The beginning by callum

In the beginning it was only a waste land. And if you’re wondering, I’m in California and the war rages on. I was going to bed but the shrapnel of a gun went straight through my leg and like that didn’t hurt enough a tank’s missile went slam into my wall. I got blown through my door. As my vision became more clear I got up and limped through the hall. I saw that all the doors were open. Then I thought I heard footsteps getting closer every second. And as I saw him he was…

The End of the World by Dacian

One day a big tornado came and destroyed all the houses and things. The people had no where to stay. They were hungry and cold. They were crying for food .One day a very big truck came and took them all to a very big city. 8.9 million people lived there after ten years .They heard someone say that it would be the end of the world. They didn’t know what to do. They were scared that the water was coming or the tornado was coming again. They were building an enormous boat .They put it on the biggest mountain away from the water .After five weeks a big wave came and destroyed all the world. The only people to survive were the ones on the enormous boat. They were floating for two years .After ten years they built the city all over again .THE END.

Week 17 The First Creature by Laurynas

Long long ago, before anything set foot on Earth lived a creature.

This creature had sharp claws, hundreds of teeth and looked like a snake. It had more intelligence than anything and it was a thousand times smarter than any living creature.

This creature was as red as a beetroot but it could do anything, like in the past he cycled a bicycle or played an imaginary sport, you name it. He was so clever that he didn’t even need a clock or a watch to tell the time because he used the sun and moon.

One day the creature was asleep when a giant meteorite crashed into the Earth wiping out everything. Now the creature is asleep forever resting underneath our favourite (it is actually our second favourite) city… London.

Lego World by William Copy

One day in the toy shop Alex and William found a box.  It was glowing mysteriously.  They both looked in and suddenly they found themselves in a mysterious world.  There was cars hovering above them.  The cars looked like time machines.  Alex and William were a bit scared as they weren’t sure what was happening.  They sat into one of these cars.  As they were driving the seats were vibrating and there was funny noises and smoke inside the car.  Suddenly the car came to a halt and lowered to the ground.  The doors opened and Alex and William got out.  They looked around them to see they were in a Lego World.

The doors, windows, shops were all made of Lego.  This was fantastic as Alex and William loved Lego.  Alex and William were hungry so they went to a restaurant.  Tables , chairs and menus were all made of lego.  Unfortunately for them the food was made of lego too.  William was starving at this stage and said “I would really love a pizza.” Next thing a car hovered above him.  Alex and William got in, it took them to a pizza parlour.  The pizza was delicious.

William and Alex wondered how they were going to get out of this strange land.  They searched on their phones to see if they could find any maps or portals.  There was a portal showing on the other side of the Land.  They called their car once again and told it to take them to the portal.  Eventually they arrived at their destination.  They both jumped into the portal and it brought them to another dimension.

William wondered what his Mom was going to think about his explanation of where he was all day and how they were going to get home.




The Strange Figure Looking Like A Hand. by Kyle

One day me and my friends were cycling around until we came across a strange figure. The figure was like a hand shape but the eyes were red. Suddenly it dropped and it bit all of us and we were given claws and sharp teeth. The figure called us a genetic breed of a werewolf. We were half werewolf and half Hellhound.

I was terrified because my parents would think I was a different person that looked like me. But my friends, on the other hand, they loved it. When the full moon came me and my friends went on a hunt and we killed everyone in a building when they were working late. And we couldn’t control ourselves. We were on fire and after the full moon we could control the other half of us and we were unstoppable.

The End

Paddy: Master hand V.S Crazy hand

In the begining of the universe, there were two main forces: order and chaos. Order was represnted by Master hand, a smart, by the book and gloved hand. Chaos, on the other hand, was represented by Crazy hand, who was the opposite of Master hand.

One day, over New York city, a hand fell from the sky. It was Crazy hand. He was going to destroy Earth. Suddenly, Master hand came crashing down onto Crazy hand. He caught him and threw him into a giant novelty chinese finger trap stall. Conveniently, Crazy hand got all of his fingers stuck in a trap. He was sent to galaxy jail where he will stay forever.

100WC by Stephen


One day I was walking down the street when I saw a hand on the roof.I ran as fast as I could home and boarded the door windows and anything I could find.I looked down and there was the hand.

I ran straight through the door and headed for the police station.When I got there the hand was already there before me. I let out a shriek and ran away to the fire station.When I got there the hand was there.

I woke up with sweat pouring down my face and told myself it was just a dream.I turned over and was asleep before my head hit the pillow.


