100wc by sean o s

About two days ago I decided to go fishing because  it was a nice day and all the birds flew in the sky. I got my gear and headed out. When I got to the dock I had to climb a ladder to get onto it. As I was fishing I saw lots of goldfish in the pond and I hoped that none of them would get caught in my fishing line. A few minutes after that something got caught on my line. I slowly walked over to it and you won’t believe what it was. If you thought it was a baby crocodile you guessed right! It was brown with a lot of scales. It was a very exciting day.!

100wc by David L

”Where am  I?” I wondered. I woke up and saw what looked at something very similar to what I had seen before.

‘THE BOX!’ I roared.I

was playing with Josh and all I remembered was seeing Josh get dragged in to a magic box.  I needed to get out of this big land.I saw a ladder in front of me. It was attached to a high wall.  I climbed up to see a broken fishtank with  goldfish just lying next to it.It was the soft teddy goldfish toys we found in the box. Above me I heard a loud noise. It was THE EAGLE. It flew very fast .I quickly moved to a brown building and slowly walked hoping not to get caught.


Charlie Brown by Ronan

Charlie Brown. That is the name of my goldfish because he is very unfortunate. He was once saved by my sister because her cat was slowly chewing on him. Another time Charlie somehow got stuck in the gutter and slipped down the ladder my father was using to get on the roof. But luckily landed in my glass of water. But the most exiting adventure Charlie has ever been on was probably today. My brother and I were on our see-saw and my brother stupidly went into the kitchen and grabbed the fishbowl and put it on the see-saw. My brother jumped onto the other side of the see-saw and flew. He flew over the bush and into the field behind our house, never to be seen again.

100 Word Challenge By Cillian Mcs.

I walked slowly,cautiously and carefully towards the ladder. I had my scuba gear on and was ready. I went down the ladder. |When I looked down I saw gold fish and other fish. When I was in the water and had dived down I could see green,pink and brown and other coloured fish. It looked spectacular. The fish flew past rapidly. I was swimming around when bang! I heard a loud noise. I looked around and saw a cargo container. I went over to it and examined it. There was a small crack that I could barely fit in. I saw a load of sparkling crystals. They looked beautiful and were so bright. Then I saw about 7 men swim towards the container. They had APS rifles that could be used underwater. I was petrified. I swam quickly towards the reefs. I saw them with a huge saw. They started cutting the metal. Would they see me?!

Busted by Eoin

I flew around the space base one last time before stealthily landing in one of the craters surrounding the tech fortress . I fastened my oxygen tank and opened the door, automatically triggering the ladder . I clambered down and crept slowly towards the megastructure, being careful not to set off any motion sensors. I hacked the 28 inch steel doors and feasted my eyes on gold that shone like a goldfish in the Sun. But I wasn’t here for riches. I trudged through the sea of extravagance and snatched a brown,roughly knotted package from its place.


The last words I heard before drifting into a hazy world called unconsciousness were : “We have you now!”

Week 22 Mischievous Simon by Laurynas

Simon looked out the window and saw that it was raining . His pet, Samantha ( the goldfish ) swam slowly in circles like always. Samantha was a magical fish and only Simon knew that.

” Samantha, can you stop this rain?” asked Simon. Samantha wriggled her tail and the rain stopped.

Simon, on the other hand, was a mischievous boy and always  thought of mischief. He saw a bird perched on a branch but suddenly it flew away into the distance. He also saw his neighbor walking out with a brown ladder.

Samantha was already eyeing him suspiciously knowing what he was thinking. Simon turned around and saw that she was staring at him.

” Don’t worry, I’m not thinking of mischief.” said Simon but Samantha knew that behind his back, his fingers were crossed.

My Strange Day By Killian.M Week 22

I was playing with my goldfish when I saw something fly by. It started to circle the house and then flew to the chimney. It magically pulled a ladder out of thin air and climbed down the chimney into the kitchen. It slowly made it’s way towards the goldfish  bowl and poured a brown liquid into it. The water immediately turned turquoise and my goldfish jumped out and flew away. The thing tried to fly away but I caught it and shoved it into a pot. I carefully opened the pot to find… a green goldfish. I kept it as my pet and it didn’t like me.

