Week 28: The Giant By Michael

One normal day I was walking in the park. I saw a large group of people next to an ordinary tree. I looked up and saw a huge pair of legs. Everyone was taking pictures of it. More and more people kept on coming up to the tree. A few minutes later I heard very loud sounds coming to us. It was a giant. Everybody ran to the exits not looking back at the giant. I ran as fast as I could to the exits. Helicopters were flying up in the air and police were speeding to the park. This didn’t look good.

The Secret Rainforest week 28 By Shane OM

Off we go for a walk in the park like every Saturday morning but this tine I asked my parents if we could go on an adventure. Mother sis “Why of course, its a change isn’t it?“

As we arrived I found a secret passage that I had never seen before. Off we went down the passage and it led us to a rainforest. As we look forward we saw a tree with legs just like in  the forest in Kilarney.  The man cut dinosaur  shaped trees and bridges .

He also made normal sized men carved out of trees.


The Ugly Monster week28 by Alan

I was just walking and I just saw him. I don’t knowwhy  I freaked out. I thought to tell my friend Jonn.y I also told my mom and dad. It looked like a half wooden dude eating a tree to have more body made from wood. I took photos of it. Suddenly it just decided to chase me and Jonny. We got chased for about 3 mins.Then we finally lost that weird ugly monster. And we looked around but there was no foot step or sign of him which was good. We found our way home and Jonny went to my house and I never want to see that thing.

week 28 Monster by David B

Once upon a time I was walking down the park. A monster escaped from monster jail and was stepping on all of the people. I knew he wasn’t a bad monster.Iit was not his fault he cant see.  He has nothing but legs.  I guided him away from the people and I realised he had ears on his stomach. I told him its not your fault  but there was a man looking for him. I used to look after him until they took him. I heard he got out of monster jail. I am here to take him. I will never let him go again.

The Long Sleep by Noel

There was once a man known for his enormous legs. Every day his legs grew 1 milimetre. One day this man went for a walk up a mountain to get away from the hustle and bustle of living in the city. After walking a few miles the man felt tired so he took shelter under a leaning tree. The old man made campfire he pulled out a tin of beans and a bottle of whiskey. After his meal he fell into a deep sleep for 25 years and when he woke his legs were as long as the eye could see. In his memory a statue was built.

The “Bad” Sculptor By Cillian

Once upon a time there was a sculptor named Adam. He made wooden sculptures. One day a man came into Adam’s shop. This man had no legs, ankles, feet or kneecaps. He asked Adam if he could make him those body parts. Adam felt sorry for the man so did his best but the man hated the feet! You see Adam couldn’t really make the feet too realistic so he settled to make them round. The man spread controversy and rumours about Adam saying Adam wouldn’t help a disabled man even though Adam did his best. The people of the town turned on him so Adam had to flee the town. He left the fake body parts in the woods and they have been there ever since

The End


It’s All Fake by Eoin

Squadron 73 moved through the twisted forest quickly, not stopping for any “breathers” , there was too much at stake. They had to get to the rendezvous to tell the others it was off . The hostage was already dead and buried . At this rate though, they’d never make it. The leader of the 5, Captain  Michael Hart, found a shortcut, via a waterfall. A 500 metre drop, broken bones but their friends saved, or no broken bones but their friends dead . They voted quickly and the decision was unanimous.  They’d risk the jump for the sake of the mission.

The Weird Forest

It was Friday the 13th and I was exploring the forest near my new house when all of a sudden there was a bang. When I looked around I saw nothing but when I walked about 100m I saw it, a pair of giant legs. It looked like they were from a big giant. I kept walking and then I saw a graveyard of torsos of giants. When I tried to escape  I kept coming back to the same spot over and over again. I was stuck in a loop forever with no escape until some one finds me.

Stick Man by Stephen

Stick Man stumbled past some trees, glancing from side to side. Stick Man came from the Sticky Galaxy where metal was scarce. Stick Man decided to go on a mission to search for metal. He found his way to Milky Way Galaxy and ventured on his way to Earth. He stopped for a split second before his mouth fell open. There it was metal! Stick Man rushed over to the truck and started loading his spaceship with it. Stick Man was dreaming about what he would do with the metal when he heard someone shout. “Get back here you scumbag!” roared the man. Stick Man tried to run but he was stuck.

The Bottom Half by Ronan

From the heavens, a giant baby dropped half of  it’s creation: a doll. This doll was made from sticks for legs and conkers for  two feet. The joint was stuck to the tree and the soles of the two feet were planted into the ground. But where could the other half be? Could it still be in the heavens, or could it be doing a headstand deep under the sea?  No matter where it was, the giant baby wasn’t  going to be happy. If there was thunder and lightning that night, you know now where it was coming from. It was obviously the giant baby crying.

