SNAIL RACE! by Ronan

Two snails, Verb and Adverb, were always the fastest snails. They entered a race of 20 snails called “THE ONE METRE SPRINT”.(One metre is a lot for a few snails).They strolled to the starting line saving their energy. Even though they were brothers  they were very competitive. BANG! the race starts. 20 snails recklessly and rapidly galloped almost a metre when Adverb starts bragging that he was faster. Verb argued that he was faster by far. While they were fighting, every other snail crossed the finishing line. Adverb said, “We were moving so fast when you weren’t talking to me”.          “You started it “, said Verb. And the fight began again.?


One thought on “SNAIL RACE! by Ronan”

  1. Hi Ronan, a good example of making sure you focus on your goal, not like adverb and verb. An interesting approach to the story with good use of adverbs and verbs. I hope Adverb and Verb learn their lesson soon. Well done.

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