the shifty ship by:Tadhg

The Shifty Ship


Tadhg Humphreys

My eyes flicked open. I gasped for breath as I realised the situation I was in. There was a ship speeding towards me. I clambered up onto a cluster of rugged rocks. On finally escaping the freezing cold water, I heard a whimpering coming from the highest rock. I climbed to the top and what I saw nearly made me fall back into the water. There was a little girl there. She was pale-faced and starved.

She whispered in a hoarse voice, “THEY’RE COMING! YOU CAN’T STOP THEM!”

She then gasped and fell over. I clasped her hands and dragged her onto her feet. I saw her eyes dart towards the ship. As I have mentioned, the ship was heading towards THE ROCKS,  MEANING CERTAIN DEATH FOR US BOTH!

I rushed down the slippery rocks, falling a couple times. I was surprised by the agility of the small girl and asked her how she got there. She answered in her unusual wispy voice, “I was chosen, just like you.”

I asked her what she meant by people coming and me not being able to stop them. She replied “The crew of the ship of course.”

I was oblivious to the fact that there was a little hut on an island but the girl seemed to know exactly where to head. We sprang into the ice-cold water and swam as fast as we could to the island but we were too slow. The ship blocked us and we started to thread water. We were sitting ducks out there. I heard a bang and I fell unconscious. I woke up in bed and presumed it was all a dream. I opened my eyes to see the frail girl staring right at me…

The Bermuda Island Legend By Kacper

The Bermuda Island Legend


Kacper Kolodziejczyk

Once upon a time there was an island under the sea in the shape of a triangle covered with dams. The island was called Bermuda Island. There was everything there such as shops, houses, people, animals and much more. The People of Bermuda Island were happy. The people who were always happiest were Dip and Mary. They were brother and sister. They lived happily until a ship was coming by and crashed into the port and destroyed a dam and the island was getting flooded.

Dip searched for his sister but he could not find her so he just ran. There was another ship that was passing by that took him and his parents. He soon became a pirate and he plundered across the world with his parents. He had every thing…but the thing he missed the most was his sister Mary. When he was seventeen he became a captain of the ship (Since his father has died). He soon found a wife and had kids.

One day he was travelling and he found a cave.  He went inside the cave to see what was there. He went by himself. He went further down and down until he heard screams . It was a woman’s scream. So he rushed down and found the woman. The woman said she went to explore this place and fell down and broke her knee. Dip grabbed the woman and carried her out of this place.

When they got out he realised it was his sister. They hugged and laughed. When they came back onto the ship, it was captured by other pirates and everyone died. They went back to the Bermuda Island (which was flooded) and threw them off and they died. They say if a ship passes, they think  the ship is the pirates and they try to kill them.

trip to Venice by Oisin

Trip to Venice


Oisín Park

We were sailing to Venice with our captain, Rodrick, and if you think that was a good thing, it was not. Rodrick was a stupid, drunk sailor. This was our third boat that week. We were sailing to Venice to pick up some very important people, a boy and a girl. With our captain, he could possibly have shot them.

“Captain, there’s a storm!” I shouted.

“But Venice is on the other side and I need to buy more beer!” the captain said.

The whole crew disagreed with him so I decided to hit him on the head with an empty beer bottle. I knocked him out and took hold of the steering wheel. The storm stopped but still there was black all around us. We were in the eye of the storm and I thought to myself, maybe we could make it to Venice.

I sailed out of the eye of the storm towards Venice and before you knew it we  had made it through the storm. Unfortunately Rodrick woke up and pointed a gun at me. Surprisingly his first mate pushed him overboard. We were glad he was gone.

“Smooth sailing from here on and an hour till we arrive at Venice, Captain.”

Two children waved from the rock. One of my crew said it could only mean one thing. We had arrived in Venice.

