Week 14 The Great Ape Escape By Shane F

“That’s it. We need to get out!” I shouted.

There were 30 of us apes in the van going to Dublin zoo . I didn’t want to go there. I wanted to be free . The idiot van driver left the keys of the van on the floor. I reached the key and unlocked my cage and unlocked the thirty others. Suddenly we ran rapidly into the drivers area and grabbed the steering wheel.

CRASH! We hit a wall but luckily nobody was hurt . We ran into a conference hall. Men in formal suits sat there, taken aback by a horde of monkeys . I jumped onto an empty chair and threw the laptop away . We were rapidly causing havoc . “Security!” One man shouted . Security ran in. What were we going to do ……..?

Tech Frustration by Eoin

“Now, how do you send this E-MAIL thing?” my mom questioned for the 50th time.

“All you have to do is click the red icon,”

“But how do I move the little finger over there? ”

“All you have to do is move your finger like this,” I told her calmly.

My mom moved the mouse but clicked the delete button.

“Oh, come on Mom! Now we have to start all over again!” I moaned.

“Aaaaaaaaaggggghhhhhhh,” she screamed flinging my precious laptop off the desk.

I sprinted upstairs desperate to get away from the monster lurking below. I’ve been banned from all types of tech so look out for paper aeroplanes, dogs with letters and messages in bottles. Please send food, money, the police, animal control and the military.

100 WC John And His Bad Day By Cillian McSweeney Week 14

Once upon a time a boy named John was playing some video games. John was very competive (mostly in a good way) while he was playing. He was going on a losing streak. For some reason he couldn’t play like before. He was usually good. Today he was out of luck so he decided to go outside on his scooter. For some reason he couldn’t hit any tricks. He was really frustrated now. He stayed outside for a while. Then he decided to go back inside. When he turned on his PC he had a virus! He was so angry he picked up his keyboard and mouse and threw them. He was so furious he went into the kitchen and broke his mother’s expensive china bowls. “Aghhhh,” he shouted. He felt guilty when his mother walked in. She was shocked. He was grounded for a month.

Moral: Don’t break your stuff in anger as you won’t be able to use it when you are grounded.

Week 14 what are those by Julius.

Suddenly the van hit something and the doors crashed open. My baboon brothers and I made a run for it.

We separated so it would be harder to catch us.

I was alone when I ran into the Apple Store, you know the shop with gadgets. .

When I looked around there was no one there. As I walked on there was this big piece of plastic in front of me so I decided to push the buttons. Nothing happened so I rapidly kept on pushing the buttons so something would happen.

I got so angry that I pushed the plastic thing off the table and it disappeared in front of me.

suddenly something caught me by the neck.

Week 14: By Darragh Q.

In his lair the monkey king was watching his fellow monkey soldiers advance into battle. He was watching the fierce battle from his new laptop. So far things were going well. Until… he heard one of his head monkeys scream out of his laptop screen. “Sir, we are losing lots of monkeys out here. We need back up REPEAT we NEED BACK UP!!!” Soon the calm monkey’s expression changed to the most raging monkey face EVER. He shoved his brand new laptop off his shiny desk, and sat in complete silence…

The New Boss By Killian.M

I am really excited. I can’t wait to meet our new boss.”Hello everyone. I am your new boss,”I heard. I turned around to see…a monkey. Really. Of all the people they could choose they chose a monkey.”Okay everyone, I have set a few rules in place. Rule number one: Never…”,he started. Crash!He just threw the laptop of the table.”Who turned off the WiFi?! I was just watching Dan TDM! Who did it?!”he shouted. Bob put his hand up.”You’re fired!”,he yelled.”But you can’t…,”Kate started.”You’re fired too,”the monkey shouted at Kate. I could tell that our time with him will not be very good. It will be horrible.


Hilarious News Just In: Angry Monkey Fires Laptop Onto A Hard Marble Floor. 

Witnesses say the African monkey named Jeffrey Jeffs  was frustrated  after he didn’t his ice -cream. In response to this, the owner of Jeffrey gave him a huge giving out to and now he has to stay locked up in his kennel.

More news just in, angry monkey terrorises an island off the coast of Co.Cork in southern Ireland. Residents of Cape Clear Island say that it is an absolute nuisance to have a large,angry, laptop destroyer roaming your town, destroying everything in its way.

Also in the news ….