100 Word Challange Pair of … By Krzysztof

I was on a walk with my dog in the forest. It was dark,creepy and things were not as they usually were. I walked on and did not care what would happen next. The sun went down but still my torch was in my pocket.  On the way I spotted something red on the earth. When I looked up it was a pair of enormous legs. My dog was at the bush watching something moving inside but ran away after a few minutes. When it moved I climbed up on the legs and stayed there to save my life. Someone stood out in front and said ” You have won the first prize for climbing the legs”…



Paddy: The Accident

I took control of  the robot. It was an oak robot ,shining in the sun-light. I grabbed the throttle and pushed it forward . My robot started to run and was picking up speed when I had an  idea. “How high can this thing jump?” I wondered. I pulled the throttle upwards and up I went at the speed of light. Suddenly, something caught my eye to the left. A PLANE!!! The plane cut straight through the middle of my robot.  My bottom half was impaled on a tree while my upper half sunk into the  ground with a sickening THUNK!

Treematized By Killian Week28

I was in the woods minding my own business when I came across  half a wooden statue. It immediately started growing it’s body and when it was done started chasing me. I ran and looked for the highest tree I could find.  I climbed to the top. It’s legs grew to my height and grabbed me. It shoved me into the ground. Suddenly, twigs came out of my hands and I started turning into a tree. I grew up through the ground and now I remain there forever more. Until…

Week 28 The Run by Laurynas

The thing raced down the street ignoring the eyes that stared at it. The thing had to get out of this planet before it was caught. It only had to run down a few streets before it reached its spaceship.

Suddenly armoured vehicles surrounded it and little creatures pointed little guns at it.

” We have you surrounded, don’t do anything funny and we won’t hurt you.” shouted one of the little creatures.

The thing stopped for a moment, crouched and took a giant leap. It flew over the creatures’ heads and ran off. The air was filled with noise but the thing ignored the noise. It had almost made it, it was almost home .

Week 28 The Strange Forest By Shane F

I walked through the rough Oakwood forest. I was lost. I went off the track hours before . The dense vegetation was all I could see . I was scared . As I walked through the wood I saw something peculiar in the distance . It looked like a huge pair of legs.

I slowly but extremely cautiously approached the huge legs . I thought I was going crazy. I arrived at the site where the legs were. Then I saw the rest of the body, it was a gruesome scene . The colossal wooden figure was spread around the wood . I didn’t know what was going on but I was getting out of there.

The Wizard’s Hut by Nathan

I was walking in the woods with my friend Callum. We were messing around when we stumbled upon a little wooden hut . Curiosity got the better of us and we went in. What we saw was astonishing. There were potions ,body parts and dead fish. We decided to take some potions and see what they could do.

The first one we tried made things grow.

The second one made a green flame.

The third one made a tree with legs.  After ,we went back home and told no one about what we did. A couple of nights later a wizard came to the hut only to find that some of his potions were gone.


week 28 The Dark Forest by Julius.

Cold, scared, hungry, I walked through the dense forest with caution. I felt like I was being watched by thousands of eyes .

Light began to shine through the trees and there it was, the bronze giant  but where was the rest of it, I whispered to myself .

Suddenly it began to move and I began to move backwards but I had put my back to the tree. What am I going to do now? I thought. Run maybe?

It began to walk slowly towards me. I got up and began to run. I turned around and he was gone out of sight …

week 28 The Forest by Sean Mc S

It was dark. I was scared. I was alone. The woods were well organized, lined  up neatly in rows of trees. There was a mysterious stomping sound. As I walked it drew nearer and nearer until I saw it: a giant pair of legs suspended from a tree, trying to break free. Sad world this be, it was stuck to the tree. I didn’t  know what to do until it had broken free. I had to run. I was fast but it was faster. As soon as its giant  foot crushed me, I woke up. It was just a dream.

The Iron Giant By David A

It was nearly 100 years ago to the day that there was a fight between the iron giants and the wooden giants. Over 1,000 iron soldiers fought and over 900 hundred were killed. They had been programmed to save the human race. Nowadays the last few robots are stored in museums but there are still some out there.

In school we were doing a nature project so I decided to go into the forest after school to pick up some things for school. I came up to a tree not really paying attention and banged straight into a metal leg. On that leg there was a little button. I pressed the button and all of a sudden it turned on and  all the pieces came together and standing in front of me was a big iron giant.

week 28 Battle by Ewan

One day I was walking along by the trees in the forest near my house. Then suddenly I felt the ground shake. At first I thought it was an earthquake but I soon found out there was a battle going on, a battle between two giants. They were slowly getting closer to me as they were battling. But then I soon noticed that they were too close and I was  too close to them to get out of hiding and move away in case they chased  me. Then suddenly one of them got cut in half and the other saw me.

by David L 100 wc The Monster

I was walking through the woods with my father.We were going out to hunt for an hour or two.We went about ten minutes deep into the woods when we came across this big monster chopping down trees.It was the two legged monster.Last week I had wrote a story about a monster and it looked like my made up monster come to life. We both looked shocked with fear. It went to grab us but we ran. My father grabbed his shotgun and shot the two legged monster about fifteen times. It fell down slowly in pain and every second was scary. But we defeated it.

