Lunatic Park By Killian Week 20

I ran with my sister away from Luna Park. The clowns there had gone mad. We rapidly ran towards the forest. We were moving very fast when we smashed into something. It was a fence. We jumped over it and continued on our path. When we got there we jumped into a swamp. But, this one was special. It had a city under it. The clowns walked past us and deeper into the forest. But one saw us and called his friends. They all jumped in and put the people in magic bags. They headed for us. One got my sister and another went for me. Nobody that was there was ever seen again. Until they found the bodies…

Week 20: Late for school on a Saturday by Michael

One morning when I was going down I saw the large bin truck outside my house. The bin truck comes at 9:15 am. I checked the time on my phone. It’s 9:15! I ran outside and sprinted hastily down to town. Just as I was passing Lidl I saw a farmer who lived near the school. I sneaked in his small trailer just before we started to move. We were moving very fast when I recognised a police car behind me. When the farmer got pulled over, I sneaked out and ran to school. When I tried to open the door it wouldn’t open. I tried again and it wouldn’t open. Oh no, it’s Saturday!


I knew we were moving fast when one of the verbs caught up with us. It was “Run”, the fastest verb. It grabbed us and lifted us over its head. I realised that the only way to defeat the words was to misuse them. ” Oh no! I runned too slow“. And sure enough, “Run” let go of me, stumbled backwards and keeled over, dead. Suddenly an adjective, Centimetre, jumped at me. While it was in mid-air I said: “My granny arrived at the front door and I was centimetre”. The adjective was blown backwards with a deafening boom. Then, suddenly…

100 Word Challenge Week 21 By Cillian McSweeney

Adam and I were scaling a huge building when we heard shouting. When we looked down the guards,security and the K9 were there. We didn’t know what to do. When we got up to the top, we barricaded the door. Then I remembered the garbage below. “We could make it.” “Are you crazy?” asked Adam. We had no choice. We heard the door shake violently. Then, bang, they got through. We jumped and just barely landed in the garbage. We were moving fast when… The K9 tracked us down. Then we hopped the fence and legged it! We moved quickly towards the old train yard. The K9 was put into a van and they drove right past us! “That was too close,” said Adam. Turns out we were scaling a huge security building.

The End

Dominic week:20 title: …we were moving…

1 year ago my family and I were packing up for our holidays.

We were packing when we just lost our keys for the cars.

Everybody was searching for the keys.

When we just found them we were 10 minutes late.

We went in the car and my dad went 100mph and we were nearly at the airport but we were stuck in the traffic so we went  as fast as we could.

When we got there we were there in time because of our dad going 100 mph.


100wc by David Lehane

Sam and I were on our bikes riding down an alley . We did some ramping and it was fun until we saw  three shadows on the ground. It was a reflection of the three school bullies . They hated us. We always got bullied by them. We knew that we would have to do something. We saw an old rusty ramp right in front of us. It was just our lucky day. That was the thing that was going to get us out of here. So we sped as fast as we could. We escaped the trap but we still needed to get to my house. It was very hard to cycle very fast. We got home eventually. We escaped the bullies.

Gorillas/week 20/Alan

“Is this death? Run!”I roared at Tom .He didn’t know we were running from gorillas. We just ran anywhere. Speed is needed speed, does make a difference because if we didn’t run we’re dead, right? Now I think I’m dead but I’m not because I’m still running. Tom thought the same. This is how it started…So we were moving really fast when we saw them run after us. At first  Tom said we’d better run because he saw them behind me in the jungle.  Ok we’re still running. Ohh! Tom fell. They’re eating him. Sorry Tom. I’m running on .I’ll see you sometime. Well, I ran away without Tom.

