Week 9 : Ghost shopping by Alan

No one knows why they’re here and for what. If you should be scared or not.WATCH OUT. There are not here to attack you only for shopping. For clothes, for food. Should you be scared? No. They might be dangerous but you can’t see them so there not able to hit you. But yes they are dangerous. But I don’t believe in them . Some are big, some are small .Some  look creepy ,some look funny but you can’t see them.All they do is fly and do nothing. They probably have a Ghost Town. Somewhere. But you might be asking so why did they come to our place . I don’t know .

Week 9:Skiddy Fran Cisco. By Shane C.

People that visit Skiddy Fran Cisco have been visiting Pie Lane for an eternity and will be until hell freezes over. Today something peculiar was going on at Pie Lane. Today you couldn’t even see a small potato in the city but I was there and less than ten minutes ago my parents and I had began walking down this lane together.

If I had thought that I was going to get lost I would have believed that the cause would have been the flooding crowds blocking my vision. Unexpectedly I heard a voice call out, calling my name. Subsequently I had an epiphany: I had walked through a portal when entering this lane and now I was invisible and trapped, perhaps forever.

Week 9 Ghostly Survivers By Shane F

Thursday 25th of April 1943: it was the peak of World War Two . London was being bombed severely . Mr and Mrs Harper lived in George’s Street . They were very patriotic. Mr Harper served in WW1 . Now he was too old to fight . It was a normal night but suddenly the claxons sounded .

The two rushed out into the street going to the nearest air raid bunker . Boom boom they kept running and running through the streets of London . The lights were shutting off, they didn’t see anything. BOOM! A bomb landed next to them, killing the two instantly . Now people claim to see their ghosts floating around the WW2 memorial in London.

Week 9 I’m a ghost BY WILLIAM

Hi I live in Ghost town. Some people think it’s cool that I’m a ghost but really it’s not. I hate being a ghost. Every time I go to school most people just run away.I only have 5 friends. Their names are  Callum, Nathan, Kris, Dominic and Paddy. We are the troublesome 6 .It’s cool that I can go through walls. I can go through anything but paint. I hate paint.On September the 21st I got spattered by the troublesome twins Michael and Charlie. They could see me doing stuff like spray painting the teacher’s car. I was in so much trouble. Nooooooooooooooo!