Pipped At The Post by Eoin Week 26.

We were nearly there, on the edge of winning the glorious national championship. Up by 2 points with 20 seconds to go, I could picture the trophy raised aloft  above my head. Their point guard ran hastily up the court with the ball  and passed it to his teammate in the far corner. 10 seconds. Watching, it was like slow motion: he jumped, released the ball on what was to be a game-defining shot and landed. The ball floated through the air and fell into… the basket as the buzzer sounded. I was so cross that I could swear there was smoke billowing from my ears. I felt like slamming the ball into the other coach’s face. But I just looked on, forlornly, at what could have been.

One thought on “Pipped At The Post by Eoin Week 26.”

  1. Great 100WC entry.
    Lot of very impressive descriptive vocabulary.
    Loved it.

    Keep up the good work!

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