The End… By Darragh Q. Week 20

Bullets sprayed all around us as we galloped through the enemy’s trenches. Our hooves thumped dangerously against the hard, muddy ground. We heard the roaring of the men and the crack of the rifles. The noises were deafening  but we kept on moving. Soon we were moving very fast when a stray grenade rolled violently along the ground. We forced our legs quickly to a stop. We stood there not knowing what to do. Then suddenly there was a flash and a bang. When we opened our eyes we were covered in dust. Every muscle in our bodies were aching. We just managed to lift our heads when we  saw something in the distance…

The Fast Roller Coaster Week 20 by Dara

Every year there is a wild Carnival on 15 of July. It is lots of fun.After about two hours at the wild carnival. I decided the go on the fastest roller coaster. It was called “The Doom Coaster”. On top of the roller coaster was a really good view of the town. We were moving very fast.When we were at the very top of the roller coaster it was one of the fastest roller coasters on earth. it cost £25 to have a ride around the whole wild carnival. It takes about 15 minutes to ride it.


The Bank Robbery by craig

It was the day before the big one. We have been planning this for a year now. If we were to pull this off it could change our lives forever. It would make us rich. We were robbing the biggest bank in America but there was one problem.The people who tried to rob it before us have been caught before they even got in but us being stupid we want to be rich so we’re doing it. The police were outside but we had a plan to break through the wall and go into the sewers so  we did. We were going so fast when they followed us and it was a dead end. All hope was lost.

The Spider by William

Hi I’m William.  I have a phobia of spiders. It is called arachnophobia. Why you  ask?  Well ,one day I heard footsteps. I went to check the drainpipe  and I saw a tarantula.  It was  humongous. It came down the drainpipe heading straight for  me.I ran as fast as a could.I called my mom but there was no answer. My heart was beating as fast as a cars engine runs. But then I realized that there was nothing to be afraid of. Then  a whole army came towards me . I nearly jumped out of my skin.I really do hate spiders but what else could I be scared of……..

Invasion by Kacper

An U.F.O crashed through a building and made a big crater in the field. The police investigated and saw an open door. The police were ready to shoot. Surprisingly, a little, harmless snail came out.

The police were confused and didn’t know what to do. Instead of shooting, they gave it to the scientists. The scientists thought that the police were joking. The scientists decided to take a sample and compare it to a normal snail. One scientist tried to take the a sample but the snail, with incredible speed, climbed up a drainpipe and started chewing, somehow knowing that it was the escape route.

It came down the drainpipe through the hole it made. The snail couldn’t climb but instead dropped into a spider web. The snail, not knowing what to do, tried to escape, alerting a starving spider. The spider started to crawl towards the snail…

Week 19 Something in the Drainpipe by Dominic

1 year ago I saw someone looking in the drainpipe outside.

Then I went to look at the drainpipe with a flashlight.

There was something in there so I needed a tool to open the drainpipe.

When I opened it with the tool there was a bag so I needed a rope to get down the drain pipe.

So when I went down it wasn’t deep down there so I went in it.

Then I finally got it and I went out.

When I opened it there were 2 big diamonds so I went to the police station and I gave it to them.




Week 19 The Friendly Alien by Nathan

It was an ordinary  Saturday in the summer holidays when it started to rain. I didn’t have my rain coat on so I ran into an alley  by Supervalu  to take shelter. Then I noticed a strange noise coming from a pile of mud by a drain pipe .I slowly crept closer to the pile of mud where the noise was coming from .I started to dig very slowly in the pile of mud .Then out of nowhere a strange creature jumped from the pile of mud at my face. I jumped backwards away from the creature. It looked at me and said hello. I was astonished that this creature could talk.At that moment I didn’t know what I was thinking so I said “Will you kill me?” The creature looked at me with a shocked expression on its face. It said “No but I am cold.” So I picked him up and put him in my shirt pocket. I walked home and told my sister about the creature and where I found it. She said “Where?” So I said, “It came down the drain pipe by Supervalu.” She said, ” I don’t believe you!” and that it was a stuffed animal that could talk.

hurling champions by Ronan

On Sunday, Kanturk won the all Ireland hurling final 2018. I was there and it was great. The match was held in Croke Park in Dublin. Nash is my favourite player and he scored an amazing three points. We were a goal and a few points up at half time but St.Patricks were fighting back in the second half. Near the end it was a close game. We were jumping off our seats. When we scored the wining point everyone was off their seats cheering and jumping around. Then the referee blew the final whistle. We had won.

