The Complex by Alex

The rundown castle has a candy bar and a public bar. It is suitable as a hotel with 90 bedrooms and one master suite. It will need a bit of TLC. One of the rooms could also serve as a cinema. There is a swimming pool at the rear of the complex and there are extensive grounds. A  gardener would need to come in every day for a few hours to manage this.

The Cinema week 25 by Dara

1923. I was going to the cinema. I was going the see a horror movie. Its name was “Down the Street” and it was meant to be a really scary movie. It was rated 15 but I was allowed to go see it by the manager. My Dad was really good friends with the manager and now I was waiting for the doors to open to the theatre. It took about 1 hour but I didn’t mind. It was really scary.

The Meeting by Craig

Here I was. An eerie silence hung around the room as I entered. Empty. I began the trek up the winding staircase. On the seventh floor I stopped, tapped on the wall 3 times with my knuckle and entered the room. The owners of the building had left years ago and since then it had been taken over by the I.S.S. [Irish Spy Service]. The building was perfect as not a single person ever gave a second glance. I took a seat and took out my briefcase. I produced a file on the Craggle.

“Alright, boys, let’s get down to business.”

The Investigation… By Darragh

The rundown museum in town had just been broken into. Immediately,  my four friends and I got on the case. This was big, this was our chance to shine.

The following morning we decided to investigate. As we made our way to the museum, we immediately took in our surroundings. The front window had been smashed, and there were dirty footprints all over the carpeted floor. Just then we heard a roar from one of my friends.

“Hey, guys, get over here!”

As we made our way over to him, I could make out a bright red glove lying on the ground. We all looked at Jimmy…


Week 25 The Walk by Alan

One day I decided to take a walk somewhere unusual far from my house. Most of the time I walk 3 minutes from my house but today I went 8 minutes away from my house and I didn’t tell my mum. I knew I was going to be in trouble. As I walked along there was a strange building and the door was open. I took a look inside. When I made my way inside the building there was a ‘Candy Bar’.I thought it was a museum but it was a cinema. As I made my way back through the door I fell and then this happened…

The Theatre (Paddy 6th Week 25)

We opened the main door. It creaked loudly as we stepped inside. I flipped the light switch, the artificial light casting long shadows against the banisters of the stairs. We tiptoed upstairs. Suddenly we heard a WHAM and the smashing of glass.

“I-I think w-we f-f-found our b-beast!” exclaimed my friend.

He then turned tail and ran, screaming all the way out the door. We then heard a cackling from the candy bar. We flashed our torches inside there as we came down the stairs.

“AAARRGH!” my friend screamed.

I spun on my heel to see him pinned by the beast. What was I to do!?!

week 25 Dominic

Today I was going to the cinema to watch a movie. When I was buying the tickets someone hit me on the head. When I got up there was nobody around me. I even checked the streets and nobody was there. Then I ran to the factory to turn on the robot to start working. Then the power got stable. Then I went to get some food to eat. That’s how my life was in Ireland.


There is an old man whose name is Jimmy but we always call him Old Man Jim. He bought the old theatre last year and only the old ones mostly go there now. The person at the candy bar is said to turn invisible when he ought to see a dog. The old theatre only shows old monster movies like “The Strike of the Living Mummy” and “The Over -grown Plant Eater” and an old time classic, “The Titanic”. The popcorn there is really cheap but the monsters from the movies come out at midnight so beware you might be in for a scare…….

ABANDONED wk#25 by Ronan

Chandeliers lit the halls. Romanesque arches in the walls from the entrance to the exit. The dark brown door frames and the blurred glass pane. The candy bar abandoned with no cashier or clerk. The same majestic design covering the whole run-down building. The checkered floor, the red carpet stair way. Every thing in this dilapidated building was  beautiful. It became more beautiful with age. But what if this site was renovated? All its wonder and beauty gone, to be replaced by something as mediocre as a shopping mall. The only good thing to be made was a museum of all the priceless artifacts.

Sceal Eile: The Boy in The Striped Pyjamas Alternative Ending.

After I entered the camp with Shmuel, the officers started lining us up. We had no idea what was going on. We thought we were going for a shower. But after a while we realised this wasn’t normal. Some of the men were getting upset. I had never seen a man cry  before so I knew this was serious. Suddenly, there was a loud bang and all the alarms went off. Over the speakers around the camp we heard a man shouting: “Lock down. I repeat lock down!” Then a black car pulled up and four men wearing gas masks got out. One of them shouted at us to hide, we hid in one of the camp huts. All we could hear was the shouts, cries and gunfire of the men. Eventually one of the men knocked on the door. We hoped it was safe so we opened the door. He then escorted us to a truck and we were driven away. Were we saved?