The Hand By Killian Week 16

I was walking down a street in Dublin one day. When I saw a giant hand with a face on it on top of a building. It jumped off and ran down a dark alley. I chased after it and saw it jump in a rubbish bin. I did too.

I was zapped into a really big maze. I saw the hand turn a corner and jump into another bin. What was it with these bins? But anyway I followed and ended up in a spooky mansion and saw the hand run through a door and I saw a giant room full of them…

:Alien in earth: Week 16: By Charlie:

My name is Charlie and this is my life of an alien on a mission to earth. I live on a special platform that is invisible to a human eye. Usually my fellow aliens teleport me food and alert me of any danger.

One day I got too curious and decided to fly to planet earth. I landed on a medium sized island. I saw a big stadium and people were shouting ‘Come on cork!’. I got very confused indeed. I went to a big arena and saw lots of odd green stuff. Suddenly everyone started chasing me. I rushed to my pod and I was never sent out of my planet again.

The horrible handyman by Eoin

I’m going to tell you about the terrible excuse of a handyman who came to our house .

We hired him to replace some tiles on the roof that had flown away in the previous storm . I always knew he was a bit dodgy when he clumsily scrambled up the ladder , nearly falling to a treacherous death . When he was finally up there , oh my God the noise he made was horrendous , it made your spine chill and made your back arch. It was the last straw when he came crashing through the ceiling , that wasn’t even the best part , when he came through the roof all he said was “could you put the kettle on ?”.

Week 15 The Adventures of Handyman By David A

One day a not very well known Irish author had the idea of the century. He thought he would write a book called Handyman. He had a good feeling about this one but first he needed a publisher which wouldn’t be hard since his best friend published all his books.

He had it all written out and when he was ready to get it published he uploaded a summary of it online and waited. One minute later it had one dislike. He went to bed with the idea of failure in his mind. But when he woke up in the morning and it had 20,000,000 likes. It was a world best seller.

The Hand of God by Shane C.

It was the summer of 1986 and the quarter finals of the Mexico 1986 World Cup were taking place. This was a game that was a key part in the already intense Argentina and England football rivalry.

Diego Maradona,the man known as the Argentinian football god had a lot of responsibility resting on his shoulder. In the 51st minute Maradona made a darting run into the box and jumped for the header contesting against the English goalkeeper who was also in the air. But men’s hands went for the ball. Maradona’s getting there first. He had scored!One nil to Argentina.

Soon after great dribbling from Maradona he drew the gap to two. England could only get one back.

1986 World Cup final Mexico City:Argentina 3: 2 West Germany.

Argentina are World Cup champions.

Week 16. By: Darragh Q.

On a dark, thundery night, I was running home from soccer training. It was very dark and I could barley see anything. I had just passed main street, when I saw …

As I wandered past main street I suddenly heard a flash of lightning. As I looked up into the flashing sky, my eyes drifted towards the tallest building in the town. It was called O Callahan industry’s. People say its the tallest building in the country, and to be fair I agree with them it’ss huge. But as I looked up at the huge construction I noticed something on the roof of it. After straining my eyes for a while I could just make out a sort of creature with 4 fingers and a thumb.

But the thing that scared me most was that it was MOVING…



By Dan o Rourke Hand of god

June the 22nd 1986 Argentina vs England, it was the  51st minute when Maradona decided to propel himself into the air and punch the ball into the goals. Lucky for Maradona the goal was counted and brought the scoreline to  1-1 . After a few minutes, Maradona goes on to score another goal that would win them the semi-final of the world cup.

After the semi-final against England, Argentina went on to play West Germany in the final ,which they also won. Not too soon afterMaradona’s famous hand-ball goal it would go on to get the name Hand of God.







Superhand by William

Once there was a hand that had three powers. One on his thumb to crush villians, one on his middle finger to curse people and the last on his pinkie to shoot lasers. One day, there was a robbery at the city bank. Three cruel men broke in. Superhand was called to save the day!

Superhand shot lasers at the smallest of the three men and got him out of the way quickly. He was then left with just two. He crushed one of the two guys with his powerful thumb. He saved the best until last, he cursed the third and final man with bad luck so that the alarm in the bank would go off and the bank would go into lockdown so that he would not get away. Superhand really saved the day!

Week 16 Handyman By Shane F

I’m handyman the greatest hero in Handburg. By day I’m just a normal citizen but by night I am the legendary handyman. Yesterday I was scouting out a local gang preparing to rob the bank and I plan to stop them. It was 12:34 in the morning I was watching the bank.