Week 19 The Mistake by Laurynas

It was the third day of chaos. Volcanoes exploded, tornadoes blew everything away and tsunamis flooded countless cities. It was all thanks to this monster who changed a peaceful world into a living nightmare.

I was in my half-flooded home when I saw something moving outside in the open. It was the shape of a little man with a tail and some horns ( I wonder who it was ?) In my opinion, it thought this was a water park  because it was climbing up a roof ready to jump in.

Unfortunately it slipped and it came down the drainpipe. Once it reached the water it sank like a stone. Two bubbles rose to the surface and popped.

” Well that’s something you’ll won’t see everyday!” I said with a laugh.

Week 19: The Scream in the Drain by Michael

One morning when I was passing the drain, I heard some screaming. I was tempted to go in so I did. As I entered I heard a few rats. It looked like there would never be a dead end. Just before I was going to turn around and go back, I heard another scream. It came down the drainpipe. I walked over to the pipe and looked in. There was nothing there. At the entrance I heard somebody talking “We’ll close it down now.” I quickly ran to the entrance and exited the drain. It was never known what the scream was.

Week 19 The Great Snail Race By David A

“Hello and welcome to the 60th annual snail race!” said the commentator to the spectators.

“Now let me run over the rules,” he said getting quite serious.

“First one to climb down the side of the house wins!”

“On your marks, get set, GO!!”

It was tight coming up the first gutter as the snail known as Leaf Eater was leading. The snail known as Clumsy was coming dead last as usual.

Leaf Eater came down the house like a cheetah chases after a gazelle.

It was all over as Leaf Eater was about to cross the line when all of a sudden Clumsy went into  the gutter and it came down the drainpipe and won the race.

“We have a new champion and his name is Clumsy!”

The Chase By Stephen Sheehan 100WC

I could hear the steps coming closer. I took a left and came to a dead end. “Damn it,” I thought. The steps were getting closer by the second. I had to move. I attempted to jump over the wall but failed miserably. The steps were as loud as ever. “Come on,” I thought. Suddenly a door appeared. I ran through without thinking. I was outside and it was pouring rain. The steps were so close my ears were hurting. Then I heard a rattle. I looked up. I saw something move and then it came down the drainpipe.

100 wc bye sean o sullivan

One stormy evening my sister and I were out walking. We were walking home from our grandparents house when we heard something on the roof of our neighbours’ roof. We looked to see a little kitten on the roof!! We thought it would jump so we tried to get up to it but we couldn’t. When we got back to the front of the house we saw that it came down the drainpipe. Somehow it slid down and didn’t get hurt. We were so delighted to have her. When we got home we told our mom and dad about what had happened. They were also surprised how it didn’t get hurt. Days passed and it was getting to be fat, tall and strong!!! We love our cat.

Week 19 Keep Your Dirt Away from Me. By Shane C.

It was just another ordinary day and I was doing something that wasn’t at all usual. I was cleaning the kitchen sink, well trying.

All of a  sudden there was a roaring gurgle and this slimy, ugly, green “sink monster” appeared.

“Stoop rowin your dir a me,”he stammered.

“Unless you has a death wish I avise you  stoop rowin your dir down a me,”he once again stuttered and stammered.

In the blink of an eye he turned and fled down the drainpipe. It came down the drainpipe at a rapid speed.

This concluded my sink cleaning career.

Week 19 The Thing By Shane F

It was a day like any other . I was cleaning the sink and I heard a strange gurgle come from the pipe . I peered down into the dark abyss . SUDDENLY  a yellowish sludge poured out of the sink . The force of the sludge threw me back . I staggered back up and dashed out of the room onto the street.

Wet, annoyed and confused. This weird thing was alive . I looked back into the house and it was gone . It came down the drainpipe . Suddenly a huge wave of toxic sludge came out of the sewer and tried to engulf me. It towered over me. What was I going to do?!

week 19 by Shane O’M A Day at Home

One ordinary day at home we got up, got dressed and went down the stairs. At last we ate our breakfast.