Saved From Deaths Grasp

Saved from Death’s Grasp


Mathew O’ Gorman

It was a wild and stormy night on the island of Komodo,Indonesia…

On Komodo, over 1,500 komodo dragons live. They can grow over 10 feet long and are cannibals. I had tickets for a luxury tour of the Indonesian islands. I had won them in a raffle. Our tour guides were very happy to have us on board .They treated us like a royal family. It was a beautiful country, I highly recommend going there. All the islands were beautiful. Komodo was my least favourite, simply because I nearly died there.

This storm was like no other. Wind howling.Rain pelting. Waves crashing off the rocks. My sister and I were at the back of the group, lost in the exquisite landscape.

We hadn’t realized the tour guide and crowd had run back to the ship to avoid the storm.

They left us. Petrified and worried, we dashed to the bay.                                     Bad thoughts were flowing through my mind.

There must have been a sudden land slide because now we were in the middle of the Indian Ocean!!!

We shouted at the top of our lungs while waving our hands to try and catch a crew member’s eye.                                                                                                                      The ship slowly drifted across the sea.

We had no choice but to swim.                                                           We felt so weak but the thought of drowning drove us on.                                           I heard a screech from behind me. A piece of mirror had stabbed into my sister’s leg.


The best idea ever had popped into my head.

I faced the bloody mirror to the moon which shone a light on deck and caught the eye of the captain who turned the ship around and saved us from Death’s grasp.



Kanturk Arts Gone By Matthew D



Matthew Deady

There I was, herding the sheep on a dark, damp, dreary day with my cowardly sister. I had an unsettled feeling as we walked the sheep over to the stream that rushed towards the ocean.

Suddenly, a bolt of lightning flashed across the gloomy, midnight-coloured sky. My sister and I retreated  as if it was fated that something horrendous was going to happen. With the black clouds rolling in overhead, the rain started pelting down on the lush green grass. The animals were starting to get tense and then we knew our destiny.

Shortly afterwards, the ground began vibrating. The land started eroding around us until there was nothing left except for my sister and me. Everything was gone, including the ground behind us and the sheep were stranded. There we were on the verge of life and death. We were hopeless in the stormy weather. Would we ever live till morning?

The cold was numbing as I lay down on the bare, wet grass. There I was, gazing at my sister, who was trembling with fear, her teeth chattering with the cold. I was worried sick that we wouldn’t live to see another day.  It was impossible to fall asleep as I could hear the waves crashing against the rocks and to make it even worse the sea water was spattering up on my face. My cowardly sister clung to me during the middle of the night when the wind started howling louder than a thousand wolves.

When I woke up in the morning and I was in one piece, I was overjoyed that we survived the night. But how would we get home? As dawn was breaking, we saw a ship emerge from behind the dense fog. We jumped for joy as we were saved.

It will be all right by Abdul

It Will Be Alright

by Abdul Yesufu

“Get to the farm, get the animals, get ready for the storm.”

I got the milk and came back to ask about the storm.

“You want to know about the storm,  Arnold. You’re young, you’ll learn when it happens.”

The next day my family and I visited the vessel we would ride on to get to New Zealand.

“Two more days!”my Grandad  announced to the public as my dad reminded him of his recent heart attack while I looked at the new vessel with astonishment.

Then my sister who’s about ten (close to eleven) started sobbing.

“Why are you such a baby?”I said in a complaining voice.

Then my mother gave out to me for arguing. We then went to bed to rest for our new life in New  Zealand. We lived in Tasmania which is a part of Australia which is close to New Zealand and we were going there because the weather here is not the best. The bad thing was that there would be a  tsunami coming, so it was a big deal.

I woke up thinking of my odyssey.


I woke my sister. We changed and looked outside. As old as I may have been, I actually was scared of the booms and zooms that were going on around the place. We ran to get on the ship but…it was gone, it had completely vanished. We ran to all the other ones… completely gone.

“Get on!”I heard from the distance. We got on the last vessel and followed the other ships. It took me a few minutes to comprehend what had just gone on. I was saved. I couldn’t believe it.

Week 11, Bermuda by Tim


by Tim Bhokani

The Bermuda Triangle is well- known for the number of ships and planes that go missing while passing. This all started happening when the king was awoken. He was the King of the Seas. His name was Bermuda.