Suddenly a car screeched to a stop and 4 armoured hands came running out – they were armed. I leapt off the tall building and dashed into the bank –  they had the bankers at gunpoint.  They didn’t know what was going on. I dashed to one and knocked him out then another and another . There was one left gun pointed at my face . So I sprinted towards him kicked the gun out of his hand . Knocked him out . “Now that was handy,” I said triumphantly as I stood on top of a skyscraper

Week 16 “What If… A Hand was a Person?” by Laurynas

” Hey Mark, what if a hand was a person?” asked Jack.

Mark and Jack were walking down the street playing their “what if ” game for about the tenth time. They loved the game but sometimes Jack’s questions were a bit weird.

” Yeah right,” answered Mark ” I could bet you a million euro that would never exist”

The two boys continued on walking until they reached a village. The village was called Greenhill and it was a quiet and peaceful place. Suddenly a strange figure started shouting on a roof.

It looked like a hand with fingers for its arms and legs. It continued on shouting for a while and then disappeared. Mark stared at the place where he had seen the hand.

” Pay up now ” said Jack with a smile.

100wc by David lehane

It was the day of Brendan’s maths test. He got up early for school. Brendan was late for lots of things. But not always. For those other times he wasn’t late he was actually quite early. He wasn’t that late for tests. Brendan was a smart boy who never failed tests. So anyway Brendan was just heading out the door when he noticed that the test was starting in 10 minutes so he needed to run quickly. As Brendan was running he remembered that at the test they gave out practice sheets in the beginning to get ready. He arrived finally, not late! He walked into the school calmly thinking how he would do today…








Paddy 5th : The War Of Ink.

In the beginning Splatfest was a happy time. But then again, a lot has changed since “The beginning“. In “The beginning” there were no salmonoids to attack us. In “The beginning” Splatfest was for all ages, with sales in all the best stores, free t-shirts for anyone who voted in the ballot for what people prefer. This time it was action movies V.S. comedy. Now, as I clutch my Splattershot in the wrecked remains of the square, staring at the cracked, flickering screen advertising Splatfest, I almost smile. And as I swim through the ink as a squid I cry to myself, knowing that we may have won this battle, but the war is not over.

100 Word Challenge Week 15 George And The Scary Jungle By Cillian McSweeney 5th

In the beginning it was all fine. Now I’m terrified let me explain. Earlier today me and my friend Shane were helping my Grandpa clear out his attic. There was a box saying “Do not touch.” I had asked my Grandpa about it before but he always said nothing. When he went to make some tea I daringly decided to open it. I saw a metal thing. I picked it up. It spoke “Portal gun deployed” in a kind of robot voice. “Portal gun! “Cool!” Shane and I were amazed. I held it for a moment. I hesitated to pull the trigger. I was too scared to do it. I decided I might as well so I shot it at the floor. I called Grandpa. He said angrily,”Why did you touch it?” I said “Can we please go somewhere?” He said ” Alright” so we jumped in. We ended up in this creepy jungle. I could hear weird sounds and monkeys shouting. I was terrified .Next thing I heard a roar. Cheetahs!! “Run” I was even more terrified. I tripped and couldn’t get up. My Grandpa and Shane got me out just before the cheetah jumped. My Grandpa said “That was the last bullet.” “Uh oh”. Next thing a guy swung down from a tree and said ” I have one!” We were saved.

In the end we escaped.


Week 14: Jack’s PC By Charlie

Junior and Adam were playing some PC games when Jack charged into the room and said, “Can I play guys?”

“No,” said the monkeys.

“But why?” shouted Jack.

The monkeys replied with “Your PC is a MacBook and it’s trash.”

Then suddenly Jack the monkey threw his PC off the table and shouted annoyingly, “FINE if you want me to get a good PC I’ll get one!”

Jack stormed off. Jack went to Currys’ PC World and bought a PC and accessories for $1567. He used the credit card that mistakenly got mailed to him.

When he came home the monkeys said, “THAT’S NOT EVEN YOUR MONEY!”

“It wasn’t expensive,” said Jack. “Only $1567.”

Week 15 The Story Of Old by Laurynas

Long long ago, in the beginning of civilization, lived two kings. The Sun king and the Moon king. Each was powerful and strong with an army so powerful it could wipe out the whole civilization. Both kings never trusted each other and had many battles.