100 word challenge by Dan

As I woke from my long slumber, I felt a weird tingle going up and down my left arm and leg .I immediately dialled 911 on my phone hoping it wasn’t bad.

Once the paramedics arrived I explained that I had weird shooting pains going up and down the left side of my body.The paramedics asked me to stand up slowly and to spell the words goldfish,ladder and brown.After I did the paramedics told me I was fine and flew down the road at about 150 mph,rushing off to their next emergency call.

100WC By: Darragh Q. Gotcha…

I flew down the dark, brown streets of Drinkwater City. My headsets exploded in my ears, making me jump.

” Agent Goldfish, we’ve got a runner.”

“I’m on it” I replied through the headsets.

I squinted into the distance to see a shadow climbing up a ladder in the centre of an alleyway.

“Gotcha” I said quietly to myself.

I slowly followed him into the alleyway and up the ladder. Just as he reached the top of the ladder he looked down upon me. Immediately he pulled himself off the ladder. But as he looked around he noticed that he was trapped.

“Gotcha,” I repeated but this time a little louder…

Week 22 The Grand Final By David A

It was finally the Golf Final and I had qualified for it. I knew I’d be playing with all the top players. I was nervous. I was at the first hole. They called it the water competition because it was right next to the sea. I wanted to win the Golden Goldfish more than  anything.

I was at the first hole and I swung my club. I watched it as it flew down the fairway. It was trouble as I landed in the brown grass underneath the trees.

I saw the best of the best on the Greens putting slowly to  make sure they didn’t miss. I could see Jim Harrington, the best in Ireland, being interviewed in front of the ladder by the clubhouse.

I didn’t have a good day. How would I recover?

The War Of The Trees by stephen

“Hold guard,” shouted Sergeant Oak. Branches rained down from all angles. I raised my twig and shot. A deafening bang came out of the twig and I saw a tree fall to the ground. “Nice hit, Ash!” roared out Captain Sycamore.We were beginning to take control over the battle when we heard something that made us stop in our tracks.”Leaves. I repeat leaves!” cried out Major Evergreen.Nobody moved for a second. Then there was chaos.”Hold line,” shouted Sergeant Oak but he was the only one left in the bushes.We walked back miserable and defeated .”We’ll take them next time,” I thought as we returned to camp that night.



I was running through the deep woods. I was on a mission to save my friend. He was captured by the wood army. I was in the wood for 2 days now.. I was sleeping in a tent and my food supply was running out. Suddenly I saw it! Finally. I was delighted. I ran towards the entrance when the tree army came out! I shouted “I’m here to collect my friend!” Suddenly they shouted “You shall not pass!” I grabbed my sword and ran into the castle. I saw the cells and ran to them. I pulled the bars. I punched them. But it was to late. The tree army spotted me. Will I survive?

Week 21:The Acorn of Peace. By Shane C.

The Ashes and Oaks conflict had been going on for years now as the Oaks still couldn’t get over the game of soccer they had lost three years ago. The war would hit the clock today.

The two armies stood facing each other with the look of death on their faces. The oaks were one man down but only to their advantage.

He lay on his stomach up on the top branch of his home as the throwing of keys and acorns commenced.

The Oaker had the biggest acorn of all and as the Ashes walked underneath him he pushed it over the edge. This killer blow brought peace over the enemies and the acorn is now known as the Acorn Of Peace.

Scary Trees (Alan)

They came from the bigger trees.They are here to take over the WORLD.Their mood is to kill us! I’m just looking from the window. I’m listening to eight radios to get info. OMG! I’m scared. Lets throw five chainsaws at them.That didn’t work. They threw it back at me. Ouch! My window cracked in pieces. I came out and fired a little toy gun pistol and I killed one of them out of three. After I used my ultimate power ball strike boom kick soccer move (THAT’S WHAT MY FRIEND CALLS IT)and I hit the ball at the tree. I needed one more. I just scared him to death. Easy win.

Week 21: The Wooden Army by Michael

I waited in the waiting room until eventually a man called me in.

