The Shelter By Sean Mc S Week 15

In the beginning of the war I was in a shelter. It was cold and isolated. After a few weeks I started to become weak, I didn’t eat or drink much since supplies were low but I had enough to keep me going. Eventually I decided to leave the shelter and see what it was like out there … I was in a war zone. As soon as I got out I wanted to go back but the door was jammed. I tried to find refuge amongst this chaos but it was too late. As soon as I got to some where safe I was shot. Luckily I survived and got back home.



3 thoughts on “The Shelter By Sean Mc S Week 15”

  1. Good morning Sean Mc S – Wow you certainly started this story with a strong situation. I was particularly worried about you when the door got jammed. I’m so glad you made it through safely.

  2. Good morning Sean
    I’m not sure if my last comments were recorded so I thought I better try again as I really want to talk to you about your story.

    I was really impressed with how you began the story and set up the situation. You tried to problem solve what would happen in this situation – just enough supplies. It sounds quite a scary problem your character was facing. It was a great complication when the door jammed – I was worried when your character was shot but it is was good you gave me a resolution to this. Thank you for sharing your story. Keep up the great effort on painting a picture for your reader.

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