12/12/17 My Boss by Shane Healy

My boss is a very emotional monkey. Last night at work he had a mac book and he watched something that made him aggressive. So he threw his macbook and it got smashed. He got even more aggressive than he was before. So I, being kind, went in to him and tried to calm him down. I made him even worse so he bit my finger off. I went to hospital and had it sewn back on. Thankfully I’m now better than ever and somehow my boss got over his tantrum. He said “I’m sorry for what I did.” I accepted it and we’re getting on fine now.


100 word challenge by Alex

It’s  a cold, wet winter and the testing on the  humans continues. I live on a secret plant  and it’s the year 2020. It turns the human into an ape and he does not like laptops. So I keep my laptop and my wits but that’s not good at all. He’s turned out to be a nut head. I must transport him 20,000 miles north to a top secret planet that you don’t know about. I will give you the name of the planet but you’ll have never heard of this planet before. It’s called Planet Bob. The human leaves once he’s not an ape.


Business: It’s  such a bad job, I  wouldn’t recommend it, especially when you’re working for a secret monkey agency.  You have to go on secret missions and risk your life to save others. My furious boss has thrown his laptop off the table because Professor Hamhands has taken over Monkeyville .We would have to stop him or else.We would have to take lives into our hands. We would have to make a giant weapon like a giant frying pan. That’s it! I’ll ask the boss. He will be pleased. The boss had already thought of that idea. So the next day I was controlling a robot, frying Hamhands…………


The Angry Monkey By Kyle

One day I was at the zoo with my friends. When we were passing a monkey it was on a laptop. Suddenly it turned off and the monkey was so angry that he picked up the laptop and threw the laptop at the wall. It was smashed into pieces. All the kids were howling with laughter. One kid had a heart attack but he was okay. My friends gave the monkey their phones and they regretted it.

The monkey broke their phones and the kids started laughing a lot. My friends were sad because they forgot to take out their sim cards so they had to get new phones and sim cards. And they paid together and it cost 250 Euro so that is a lot of money. The End

My laptop breaking Monkey by Michael

One morning I woke up, had a delicious breakfast and started getting ready for school. I went in to the living room and saw my pet monkey on my laptop. As I was going to get it off him he got the laptop and slipped it off the table!”What will I do?” I said to myself. I guess I’ll have to deal with it. Luckily when I was passing a shop I saw a special offer for a laptop. It was 60 percent off. If I was to buy it I would have to use all my money I got for my birthday. Well I guess it will be worth it. I ran into the shop and bought laptop. 

The Interview by Stephen

“Come on door, open!”I cried out. I looked up.”Wow,” I muttered.”Just my luck, an out- of- service sign. Now I have to take the stairs.”

I sighed before running up the stairs as fast as the wind.”Nearly there,”I thought.”Just ten floors left to go!”.

“Phew I’m not late,”I said to myself.

I took a seat before standing up and looking through the window into the interview room. I saw a woman telling Bob the Monkey her idea.

“Its genius,”she told Bob.

“What is it?”Bob inquired.

“Chocolate covered lollipops,”replied the woman.

“Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo,”roared Bob shoving his computer off his desk.

“Leave,”he shouted.

I jumped back into my seat and watched the woman walk out of the room, bawling her eyes out.

“Next!”Bob called out. I flattened my hair and walked in…

Dara: The Rage Monkey

There was a monkey called Bobjoe. He was only 9 years old but he was a pro gamer. He had 46million subscribers on YouTube. One day he was playing a game called Minecraft Bedwars. He was really really good. He was playing badly but I was playing well. I killed him about 25 times and after I killed him one more time he got his laptop and threw it off the table. It was an Apple Mac. It was €9999. It was broken. I was sad for him. He was happy. I don’t know why but he said he would buy me one of those laptops and another one for himself.




Junior and Adam were playing some PC games when Jack charged into the room and said “Can I play guys?”

“No,” said the monkeys.

“But why?” shouted Jack.

The monkeys replied with “Your PC is a MacBook and it’s trash.”

Then suddenly Jack the monkey threw his PC off the table and shouted annoyingly, “FINE if you want me to get a good PC I’ll get one!”

Jack stormed off. Jack went to Currys’ PC World and bought a PC and accessories for $1567. He used the credit card that mistakenly got mailed to him.

When he came home the monkeys said, “THAT’S NOT EVEN YOUR MONEY!”

“It wasn’t expensive,” said Jack. “Only $1567.”