My sister, my parents and I were on a trip to Puerto Rico. This happened long ago. Two of us were the only survivors and the only ones to see it all happen. A storm started up and this storm was strong. Thunder cracked and the clouds were pitch black. I heard a loud roar coming from underneath the boat. Tentacles emerged from the water.

Bermuda roared again but this roar was louder. He emerged fully from the water, staring at the boat with his red beady eyes. He roared yet again. My sister and I  reacted quickly on deck. The two of us jumped off the boat and swam as quickly as we could  to the rocks that were close by.  He went underneath the boat. We thought it was all over but that wasn’t the case. The ship’s captain tried desperately to get his ship to safety but couldn’t.

Bermuda came out of the water but this time he was extremely mad. He dragged the boat down to the bottom of the ocean. Then, I heard an explosion, another roar. I heard my sister sobbing because our parents were on that ship.

We swam to shore and eventually we were put in an orphanage. We were adopted by a wealthy family and this story was passed down through  the generations of my family.

Kanturk Arts Festival 2019: One Chance By Naglis

One Chance

by Naglis Vaivada

15th of August 1846,

“What’s that hammered on the tree?” questioned Marie.

“It’s a notice, I think.”

It read, “17th August, 1846. The Titan, an enormous galleon, is leaving  from the north coast of Tory Island, heading for America.”

“That’s great!” exclaimed Marie enthusiastically.

I’m Ronan, I’m sixteen years old and I take care of my eleven year old sister Marie. Our parents died of starvation last December. We’d recently moved to An Baile Thoir. We live off scraps and forage for mushrooms and berries from the fields. So this opportunity to abscond from  the famine is exquisite. It would be tough but we have to give it our best shot.

It was leaving in two days so we hoped to travel 4.75 km a day. We trekked and trudged over steep mountains and boggy fields. It started to get gloomy so we decided to take a brief nap.

I opened my eyes. My glance dashed to the sun like a meteor.

“It’s midday!” I bellowed anxiously.

We put the fright behind us and carried on. The weather was numbing and bitter but we couldn’t accept defeat. We kept moving. Standing wearily at the cliff, my attention focused on the people queuing up to get on the immense vessel.

We scurried towards it swiftly. I could hear the waves crashing against the rocks and  the rain pelting against the rough sea.

I could feel my sweat and tears trickling down my cheeks. We stood wearily on the rugged, craggy boulder. I embraced my sister and watched the tall ship shrink from a ship, to a blob, to a speck and drift away into the never-ending distance.

Kanturk Arts Festival “A Big Problem” By Marc

A Big Problem


 Marc Watson

“Please don’t!”

My brother and I were hoping to change our parents’ minds. Our parents said they had to go away to Norway for a week. They said they were going because of work. We were petrified that something would happen to us or them. We all traveled to English Bay to say goodbye.

“Bye,” I was mumbling because I was crying so much. My brother got distracted by the enormous boat. The boat was in front of us one second and the next, it was disappearing in the fog. I realised what a big mistake I had made.

The next evening I pretended to go to bed. I took some of my parents’ money. They wouldn’t notice because we were wealthy. I stole £50 and got a suitcase, packed and ran away. There were guards outside, I was sneaking around like a fox. Suddenly, I heard a twig snap. My brother was following me. We made a break for it to the harbour just on time.

It was a stormy night and we were in the eye of the storm so it was perfect. We sneaked onto the boat as stowaways and left the harbour. Some time later, the boat hit a whale and we fell overboard. We both clung to different planks of wood. I thought we wouldn’t last another day. 3 days later, without food and the water too salty to drink, I was looking up at the crepuscular stars. Out of the blue, we saw an island and floated in.

“Food and water!” we yelped with gratitude.

“Land!” I sang joyfully. We started heading along the shore to a bay. There was a boat coming towards us. We were pulled aboard. Somehow, it was the same boat as our parents were traveling on!

