Week 14 My Super Duper Bees By Danny

Hi my name is John and I love BEES. My friends are into things like music and sports just to name a couple but my hobby is looking after and caring for my bees. So you could say I have an obsession with bees. I have 2 hives in my back garden and I love seeing bees come and go from there.

On the day of my birthday my parents got me a big hive with metal bees on it but inside those bees were little houses for my bees. It was the best present ever.

PS: I called it Eureka Tower because that was the first word I said when I saw it.

Week 14: We Should Have Listened By Marc

“Our world is being destroyed by us,” announced every president in the world.  “We are killing all the bees which is killing our crops at the same time.”

That was 50 years ago and we should have listened. There was now only 1 bee left. After that bee died we had no crops left in any country. Suddenly the sky just turned black. The sun was being blocked by something but nobody knew what it was. Straight after that happened, it looked like the sky was falling. A massive bee came out of nowhere. Then swarms started coming. They were coming for their revenge. 

Week 14 Repay By Matthew D

I was patrolling up and down the hallways of Melbourne Bank. It felt strange. It felt like eyes were watching me. It felt suspicious. I then went for a cup of tea and some biscuits but I’d to leave my tea and biscuits as bees were somehow robbing the bank. I chased after them as quick as I could and saw them on top of the computer manufacturing building. I asked them why they stole the money .Somehow they could write and they said that they help our world and now it’s time for us to repay them. I found the courage to say no but that’s when they attacked.

Week 14: Stupid Simon By Naglis

“Almost finished..,”I groaned with frustration.

“I only have to get the batteries.” I rushed out the door enthusiastically .

“Where’s Scientist Sam?” questioned the new intern Simon. “He must have left  this strange, eerie looking gun for me!”

Meanwhile,  I was strolling down the street peacefully, searching for the nearest store. I purchased my batteries and headed home.

“At least I have batteries handy,” sighed Simon.

ZAP. Uh oh. Walking back without a worry in the world my eye caught a glimpse of the Eureka Tower.


Week 14 Beastly Bees By Szymon

Bees were rapidly becoming extinct. Scientists were continuously trying to stop it from happening. They decided to make a mutated bee that would live forever unless someone killed it. For the first couple of weeks, it was fine but then they started attacking humans for no reason. If you got stung there was a high chance you would die. They started to grow in size and after a couple of days they were the size of footballs. The scientist couldn’t find a way to exterminate their hive on Eureka Tower. They decided to bomb it.

WK#14 How I Got Here by Abdul

(pinch, pinch, pinch)


You’re probably wondering how I got here. I’ll tell you anyway. So it all began like fourteen minutes ago, I’m pretty sure. I hated bees,it got to the point where I can’t sleep cause of them. It was beginning to be summer and those insects where heading my way. So as dumb as I was, I thought of bringing a dead flower  in my garden and I laid it there (yeah, you probably know where this is going). So then the bees started coming. So I went outside to find that there is a hive on my door, it hits my head and(pinch)(pinch pinch)”Aw.”

Week 14, I’m a Zoologist, by Mikolaj

“Woohoo, Yes, Yes, Yes!”

I have finally trapped my first bee in a jar. I looked up what to do with a bee and all it said is to let it free because without bees I’d be dead. I obviously didn’t believe that so I researched more about it and I automatically believed it. I let the bee free and gave it a little bit of nectar. Later on I decided I should look for more bees and I found a group of them stuck in their own honey. I let them out to be free.

Week 13, What a Surprise, by Mikolaj

“No, No, No!” I shouted while I saw my sister run away from an ostrich. I ran up to it and scared it away. My sister is always afraid of those stupid creatures. I told my neighbours to either sell them or keep them away from my house. The next day my sister went out to exercise and was waiting for me in our garden. I didn’t go out because I knew the ostrich would attack her so I waited till it did. I saw it approaching and tried to catch it but I didn’t realise they could fly…

Week 13 Busby Twins By Matthew D

There I was, revving up my car at the starting line when all of a sudden the craziest people I know, the Busby twins, arrived. They came in this so-called hot air balloon. I chuckled to myself as I heard them say that they created a new mode of transport.

