100 word challenge by Alex

I was running down the road. At the end was a forest. I turned in to the forest as the starving tiger ran after me. He got out of the town zoo when a caretaker was cleaning his cage. I took a left – a dead end and then some more people came down the same path. The tiger was blocking our escape. We found a small opening in a bush so we all jumped into it. It  turns out it was a ditch full of muddy water. It soaked us. We stood up and ran down the ditch towards the town .


The End



One day I was sailing down a river until I fell into a hole. I fell down and landed on some terribly hard concrete. As I got myself up from the ground I saw my friend who I was looking for a few hours before; he said we’d risk it and go the way it said “EXIT” carelessly painted on the wall. As we walked we spotted a frightening tiger. Unfortunately the tiger was blocking our escape. After I heard a sinister voice saying “If you pass the tiger you are free”. Then I put my hand in my pocket and felt something. It was meat. I  quickly threw the piece of meat and hastily ran with my friend…….

100 word challenge

Joe and I were at the Zoo when it happened.  Mom had brought us to the Zoo even though we didn’t want to go.  Mom had said that we always get everything we want and the twins should go for once. When we got to the Zoo Mom said Joe and I could wander off ourselves. We went into a place that we thought was the bat watching room but all that was there was an object with a blanket over it.  I pulled the blanket off.  The object was a cage with an enormous tiger in it.  Thankfully it was asleep but Joe brushed up against the cage and woke the beast.  It broke out of the cage.  Joe must have damaged the lock on it.  All the doors around us closed except one which was being held open by a concrete block but the the tiger was blocking our escape.






Youthful Tiger.By Shane C.

My last trip to a zoo was a memorable one that will stay with me for an eternity. My family and I had planned a trip to the nearby zoo to see the youthful Indian tiger.

When we arrived I spotted the queue leading all the way from the car park to the little tiger’s fenced in area.

At length I took a glance at my watch and saw that two hours had passed since I had looked last but we were still in the car park.

After an eternity we finally reached the little tiger. I was not impressed, I had seen the exact same thing on the internet. Without warning the tiger leaped out over the fence. Everyone ran for the big black gates but the tiger was blocking our escape…

100 WC The Crazy Breakout At The Zoo by kyle

One day I was at a zoo with my friends Jack and Timmy. When we were passing the tiger exhibit a malfunction happened and all the animals broke out. I was terrified. So my friends and I ran to the closest exit. But the tiger was blocking our escape. Suddenly Jack pushed Timmy towards the tiger and Timmy forfeited his life and Jack and I got away without getting hurt. But after that event the zoo was closed down and I never talked to Jack since that day. When the funeral came I wanted to get revenge but how? I wasn’t fully focused because of the funeral. But finally revenge came but Jack wasn’t killed. Jack broke his leg. But he got what he deserved. The End

100 WC by Charlie Barry

There I was in the plane wreckage. My flight had just crashed. My brother Michael and I climbed out. “We’re on an island,” I said. We went to explore the jungle. We met somebody else! Surprisingly he was from the flight too. Together we all went to look for supplies to build a boat or a raft. I looked through a bush and saw a boat. There was a vicious tiger there. My brother said that we should get in but the tiger was blocking our escape.Soon we killed the vicious beast with a stick. We grabbed the boat and sailed off. Would this be the end?



Week 12: 100 word challenge A Break Down By Alex

“Oh, great not the battery again, not in the woods. All I have is a sandwich. Lets pull over” he said. ” Peter do you have your phone?”

” Yes Alex”

“Good. I will look in the forest for a main road”

So I hurried along looking for a road and as I did I saw an  energetic  deer fighting a bear. I returned to Peter empty handed. I did not find a main road. ” Ok I fixed the battery anyway!”

“Thank God I have you! Let’s stick to the main road from now on. Ok,  when we get home I’m taking the car to a garage.”

The End

Week 12 Hospital Horror by Laurynas

” Tick Tock, times ticking” The voice echoed across the hospital.

I hurried through the hall trying to find the person. I knew he was the killer. How? Well, every person he killed had one tattoo: a white skull with a black background. When he killed my father he had written:

I gave him what I owed.

