Week 27 Ghost Town By Shane F

As they landed in the wide expansive fields of Montana, the two officers Dave and Mark walked towards the old dusty town of Soringvale . It had an eerie presence surrounding it like you were always being watched .The two were sent here because there were reports of a serial killer on the loose .

As they marched into the main street no one was around . This was getting weird . The only person around was a strange man with an even stranger appearance staring at them menacingly . He started dashing towards them . Although they ran quickly they were not making enough progress and he was catching up…….

The Storm By Cillian

Adam,Conor and John were running rapidly. They were trapped on a big island full of buildings and chaos. You see they were running because there was a storm behind them destroying everything in its path. It was FATAL. When the storm stopped they paused and hid in a small house. They found bandages inside. When they had to move again they saw something they wished they never saw: ZOMBIES or so it seemed. They started to pick up the pace. Although they ran quickly they still weren’t making enough progress. Eventually they were surrounded. Adam whispered to John and Conor, “I have a flashlight.” He pulled it out and pointed it at the horde. They backed away. They got out but what would happen next?

The End


Runners! By Ronan

In Grimsbrough, two men ran from the police in connection with the murder of Rosa  Wolf. The two men, Ash Gibson who is a part of the Vipers and Bord April. Some of the police cars stopped to look at the murder and the rest kept going after the runners. Bord April stupidly left the weapon, a knife, at the crime scene so now the police had fingerprints of the two of them. Although they ran quickly, they were still not making enough progress to get away. They finally gave up. They surrendered. The runners have stopped running.

The Extreme Challenge By Kyle

Three boys. Tyler, Derek and Dylan. They signed up for a challenge. The challenge was full of obstacle courses and the three boys  had to do the whole thing. If the boys backed down then they were given a candy bag that had nothing in it except a water bottle and a protein bar. The challenge started off at the start of a wood. The boys came up to challenge #1. The Loch Ness  Monster. You had to work as a team to go over a huge wall and try to help the others get up the wall. After the boys did that they did challenge #2 The drop. What the boys and the others competing  had to do was go down a pipe and go under water and get to the other side. 3 miles later the boys came up to challenge number three, the last one. The great wall climb. The boys tried multiple times. Although they ran quickly they still were not making enough progress. Derek finally did it but Dylan and Tyler couldn’t do it. Tyler eventually did it and so did Dylan. Derek,Tyler and Dylan got medals and they all agreed not to do that again. The End

Week 27 Not Today by Julius

We were in line for the gas chamber when people started whispering. Suddenly people started fighting the guards and the rest began to run towards the front gates .

Slowly one by one we began being picked apart by the guns. The noise filled the air with the bloodcurdling screams and the next thing I knew I was the one screaming with pain.

The rest kept moving not caring only about themselves. The gates were opened by a soldier who had betrayed his country and let us out .

Although they ran quickly they were not fast enough. Cars sped towards the innocent people and that’s all I remember.

Making Progress by Krzysztof 5th

Although they ran quickly , they were still not making enough progress when a rathar [a monster with arms] was chasing Ben and Peter down the ship hall. Ben got his two gun blasters and jetpack trying to kill the monster with shots out of it as Peter was still running . Soon Ben shot the rathar and it died lying on the ground but Peter was injured in the chest . Then captain approached and said ” What have you  done? ! “

Running As Fast As The Wind By Killian Week 28

Tom is training a secret team of agents to run faster than every living thing. Today is training day and the agents have started running. These are special agents with  powers to run really fast. When they have finished he looks at the results. Although they ran quickly, they were still not making enough progress to complete the task. So he invented a pill that can make even the slowest thing ever really fast. So he gave one to each of the agents and like he said they ran fast. But, maybe a bit too fast. They ran so fast the treadmills broke and exploded. What have I done he thought…

Escape… by dan

It’s time, let’s do this.

It was May the 4th and it was time we started running.Running where you ask, running from the death trap that lies just  beyond the exit wall.

Once we started running the traps immediately went off.As soon as we reached the first and only way point, I realised that not all of us would make it.

As soon as we started, one group fell behind.I then realised that although they ran quickly, they were not making enough progress.