” Cars travel on the GROUND at a much quicker rate!” I exclaimed.

I saw the starter making his way up to the corporate box.  I prepared myself. He fired his gun  and then the Busbys and I set off but theirs flew into the air. I didn’t realise they could fly, I thought to myself.

“See you at the finish line,” they announced.

Week 13 My Pet Hamster By Danny

I have a pet hamster. He is very unique in his own special way. His name is Hammy the Hamster. He is 2 years old. I got him when I was 10. He used to live under my house until I caught him one day and kept him as my own. He lives in my bedroom in a little cage. It’s a two storey with a little bed, a hamster wheel and some food and water in there.

One day when I went to my friend’s house (he also has a hamster) we put them in the same cage. They then started to fly. I didn’t realise they could fly. But how would we keep it a secret?

Week 13: A Whole New World By Marc

“Why are there so many giants waiting to get on the mysterious object that goes really fast?” I was thinking to myself.

So I decided to crawl on. I could smell a peculiar smell. After that I knew what it was. It was the most scrumptious cheese I have ever observed. So I leaped in an imperceptible hole. Unexpectedly, it got pitch dark. I felt a really weird feeling in my stomach. I got moved and then I could see and I was right by the window. I didn’t realise they could fly. Giants can now fly, I thought to myself.

Week 13 When Pigs Will Fly By Szymon

Pigs were slowly becoming extinct. A farmer in Ireland decided to make a new breed of pig. He combined  a couple of species’ DNA. The pigs had one downside to them, they were really slow because they were extremely fat. One pig could supply about a hundred people. A few years later, giant white wings started to grow out of their sides. They started to fly into the sunset. The people started to get incandescent with rage.
“I didn’t realise they could fly,” protested the farmer.
Well at least that’s how he remembers it. I remember it differently.

WK 13 A Sense Of Disaster By Ciarán

Sniff, sniff, sniff! Ugh! That reeks.Why do those muts that giants call dogs get all the delicious food and all I ever get is leftovers?

5 days later…

I’m starving. I am so tempted to start eating myself if I could just take one or two bites out of my juicy meaty flesh. Pull yourself together Milly! Whack! Now I’m talking to myself. What the… wait, what is that smell? It looks to be a triangular shaped cheesy piece of food with red circles on it. Gobble Gobble Gobble. Wait a minute I didn’t realise they could fly…                       SQUISH.

Week 13, My Mom’s Biggest Fear by Tim

A few years ago when I used to live in Africa, I found out my mom’s big fear of roaches. I was about 4 or 5 years old when my mom was cooking dinner. Now as a child, my parents were like my superheroes and weren’t scared of anything. Until that very night…

So my mom was making dinner when a jumbo roach came from outside. Blaberus Giganteus is the scientific name which means Giant Roach. As soon as she saw that monster, she immediately grabbed the bug stray and I didn’t realise they could fly. My mom’s jaw dropped open as she saw the wings coming out from the back. I’ve never heard my mom scream so much! She ran out of the kitchen leaving her little boy. My dad finally took care of it, he emptied the can of bug spray on that demon. I wish I had all of this on camera.

Week 13 The Old Man’s House By:Tadhg

I rifled through his belongings wondering if I could find anything worth a bit of money. I found no chocolate bars in the kitchen (the villain) . I then hopped up the stairs and walked into his room. I looked in the drawers and found some tissues, irritable bowel medicine and chocolate bar wrappers (Really he wouldn’t even leave me one chocolate bar). I went into the other room and found a dangerous book! Just kidding! The only dangerous thing I found in his house was the irritable bowel medicine and his underwear drawer. I then found two carpets but I didn’t realise they could fly. Just kidding! We don’t want a replay of Aladdin, do we? Then the door clicked open and I heard a voice. I was caught.