(Holes) Different ending by Michael

As I climbed the mountain I checked back to see if Zero was alright. We didn’t know what was on the other side. Maybe there was a town or  civilization of some sort, or maybe there was just nothing. After about what seemed 8 hours we reached the top. We were absolutely shocked when we saw what was over the mountain. There was a road that stretched out for kilometres. Although it was so big and long we couldn’t see any cars passing. A car would only pass every five minutes or so. I asked Zero, “Should we go down there?”Zero nodded. If Zero said yes I was in.

The road was quite a long way away. We would have to go now if we wanted to get some help. The terrain going down the mountain was rough. At the bottom we were relieved. We sprinted up to the road to see what was there. As we approached the road we noticed a pick up truck coming. It wasn’t any ordinary pick up truck. It was the one from Camp Green Lake. At that moment we knew we made a mistake. As the truck approached we saw who was in it. It was Mr. Pendanski. We would’ve been better off going back. Way better…..

Behind Enemy Lines By Cillian Week 24

I struggled to walk but I had to go on, my squadron depended on me. As I got closer to the enemy’s HQ, I heard the roar of vehicle engines so I stopped and dove into a nearby bush. I waited and when it seemed clear, I made my way towards the camp. It was empty. What a surprise! I returned to my Commanding Officer with the excellent news but when I got there, they were already surrounded by the enemy force. Dodging any stray bullets, I zigzagged towards a nearby hut what would happen next?

Story competition (different ending) By Darragh


Stanley’s master plan to save his friend, Zero, had just gone according to plan.

He drove the truck past all the holes. But as Stanley waved his hand in triumph, the truck suddenly jerked forwards. Stanley knew that this was going to happen sooner or later, so he  immediately exited the truck. As smoke from the burning truck  filled the air, Stanley realised that he had escaped. People could still see him but he was too far away for anyone to chase after him. After a few minutes of inordinate thinking, Stanley decided that he would head for the Big Thumb. He had a feeling that Zero might be there because Big Thumb held the only food and water for hundreds of miles.

Days passed as Stanley shuffled his feet through the hot sandy land, hoping to find some bit of food and water and  Zero of course. Just then a sandstorm hit Stanley square in the face. Immediately he shielded his eyes. As he looked on into the distance when the sandstorm had passed, he could see Big Thumb! What shocked him was that there appeared to be a figure bouncing up and down on the tip of the mountain! Suddenly Stanley darted towards the mountain. Before he knew it he was hugging Zero.

The two boys woke with a start. The night before they had decided to try and get away from the vast sandy land. But the only problem was how would they do it?…







Scéal eile: Stephen

Bruno got up. Taking in his surroundings, he had come to hate this house and the ticking of the clock. Today he had big, exciting plans. He skipped downstairs and devoured some breakfast.Then there were morning classes with Herr Liszt. Finally he began the final trek to the fence. Shmuel was waiting for him.

“Ready?” asked Shmuel.

“Yes,” replied Bruno nervously .

Schmuel waited in silence as Bruno pulled on the striped pyjamas. Then they walked. Bruno was shocked by the state everybody was in. He did not know that these people were Jews and were being held hostage. Nor would he ever know…

The boys began their search. They were trying to find Shmuel’s father who had gone missing. Suddenly Bruno heard a shout. Bruno, in fright, began to run away from the noise… Shmuel followed. Bruno heard a loud bang and spun around. Shmuel was sprawled on the ground, lying perfectly still. Bruno still didn’t fully understand what had happened but he crouched down beside his friend. It was Pavel who picked Bruno up and realised at once that he was the Commandment’s son. Suddenly 2 bangs came from behind them. Both Bruno and Pavel fell to the ground. Almost immediately, Lieteunant Kotler realised with horror what he had done. He stepped back, away from the body of the Commandant’s son, and collapsed on the ground in shock.

the boy in the striped pyjamas

As I was taken into the camp, I thought that I was going to be able to play  with my new best friend Shmuel. I went into the camp and saw a lot of people wearing the same kind of clothes. I wondered if I would get to wear the same clothes. I was taken into the room and was ordered to put them on. So I put them on and I was taken out again. This was very different to what I thought it would be like. I finally spotted Shmuel and ran over to him and gave him a big hug. I asked him what it was like in here and he told me every thing. After hearing what he said, I was way more conscious about the horror of this place. Shmuel and I had to get out and fast.

