams, and that the light blinded him. He was a superstitious man,throwing his life away to research half -baked theories about aliens. But one of his theories caught my interest as I was going through his old filing cabinet. His theory was that we were all in accurate simulation of life. He said the government was covering up the pollution on earth, and that escaping the simulation was our only hope of saving the planet.

The Raid by Eoin Week 16

BANG! Another flurry of bombs came raining down on the terror-stricken occupants of London.Tom, who had been roused from his sleep by the cacophony and  blundered outside in the hope it was over, was met with the drone of more planes. Alarmed by the bizarre and somewhat insane scenes he had encountered, Tom  rushed towards the nearest air-raid shelter and took cover. Hours passed in the dark gloom,  with the torrential boom of explosives showing no sign of abating. After a metaphorical eternity, the planes retreated and it was deemed safe to return above-ground. Walking up the bare cement steps, the light blinded him, but what shocked him even more was the devastation of London. “Surely not,” Tom muttered in disbelief .


I was in the shopping centre and I spotted a weird looking snowman with ribbons on his neck. In his arms, he had a red present with yellow ribbons tied in all directions. He had a blue bauble as one eye, holly and red berries as hair and a blue and white eye. His body was made out of presents. His legs were made out of little Christmas trees. Then a man put some magic star dust on to him. He then came alive. What a weird sight! I rubbed my eyes in case I was dreaming but I wasn’t ……………

The Pop by Sean O S Week 14

It was Christmas. We put up the tree and it looked lovely. We had our breakfast and devoured it. We put up all of the decorations but one decoration in particular caught my eye. It was a small present. I hung it on the tree and looked at  it closely.


A piece of holly had flew out and pricked my nose. 5 berries also came out and one flew up my nose. We all started laughing

Flashbacks by Stephen Wk 14

Everything began to flash in front of me:

The baubles we put up on the Christmas tree.

Hanging up the holly on the front door with Jim.

Receiving the amazing present from Aunt Kate.

Eating the berries from Farmer Tony’s field.

The nights I spent outside just staring at the stars.

The fireworks for the New Year and finally… an eye blinking.

The last one completely confused me but I had no time to question it as I took one last look at my childhood before stepping into the tank and leaving for war.

CHRISTMAS DREAM by Ronan wk#14

This day last year was Christmas Day. My two brothers and I were running downstairs to open our presents. We ran down the stairs and into the living room to find no presents. And that wasn’t everything. The Christmas tree was laying down on the floor in pieces, the couch was upside down with drawings and scratches with fluff coming from them. The light shade was broken with the light bulb on the floor and the mantle piece was split in half with the pictures and decorations in the fireplace.  It was like I was seeing stars. Just then I woke up.

Week 14: The Blue Eye By Michael

It was my first ever year putting these decorations up. They have been sitting in the damp attic for thirty nine years. As I was placing the largest bauble on the Christmas tree, the box for the decorations and artificial holly lit up. I was astonished. Suddenly a blue eye popped out of the box. It stared at me for ten long seconds, blinked and disappeared. The following morning I woke up and the eye appeared on my Christmas tree…… again.

Christmas 1914 By Cillian Week 14

There was a ceasefire. We could hear the Germans singing a Silent Night-like tune. It was astonishing. I could remember singing it at home whilst hanging up the baubles on the Christmas tree. Was it a trap? I decided to go and check despite my mates saying “Oh, you’ll be killed!”

I got up with the white flag and shouted “Hello!” Then a German soldier rose from the wretched, wet, cold trench. Clearly, they were losing the war, mentally as well as physically. We all rose, shook hands and even played a game of football. I will never forget looking into blue, German eyes.  An explosion went off so I said my farewells and returned to the trench.

100 Word Challenge Week 14 By Noel

Christmas Eve, I was speeding along the jagged cliff edge as a gunman was giving chase behind me. The icy roads were proving impossible to drive upon. My tyres were losing friction as the roads got windier and the ice got thicker. Suddenly a large clump of ice sent my car over on its side. My car screeched to a halt, hanging half over the cliff’s edge. The metal of the car would topple with any movement, the shattered glass twinkling in the ocean breeze. As gravity took charge, my life flashed before my eyes: presents, baubles, holly, the blue eyes of family members. I’ve certainly had better Christmases.