The Penguin Attack by Noel

On the 29 of January 2018 the penguins attacked.These were no ordinary penguins. No  these were the most intelligent penguins of all time.The day of the attack the penguins came prepared. These penguins were disguised as lamp posts. The penguins were stationed at the restaurant known as the THE BIG EASY. However one of the penguin groups got the address wrong and arrived at THE BIG EASE.

“Where are all the other penguins?” asked one of the lost penguins.

“Maybe they’re gone inside to eat some grub,” said the second lost penguin.

So the penguins entered THE BIG EASE but they forgot about the disguises and were soon tackled to the floor .And that is the story about the failed penguin attack.


The Speaking Statues By Kyle

My friends and I were in a huge city on holidays until we saw three statues placed in a triangle. Suddenly my friend heard something. He said that he heard somebody talking. So I said that it was somebody that walked past us but he heard the exact same voice again. Then I heard it.

So we checked the statues and they were talking to us but only we could hear them. So my friend ran howling for help that the statues were talking but he never realized that only we could hear them.

Soon after we had to go back to the hotel room and we still heard them and we were taken….

CREEPED OUT by William

Once there was a family of three .There was a little child and two adults. They were the stalker family. They stalked people to find what was out where they were from, who did they live with and any visitors who came to visit. They looked through people’s curtains and also looked through the door when you are not watching. They kept a file at home and recorded any new details that they discovered from their daily stalking activities.

One day the stalker family were doing their daily stalker routine when they froze for a second. Their neighbours looked out and saw the stalker family frozen outside on the pavement. They went to help them and realised what they had been doing as they saw the notebook that contained their data and contacts and visitor logs. What creeps….

100 Word Challenge The Mysterious Sculptures Part 1 By Cillian McSweeney

“When are we going to get out of this loop hole?” asked Marcus (the son).

“I don’t know,” said Angela (the mother).

“We’ve been here for too long,” said John (the father).

Everyday people would walk past them wondering why they were there and what was their history. If the sculptures could talk to humans they could tell them everything. One day what looked like a crazy scientist approached them. He had a note pad.

“Who is this?” asked Marcus.

“He looks a lot different from normal humans,” said Angela.

“Ya, like his weird hair and coat,” said John.

Then a more normal looking man appeared. He also had a note pad.

He said, “I really do want to know more about their history.”

“Well, you may find out today,” said the weird looking scientist with a creepy chuckle.

The End


100WC Week 18. Don’t Move!.. By Darragh Q.

“Sally, don’t move, you’re going to give us away!”

“Okay, okay, Dad!”

“Please, the two of ye must stop fighting, you’re giving me some headache.
And anyway, did ye not hear the commander, we’re here on a classified mission.”

“Sorry, Mum,” replied Sally.

“John!”whispered Mum fiercely.

“Fine, sorry,Linda. ”

“How long more do we have to be here? This is sooooooo boring!” moaned Sally.

“Shhhhh, Sweetie, someone’s coming!”

“Oh no, Linda, is that who I think it is?”

“Oh no, you’re right, John.”

“Quick we’ve got to go,NOW!”

And off they ran, through the crowd of staring people, to find themselves in an alleyway.

“Quick, Sally, do you have the teleporter?”

“Yeah, right here.”

And once again they teleported back to the big, colourful spaceship…

Which One? By David A

“Which car is your favourite?” asked the smallest statue to the tallest.

“I suppose I’d have to go with the Ford Focus”

“Are you looking at something else?Can you not see the lovely Mercedes over there?”

“Yeah, that’s nice but it’s just not my style.”

“Fair enough,” he answered.

As the middle size statue said, “If only we could drive.” They all wanted to do the same thing.

“I think we’d all love that, ” the middle one said.

“Maybe someday.  But for the time being we’ll just spot our favourite cars.”


Hold Your Breath. By Shane C.

“Awh, stop twitching, son! you’ll give us away,”exclaimed Nearly Headless Paul to his son, Nearly Headless Jamie.

“First you dropped a bag of rubbish on the ground and now we’re here hiding from the police because of you and you can’t stop moving!”

“Here they come. Hold your breath darling and you, my stupid son,”whispered Paul.

“Bwah! Sorry I couldn’t hold it any longer,” Jamie had given them away.

“Mr.Nearly Headless, Mrs.Nearly Headless and Master Nearly Headless, you are under arrest for the disposal of rubbish on the street.” The policeman was no fool and couldn’t be fooled by a family of nearly headless people.”You have the right to remain silent!”

Week 18: The Poles in Disguise By Michael

One morning when I was on holidays in Singapore I was walking down the street and I heard some talking. I looked around and saw some Poles that looked like people.

“Psst, don’t tell anyone we’re here!”

“Who are you guys?” I said.

