A Rollercoaster of a Day by Eoin

“Please Mom, can I at least go with Josh? ”

“Oh all right then , but stick with Josh.”

“Yes!” I cried and sprinted towards the queue.

When it was our turn, Josh, his friends and I got into a carriage and a minute later we were off. Josh’s  friends were teasing me saying I was too young and afraid but I was going to prove them wrong. A few minutes in we were moving very fast when out of nowhere we jerked violently to the right nearly sending us toppling out onto the track. Strangely the teenagers faces were as pale as ghosts. Let’s just say the drive home was silent, deathly silent.

One thought on “A Rollercoaster of a Day by Eoin”

  1. Hi Eoin,
    Great story. Good use of dialogue at the beginning. It was very clear which character was saying what without having to explicitly state it and immediately set the scene of the story. I like the description of the rollercoaster ride. You built up a really vivid image of the ride without actually mentioning the word rollercoaster which is very impressive. I also liked the use of the simile ‘pale as ghosts’. I imagine that’s how I ‘d look after going on that ride. Finally you used a very clever title. Well done. Keep up the good work.
    Michael (Team 100wc), Warwick, UK.

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