We had made it, well, not everybody made it but still we have to look on.

100 word challenge by Noel

One day in Fota it was twice as busy as it had ever been. After I went half way I wrote down the animals and the habitats that I had encountered: Chimpanzees, Zebras, Giraffes. As I went on I came to the lion enclosure. A 10 foot tall fence was around the enclosure and a massive sign read : Do Not Make Contact. After that I went into the cafe and almost immediately I heard screams coming from behind me. A lion had broken out of its cage and was running free. People were running, screaming, trying  to get to safety. Although they ran quickly they weren’t making enough progress to get to safety.

100WC :By Darragh Q. The Chase…

Off we ran through the wet, stormy night. I managed to give a quick glance backwards. All I could see were about 20 men in bright yellow and blue uniforms. But although they ran quickly, they were still not making enough progress to catch up with us. We darted down the dark alley to see our getaway driver sitting nervously in the old, shabby jeep. Without even thinking we jumped right into the trailer attached to the jeep. Immediately the nervous driver pushed down on the accelerator. As soon as we sat up on the trailer we looked behind us to find that we were already away from the police. “Bye bye,” I smugly said to myself…




HI WILLIAM here the maker of  fortnite,  we have a system error, a storm is heading our way.  We have to warn the people from Sandy Shores, Tilted Towers  and Greasy Grove and bring them to the  Sandy Shores bunker. While this happens my friends Noel, Sean, Cillian and Ninja  have to stop the storm by destroying the storms generators. There are 4 of them and 4 of us. They ran as quickly as they could. Although they run quickly they are still not making enough progress.  They all split out on an adventure to find the generators and they all found pump shot guns and blasted their way to a generator.  They shot down all the generators and shut down the storm.  So kids when you’re playing fortnite watch out for the storm.

Prisoners Of War by Shane C.

The Germans ran from the trench that had been bombed. There was actually nowhere to run to though. All that they could do was run through “No Man’s Land” and hope for the best from there on. Although they ran quickly,they were still not making enough progress to get away from the French gunshots raining down upon them.

Many soldiers fell to the ground suffering fatal gunshot wounds. Others ran into barbed wire that they couldn’t see because of the rapid forming thick smog.

Then suddenly a French tank appeared through the smog.

“Drop your weapons and wave the white flag,” whooped the captain. “We’re prisoners of war.”

Paddy: Frilled Lizard

I woke up to the bright glare of the yellow sun. Whisps of white cloud floated overhead, tempting the creatures of rain. But of course, dreaming is hopeless as it never rains here. I started scampering over the sand, my tiny feet leaving prints in the grains. Suddenly something caught my eye. A shiny, silverish gleam casting its thin beam of light into my line of vision. I approached it carefully, making sure not to startle it. I examined the clear material. I saw a scaled creature looking back at me. I extended my neck frill and scuttled away.

Week 25 The Supernatural Girl by Laurynas

” You have to control you power,s Simone ,” shouted Jake at his “sister”.” Otherwise you might get injured or something !”

” Jake, you know I can’t control them,” replied Simone.” It just happens.”

Simone was just an ordinary girl but  Jake knew one secret that nobody knew. She was an ALIEN from outer space. She was an alien who could morph into anything she wanted and she could teleport wherever she wanted.

Suddenly in the middle of their conversation Simone vanished. Jake wasn’t surprised because once again her powers took control of her. Jake switched on the T.V and saw a news flash.

” Breaking news just in, a girl was spotted on the top of a skyscraper and everyone is just thinking of one question. “But how did she get up there?”

The Hightech War By Kyle

5th of September 2029. We were getting ambushed. The enemies pinned us down in a bunker. It was good though because there were new suits for all of us. When we put on the suits we blew open the bunker door and we murdered all the enemies. But we took too long and the robots were sent in. My friend Jackson and I  ran while the rest of the squadron stayed and tried to fight the robots.  Jackson and I finally came back to the mobile command centre and we tried to figure out what to do. We called the General back at the main base. He said to go back to the main base but when we told the general about our captain then he went mad. Jackson had a plan to try and save the others. Suddenly we heard a banging on the door of the mobile base. BANG the door flew open and we tried to fight back but it didn’t work. We were taken hostage and we saw the rest of the team on the ground dead. And suddenly shots were being fired in the line and finally came to Jackson and me….