The time came for the kings to meet their death and their two sons took over the thrones. The battles continued drawing more blood than ever before, until one day the powerful gems that controlled day and night were stolen.

The only way they could take back these gems was to stop the battles and offer the sign of peace to each other. The sons ignored it and continued fighting. Legend tells that if a person has both gems  he will be granted eternal life…

The Shelter By Sean Mc S Week 15

In the beginning of the war I was in a shelter. It was cold and isolated. After a few weeks I started to become weak, I didn’t eat or drink much since supplies were low but I had enough to keep me going. Eventually I decided to leave the shelter and see what it was like out there … I was in a war zone. As soon as I got out I wanted to go back but the door was jammed. I tried to find refuge amongst this chaos but it was too late. As soon as I got to some where safe I was shot. Luckily I survived and got back home.



A Turn of Events by Eoin

In the beginning there was nothing. Well, unless you count the ancient dwarf tribe near the Peaks of Peril . These weren’t your average mining dwarves though they all had beards . With the exception of Fir who had been kicked out following his failure in growing a beard and was only left the rags on his back and 5 midget strawberries. He really wanted to be a part of the tribe so he ventured up the tallest mountain in search of a quest.

Little did he know that Bwan the  Dragon with teeth the size of a truck  was watching him and was starting to feel peckish, devilishly peckish…

The beginning by Dan O Rourke

How,how did such a big thing like this happen in such a small friendly village like this?

First let me start at the beginning,I was walking down the street and I heard a huge bang that sounded like thunder striking the poorly constructed pavement that my two very own feet were standing on.Then I heard screaming,an awful amount of screaming.Next and finally an old woman started limping towards me and then told me if I didn’t find safety I might not ever see daylight again. So I took her word and found refuge at a restaurant.

I was safe. I hoped the rest of them were.

Shane O’M week 15 The Mission

Hello, my name is Shane and today we have a mission to complete at the bank. We’re going to rob the bank but there is one problem, there are guards and we have no getaway car so we might be in trouble.

Here we go in to the bank, fully loaded and we pull out our guns and bang! Rifle shot and 3 people dead already. We got to the money, 500,000 in cash on 12 tables. We stole  400,000 out of it. After all we are now in jail. We were very very stupid.


Week 15: By Darragh Q. THE MURDER…

In the beginning it looked like a big meal to celebrate the marriage of Lord Hastings and Lady Saskia. But in the end DISASTER struck. 

The feast took place at 8pm. Everybody was enjoying themselves of course. But then the feast flew by and it was midnight. The whole family was there so we had to share bedrooms. Ben, my brother, and I sat there in our beds. Everyone had gone into the bedrooms and went to sleep. Or so we thought…

RING RING RRING! went my alarm clock. Immediately I jumped out of my bed. I knew that I could not be late for breakfast. But as I walked down the long,dense hallway of the house, I knew no one else was up, and that’s when I saw the body…

100 word challenge by Alex

In the beginning of my flight to Bobin  we met some weird sort of thing. Aliens as I like to call them. They looked mean and angry but they were nice beside the fact that they took me as prisoner to their plant. All the town, city and county people all came to see me. I looked  weird to them and they looked weird to me. After what seemed like hours I was left go but little did I know I was going to meet them again sooner than excepted. I left  scared that they would take me again as a prisoner.

The Surprise War By Killian week15

We were in our house in the beginning of this story. Unaware of the danger. It all started when we heard the first bomb drop. It was the Navy. Everyone was screaming and running. World War 3 had started. I grabbed my gear and ran outside to see what was going on. I had to find bullets for my gun and all the shops were closed. Then I saw it, a small pack of bullets for my gun. I hurried my family to the boats and carried our dog over to the animal section. I ran back in to our house to find…

Week 15 Collision Course By Shane F

Thomas Pandora was patrolling sector 758-92 or for short the Milky Way but today was different things weren’t this quiet . Usually . Thomas looked out of the window of his Z-9 patrol craft to the wide expanse that was space and saw something different in the far distance. “This is Sergeant Thomas Pandora calling in. Unidentifiable object in the far distance. Should I check it out?” he said.

“Go ahead, call us if you need backup,” the officer mumbled into the intercom . In the beginning Thomas thought it was a comet but he was checking anyway. He readied a twin blaster cannon to fire at the comet speeding at him . Bang bang! Lasers were flying everywhere . Suddenly the ship was on a collision course for the tropical planet under him . “Enemy attacking me! Need backup! Going…………”