Week 13 Flight By Jack

BARK! BARK! I was giving out to my younger brother  because he took the juiciest bit out of the little thing humans called dogs.

I am a coyote and I live in a stifling hot den in North Carolina with my brother.

We finished eating and went looking for more food when we came across Orville Wright and Wilbur Wright, more commonly known as the Wright Brothers. They were the ones who had killed our parents with the thing that shot lightning out of a barrel. I was about to pounce on them when they hopped in this “thing” and took off.

Up and up they went, I sat there dazed because I didn’t realise they could fly and then they came back down and we went back to our den deciding to leave them alone and have a good night’s sleep.

Flying Pigs by Oisin Wk#13

“Caleb!” I shouted running up to him.

“Sean got hurt, we might get no homework,” I said.

“If pigs could fly!” Caleb said.

After school, I go straight home (and that is what I’m doing now) and before I do homework I feed the pigs. I was walking towards the pig sty and found no pigs. I was looking around for two minutes before one landed on my head. I looked up and there were pigs flying above me. I didn’t realise they could fly and then they all flew down in a row, waiting for their food and the little one who hit me on the head just stepped in line.

Week 12: A Bad Day By Marc

” Please, mother, Please!” I was begging my mother to go to the zoo. There was going to be a purple elephant. She said I could only go if I made enough money to go. So I decided to go busking with my violin and I also painted portraits for money the next day. After 2 days of hard work, I finally got enough money to go. I even had to pay for petrol. When we arrived, I was so happy with myself. The show was so good until the elephant went mad. Luckily we escaped.

Week 12: Terrible Tom By Naglis

“What is that in your painting?” bellowed Tom.

“It’s a purple elephant,” I mumbled, embarrassed. “I painted it the way I wanted.”

Tom scurried to the teacher and snitched on me. That made him extremely happy. Tom’s a bully. He calls me a nerd because I play the violin. I had to get proof that he is bullying me. The following day I attached a microscopic microphone to my tie.

“Ha, you loser,” he sneered at me from across the room.

Who’s laughing now?! Because I’ve got evidence. Terrible Tom!

Week#12:Poor Man By Sean

There was a man who was poor. He pushed his luck all the time and one day  he pushed his luck so much that when he was made the richest man he got himself banned. Now he lives in a cave and he does not know why he got banned. There was another man who was the same as him but rich so we went back to the town and said he was  sorry and he got paid 100000 coins. Now he painted an elephant painted purple.  He was happy. He can also played the violin.

Week 12 Weird Wacky World by Szymon

All I could remember was getting hit with something very hard on the back of my head. The next time I opened my eyes, I was in some sort of  weird wacky world. The sun was shining into my eyes. I began to stroll around. After around 20 minutes, I found a purple elephant bragging that he had painted the biggest and best mural ever. I strolled into a town and met a happy violin playing itself and it asked me for money. Suddenly I fell to the ground. I was in the middle of a deep dark forest.

Week 12 Final Day in Cork City By Danny

We were playing a soccer final in Cork and as you know anything can happen in Cork. It was the start of the game but all of a sudden we were down 1 nil. Suddenly at tip off one of my teammates passed the ball to me but all I could see were giants sprinting at me in purple shirts. Just then all of a sudden an elephant ran onto the pitch painted a very bright red. There was a person playing the violin on him. I asked him how he had got on the elephant but I didn’t care and I was happy that they didn’t tread on me.

Week12 Busking By Matthew D

There I was, busking with my violin, on the streets of New York when I saw a purple painted elephant on one of the walls in Times Square. I was confused and took a drink of water in case I was dehydrated and having delusions. But it turns out this marvellous piece of creativity was real. I did a full examination and was bemused as the penmanship was inch perfect. All of a sudden a crow cawed overhead and the elephant came to life. He immediately stampeded towards me and as he was just about to trample me,  I woke from my dream. And I was happy to be alive.