Kanturk Art’s Festival A Story From The Past By Danny

A Story from the Past

by Danny Cronin

As we sauntered up the narrow road to my Grandad’s, we felt extremely excited as my Grandad’s sister was coming home. They were going to tell us a story about when they were young. We strolled up the drive and saw that Julie was inside with my Grandad. When I got in, I had an adrenaline rush just looking forward to the story. A few minutes later, Grandad started…

It was a normal, chilly August morning. Julie and I were lazing down by the shore. We were going to the “Grand Feast”. We were both very exhilarated as we were the only children going there as our Father was the Monarch before he died. He died of consumption and it couldn’t be cured.

Suddenly, we heard a bang and the lights flicked off. When the lights came back on (or if they did),  we were gone. We were taken onto an old, desolate ship. It had vast, white sails with a massive” T” on one of them.

I asked the Captain, “Why do you want us?”

 He said, “Your father stole jewels from me in days gone by. Now it’s my time to have my revenge on him and I will kill his children but first I need my beauty sleep.”

The next morning, we woke up on a slippery rock and all we could see was the ship in motion, drifting away.We were shivering with the cold. We were both numb with the cold and fear and our blood was circulating poorly. There was water seeping through our shoes and our clothes were clinging to us. Later that day, we saw a ship. We were saved, thank God, before we perished with the cold and hunger.

What an incredible story he told!


Week 10 Guilty By Matthew D

The judge ordered Joe Chambers to rise. The judge started questioning Joe and immediately his face turned red with guilt. The judge instantly smashed his gavel off the table and exclaimed that Joe Chambers was guilty of murdering Josh Mansly. Joe pleaded with the judge not to sentence him but the clerk silenced him. The judge sentenced Joe Chambers to eight years in prison. Joe looked back at his nauseous wife, her lips quivering, tears pouring out of her eyes. All over one false accusation.

Week 10, Joe Gets Mad, by Mikolaj

It wasn’t the time yet but we bought it anyway, the red stress ball for Joe. He always gets mad when he plays fortnite so he just throws the ball around the room. I don’t really get mad at him because I laugh at him screaming into his mic,”YOU’RE TRASH, KID”. He goes down and eats his fortnite energy bars to play like Jarvis. It is the most hilarious thing when he says, “YOU’RE A HACKER DUDE, STREAM SNIPER.” I buy him like 7 controllers monthly so that I’m not really happy about but it’s funny anyway!

Week 10: Pleasing Poppies By Naglis

I blinked and blinked and blinked. I was wide awake and I just could not sleep. I sauntered down the stairs and out the creaking door. I lived near the Flanders Fields in Belgium. My eyes skedaddled from left to right, scanning the beautiful, red poppies. I could picture the trenches and the injured soldiers in my head. I imagined the English and French battling the Germans. I entered the field and glanced at the poppies blowing peacefully in the wind. Four teenagers or young adults emerged from the shadows. They circled me and shouted, “What are you doing here..?!”

WK10# The New Kid by Abdul

There was a new boy coming to the class. I ran to the restroom and came back to see the most outrageous face I have seen in my life. His head was super red. He looked like a super villain from one of my favourite comics.When our teacher left we made fun of his face (which was what I shouldn’t have done). He walked over towards me and gave me a face, so I gave him one too which led to me being beaten so badly. My face was as red as his. I went from being a guy who targets to being the target.

Week 10 John’s First Kill By Danny

As John walked into the prison, he knew he would have to draw first blood on the prisoner of war. John was a young man who had to prove himself. He walked down the long, dreary corridor of the prison with his new comrades on both sides of him while prisoners of war stood in cages beside them. John sauntered down the corridor with his gun in hand.

” PEW, PEW!” and the prisoner was dead with dark red blood dripping from his body.

“Great stuff, Cadet,” the Sergeant called out but all I could think of was the prisoner’s family.

