Scéal eile: Stephen

Bruno got up. Taking in his surroundings, he had come to hate this house and the ticking of the clock. Today he had big, exciting plans. He skipped downstairs and devoured some breakfast.Then there were morning classes with Herr Liszt. Finally he began the final trek to the fence. Shmuel was waiting for him.

“Ready?” asked Shmuel.

“Yes,” replied Bruno nervously .

Schmuel waited in silence as Bruno pulled on the striped pyjamas. Then they walked. Bruno was shocked by the state everybody was in. He did not know that these people were Jews and were being held hostage. Nor would he ever know…

The boys began their search. They were trying to find Shmuel’s father who had gone missing. Suddenly Bruno heard a shout. Bruno, in fright, began to run away from the noise… Shmuel followed. Bruno heard a loud bang and spun around. Shmuel was sprawled on the ground, lying perfectly still. Bruno still didn’t fully understand what had happened but he crouched down beside his friend. It was Pavel who picked Bruno up and realised at once that he was the Commandment’s son. Suddenly 2 bangs came from behind them. Both Bruno and Pavel fell to the ground. Almost immediately, Lieteunant Kotler realised with horror what he had done. He stepped back, away from the body of the Commandant’s son, and collapsed on the ground in shock.