We talked over where we used to talk before. Only this time we were on the same side of the fence. We thought that maybe if we stayed where we were we might be able to sneak out at night. We had started to dig our way under the fence when we saw a light heading our way. We quickly ran underneath one of the huts. And then the alarms went off. Now was our time to escape.

Scéal eile By Noel War Horse


France WWI

We’ve been in these trenches for days. My ears have got used to the constant cracking of gunfire in the distance and the constant fear that one of the flashing shells might land in my trench. I haven’t had a bit of good food since ,well, I can’t remember the last time I had any. This is a lot different to what I pictured the war to be. With blood, dirt and sweat stains all over me and the cries of wounded soldiers in my ears, it’s hard to remember the time  that I was marching out of town with my pressed uniform, laughing and singing marching songs.

When I heard the sergeant yell “Positions!”, I grabbed my rifle and raced to the ladder. Then the bagpipes started playing and I leaped up the ladder and darted into cover behind a sand bag. When the enemy’s shooting ceased, my platoon were ordered to search the trenches for food,drink, medical supplies and ammunition. As I was going through an ammunition crate I heard a soldier’s terrified cry from up ahead, “Gas, Gas, Gas!”

I woke up in a hospital bed with a bandage covering half my face. The doctor told me that some soldiers found me when the gas dispersed and that the gas had damaged my eyesight but it was not permanent. I had heard an officer outside the hospital saying that there was a horse found out in no mans land. It had been caught in razor sharp barbed wire. That’s when a British and a German soldier went out to get him. When they freed the horse from the wire, they flipped a coin for who would get to keep him. I heard the vet say he had tetanus and he was too busy to treat him, so he would have to be put down. On impulse, I decided to whistle, like I used to back home in the fields, to call Joey. That’s when I heard the clipping of  hooves echoing on the cobbles coming towards me.


Smoke by Alex

House raid number five. We busted down the door but it was empty. What a surprise!

“Is there any intel that we can gather?” asked Nomad. “We have to find this SAS scientist before he launches the 2nd bio hazard bomb.”

“Over here,”  screamed a voice. I walked over to the corner of the room to see a cell door half cut by a blowtorch. When the man spoke he had an American accent. His name was Erik Thorn aka Maverick .He’s part of rainbow six, an anti -terrorist group. He told us the name of the mad scientist: James Porter aka Smoke.


Bruno was a normal nine year old boy playing with his best friends Karl, Martin and Daniel. When he zoomed into his house, he spotted his family maid Maria making the beds and there were five men taking down pieces of furniture and putting them into a van. Bruno was told by his mother Elsa that his father had got a promotion so they were moving to a house near his father’s work. Bruno was very sad. He kept on complaining that he didn’t want to move and that this house was the best and he would have to say good by to his three best friends. He didn’t want to go and that was that. But Gretel, his annoying old sister, was a hopeless case. She kept on  complaining that she didn’t want to as well but the next day everything was packed and they left. Everybody waved as they left. Bruno had a great big tear in his eyes when he left. After a long 6 hours they arrived. Bruno  was amazed at the new house. He quickly  raced in and explored the building. He got the room with the great big window. He really liked the new house. Just then he spotted a boy sitting alone on a farm with his father .Bruno ran out the door to make friends with this boy and his father. After 20 minutes he arrived the boys name was Shmuel and the fathers name was Pavel. They wanted Bruno to dig a hole so could get out. When the  other farmers saw the big hole, they got out and Bruno thought he had done something brillliant. From that day Shmuel was Bruno’s best friend .The  end

INTO story Paddy 6th

This is an adaptation of the ending of my favourite story, GONE, by Michael Grant.

Quinn shot the coyote right into the chest, knocking it off of the child and sending it tumbling across the nursery floor. There was a flash of green light and another coyote burst into flame. Sam was here at last. After about an hour of fighting off the coyotes, things started to quieten down a bit. The peace did not last long though, as Caine walked through the dust followed by Drake, the whip-handed, psychopathic 14 year old who had recieved his whip arm from the elusive darkness, making him all the more deadly. Quinn felt himself being lifted off the ground and pulled towards Drake. Blinding flashes of light  rent the room and deafening crashes of concrete on concrete resounded all around him and then… a grunt from Sam as he was thrown across the room. There was a thud as he hit the wall. He was dead. Their only hope was gone. Quinn dreaded to think what would happen. Then he realised. They were all going to die.