Week 10: Caught Red Handed By Marc

The creaking door was moving because of the wind blowing. There was a red sign saying no entry. Curiosity got the better of my scruples. The lights were flickering on and off. There was water on the ground which made my shoes squelch. It was dark and damp. There were chandeliers shaking on the ceiling. Doors were opening and closing for no reason. It was said that it was an abandoned school. They said a boy got bullied and he died. He was haunting the school. Suddenly he saw a shadow coming towards him. Boo!! It was only a security guard. 

Week 10 The Poppy Field by Szymon

Once again I was standing above the poppy fields. Red spread across the landscape. I remembered all the stories my great grandpa told me. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the graveyard where he was buried. He found an unexploded bomb  near his house and called some people to dig it out. He was there when a man accidentally set it off.
“Come on, let’s go”.
I didn’t know who said it because I was nauseous,  thinking about what happened during the First World War.

Week#10: RED By Sean

Red is for Anger.

At this time anger is the powerful emotion because everyone feels it.

Red is the most feared spirit of all time.

One day, she was walking. It was 1916. It was war everywhere.

She was in Deadman’s Field. She was watching people kill people. She was filled with rage. The fires from hell came up and filled everyone with anger. The war was soon turned to hell.

RED was stopped by gold. He was for goodness.

“Why are you doing this?” Gold yelled.

Gold pushed Red into the flames. Now she burns inside of us.

WEEK10 The red car By:Tadhg

I walked  down the road and saw the red car swerve and hit the friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man. I couldn’t believe it! The fellow from the movies, that guy you thought lived in Manhattan, actually lived in Ireland. I looked at the superhero reduced to a pile of crushed arms and legs.

So much for spider senses, I said as I walked along the curb and went home. I then heard on the news that night that there was a red car gone rogue and hitting random  people on the street. I realised how lucky I was. Then I saw Spider-Man come on the TV and pictured Spider-Man in a crumpled heap on the road .

Week 10 Captive By Ciarán

Hi, my name is Blade. I had one shot, one opportunity. My brother Red   was beside me. My brother accidentally shot our own man. I scurried away like a coward. It was my brother got caught red handed. I never saw him again after the war. 5 weeks passed. I was living on the streets thinking but what would have happened to me if I stayed and had not been a coward and let my brother to die? I tried to join the army again but I wasn’t allowed but then I saw him. A white skinned man in a suit said,”Are you Blade?”  

Week 10 Nightmare By Jack

Once again at the same time of the same night, I had the nightmare that I have had every single time since it happened. My name Is John Finlay. I was the captain of a squadron advancing towards the German.

One morning, I was awakened by the sound of gunfire. This was not unusual. I got up and went about my duties sorting out the troops. That was when I saw it advancing on us.

I had heard stories about them from other regiments, it was a German tank . I told my troops to start firing . It was the worst thing I could have done. They should have run away but they were loyal men and they stayed firing. They all died but I survived because I hid. I was a coward. I will have nightmares about that day for the rest of my life. And all I can remember is the bodies of my comrades lying dead on the ground, stained red with blood.

Week 9: Chubby Charlie By Naglis

“You have to start exercising more, Charlie. It won’t be baby fat forever!” my mother yelped.

My lazy self didn’t want to but my conscience knew I had to. The next day after school, I meandered home lazily. I changed my clothes and made my way to the woods. As soon as I started jogging my morale shifted instantly. After the first lap I was exhausted. My armpits were drenched. It felt like a soggy, disposed teabag had been stuffed down my shirt.

” Just one more,” I whispered to myself quietly.

I could feel the sweat trickling down my puffy cheeks.

“Aaaargh!” I plummeted to the bottom of a hole. I spotted two men with an orange and a yellow pumpkin over their  heads. The orange one spoke first. “You’d better have a great excuse for being here…”

Week 9 Regret By Matthew D

I was sauntering down the street when I came across two young men trick  or treating. They asked me would I go with them and I foolishly did. This was something that I was going to regret. They took me to their warehouse and shoved me into a damp, dilapidated room. There was a dart board in the middle of the room with my face on it and there was a red mark on my forehead. They put me onto a chair and the orange one spoke first, demanding aggressively for the gold. I stayed silent and he then picked the gun off the table.