Alan kowalski/week 14/Monkey Rage

One day Pat and I  were in the office, my office. Pat said “Why are you on your computer all day? You have been on it for eight hours!” Okay, to be fair I have. I do this every day.” So your’e a nice friend,” I said in anger. I threw my computer on the ground in rage . Pat is just too stupid to know that I have too much work every day . So much work ,every day, messages and files, I whispered to myself . When Pat saw me throw the computer off the desk . He said calmly, “You didn’t have to do that. If I was you I would just close it because I just wanted to take a break and have some coffee.”

Maniac The Monkey. Shane C.

“5,4,3,2,” this monkey couldn’t believe his luck. He was about to invest in two thousand bananas on Ebay. Well at least that was what he thought was going to happen.

The 2 in the time remaining section turned to one. Suddenly in big bold writing YOU HAVE BEEN OUTBID.

He stared at the computer crestfallen. Next he glanced at the battery level which showed 0remained. Now he really couldn’t believe his luck as he stared at the black screen.

He caught a hold of the computer and flung it off the table in a fit of rage. He then turned on the t.v (not that he knew what it was) and turned to Channel 5 News. “We’re here at Central Park Zoo and the search is still ongoing for Maniac the Monkey……”

Week 14 MY COMPUTER!!! by Laurynas

“What are we going to do with him?” said Jack in a worried tone.

Before I continue let me tell you two things:

  1. NEVER go wandering near the back of a circus.
  2. DON’T let a monkey in your house.

When I took this monkey in the house it went bananas ( get it? ) and wrecked everything. Thank God my mother wasn’t there, she’d act like the monkey. We gave him the computer to play with. It worked for  while but then he tossed through the window. I guess it was useless even when we bought it.

The monkey went crazy again.

“Do you think it’s hungry?” asked Jack.

Fireworks set off in my mind and it was like winning a prize of infinite coins.

” To the fridge!” I shouted like a captain to his army.

Week 13 cornered by Julius.

Excited and curious, I walked through high reeds and into the dense forest .

The trees were full of monkeys and other beastly creatures that stay out of sight.

As I walked on I noticed an orange spot in the distance that seemed to grow bigger and bigger as I walked on.

Then there was a roar from behind me. It was a tiger. Then another appeared from behind me.

There was nowhere to go. Then suddenly a monkey fell out of the trees.  We were doomed. The tiger was blocking our way out. Then suddenly they charged. There was nowhere to go. We were cornered.

Week 13 “The hole in the river” By Michael

One day I was sailing down a river until I fell into a hole. I landed on some horribly hard tarmac. As I was getting up I saw my friend who I was looking for a few hours before.  He said we would go the way it had “EXIT” carelessly painted on the wall. As we walked we saw a tiger. Unfortunately the tiger was blocking our escape. After I put my hand in my pocket and felt something. MEAT! I quickly threw the meat and my friend and I hastily ran….


Week 12 The Attack By Shane F

It was a normal day on the galactic military’s star ship Zephyr . It was one of the most advanced ships in the fleet . It was armed with 90 ion turrets batteries, 56 laser cannons and much more . I was Captain James Adams and I was personally leading the next mission to assault on the Federation controlled world of Antaria.

I was eating a sandwich in my quarters looking at a picture of butterflies on the wall . Suddenly “Alert,Alert all galactic Marines get ready for assault on Antaria.” The robotic voice boomed . I ate the rest of my sandwich got my armour and blaster and hurried to the main bridge . Some men were as white as paper but I was very energetic . I never noticed how fast we got there but it was impressive . But I had to get ready for war.


The Temple of Torture by Eoin

I stumbled through one last cobweb to find an inner chamber lit up by a crack in the ceiling. The rest of the expedition followed and we examined the ancient , golden relic. Tom leaped forward, nabbed the precious tablet and took off down the tunnel . We clambered after him and stole it back. We frantically ran away to the exit when we heard an unfamiliar roar. Then again, we weren’t zoologists.  We stopped and there was a deathly silence. We could have ran but well, the tiger was blocking our escape route . The tiger started creeping awkwardly close. The tiger bared its teeth, opened his mouth ………..and let out a great big yawn!!!!!!!

