Surtsey By Ciarán



Ciarán McKeever

5000 years ago, off the southern coast of Iceland, “Surtsey” located in Vestmanejar Archipealago  erupted and wiped out more than half Iceland’s population…


My sister and I  were on our way home from the factory.

On our way a shady figure grabbed my sister’s hand and ran away. I chased after him. He ran into an alleyway so I ran in after him. My mistake. Whack!

I arose on a damp, dank floor with my sister beside me. I heard pandemonium from behind the septuageain, rusty door. I grasped the handle and laggardly opened it. 5 people all talking gibberish were in front of me. Behind them was a chest of gold. They were all staring at me. I sprinted.

Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang!

I had to keep running but a man started talking. I stopped. The tall man said that in their language gold means steal. He was quite a kind man and let my sister and me stay on their galleon.

The weeks passed….

There was a lot of commotion from outside my cabin. I skedaddled over to the bow of the ship. I gazed in wonder.  Mt. Surtsey  was erupting.

The sun arose from behind the mountains. We had run out of rations. My sister and I had prayed for a saviour but nobody ever came looking for us. We walked out onto the rocks and my eyes slowly dropped closed.