Writing Competition ( Different Ending) by Eoin. Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows

“I’m sorry, Severus, I truly am, but to take full and eternal control of the Elder Wand, I have to kill you. So long, old friend.”.Nagini pounces, but Harry bursts through the door and apparates away to safety with Snape in tow.

When they reach the Great Hall a few moments later, Snape is spluttering, bamboozled by what has just happened. “W-w-why?” he manages to stutter out of his thin-lipped mouth. “I understand now” Harry says knowingly. “Please, help us,” Harry pleads desperately, “We need you,”. There is a brief moment, almost like that of a standoff, between them, similar to a staring competition, daring the other to back down and blink. “You have your mother’s eyes,” Snape uttered faintly and ran off hurriedly to join in the fight.

Harry knew what he had to do. He ventured into the forest expecting death, and yes, he did die if only temporarily.

An post comp by Charlie The London Eye Mystery (different ending)

My plan had worked. I had got away! I ran down with my friend across the bridge. I was skeptical about where to go next. I had no money to get to Manchester. How would I get a train? I waved to Tom and watched him disappear into the station. I put my hand into my pocket and took out my coins. Only 3 pounds. I had to make a plan if I was ever going to get back to Manchester. I went to a small store and headed down an alleyway. This was where I would spend the night.. I wondered what stress my parents and relatives were going through.

Next morning I was woken up by the sound of the Big Ben and the frantic rush of everyone trying to get to work. I grabbed the worn out bag that I had found in the bin with my water and headed off. I was nervous but yet excited. I waited 5 minutes which felt like an hour and then the Manchester train arrived. I was going to sneak on the train. I scouted the train up and down and had 2 places in my head. The back of the rear carriage or the toilet. I decided to head for the toilet as it was a bit more secure. I scrambled onto the train and saw the ticket inspector give me a look. I got in the bathroom hastily and hoped for the best…

Writing competition Fantastic Beasts by Krzysztof

“Thanks. ”

“Bye!”  shouted Jacob in a normal voice as the women went out from the bakery.

” Yes?” he asked when he raised his head. He looked. It was she, she that he could remember.

” Qee…”

He stared. It was his friend Queen. They stared at each other.

” Hi.”

“Hi.” Jacob replied. ” Tina got a message from Dumbledore. He told me to find you and we need to help Newt.”

“Who?” Jacob asked.

“I tell you later. Get your jacket or whatever.”

They walked out behind the bakery.

” Why me, I’m normal, not a wizard like you.”

“I told you that you’re one of us!” They caught each other by their hands and teleported.

Meanwhile in Dumbledore’s office at Hogwarts Castle…

” Do I need to do this?”

“Yes. You’re the only one to defeat Grindelwald. And you’ll need your beasts.”

Newt looked at his case for few seconds and then replied ” What and where do I need to go?”

“France, Paris. You’ll take the train from King Cross, Platform 8. It goes to Dover. There you’ll meet your old friends.”

Doors opened and Newt went out.

“Ok,”  he said to himself. When he reached the platform, the train was ready to go. It was not the end. It was only the beginning.


The boy in the striped pyjamas by david

My name is Shmuel. I am a Jewish boy that isn’t loved that much. I just have to do jobs all day that make my hands sweat. I think that I’m a slave, pretty much.

One day that I thought would be the same as every other day, I saw a boy at the other side of the fence. I didn’t know if it was a good idea to go or not as it was supposed to be dangerous being around those people. But I went over anyway. I just needed to make a friend, someone to talk to. Straight away, he just started to ask a million questions. This happened for days and days. That went to weeks, and then months. And just like that, we were closer  than best friends. He was somebody I could trust.

Then one day he told me about his family. I didn’t like the sound of his father, the Commandant. I was starting to think I should get out of his way and get back to my  old life. Then he asked me if I wanted to come to the other side. It was a risk that I would have to take . I had never been out of this dreadful,sandy land but I could now. So that day was spent digging a hole. And as soon as was possible, I was on the other side. But Bruno’s father caught me…