Yellow Bellied Tony By Cillian

Tony, a 9 year old boy, was a bit yellow bellied. He was hopeless to bring to a carnival as he thought the rides were too dangerous and too fast. He had a tiny fear of spiders as he liked to call it but everyone knew it was a MASSIVE fear. He also never wanted to be near anything shiny as he thought a magpie would attack him! He never liked being in thin hallways as he was VERY claustrophobic and thought the walls would close in on him. Pretty much he’s a very unusual child. I could go on and on about his other fears.

Friday Fishing by shane om

I woke up on a fine Friday morning excited to go fishing with my family.

For my lunch I got a tiny yellow banana and an apple as I didn’t have much of an appetite.

Off we went on our adventure to the river to go fishing.

The river is thin with 2 banks and the water was always shiny because of the glare of the sun.

We finally made it at the end of the day. I caught 6 fish. Mam and Dad together caught 12 and my brother and sister together caught 9 fish.Tthey were hopeless.

Week 26 The Golden Flower by Laurynas

Josh and Micheal walked into the entrance of the cave. They started having second thoughts of going in but they knew it was too late. After researching  the legends about the “Golden Flower” they had to see if the legends were true.

After walking a while in the cave they saw a yellow light shining in the distance. They ran towards it and saw the flower. It had shiny petals made from gold and it had a thin, golden stem. There were tiny pebbles surrounding the flower.

Micheal reached out for the flower. It was hopeless to stop him because he was the kind of person who didn’t like being told what to do. Suddenly a scratching noise was heard behind them and the two boys knew that they weren’t alone.

100wc by David l

I woke up feeling very sick this morning. And now at this time I was just eating breakfast when I noticed that there was a yellow bag with a jersey and shorts in it. At that moment I realized I have a summer sports day at school. I completely forgot all about it. So I quickly grabbed my golden shiny runners and ran out the door. I met up with my best friend Rory and Ben.  Ben was tiny and very slow. Rory was thin and pretty fast for the main event. …THE RUNNING RACE… . So Ben was just feeling hopeless at the time. At the end I got a 1st place gold medal.

Stranded by Eoin

It’s hopeless, I thought to myself , squinting into the wasteland, looking, searching, for that tiny speck in the distance that would bring me to civilisation , or maybe just a substantial meal followed by fresh water and a proper place to pee , not just a hole in the burning hot yellow sand. I yearned to be back home in front of a roaring fire drifting into the hazy, dream filled world of sleep, actually feeling comfortable, maybe at ease if you were to go so far. But, I had enough between my ears to know that the chances were slim, wafer-like in fact. I was waiting for that knight in shiny armour . Where was he these days?

Banana Man Begins! By Ronan

This story begins in a place called….THE PAST.       Banana Man Begins!      There once was a boy called Scott,an only child who once went to the thethre with his parents. After the show the family were going back to their house down the alley way when a very strange man jumped out at them. He suddenly killed Scott’s parents with throwing knives. As he left, Scott noticed a snake tattoo on the man’s neck. Scott said over his dead parents body’s that he will avenge them. He put on a tiny,yellow banana costume which he found in the alley. It was shiny because of the moon-light shining off the water covered peel. He searched everywhere fighting villains but none had a snake tattoo. It was hopeless. There was a thin chance that he would ever avenge his parents.

100WC Week 26. Hopelessness. By Darragh Q.