The Lost Leg by Charlie

One day I was walking down the road with my alien friends. We were on Planet Earth. But suddenly I tripped on a stone and fell. My legs snapped off. I was horrified. My friends rushed me to the space ship and we left. We rushed to the hospital in Mars. Then I got the sad news. I would never get my leg back. Then we got some surprising news. Earth was being attacking by hostile aliens. This was my chance to be a hero. I got to Earth and got out the blaster and shot the enemy down. Even though I lost my leg I saved a planet.

Tin Man by callum

On one normal day out in the woods  I caught something out of the corner of my eye. When I looked I saw two long red legs. I walked over  and then out of nowhere  I heard a voice saying hi.

I said “How are you speaking?”

He said nothing.  Then my instinct kicked in and I slowly backed up  and  ran scared and shocked. I tripped  and when I looked up I saw the two long legs. I looked closely. He  was made from tin. Then he said, “Why are you going?” I said nothing and only screamed like a little girl.

100WC Week 28. The Big Apple. By Darragh Q.

“Hello, my name is James O Callaghan, and the city is under attack! Yes indeed. It seems that an army of monkey legs are attacking the Big Apple. Have these topless monkeys come for something in particular or are they just here to destroy the whole state! We don’t know. All we know is that these things have to be destroyed. There you have it. Tune in for more information at 5pm.”

I immediately switched off the TV and looked out the window. All I could see was a big city burning. I wished that I could save the city. And just at that point an amazing idea struck…

Week 28 The Gunshots By Kyle

My friends Jack, Tyler, Dylan, Cody and Scott and I were on our way to the park and whenever we go to the park we go investigating the huge woods. Cody was the one friend that is scared of nothing.  When Cody went into the woods he was tripped by a rope and was dragged along the leaves. Tyler was the fast one and he finally caught up to Cody but he couldn’t hold Cody by his hands. Tyler lost grip and Cody was gone.

Dylan, Scott, Jack, Tyler and I followed the trail and when the trail ended there was a waist and legs up against a pole. There was a hole in the ground so we jumped down and we landed in front of loaded guns. We were lined up with Cody and BANG…………..

The End

100 word challenge by Dan Hopeless Day

What a hopeless day,first I wake up to hear that my tiny and thin cousins will be coming down down which means I have to make space in my very busy schedule .

Second of all my match has been postponed.,for next week even though the big yellow sun is shining.

Finally but by no-means-least ,my younger brother has broken a huge shiny Ming bowl that my parents got for their wedding.


Well , that was the most traumatic experience of my life ,but the best part is there’s another 2 days left.

What an amazing  Easter!

Week 27 The Prison Run by Laurynas

” Quickly run towards the exist,” shouted Kim to Alex.

It was a matter of time before the guards caught up with them. Although they ran quickly, they were still not making enough progress to reach the exit. Out of nowhere a guard appeared behind them. He tried to reach out but Alex threw a spoon at his eye. ( He always had it in his pocket because it seemed lucky to him.)

It was only a few metres before they reached freedom. Suddenly the doors closed and an iron gate slid down in front of the gate. They stopped but only for a few seconds before continuing to find another escape path.

The boys’ minds were racing and only one question was in their minds:

” Where is the door to freedom?”


100wc by David L

I was playing with my friends on my playstation 4. We turned it on  but it was loading. Then my friends and I picked our characters.  Suddenly a loud banging noise  became louder and louder. Then Ryan my friend was shrinking and getting pulled in. Then Sam and then I was getting dragged in.  We ended up in a Jungle. Ryan landed on a bush the same as Sam. And I landed on a branch of a tree.  We joined together and realised we were in the game. We had to get out. But then we heard footsteps….  Ryan and Sam ran as fast as they could. I grabbed on to a branch. Although they ran quickly they were still not making enough progress.


Week 27 Ghost Town By Shane F

As they landed in the wide expansive fields of Montana, the two officers Dave and Mark walked towards the old dusty town of Soringvale . It had an eerie presence surrounding it like you were always being watched .The two were sent here because there were reports of a serial killer on the loose .

As they marched into the main street no one was around . This was getting weird . The only person around was a strange man with an even stranger appearance staring at them menacingly . He started dashing towards them . Although they ran quickly they were not making enough progress and he was catching up…….

The Storm By Cillian

Adam,Conor and John were running rapidly. They were trapped on a big island full of buildings and chaos. You see they were running because there was a storm behind them destroying everything in its path. It was FATAL. When the storm stopped they paused and hid in a small house. They found bandages inside. When they had to move again they saw something they wished they never saw: ZOMBIES or so it seemed. They started to pick up the pace. Although they ran quickly they still weren’t making enough progress. Eventually they were surrounded. Adam whispered to John and Conor, “I have a flashlight.” He pulled it out and pointed it at the horde. They backed away. They got out but what would happen next?

The End