Bruno came home from school to find Maria, the maid, packing his belongings. He would always play with his three best friends, Karl, Daniel and Martin. Gretel,Bruno’s sister, was also moving to a new house. This was even worse for Bruno along with the rest of his family. They had a get-together at the house for a last goodbye. Their house in Berlin was perfect to Bruno but they had to move due to their fathers job. Bruno wasn’t so sure what his job was but he had a big office so it must be important. Bruno had to lose everything: his friends, his house, his school and his grandparents. After moving Bruno was as bored as a blind guy watching a silent movie. He had nothing to do and no-one to play with. There, in the new house, they had a chef called Pavel. He trained as a doctor before he became a chef. Behind the fence of the house was an open forest. One day Bruno went off into the woods to find a fence, a fence of barb wire. The fence went around the circumference of a concentration camp. OUT-WITH. But Bruno didn’t know that at first, until he met Shmuel. From that day on Bruno would go to Shmuel to do different things each day. They would discuss differences between each others life. Once the dug a hole to get Shmuel out. Once that was done, they ran.

Holes Hector’s point of view By Killian M

Hector was walking through the hall looking at all the stuff sent to the Homeless Children’s Centre. He was supposed to be in the dormitories but wanted to take a look at the stuff downstairs. He saw a pair of shoes belonging to Clyde Livingston. He really wanted them. They’re in his Homeless Centre so they’re technically his, right?

He took the shoes and shot out of the hall and down the road towards a bridge. An officer saw him and started to chase him . When he reached the bridge he threw the shoes off and tried to catch his breath. Too late. The officer had caught up with him and grabbed him by the hood. He forced Hector into his car and drove him to a bus. He got on the bus and sat on a seat near the back. He asked the bus driver where he was going. The driver didn’t answer.

Then a guard got on and he asked the same question.

” Camp Green Lake,”the guard replied. Ooh a lake! he thought. The drive went on for eight hours and when he got off he couldn’t see a lake. The guard walked him to a building where a man in a cowboy hat was sitting. He gave him a shovel and told him that everyday they had to dig a hole five feet deep and five feet wide. He walked him outside and assigned him to tent D. Then he walked into tent D.

The Cartel by Alex week 23

“Agent Kryptonzz, please report to Sector B for mission briefing.”

This is it, I thought. The totally classified top secret mission. Walking down the corridor, I passed a red ladder and a new guy. Very strange. We don’t recruit people till March. Maybe just one of the inspection crew. I walked into the General’s office only to see a sinking Lego battle ship. There were some coins on a table and the floor looked like a private pavement that hadn’t been touched.  Any way back to the mission. I was being deployed in the jungles of Bolivia to take down the Santa Blanca cartel  and the drug making business. Once and for all.

Unlucky! By Killian.M Week 23

I was having a normal day walking downtown with my friend, when I walked under a construction man’s ladder. My friend gasped and explained about the 7 years bad luck in a stuttering voice. I told him it was a load of mumbo jumbo and walked off. On the way home I was walking over a bog and tripped over a log . There was a warm red liquid coming out of my nose. I started sinking into the mud and had to pull very hard. My bag tore on the log and all my books and coins and stuff landed in the mud. This is going to be a long 7 years.

The Atlantic by David week 23

When the storm came everyone was worried . But I kept hearing the strange noise that wasn’t the storm. I went out as careful as ever only to find a dog with his leg caught in barbwire. I knew I had to do something. So I went to the pavement right by the edge of the cliff. The dog could get blown off  at any time. I got to the dog in time but his paw slid out. There was a red ladder but before I could do anything, the wind picked back up. I was swept off. Sinking into the Atlantic Ocean. I saw so many golden coins underwater. The storm calmed and I was had  the luckiest escape of my life. The dog was safe and sound.

Craggle by Stephen

I clambered up the ladder knowing that I was about to pull off the biggest robbery ever. The city had been put on red alert to look out for “Craggle”. Being the Craggle wasn’t easy as I was no. 1 on every country’s most wanted list. I could hear the coins jingling in my bag along with the rubies, sapphires and diamonds I had stolen. Avoiding the pavement I made a dash for my apartment. A sinking feeling washed over me as I reached the door. I didn’t go in but began to climb the wall. This decision turned out to be most vital.

Lost By Charlie wk. 23

I walked hastily down the dusty pavement, craving for food and warmth after spending the night in an abandoned building. I had been captured by enemy forces and was driven for about ten hours until I managed to escape by picking the lock of the truck. This was furthest away you could get from a red letter day. I saw some coins scattered on the ground and I grabbed them. I had a sinking feeling and within the blink of eye I was being chased. I had totally forgotten I was wearing my special forces uniform. I clambered up a ladder but I was aggressively pulled back. I couldn’t do anything….