WK#12 Chilling Music by Abdul

Today was the day we go to the zoo.I didn’t really care, I just painted a picture of my mum. After the beautiful picture, I finished violin training.Then it was December 18 and we went to the zoo. I brought my violin case, I really don’t know why I brought it but I just felt it in me to bring it. We started making our way to the elephant site cause my family and I were obsessed with elephants.

Crash! The huge window has just broken. For some reason, as stupid as I was, I whipped out my violin and started playing it. He stopped. He was happy. We got so scared.

WK 12 Just Boring by Ciarán

“ROOAARR ,Waaaaaaaa, help! There’s an elephant after me with a… wait a minute, it has a violin in its purple trunk! What the..?”

“Wow, Zac! I am loving that virtual reality. Everything looks so realistic.”


“Wanna get some pizza or..?”

“Nah, I need to finish the unfinished painted picture of happy children.”


“So tomorrow?

“No, I have a meeting with Mr Purple, very, very important.”

“More important then your best friend?”

“YES! If I get the job then I would be making millions. So no.Bye.”



Kanturk Arts Festival The Tragedy By Szymon

The Tragedy


Syzmon Kuras

No one exactly knows what happened there. It all took place on 15th of May 1843. One of the biggest merchant ships sank. It departed from Portsmouth in England and it was sailing to the east. The captain’s name was Terence Walters and he brought his two children, Mary Rose and Terence Jr.

The ship was returning when it was caught in a ferocious storm. Black clouds rolled in above the ship. Soon the waves started crashing against the vessel. The wood weakened and what they didn’t know was that jagged rocks were peeking out of the water. The children were the only ones to realise this but it was too late. The ship was torn in half.

The children reacted quickly and jumped in the freezing water. They both swam as fast as sharks to a nearby rocky island. When they reached it they  were shivering. They decided to climb up to the highest point on the rock. They could taste the saltwater that was splashing into their faces. Their bodies were numb from the cold and their clothes was clinging to their bodies. They were so petrified their faces were as pale as two ghosts and they couldn’t move a muscle. They were staring lifelessly at the sinking ship. They could smell the disgusting odour of seaweed. The salt cracked their lips, making them bleed.

Their bodies were never found . It is said that each year on the anniversary of the ship sinking, you can see the children on that same rock staring out at the doomed ship.

Kanturk Art’s Festivle, I Got a Lot of Phones, by Mikolaj

I got a Lot of Phones


Mikolaj Muzyk

So, I was sleeping at my house and I suddenly heard a loud, eroding knock at my wooden door. I was petrified, hearing all the police alarms going off, waking everybody up. I decided not to open up for a while but a second later I heard a lad shouting loudly to another to call the fire brigade to break down my door.

Meanwhile, I was getting out of my bed, the door protested as it slowly opened. They ran breathlessly up my squeaky stairs. I was hyperventilating with fear but I shouted, “I’m here”. They pulled their guns out and slowly crept into my room. Thankfully, they didn’t shoot but told me to go to the person that was talking to me right now. He was kind-of choking me and asked me why I did it. Oh yeah,  I didn’t even tell you what I did…

So I was in the apple store trying to buy the new iPhone 11 pro max that were just released, but I ended up stealing all of them and a few XR’s too. On my way back I decided that I would look rich when I  killed 10 people on my way back so I did. The police found out and I’m here now. Alcatraz. It’s located in San Francisco Bay, 1.25 miles away from California, where I lived. Well ,I don’t now so…

When it was night time, I decided to try to escape. The storm must have lulled everyone to sleep, that’s why I was the only one not asleep. I got out of my jail room and I swam up to the ship that still hadn’t left. Thankfully, I’m the best captain but I nearly drowned. I got to the place I wanted and finished writing my story.

Surtsey By Ciarán



Ciarán McKeever

5000 years ago, off the southern coast of Iceland, “Surtsey” located in Vestmanejar Archipealago  erupted and wiped out more than half Iceland’s population…


My sister and I  were on our way home from the factory.

