#Week 20,A Flying Nightmare by Abdul

Today I would venture into a haunted house. My friends and I arrived and the house didn’t really scare me as much as I hoped. As we scurried in,we heard banging,it didn’t stop! So we made our way to the top floor, nothing. We got on our bikes and headed home. The banging, it got louder. I started feeling like something was following us, the thing, as it flew towards us, I couldn’t see what it was,with a nail in its head and blood dripping from its eye. It was a child smiling at us. We cycled home as it annoyed us. I shouted for help.I  ended up fainting because of that Nightmare!!

Week 18 The Ultimate Snail Race

Today, I found a snail in my garden. He was slim and not chubby. I started watching videos on how I can get my snail to slide faster. On Monday, I came to school. A few seconds after sitting down, a friend challenged me to a race. He would then keep ranting on about how great his snail was.


I was focusing on his to see if he would really dash out with speed…but it is so slow I thought he might have fed it a bit too much. It died at the end of the race. He took the failure badly and never raced again. My snail also died later.

#Week 17 What Was I Thinking? by Abdul

My mother got me a new bike,it was yellow.So I thought bringing it to my friend’s birthday party would be cool.I packed my stuff and I got my bike and made my way to his house.The house was big.As I was moving in to park my bike, a car dashed in.I was pretty angry and exhausted from the cycling.I shouted at the driver and said they should park somewhere else,which I would regret saying later.The man jumped out the car with a big grin.He looked like he was going to kill me.So he trashed my bike after.What was I thinking?

WK#14 How I Got Here by Abdul

(pinch, pinch, pinch)


You’re probably wondering how I got here. I’ll tell you anyway. So it all began like fourteen minutes ago, I’m pretty sure. I hated bees,it got to the point where I can’t sleep cause of them. It was beginning to be summer and those insects where heading my way. So as dumb as I was, I thought of bringing a dead flower  in my garden and I laid it there (yeah, you probably know where this is going). So then the bees started coming. So I went outside to find that there is a hive on my door, it hits my head and(pinch)(pinch pinch)”Aw.”

WK#12 Chilling Music by Abdul

Today was the day we go to the zoo.I didn’t really care, I just painted a picture of my mum. After the beautiful picture, I finished violin training.Then it was December 18 and we went to the zoo. I brought my violin case, I really don’t know why I brought it but I just felt it in me to bring it. We started making our way to the elephant site cause my family and I were obsessed with elephants.

Crash! The huge window has just broken. For some reason, as stupid as I was, I whipped out my violin and started playing it. He stopped. He was happy. We got so scared.

WK10# The New Kid by Abdul

There was a new boy coming to the class. I ran to the restroom and came back to see the most outrageous face I have seen in my life. His head was super red. He looked like a super villain from one of my favourite comics.When our teacher left we made fun of his face (which was what I shouldn’t have done). He walked over towards me and gave me a face, so I gave him one too which led to me being beaten so badly. My face was as red as his. I went from being a guy who targets to being the target.

WK#9 Why Rob If You Don’t Know How? by Abdul

I was just shopping and then…”Everyone, get down now,”shouted a teenager with a blue torn mask on. He had a gun,a broken one. The shopkeeper then rushed for his phone. The blue masked teen then slapped him. I gasped at what I saw,t hen there was another guy doing nothing. Then the orange one spoke first as the blue teen tried to speak. I couldn’t really hear him. Then I thought, people robbing a game store. The blue guy walked over to one of the new games. I then punched him as hard as I could. I then picked his gun and scared the orange teen. I ran out with plenty games.

WK#7 Not Much by Abdul

I didn’t remember much when I woke up. My head felt like I just bumped into something. There was a key next to my cheek, I picked it up and opened the  rotting door. There was an old knife on the ground so I picked it up, hid it and ran. I bumped into a woman, she looked like she was in her twenties. She looked at me and asked where it was. She was mispronouncing her letters and words. I told her I didn’t know where it was. I ran away.

“But where did it go?”she shouted. I reached the metallic door and opened it to my freedom.

WK#6 Out Of School by Abdul

I’m in from break for running.I get in the room and ask for the bath room. I unlock a door leading to the office. I get in and then  I saw a safe. I check the lock and pick up the safe. I had the safe and it was heavier than I expected.I picked it up and put it on the table, I picked the lock.I  know I’m a thief but I’m poor so I have my reasons.I  take off my shoes to be silent. I get out and when I was walking home I realised I forgot my shoes.

WK#5 What Its Like On Death Row by Abdul

I just finished my food. Knowing you’re going to die is weird and so is being the tallest man on earth, I see humans as ants.Well, it’s time for bed. This prison has my gratitude for this great jail cell.

Wow, its morning and the boys and I are playing soccer fast.Then a guard comes up and tells me it’s time. I’m angry. I was asleep for a day. I come in the room and see a boulder.It’s falling. I see masons. I see people trying to take a picture. I look up and see the boulder.I see…I see… I see…what is that?  Is this heaven…..?