After that we sat down in the sitting room, watched television and relaxed watching Netflix.

So we did and it was great fun. At around 2 pm thankfully it snowed and out we went to play in the snow. We made snowmen, snow balls and  we played.

We went to the door of the house and  boom a block of ice fell in front of us. It came down the drainpipe. 3 mice were frozen and  the ice cats gathered around.

Week 19 The Strange Serum By Kyle

One night I was out walking my dog. When we got to my house there was a serum on the ground named Velocity 9. I was curious what the serum could do to your body.

So I injected the serum into my body and I was improved. When I looked up I saw a strange figure. Suddenly it came down the drainpipe. And it started fighting me. I got a few claw marks but I healed. And when it tried to attack me again I countered the attack. And it was blown apart from a grenade that formed back. Suddenly I was out cold. When I woke up I was in a cell.  Then I saw a man with a gun. He opened my cell and pulled the gun up to my head.

He pulled the trigger BANG………..

It came down the drain pipe by Ewan

It came down the drain pipe after me so I ran. I heard it running after me so I started to run faster than I had ever ran before. I was running faster than I even knew I could. Soon I had made a bit of a gap. So after the next corner I hid in a little gap behind the wall. I heard it go past me then it stopped and turned around. It was now at the opposite side of the wall from me. I heard it sniff around then it leaped over the wall and was facing away from me. It  sniffed around again and then, and then it turned around to face me…


To think that one drop of water made from tiny bits of water droplets could end up getting me in a load of trouble.

It all started yesterday when dad was fixing a hole in the gutter. Soon dad had to go to the local hardware store to collect some screws. When dad left I decided to go into the kitchen to grab a bite to eat. Lo and behold, a tiny drop of water came down the drainpipe, hit the handle of a bowl that our dinner was in and smashed onto the floor.

Well , that brings us to now, can’t wait for what’s in store for me.

The Spider By Killian Week19

I was outside playing when I saw a pikachu on the roof. Then it came down the drainpipe. When it got down it shape shifted into a GIANT SPIDER!

I was petrified but I gathered all my courage and ran down the street. It jumped straight over me. It was a jumping spider! It was eating all the cars when suddenly, a giant egg came out of it.

The giant egg hatched and the babies grew rapidly. Soon there were giant spiders everywhere! They all turned to look at me. They jumped at me and this is where I say goodbye. Goodbye.

The day that changed everything by Eoin

I was sitting in my usual spot outside the café on Main Street when it came down the drainpipe . I was loping around the perimeter when I heard a whirring noise and a small, neatly knotted , brown parcel came to a stop at my feet . When I tried to pick it up it whizzed off in another direction leaving a blue trail of smoke behind. I chased after it , running around in circles until I collapsed on the ground , puffing and wheezing. They must think I’m mad , I thought. “Then again, ” I sighed. ” They always thought I was mad.” Suddenly , a blast of warm, golden light blinded me and I lost consciousness. I woke up surrounded by …

Paddy Week 19 : The Flash

As I trudged through the sewer, my boots nearly being pulled from my feet, I realised that my torch was getting dimmer. “That’s odd,” I thought to myself.”I changed the batteries this morning.” Then I noticed that there was a buzzing noise coming from Drainpipe  B. Suddenly, a booming noise came over the humming and soon after I was thrown across the sewer by a force accompanied by a flash. The only thing I knew about it was that it came down the drainpipe. All that was left of the drainpipe and the torch was a hot, empty lithium cell.


And came downe the drainpipe week 19 dara b

One day I was playing with Sean, my best friend.He is a really good friend and likes to play playstation 4. We were playing a game on PS4. It was called Fortnite Battle Royal. We shot a RPG and it came down the drainpipe. It was a 360 no scope which is a trick shot in any shooting game like Call of Duty WW2 and lots of other games.  Sean and I are really good friends. We play ps4 a lot. We meet up every Saturday and we take turns going to each others house. We play games on ps4.