On our way a shady figure grabbed my sister’s hand and ran away. I chased after him. He ran into an alleyway so I ran in after him. My mistake. Whack!

I arose on a damp, dank floor with my sister beside me. I heard pandemonium from behind the septuageain, rusty door. I grasped the handle and laggardly opened it. 5 people all talking gibberish were in front of me. Behind them was a chest of gold. They were all staring at me. I sprinted.

Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang!

I had to keep running but a man started talking. I stopped. The tall man said that in their language gold means steal. He was quite a kind man and let my sister and me stay on their galleon.

The weeks passed….

There was a lot of commotion from outside my cabin. I skedaddled over to the bow of the ship. I gazed in wonder.  Mt. Surtsey  was erupting.

The sun arose from behind the mountains. We had run out of rations. My sister and I had prayed for a saviour but nobody ever came looking for us. We walked out onto the rocks and my eyes slowly dropped closed.

Kanturk: Titans By Sean



Seán O’ Dea

It was a gloomy, dim morning and everyone was on deck but Lucas and Lisa  who were kidnapped by Captain Death,the most feared man alive. They must have been shaking with fear. His crew were all strong tough, fearful men but they all got ill and died but the captain lived.

2 days later we found their hideout.                                                                                    Lucas and Lisa were waiting on a pillow. You could see the fear in their eyes. Then I saw it.

It was the kraken.                                                                                                                  BOOOOM! The canons fired.                                                                                                        As they were getting on to the boat, Lisa screamed with terror.  DEATH was on the ship.                                                                                                                                             He had assassinated one of our crew members and he was just standing there with an evil grin on his face.                                                                                           Then he moved so  quickly that when I blinked he was gone.                                           There was a rumbling sound and  yellow lightning. A giant hand picked up our ship and tossed us to Iceland.

2 years later we found out what made him like a giant.                                              It was called TITAN. I was the only one to take it because it had side effects that could kill you..

When we got home everyone was missing and then we saw it.                              It was a colossal size but when everything seemed to get better I couldn’t transform.

We were be chased by a foul man.                                                                                        All I could see was the sick  look in his eyes.                                                                    He opened his mouth  and when he did a yellow lightning hit me. Now I was taller, stronger and ready to make him pay for his crimes.

As we fought he said “YOU MAY WIN THE BATTLE BUT THE WAR HAS JUST BEGUN. ”                                                                                                                                             That was 6 days ago and there were signs of him all over the world.


The Runaways Kanturk Arts Festival By Jack

The Runaways


Jack McSweeney

“Anne ,C’mon , we’ve to go!”

It was the year 1892 and  Seán was speaking. He had sneaked in through the window to wake her. Today was the day they were going to escape. They had paid £1000 to a crew of brigands.

Anne and Seán had lost their parents in a storm when they were younger. They then got sent to different homes and they’d lived apart since. But they sometimes sneaked out and played. They lived 1 mile apart so they constructed a tree house halfway between them.

Seán had spotted the brigands when he was herding his stepfather’s sheep. He told them he would pay £1000 to take them away from that desolate lonely place. He took the money out of the bank his stepfather owned. Seán’s stepfather was very wealthy so he wouldn’t notice any money missing since there were no devices to count the money.

They’d planned to meet at the treehouse but that hadn’t gone according to plan. Seán had had to trudge through the muddy terrain to Anne’s house.

“Seán, why are you here?” mumbled Anne.

“We have to go, remember?” he whispered.

It was like something in her brain clicked. She grabbed her things and pulled on some clothes.

“Um, Anne, those are summer clothes,” he pointed out.

There was a violent storm booming outside. He had brought a suitcase so they put their things in it.

They were on the verge of a cliff when a vast vessel emerged from the  thick mist. Seán had only noticed it because a flash of lightning had highlighted its shape and size… and the T on its sail. It was only now they realised who the ship belonged to: Teresa Mhaol, a descendant of the famous brigand Gráinne Mhaol. He heard his sister whimpering. There was no going back now.