“Hello” he said.

“Hello” I replied.

“I’d be looking to pay you 150 euro to cut the tree down” he said.

It seemed like a good deal to me so I made a deal with him. The man gave me a chainsaw and I went to cut the tree. I started cutting until I heard a noise. 7 wooden people jumped off the tree.  I ran into the manager’s office and said “Look outside!”.The manager looked out. Then he got the microphone and said “Everyone run out of the park!”. We exited the office and began to run.

Ze Potato VS Ze Trees By Killian Week 21

It was time. The potatoes had had enough of the trees and were gonna fight back. The trees found out and started preparing. The potatoes deep fried themselves to be tougher and the trees dried out to be stronger. The potatoes knew tofu and the trees knew kung-fu. The day finally arrived for the battle. The potatoes changed their name to “Ze Potato”. Ze Potato started throwing tofu everywhere and the trees were kicking the potatoes. But they had terrible eyesight and were actually kicking each other and crumpling to the ground. Suddenly, Porgs came in and started battling the trees. The Porgs and Ze potato won! But the Porgs ate all the potatos.

Tree Zombie Invasion

It was a fine day in New York until a tree zombie came from Mars. People thought it was friendly so they went closer. That’s when it ate someone and turned them into zombies. Then the people turned around and ran in terror to gun stores and stole guns to shoot the tree zombies . I ran to a car shop and robbed a car and drove to an army base to get guns and flamethrowers . I drove back to my house and barricaded the windows and doors. Suddenly I heard a smash. A window had broken and a tree zombie had broken in and was coming towards me. I grabbed a shotgun and shot the intruder. It did nothing to it. I gabbed a flamethrower and burned the tree zombie to ashes. I knew I wasn’t safe here so I packed food ,water and the flamethrowers and drove away . What would I do now?


The day has come . FINALLY. I can’t wait. Today is the day and we will fight like our lives depend on it ,because they really do.

It was January the 1st when we started training.Training for what you might say. Training for the secret attack on the mighty oak trees that have been bossing us around for too long.Twenty days have passed and it is now time to attack.

As our battle cries sounded I thought, ” What is the point?” We should not be fighting ,but sharing and laughing together.

I was too late,we had lost.


In ancient times the tree warriors  watched over the planet with great care. But soon the humans took over. They had spears and other weapons. They were seen as a threat to the tree warriors. So one tree warrior called upon all the other tree warriors for a meeting. The meeting was about how if they all teamed they could take charge from the humans. So all the tree warriors gathered together in one of their so called “parks” and we all ran into battle. The humans never even saw us coming!


Week 19 The Last Of Us By David A

This was it. Only fifteen of our kind left. Most of us other trees were sold for money, paper or firewood. Once there were billions of trees in the Amazon jungle. Now there are  none. This had to stop.

I called all the last tree people down as we needed training to get the message out of why we need trees. All we had to do was to get them to stop cutting down trees until the summer which was only about 3 months away.

We trained hard for 5-6 weeks when finally we were ready to get the message out. The only question was would it work.

A Big Discovery and a Big Mistake by Eoin

They had found us. The people from down below had started chopping trees as if they weren’t even there. If only they had been more cautious . But, as the old saying goes, if you mess with the bull you get the horns. Every single branch had been equipped with the most hi tech gear, from the smallest, barely noticeable birch twig to the biggest , ancient oak stalk. We had also branched out to our close friends, the dogs, using them as spies.

Little did the humans know they had just pulled the trigger on a cross species war…

TREEMEN by Ronan

In the clearing park in 2018,the tree men were born. They were made from the small twigs you find on the ground near the trees. They were trained to defend the mighty oak. They would camouflage among all the trees and if someone came anywhere near the mighty oak, they would attack. One day they were getting tired of standing there all day and they were ready for bed when a tree cutter came up to the mighty oak. They all jumped out and were in their positions. What will happen next?

Some Weird Riot in the Park.by Shane OM.

”But why Mom? Why do we have to go for a daft old walk in that old run down park with half burnt and chopped down trees,”said I.

After all that talk of course we had to go to the park for a boring walk but at least we would be back in about half an hour I’d hope.