The Haunted Maze by Stephen

Going into the haunted maze with Jim was probably not my best idea. Our moms told us not to go in but come on, who’d listen to them. Anyway,Jim and I kind of got lost and didn’t know where we were. Jim was shaking like mad and I’m was beginning to get scared myself. We wandered around for a bit more before finally giving up. Suddenly we saw a door with the word exit on it. We rushed over to the door before stopping in our tracks.We heard a low growl.”Look!”Jim suddenly cried out. I looked where Jim was pointing. I saw a tiger and the tiger was blocking our escape…



Twas the night before a very strange Christmas and my dog had made a new friend , a TIGER. Let me tell you a little bit more about this so-called tiger. We were out on a long walk and we heard a strange purring. Suddenly a huge tiger jumped out in front of me. Bursting with curiosity my dog ran right up to the tigers legs. As we tried to run we quickly realised that the tiger was blocking our escape. Luckily the dog made friends with the tiger on a deal that meant we had to keep her for Christmas.

Really? by Ronan

I was walking home from school and my mother (Emma) was at the door waiting for me. She said I had won a competition that she entered for me. I could bring one friend (Philip) to …HAPPY  FALLS! “Really,”I asked in a very unsatisfying way. “Yes,” she answered. “Uck,” I sighed and walked away. ‘HAPPY FALLS’ is a place for 6 year olds. It has dancers,clowns and magicians. It was Saturday. HAPPY FALLS was closed.The door was open. We walked in. Nobody was there. Suddenly a magician came out of nowhere. He placed a tiger at every exit he could see. We turned around but the tiger was blocking our escape. So we did the only thing we could do. RUN.

Week 13 Dominic

My friends and I were going into the biggest zoo.

When we went in we were going to the tigers.

Then a fire began.

We were at the very end.

“Oh no,” said William.

Then all of a sudden a tiger came out.

Then we started to run because he was angry and hungry.

I was terrified.

Then Molly fell and the tiger ate her.

Callum said, “NOOOO!”

We then started to go and hide.

But we couldn’t because somebody said, “Hello, is there anybody here?”

We said “Yes.”

We came to him and he helped us to escape  but the tiger blocked our  way.

But the door was behind him and the guy knew the code.

We had a plan. We ran  around it. It followed us and we got back to the door.

He put in the code and we got out and closed the door.




Week 13. By Darragh Q.

Lost and stranded, two agents made their way through the dense forest. Their names were Blade and Shadow. As they pushed through branches, their eyes lit up when they glanced up at a huge temple! Curiosity got the better of the two agents and soon they were in the temple. It was filled with valuables. “We have to report this,”said Blade with excitement. But just as they were about to leave a vicious tiger appeared in their path! It leaped towards them, but they just about dodged the creature and soon ran out of the temple to safety. “Come on, lets go around the back of the temple,” said Shadow.” But the tiger was blocking our escape, there might be more!” replied Blade. “I guess we will have to find out”replied Shadow boldly…   

Week 13 Circus Fire by Laurynas

“Fire, Fire” shouted the manager.

This was a catastrophe. There was fire everywhere, animals were running loose and help still hadn’t arrived. We all ran in circles helping out those who were in need and those who needed saving.

I raced to one of the stables where the elephant lay. I tapped him gently on the trunk, waking him up. The elephant understood he had to go. He stood up. I climbed on his back and we raced towards the exists.

But the matter went from bad to worse. Our circus tiger was already there. In my opinion he looked a bit…hungry.So the tiger was blocking our escape?” I tapped the elephant’s side giving him the command to charge. It was all or nothing.

Captured by William

One day, the 6th of December 2017, Ronald McDonald captured Callum, Nathan Paddy and I. Why would he do such a thing? He’s  supposed to make children laugh. Nathan and I were trapped in a jail made out of fries .Paddy and Callum were in a giant fries box. If we wanted to escape we’d have to think wisely because there was a tiger below us. We waited till nightfall. We got out of the cages and after one minute of getting ready  Callum was gone. Where was he? I woke up in shock. It was just a dream. The next morning I was looking for Callum. I saw Callum. Ronald McDonald had takeen over his body………..

Week 13 The Lost Tribe By Shane F

We were going on an expedition through the Indian jungle. Tigers and other predators were our main concern . I couldn’t resist looking for the illusive tiger . At sunrise we traveled 200 miles into the lush jungle . As we were driving deep into the jungle we saw a tribe of people who appeared to be executing a traitor.

They were chanting “Tiger Tiger”  I got my binoculars and saw an arena with the traitor strapped to a pole. Suddenly a tiger appeared and walked slowly in and killed the prisoner . We had to bring our findings to H.Q . We wanted to leave the tribal area but the tiger was blocking our escape…….