Sean 6th class:

Todd and I woke up after our long night’s sleep. We had to go hunting today before the snow came. We got our boots and all our other gear on and set out. The first animal of the day was a rabbit. It was really no good to fill our stomachs. We saw a ram grazing in a big field. I aimed down the scopes of my rifle and took a shot. We headed back to our cabin and cooked the ram. The next morning, more snow everywhere . I glanced to my right and saw three statues less than 200 metres away. I walked over and BOOM, I heard a shot. It turned out that they were put there overnight as a trap. Someone must have known I would be there.

One thought on “Sean 6th class:”

  1. Hello Sean,

    It seems there more out hunting than just you and your friend. For you, it was the quest for food but the complex trap to lure you in seems much more sinister. I wonder if you survived? Well done.

    Your 131 word entry was well written but I already know you are in a class of talented writers. I have read some amazing stories from your class so I know you’ll keep writing and entering.

    Ross Mannell (Team 100WC)
    Teacher (retired), N.S.W., Australia

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