The only person he owed was Jack Higgins, the doctor…

I won the title Most Energetic child in school so it was easy running fast to the reception table. I saw a half-eaten sandwich and a battery( which was broken in two). But what I mostly wanted to see was the camera footage. Finally, found him.

” You’re not getting away this time” I whispered racing to the basement.

Wk 12 The Evil Sandwich by Eoin

I hurried along the uneven ground towards the one thing that could stop earth’s inevitable fate . The sword was stuck between two massive boulders and was a solid and steely silver with white engravings on the blade. I pulled with all my strength but it wouldn’t budge. I decided to try something no one else had tried, to push it . I pushed and the boulders split open. With the sword in hand my physical battery was high and I felt as energetic as a 4 year old who’s drunk a litre of coke. Now I headed off to defeat the evil Sandwich .

Paddy: The Bomb.

My first day. I hurried to reach the elevator. I got in, pressed the button for the top floor and noticed a man with a white peaked hat standing inside with his head down. As the doors shut he slid out between them, almost becoming the meat in the sandwich. I noticed he’d left a rucksack on the floor. I thought I would just hand it to reception but curiosity took hold. I knelt over it and looked for a name. It was heavy, so I pulled the zip to look inside. My heart sank. Wires, explosives and a phone with a fully charged battery all taped together. Not good…..

The battery powered sandwich by William

Once there was a sandwich called Paddy.

One day Paddy was walking and found a battery so he decided to eat it. It gave him the power to charge stuff and hack into computers.  Paddy also had the power to disguise himself as a piece of white paper.Paddy was so energetic he’d run for days without stopping. Paddy went to a school  in a place called Slugheads. It was a posh school by the name of it. Paddy likeed his school.One day when Paddy’s alarm went off he hurried to school with his dressing gown on. On his way there he noticed that he was wearing his dressing gown…….


The Chase. By Darragh Q

I hurried down the dense, abandoned street. It was a cold and misty night. I took a sharp turn down a small, slippery alleyway. It smelled like a huge 20 year old sandwich as I struggled to pass. I dared to glance behind me as I peered through the alleyway. I could just make out a burst of white smoke rising into the air. Even though I had run through muck, water and sewers I actually felt very energetic! Just as I started to look in front of me again I slipped on a cylindrical object. I looked down to see a battery lying in pools of water. Then I felt someone jabbing their knee into my back. I knew this was the end…



Week 12:The Man and His “Masterpiece.”By Shane C.

Every scientist stood at his stall trying diligently to entice  people over. One “scientist” stood quieter than any other. He said nothing and made no movement.

His “masterpiece”was just a normal white battery. What everyone didn’t know yet was that this man had put a sandwich of explosives into his “battery.”

As the competition drew to an end still not one person had come to the man’s stall.

Trying not to be noticed he tiptoed towards the door until he was given a strange look by one of the judges. His tiptoeing grew to an energetic jog until he was being chased by a policeman.

Meanwhile back at the competition it had been discovered that the battery was a bomb. Everyone hurried for the door but they were too late. Catastrophe!

Week 12: The car company/ By: Charlie Barry

There I was on a bench eating my sandwich thinking:’I really want to be an inventor’. For days and days, weeks and weeks and finally! A car! For days and days I hurried with my car. And finally! It was done. The 500bhp car. It was a white car too.  I felt so energetic! I placed the car battery in! BOOM! Now I had to take this car to the drag strip to see this car’s true colours! Now I lined up. Right beside me was a terrible car. A Honda civic with scraped paint and yellow rims! Pfft.. Easy! Within a blink of an eye the race started! Boom! Winner! My car beat the Honda civic with ease. Soon the car company “Charlie” was making the fastest cars on Earth.

Week 12: The Robot By Michael

I woke up and heard a big bang. I looked out the window and saw a huge white robot. I quickly got a sandwich from the kitchen and hurried outside. I felt quite energetic as I ran. As I ran I fell on the hard tarmac. I got up quickly and kept on running. BOOM! The robot exploded, as it happened the smoke rose into the air. I saw a battery being thrown in the air. I went up and had a look.It said self -destruction in 20 minutes and I ran………


Lost In The Forest by sean mc s

Scared and alone I carried on through the forest. I had eaten my sandwich only  yesterday but it felt like months. I was starting to turn white in the face from hunger and the cold. All I wanted to do was see my family again. It was cold and I felt hopeless until I heard my family calling my name. It made me feel energetic so I hurried to find them but it was just my imagination. Then I thought of calling them but the battery in my phone was dead. It was now day 3. I kept on going until night when I just fell down and died.