It’s hopeless, I thought for the hundredth time. It simply can’t be done. I’ll be killed. I reluctantly opened the tiny door. This was the end, I thought. I dived passed the door and skydived about 1000 metres above ground. As the wind swallowed me up, a very shiny light glowed down on me. I looked up to see a very yellow sun beaming down on me. As I squinted down at the Los Angeles, I felt my watch vibrating. It was nearly time. I was almost there. I reached into my pocket and lifted something heavy and cold out. It was time…

Joe’s Unlucky Day by Nathan

One day in America a thin man called Joe was going mining for diamonds. He chose a spot and started to dig. After a while he saw something shiny in the dirt. He started to dig the tiny yellow thing out of the ground. When he did he didn’t have any clue what it was so he got into his car and drove to his friend’s house because he knew everything about diamonds, stones and gems. When he arrived at his house he asked him what it was. His friend answered, “It’s a piece of Amber and where did you find this?” Joe said, “By the Yukon River.” His friend told him that that place was loaded with Amber. Joe went back to the hopeless spot and gathered his gear and went home empty handed.

The Old Man by Noel

I woke up one summer morning. The sun was shining. The sky was blue so I decided to go for a walk. While I was walking I saw an thin old man wearing an old faded yellow t-shirt which was even tinier than him. He had one leg which was hopeless to walk on so he always carried a walking stick (which was quite shiny). I had often seen that man limping from pub to pub before. I always thought that he was limping because he was drunk but now I know the reason. From that day on I never saw the man again.

Charlie The Mega Machine

It was time. The mega machine 900 space ship was going to another planet. The shiny yellow machine had taken forever to build but it was finally done😊. I climbed in an blasted off to space. Due to the speed of the mega machine 900 speed I had arrived at my location in no time. The landing was very smooth. When I got out I was amazed. I saw a huge alien city. There was no way I was going to blend in👥. I had a look in the city and was amazed. There were hundreds of alken looking people walking around👽👽👽👽👾👾👾👾👾👽👽👽👽👽. Then I got captured. There was no hope.I was brought to a palace where the thin aliem said. Who are you!?! I calmly answered an explorer. The alien turned out to be nice and I didn’t get punished. It was a good adventure☺☺☺☺

Week 26 Desert Hopes David A

It was hopeless. We were probably going to die out in the roasting, hot sun. I was starting to get blisters on my feet from the yellow boiling sun.

I looked over at my thin, dehydrated friend who looked like if he took another step he would simply just turn into dust and blow away. As we walked up a sand dune we could see the shiny looking mirages. We came to the top of the hill and looked down at the dead wastelands of dried up plants and tumbleweeds. We looked all over and saw a something that looked like a pool of water. As we dropped everything and ran down we both had that tiny bit hope.

The Escape by Michael

I grabbed the shiny, yellow stone and ran out of the museum as fast as as I could. I hopped in my jeep and accelerated up the street as fast as I can. I put the tiny and thin stone in my bag. My only hope was to go on the motorway. I sped into the motorway and dodged cars that were in front of me. I saw five gates trying to block me but I just smashed through them. A few kilometres up the road I saw 6 big cars blocking the road. It was hopeless.

Week 26: The Tiger’s Teeth By Shane C.

I stood narrowing my eyes, searching for the yellow tiger that had been hunting me down only a minute ago.  I was hiding behind a tiny bush making myself as thin as possible.

I moved further into the bush until”AAAh,” a thorn pricked my finger. All of a sudden I heard the pandamoneum of what sounded like a tiger approaching.

I didn’t move an inch. I held my breath and did everything to avoid making any noise.

The next form of civilisation I saw was that tiger’s shiny teeth and it was also the last thing I saw.

Alan/Random Day

In summer every day I saw a shiny,yellow sun.I called for my friends and played soccer and other fun games.We found a thin rope in the park.We did not know what to do with it.So we played tug of war.Suddenly a man ran at us with a scary dog.We all let go of the rope and ran fast.As it was getting dark we went to my house and we played video games.We had so much fun.But at the end it was hopeless because there was no power in the whole estate.So every one went home and had no power for 1 day. I couldn’t play any games sadly.

The Ring by Stephen

I picked up the yellow ring that the strange man had dropped. He was a thin man with fair hair. He looked like he was in a hurry to get somewhere… maybe a meeting? Anyway it seemed hopeless to go and look for him now, he was probably on the other side of town. On top of the ring there was a tiny emerald. It looked shiny and spectacular in the  light. I decided to slip the ring into my pocket… this was my first mistake.