Week 9 Last Minute Winner By Danny

The Orange Pumpkin Team were playing the 3 time regional Champions, the Yellow Pumpkin Team. It was Final Day and everyone in both towns were very excited. The Yellow Pumpkin supporters were very buoyant, dedicated and they had high morale after their team winning the regional title 3 years in a row.

At half time, it was nil all. At the start of the second half the Orange Pumpkins attacked and their right back skedaddled down the wing and then he put a cross in. The on-form striker blasted the ball into the back of the net with skill that was second nature to him. Just then the ref blew the whistle. Both captains shook hands. The orange one spoke first, “Great game, hope to see ye next year in the final again.”

Week 9 The Joke by Szymon

I didn’t bother to go trick or treating, neither did my friends. We decided to go to the cinema to watch a scary movie. We saw groups of children going around in costumes. When we reached the forest, I spotted two pumpkins under a tree. They weren’t lit but you could see some dim light coming out of them. I realised my friends weren’t with me anymore. I got closer and I could hear them speaking. The orange one spoke first. I recognised that voice from somewhere. I looked inside it and saw my friend’s phone.

Week 9: I Will Get You Back By Marc

AAHH!!!!! screeched Delicate David. He said that the pumpkin moved from the windowsill to the ground. I just said that he’d probably knocked it down. I woke up the next day in a dark, dreary place. Drip Drip, there was a hole in the roof. I knew because water was falling on my head. Suddenly, 2 lights appeared out of nowhere. They were in a shape of a pumpkin. There was a white and an orange pumpkin. The orange one spoke first. “How dare you not believe that I moved!”I was shivering with fear. Surprise! It was just Dave the whole time.

Week 9, Why I am Never Going to The Attic by Tim

I was looking for my Halloween mask because I was going trick or treating with my friends. My mom told me that I should go and check in the attic. I didn’t want to because I kept hearing noise up there. I had no other choice so I just went up there. I looked around but couldn’t find it. While looking in old boxes, I spotted an orange light at the end of the attic. I tiptoed because I didn’t like the creaking noise on the wooden floor. Two pumpkins were there, a yellow one and an orange one looking at me with their beady eyes. The orange one spoke first. “Come closer, little boy.” I got freaked out. There was a hammer beside one of the boxes. SPLAT!!!!! SPLAT!!!. I hit both pumpkins and left.

Week 9, Too Early by Mikolaj

It wasn’t the perfect time for putting up the Hallowe’en decorations yet but we did anyway. It was nearly night time so straight after hanging them up we went to sleep. When we had nearly fallen asleep, we heard the door getting blown away by the wind. About two minutes later, I realised that there were two pumpkins in my room. The orange one spoke before the yellow one and I got the biggest heart attack when my Dad came into the room because he thought that I was in real trouble. I told him what happened and he noted it and said that he put that there when I was asleep.

Week 9 The Spooky Scarecrow by Tadhg

My parents always told me not to go over the wall in the back of the garden. Today I did…

I hit the ground with  a loud “THUMP”! The wall was higher than I expected and I had injured my leg at the bottom. The whole area was dark and desolate and it had a tinge of weirdness. I almost started crying from the eerie silence and I felt like I was going to have to ring my parents and get in trouble. But I didn’t. I got up and suddenly saw an orange scarecrow and a black one too. I gaped at them as the orange one spoke first.

I wish I had listened to my parents…

Week 9 Disappearing Nurse by Oisín

I was playing with my friends at the end of the road until all of a sudden a weird man jumped out of the bushes and said, “The orange one spoke first!”in a creepy voice. He pulled out a carrot.

“I’m telling Mom and we’re taking him to hospital,” I said.

We were at the hospital and he was in a bed in some room.  Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a nurse disappear. There was only a dagger in her place. When I turned around to tell Mom, she was gone too. Everyone was gone except for me.