As we were walking we saw a riot of small tree men who attacked. They came from China. They’re here for pay back and they are not happy as we can see as we got taken into there saucer and then……

100WC The Unpredictable Forest. By: Darragh Q. Week 21

“Come on let’s go!” Said my best friend eagerly.

“But it looks really dark and quiet,” I replied cautiously.

But despite all my excuses, Ian dragged me into the unpredictable forest. As we trudged across the muddy, wet grounds of the forest, we heard   a noise in the distance. I squinted into the darkness to see leaves blowing up into the night sky. We dared to go closer, but just as we reached the area, we heard a bang and shouts of rage. I looked around to try and see what was going on but I felt a stinging pain in my back. Little did we know that we had just started a very dangerous war…

Week 21 Camp Wood by Laurynas

“Sir, we received news from the border and our tree ninjas  are retreating.” said Ash.

The humans were cutting all the trees down not sparing a single one of them. There are only a few dozens left but every day one of them still dies. Now the generals have come to a meeting to end this.

” We must attack  the humans or we’ll all die one by one.” said General Birch.

” This is too risky, we must defend the last tree citizens.” answered back Sapling.

” And die ourselves- ”

” Good news, General, the plants in England have agreed to join our army and running as fast as their roots can take them. ” Ash interrupted.

” O.k, we shall strike tomorrow and end the human greed forever.” shouted Birch with a grin.


Week 21 Protectors by Shane F

It was the first of March 1894 somewhere in Alaska . We were the protectors of the ancient wood or as we called ourselves dryads . We were recently informed by the tribe elder that strange men arrived in the dead of night. We had to investigate .

I presumed it was hunters but it could be the army as well . We hated them . Later we slowly crept around from tree top to tree top . Suddenly we saw a camp that was directly under us . We peered down at the tens of men in their Khaki uniform with rifles on their backs . We could take them on or just scare them . But we jumped off the trees ready to face them.

Week 20 The Slippy Getaway by Laurynas

” RUN!” I screamed.

It was midnight when my gang of robbers broke into a local bank. Our aim was to sneak in silently, grab all the money and drive away like nothing happened but one of the robbers set off the alarm.

We ran as fast as the wind to our pick-up truck where our getaway driver was waiting for us. Once we all entered the car we drove away. We were moving very fast when suddenly we saw an oil spill on the road in the distance.

Once the truck drove over the oil it was out of control and it skidded into a ditch .The police arrived after a few minutes and we were caught.

” Who spills oil on a road?” I asked myself angrily.

Week 20 The Chase Was On by Julius.

Nervous, I put on my black mask over my face and loaded my gun. We jumped out the van in a hurry and only had five minutes to get back from the bank .

I ran into the building  and fired a bullet into the ceiling and started roaring at the banker and told him to give me the money and if he didn’t I would  give him a present .

We came back with bags of money and I ran for my life out of the building before the police had got there .

We got in the van and I started driving.  When we were moving very fast  the police started driving into the van and the chase was on.

The Space Race by Sean Mc S

We decided to enter a race. It was extremely hot so we were getting ice cream after. We were moving very fast when we suddenly disappeared to another world. It was very advanced and impressive. Someone came up to us and told us that we were summoned to compete in the space race. So we went to the race and immediately we were intimidated. The aliens were big and fit. Three,Two,One  GO!!! So we darted off. What seemed like a hard race was actually simple. We won and went back home. Nobody believed us but we still got ice cream.

Week 20 Lightspeed By Shane F

“Get ready for launch, ” Mark said .

“Andromeda, here we come! ” I answered back . “Five, four, three, two, one, launch!”

The operator shouted into the inter com. BOOM! Our vessel fired out towards Andromeda . Within 30 seconds we were out of the atmosphere . We were now going at five percent the speed of light.

Our mission was to go 7 light-years to check a message we received from  some sort of alien society  . But this mission was going to take 140,000 years because one light year takes 10,000 years on earth . We had nothing to lose. We had to freeze ourselves so we could survive . We were moving very fast when the freezing pod malfunctioned . We were going to die out here. We had to fix this.