“We’re in disguise,” said one of the Poles as he moved a small bit.

“We’re a family,”

“Why are you guys here?” I asked them.

“We’re in disguise from the police,” said the little one.

“The police! What did you guys do?”

“We’ve thrown away tonnes of our litter outside.”

“Hey, who are you talking to?”

I turned around and saw a policeman.

“No one,” I said and I ran away.

Tourists By Killian

“Mommy, I want to go to Chinatown,”Ben said.

“No Ben,we are going Clarke Quay,”Mom said back.

“I think we should go to the Botanic Gardens!”Dad exclaimed.

“In Chinatown, you can get those cat thingies that bob up and down!”Ben said dreamily.

“I just love all those colorful houses,”Mom explained.

“Guys,the Botanic Gardens are a lovely experience and I think we should go there and have dinner in the restaurant,”Dad said in awe.

“Actually, let’s go to Chinatown,”Mom decided.

“Okay,”they all said.

“Oh, you know that’s great and all,but you do realize we are made of  stone?”Dad explained.

And so they stayed there forever, sunk in sadness.

Keep Your Wits About You by Eoin

“Have we lost them yet ?” Tom wheezed, staggering on through the crowd.

“No,” I panted, darting looks behind me to make sure they weren’t too close to us.

“Can we take a break for a minute ?” Tom wailed barely shuffling his feet through the streets.

“No ,we have to keep moving, ” I said. “They could still catch up.”

That’s when I heard the shouting , roaring and stamping of heavy feet .

“They’ve found us! ” I cried and scattered to hide somewhere .

“How about we hide behind these little sculpture things? ” Tom asked.

” they wouldn’t ever check behind them.”

“Great idea!” I shouted in delight, making myself comfortable behind the stone. We’d escaped them this time, I thought chuckling to myself.

Paddy Duggan: The Meeting Point

I reached the meeting point. I sat down at the cafe waiting for my informant. He carried info that would bring down the corrupt government of Bongolia. I kept my table near the exit, so that if things got messy I could get out quickly. Anyway, I would know if there was danger if he was wearing a rose. As he rounded the corner, approaching the statues, I saw a flash of red on his lapel. A rose! Suddenly, a gunshot rang out. My informant fell to the floor. The rose lay in the pool of blood. I knew that the game was up. We had failed.

100 word challenge by Kacper: Why are looking at us weirdly?

“Hey Mom,” Bill said.

“Yes?” Mom responded.

“Why can’t we just walk away?”asked Bill .

“I told you already, we can’t move because people are all around us, and we don’t want to be caught.”

“What would happen if they saw us move, Dad?”

“Don’t bring me into this.”

“When can we at least move?”

“Only at night, when everyone else is asleep,” responded Dad.

” When will it be night?” asked Bill, trying his best not to move.

“Well… I don’t really know, maybe in 5-6 hours.”

“I don’t I will be able to stand like this until night,” Said Bill.

“Don’t worry, I know you can do it.”

Malaysian Idependence Day By Dan O’ Rourke

“Ok,ok ,calm down, Ziciri. I know you’re anxious to see all the people passing by but you have to remember not to give away our identity. We are here for one reason and that reason is to catch Muhammed.”

“Am, guys, I think that’s him. Quick, Hazwic ,Ziciri be silent.Now, you have the right to remain silent. Anything you say will be used in court against you.”

May the 17th,Malaysian Independence Day, some used to say it was the best thing that happened in their whole entire life. 10 years later I’m still getting praise for catching Muhammed .

(Dominic week 19) Near a Place

Once upon a time there were three big strange statues.

They were near a restaurant doing nothing and were just staying in one spot with strange clothes.

So we went near them to take some photos and it was not that bad.

Then we went to eat in the restaurant.

We had lots of fun and we ate chicken with chips.

And that was the end of the story about three strange statues.

Week 18 A Close Call by Laurynas

” Statue 1, do not move! You’ll give us away!” whispered  Statue 3.

” I cannot feel my legs, my head is itchy and how much longer do I have to stand in the same position?” answered back Statue Number 1.

” It’s easy ,Statue 1, all you have to do is… ah… what do you have to do?” said a confused Statue 2.

Just then a little boy passed them and overheard their conversation. He stared at them for a moment still eating an ice-cream.

” There is nothing to see here, we are just some ordinary statues, ” informed Statue 3 to the boy in a robotic voice.

” Ahhhhhhhhhhh… okay, I’ll just be going on my way then,” said the boy very confused with himself.

” Thanks Statue Lord, that was a close call,” whispered Statue 1 but the others ignored him.

A frightening Conversation by Stephen Sheehan

I was on holiday in Singapore one summer when I heard a frightening conversation one day…

It was Tuesday morning and it was the day before we left Singapore.My mother was taking me to see some weird statues at a restaurant.