Week 11 Are You My…..Father? by Laurynas

That was the last straw. I had enough of it.

What, did you expect me to run for all my life from this strange figure. Well, no, I’m not. After reading clues of all sort, I’ve been tracking down my lost father for weeks and now a weird figure is after me.

I stood still and turned around seeing that he was standing also. I wanted to run at him and hit him as hard as I possibly can but I didn’t. Instead I stared at him.

” What do you want, what do you need from me ” I shouted at him all tired, furious and…sad.

The figure pulled down his hood reveling his face. It looked looked really familiar to me.


Week 10:Fish in Troubled Waters. By Shane C.

We sat in the car aboard the ferry, all we could do now was hope for the best. The hounds walked around sniffing for something unaccustomed. I sat in the front seat trembling with fear, knowing what was under my seat. One million euro worth of illegal ammunition was lying under my feet.

Only 2 days ago I had asked the question,”But where would we hide it all?” I still didn’t think that this was the greatest idea.

Unanticipatedly the hounds began to loiter in our vicinity. I braced myself. Without warning came the pandemonium of hounds  barking. Now we were fish in troubled waters.

Week 10 The Priest’s Treasure by Laurynas

” That daft king, stealing all those poor priests’ holy items and selling them for MONEY” cried my wife Kate.

It was a dull day and a runaway priest came to my home. I had to let him in or otherwise he would have been beheaded. But even if I let him in I would also have been in trouble.

The priest was carrying a sack with something inside. I just caught a slight glimpse of treasure before he tucked it away. Kate was preparing a meal for him. He was shaking like a leaf.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door.

” Kate, hide the priest and his treasure  ” I whispered.

” But where would we hide it?” she asked.

I didn’t know but I had to think of something fast…

Week 10 The Terrible Deeds of War by Julius.

It was 1916 in Dublin, Ireland and a rebellion was on and a tonne of supplies were being delivered through the Liffey .

The great ship sailed up the Liffey but where would I hide it all from the British, that was the question.

That day they were ready for the ship but it never turned up and was ambushed by the heavy machine guns and the great machinery of war.

No supplies ever got to the harbour. The Irish got so mad that they planned an ambush on a bridge and the Irish were on buildings shooting with the last ammunition they had left.

Week 10 A Strange Room By Charlie

One regular day I was getting ready for school when I saw something odd. The book shelf had moved. I went to check and what do you know! A spiral staircase leading to a dark room. I never even knew this room was in my house. I went down and saw a little chest. “Maybe there’s a bit of gold there” I said. I opened the chest and saw guns and ammunition. What if somebody thinks this is mine? A chill went down my spine. But where would I hide it all? I saw food from my fridge too. Somebody is living here….



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Week 10 Caught in the Act by Eoin

I whizzed around another sharp bend, the tyres screeching from the speed. Me and the rest of the sharp claw gang had just pulled off our best robbery yet, on a toy shop . The cops were gaining on us and we were having to swerve dramatically to avoid their hail of bullets. One police car caught up and slammed us into the ditch. Where would we hide it all ? We frantically stuffed the cash into our sleeves and any other place we could find. The other policeman approached the car, guns drawn. We stepped out of the car, hands up and waited for something to happen.




The Mystery at Blueberry House. By Darragh Q

“The Triplets” people used call them, Darragh, Dan and Eoin Harper. The three of them were walking down Blueberry Lane when suddenly Eoin stops them. “Hey guys, that house over there looks familiar for some reason?” “Oh, you mean Blueberry House. Yeah, the oldest house in this strange town,” replied Darragh. “What about it?” asked Dan. “Well I read a fiction book saying there was treasure in there somewhere. Come on lets have a look,” suggested Darragh boldly. “Ok!” replied the other two. Just as they approached the door, it creaked open.”Lets go in,” said Dan and Darragh. “I don’t know?” replied Eoin, but it was too late the other two had darted into the old abandoned house…

“Duck!” Darragh shouted. Soon after we had practically broken into the house we found out there had to be treasure somewhere, because the house was surprisingly filled with booby traps. There were lazers, spiked balls, holes, fire, closing walls, and the hardest of all RIDDLES. Then we reached a door. Dan swung it open to find a room full of treasure! “But where will we hide it all if we get it?” asked Eoin. Darragh took a step forward he had seen a mark on the box of treasure like this… <~>. But just then a voice came from behind us saying, ” Put your hands up or I will shoot!”



