Santa by Alex week 14

It was Christmas morning. My sister and I ran down the stairs. We turned, going into the living room and there he was, the man in red: Santa. He handed me a snow globe. In the snow globe, there were hundreds of tiny people running around busily. All of a sudden a big bang could be heard and all the people disappeared. Then a blue face with a present in its hands appeared. The present blew up and out came holly and red berries. The blue face disappeared. The snow globe turned into dust. I heard a noise but what would happen next?

One thought on “Santa by Alex week 14”

  1. Hi Alex
    I was kept in suspense all the way through your story this week. I thought that it was exciting enough to find yourself face to face with Santa in your living room but you have put lots more action into your writing. I hope that nothing happens next and that a sense of calm falls over everything!
    Have a wonderful Christmas
    Miss T team 100wc

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