“Wait here while I get a few drinks,”she said.It was then I heard them talk.

“We need to get out of here, guys”was the first voice I heard.

“Ok ,we’ll move tonight,”came from the second voice.


The voices were coming from the statues.That was the last word I heard before being rushed into the restaurant by my mother.I enjoyed my 7up.


Week 18 Hidden By Shane F

“Keep quiet and don’t move!” Terry snapped at us under his breath .

“All right, all right, we know the drill,” Sandra snapped back .

“What do you think will happen if the humans find us?” I asked .

“Dunno,” Terry answered back quietly .

“Human six a clock,”I whispered .

The human approached silently probably going to the restaurant behind  us.

As the human was out of sight they moved again.

“Go outside that bar,” Terry whispered .

As they shuffled towards the bar they were nearly caught but luckily they got there  .

“Here comes trouble!  Move, move!” I called and started shuffling frantically .

“Mike, you blundering idiot!” Sandra shouted .

“Did those bollard things just move !?” a human said from behind us.


What a Conversation by Shane O’M

They started off their day like any normal day. They had a short conversation and finished up after about 20 minutes and carried on being still as statues and stayed quiet.

Then a conversation broke out.

”Hey Mom!You’re going to get us caught!”

“Paddy!shut up!!”

And this time they went on for 3 hours straight and that’s a lot for them. Usually it’s about 20 minutes or so.

On and on they went until they got caught once and for all.

Everyone was shocked to see statues talking and fighting and they stopped and never talked again.



The Everlasting War by William

In the beginning of time, dinosaurs and cavemen roamed the land. The problem was they did not get along. One night there was a huge fight between Caveman McGregor and Dilamission Dinosaur. They hated each other and fought for food, land and power. This fight lasted four years. After all Caveman McGregor won and took over the land. But there was one dinosaur and one caveman who were friends. This started another war because of their friendship but after all this time , they have worked out their problems and all cavemen and dinosaurs are friends. Now there is an event called caveman racing where caveman ride and race on dinosaurs.

The toy box by Dacian

Once upon a time there was two little children .Their names were Edward  and Lucy.   They were poor children and they lived in the woods .One day on their way to get some food they saw a gold light. They went to see what it was. It was a treasure  chest. It looked like a toy box. When they opened it it looked like a portal. It dragged them in. It teleported them to Candy  Land. Candy was all over the place .They had too much and they went to sleep. After they woke up .They were scared. They shouted for help. No one was there .They were  alone. They started to walk around. They found a big castle. They shouted for help again. A cookie man came out. It took them in the castle.

A prince came  and asked them”How are you?” They said their names were Edward and Lucy. They said “Nice to meet you.” The prince asked them to come and sit  down. ” Do you  want a cookie?” The prince showed them their room. They said”Thank you.” ” You’re welcome.” Next day they asked the prince, “Do you know how can we go  back to Earth?” He said there was only one way to go back. “If you find a toy box it can take you back to where you came from.” ” Ok ,tell us where we can find it.” “In the darkest place in Candy Land, but you have to defeat a monster first.” ” Is the monster really big?”

“Lucy ,watch out! Are you ok?”

” Yes I am.”

They  defeated the monster.

“Nice one, Edward.” “Thank you, Lucy. ”

“That was close!Thank you for saving me,Lucy. I think we’re even.”

“Yeah, we are. Ok I think I see a shining light. Follow me to that toy box.”

“Let’s get out of here. Finally we’re back on Earth. I will never open that toy box again. ”

“Me too,” said Lucy.



The beginning by callum

In the beginning it was only a waste land. And if you’re wondering, I’m in California and the war rages on. I was going to bed but the shrapnel of a gun went straight through my leg and like that didn’t hurt enough a tank’s missile went slam into my wall. I got blown through my door. As my vision became more clear I got up and limped through the hall. I saw that all the doors were open. Then I thought I heard footsteps getting closer every second. And as I saw him he was…

The End of the World by Dacian

One day a big tornado came and destroyed all the houses and things. The people had no where to stay. They were hungry and cold. They were crying for food .One day a very big truck came and took them all to a very big city. 8.9 million people lived there after ten years .They heard someone say that it would be the end of the world. They didn’t know what to do. They were scared that the water was coming or the tornado was coming again. They were building an enormous boat .They put it on the biggest mountain away from the water .After five weeks a big wave came and destroyed all the world. The only people to survive were the ones on the enormous boat. They were floating for two years .After ten years they built the city all over again .THE END.

Week 17 The First Creature by Laurynas

Long long ago, before anything set foot on Earth lived a creature.

This creature had sharp claws, hundreds of teeth and looked like a snake. It had more intelligence than anything and it was a thousand times smarter than any living creature.