Week 10 The Trade Bye Shane F

We were driving through the rough Registan desert in Afghanistan . A gargantuan cloud of dust was forming behind our convoy . I was in the lead truck of the convoy . We were selling our biggest amount of weapons to our richest client ever . We didn’t want to get caught . These type of things went well. Usually .

I wondered if we were in danger of being caught where would we hide it all . I had a rifle on my lap just in case things went south . If this went well I could move myself and my family into the bigger city and get a better job than being a criminal . Two hours later we arrived . Our clients had erected a camp and were waiting for us . The men saw us. They immediately started firing at us . My truck was first to get attacked. My attempts to escape were feeble . Suddenly everything was dark.

Week 9 : Photoshoot by Paddy

Last Monday I was asked to pose for a few photographs for a website called “100 Word Challenge”. I received a letter stating that it was on in Dublin at 2:00pm. I was scared when they told me about the photo, which looked like I was drowning. They said that it would all be done using tricks of light and editing. This reassured me a little.

Firstly, I met Julia Skinner, a former principal, who created the “100 Word Challenge” website. Next, the photos were taken. There was a twist, I had to hang upside down! Numerous photos were taken. We eventually settled on one, edited it, and finished up. I had great fun.

Week 9 : Phantoms by Eoin

I quickly nabbed the handbag and sprinted across the street. I had got it, now all I had to do was get away. I stopped at a shop nearby when I heard mumbling and groans. I looked around and saw three phantoms drifting towards me .

They were nattering on about giving back the handbag or else. Go away I whispered but they kept advancing nearer . I ran to an alley when the walls started closing in on me the ghosts groaned “give the handbag back or you will be cursed for eternity . You have one hour “.

Week 9 The Day of the Dead by Laurynas

All Souls Day, a day when everyone prays for their dead relatives. Well that’s one side of the Earth. The other side of our story is set in Mexico. People go in parades, bring food and cheer on this day. Well until it came to night.

Everyone was in the city after walking in a parade and putting food on their relative’s graves. What a shocking sight they saw walking through the shopping centre! Real ghosts walking around.

For a few moments the people were bamboozled, baffled and completely confused but suddenly every ghost disappeared. Was this an optical illusion caused by the moonlight or was this real? Well, nobody knows.

week:9 creepy house

One week ago I was at home and I heard a door that slammed across the wall.

When I went upstairs I saw my wall kind of broken.

When I got my dad he said that it can’t be a ghost and I said that it might be a ghost. Ya dad.

Then my dad said that  probaly ya your right because you were always down stairs.

Then we had to get a new house.

When we got a new house it was nice and peaceful.

                ………THE END……..

Week 9: Shopping With Ghosts By David A

Going to my school can be tough sometimes. Being the only one that can see ghosts. But the only ghosts here are because of an untimely death and they still have things to do.                                                                                                                 Usually.

It was only yesterday that I realised that all the ghosts were out for some reason.

“Whats happening?” I asked John my old neighbour.

“All the ghosts are out for their annual Christmas shopping. There is only one ghost train coming in.”

But the one problem was that if too many ghosts arrived they would become visible.

We have to stop the other ghosts.


Week 9 The day the Earth stood still by Julius.

“Come on, we are going to loose it,” I said in a worried way.

The blurry figure got faster and faster  and there was no way that we could catch up to it unless we crossed the stream and into the city.

I realised that this was a big risk but we had no other choice .

As we raced for the city we came upon people screaming in fear and running for their lives.

I knew that it had gotten into the city and unleashed more of its friends from down under .

I took a quick photo and ran for my life like the others and this was the day the earth stood still.