Shane O’M week 15 The Mission

Hello, my name is Shane and today we have a mission to complete at the bank. We’re going to rob the bank but there is one problem, there are guards and we have no getaway car so we might be in trouble.

Here we go in to the bank, fully loaded and we pull out our guns and bang! Rifle shot and 3 people dead already. We got to the money, 500,000 in cash on 12 tables. We stole  400,000 out of it. After all we are now in jail. We were very very stupid.


2 thoughts on “Shane O’M week 15 The Mission”

  1. Hi Shane. Thank you for publishing your story. I enjoyed reading your story right up until the end. I am pleased to know that the ‘baddies’ went to jail and that they feel sorry for what they have done. Keep writing!
    Miss Rebecca
    Phuket, Thailand.
    (Team 100)

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