This creature was as red as a beetroot but it could do anything, like in the past he cycled a bicycle or played an imaginary sport, you name it. He was so clever that he didn’t even need a clock or a watch to tell the time because he used the sun and moon.

One day the creature was asleep when a giant meteorite crashed into the Earth wiping out everything. Now the creature is asleep forever resting underneath our favourite (it is actually our second favourite) city… London.

Lego World by William Copy

One day in the toy shop Alex and William found a box.  It was glowing mysteriously.  They both looked in and suddenly they found themselves in a mysterious world.  There was cars hovering above them.  The cars looked like time machines.  Alex and William were a bit scared as they weren’t sure what was happening.  They sat into one of these cars.  As they were driving the seats were vibrating and there was funny noises and smoke inside the car.  Suddenly the car came to a halt and lowered to the ground.  The doors opened and Alex and William got out.  They looked around them to see they were in a Lego World.

The doors, windows, shops were all made of Lego.  This was fantastic as Alex and William loved Lego.  Alex and William were hungry so they went to a restaurant.  Tables , chairs and menus were all made of lego.  Unfortunately for them the food was made of lego too.  William was starving at this stage and said “I would really love a pizza.” Next thing a car hovered above him.  Alex and William got in, it took them to a pizza parlour.  The pizza was delicious.

William and Alex wondered how they were going to get out of this strange land.  They searched on their phones to see if they could find any maps or portals.  There was a portal showing on the other side of the Land.  They called their car once again and told it to take them to the portal.  Eventually they arrived at their destination.  They both jumped into the portal and it brought them to another dimension.

William wondered what his Mom was going to think about his explanation of where he was all day and how they were going to get home.




The Strange Figure Looking Like A Hand. by Kyle

One day me and my friends were cycling around until we came across a strange figure. The figure was like a hand shape but the eyes were red. Suddenly it dropped and it bit all of us and we were given claws and sharp teeth. The figure called us a genetic breed of a werewolf. We were half werewolf and half Hellhound.

I was terrified because my parents would think I was a different person that looked like me. But my friends, on the other hand, they loved it. When the full moon came me and my friends went on a hunt and we killed everyone in a building when they were working late. And we couldn’t control ourselves. We were on fire and after the full moon we could control the other half of us and we were unstoppable.

The End

Paddy: Master hand V.S Crazy hand

In the begining of the universe, there were two main forces: order and chaos. Order was represnted by Master hand, a smart, by the book and gloved hand. Chaos, on the other hand, was represented by Crazy hand, who was the opposite of Master hand.

One day, over New York city, a hand fell from the sky. It was Crazy hand. He was going to destroy Earth. Suddenly, Master hand came crashing down onto Crazy hand. He caught him and threw him into a giant novelty chinese finger trap stall. Conveniently, Crazy hand got all of his fingers stuck in a trap. He was sent to galaxy jail where he will stay forever.

100WC by Stephen


One day I was walking down the street when I saw a hand on the roof.I ran as fast as I could home and boarded the door windows and anything I could find.I looked down and there was the hand.

I ran straight through the door and headed for the police station.When I got there the hand was already there before me. I let out a shriek and ran away to the fire station.When I got there the hand was there.

I woke up with sweat pouring down my face and told myself it was just a dream.I turned over and was asleep before my head hit the pillow.


The Hand By Killian Week 16

I was walking down a street in Dublin one day. When I saw a giant hand with a face on it on top of a building. It jumped off and ran down a dark alley. I chased after it and saw it jump in a rubbish bin. I did too.

I was zapped into a really big maze. I saw the hand turn a corner and jump into another bin. What was it with these bins? But anyway I followed and ended up in a spooky mansion and saw the hand run through a door and I saw a giant room full of them…

:Alien in earth: Week 16: By Charlie:

My name is Charlie and this is my life of an alien on a mission to earth. I live on a special platform that is invisible to a human eye. Usually my fellow aliens teleport me food and alert me of any danger.

One day I got too curious and decided to fly to planet earth. I landed on a medium sized island. I saw a big stadium and people were shouting ‘Come on cork!’. I got very confused indeed. I went to a big arena and saw lots of odd green stuff. Suddenly everyone started chasing me. I rushed to my pod and I was never sent out of my planet again.

The horrible handyman by Eoin

I’m going to tell you about the terrible excuse of a handyman who came to our house .

We hired him to replace some tiles on the roof that had flown away in the previous storm . I always knew he was a bit dodgy when he clumsily scrambled up the ladder , nearly falling to a treacherous death . When he was finally up there , oh my God the noise he made was horrendous , it made your spine chill and made your back arch. It was the last straw when he came crashing through the ceiling , that wasn’t even the best part , when he came through the roof all he said was “could you put the kettle on ?”.