Alan kowalski/week 14/Monkey Rage

One day Pat and I  were in the office, my office. Pat said “Why are you on your computer all day? You have been on it for eight hours!” Okay, to be fair I have. I do this every day.” So your’e a nice friend,” I said in anger. I threw my computer on the ground in rage . Pat is just too stupid to know that I have too much work every day . So much work ,every day, messages and files, I whispered to myself . When Pat saw me throw the computer off the desk . He said calmly, “You didn’t have to do that. If I was you I would just close it because I just wanted to take a break and have some coffee.”

Week 9 : Ghost shopping by Alan

No one knows why they’re here and for what. If you should be scared or not.WATCH OUT. There are not here to attack you only for shopping. For clothes, for food. Should you be scared? No. They might be dangerous but you can’t see them so there not able to hit you. But yes they are dangerous. But I don’t believe in them . Some are big, some are small .Some  look creepy ,some look funny but you can’t see them.All they do is fly and do nothing. They probably have a Ghost Town. Somewhere. But you might be asking so why did they come to our place . I don’t know .