Story competition (different ending) By Darragh


Stanley’s master plan to save his friend, Zero, had just gone according to plan.

He drove the truck past all the holes. But as Stanley waved his hand in triumph, the truck suddenly jerked forwards. Stanley knew that this was going to happen sooner or later, so he  immediately exited the truck. As smoke from the burning truck  filled the air, Stanley realised that he had escaped. People could still see him but he was too far away for anyone to chase after him. After a few minutes of inordinate thinking, Stanley decided that he would head for the Big Thumb. He had a feeling that Zero might be there because Big Thumb held the only food and water for hundreds of miles.

Days passed as Stanley shuffled his feet through the hot sandy land, hoping to find some bit of food and water and  Zero of course. Just then a sandstorm hit Stanley square in the face. Immediately he shielded his eyes. As he looked on into the distance when the sandstorm had passed, he could see Big Thumb! What shocked him was that there appeared to be a figure bouncing up and down on the tip of the mountain! Suddenly Stanley darted towards the mountain. Before he knew it he was hugging Zero.

The two boys woke with a start. The night before they had decided to try and get away from the vast sandy land. But the only problem was how would they do it?…







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