Week 28 by Alan The Walk

Joe was taking a walk in the park and suddenly he heard a really strange noise in the trees.  Joe decided to walk though the woods. As he was walking he scouted the area and there was nothing to see except trees and little puddles. A few moments later he saw this strange looking place. It looked like it burned down. Some creature jumped in front of him.  Joe got terrified and ran away from the creature.  He went home, told his parents and never came back to that weird place again.

Week 26 Bad Day by Alan

I was having an amazing day one Wednesday and my friend  Bob went with me on a walk to the park. I was really excited about my new bike at home. Everything was going great until my mum called me and said she couldn’t get the bike today and that she could get it next week. I was mad but it was okay. Then my friend Bob knocked my ice cream out of my hands. I had bought it for myself and I was so cross that I ran away from him and went to the woods and stayed there.

Week 25 The Walk by Alan

One day I decided to take a walk somewhere unusual far from my house. Most of the time I walk 3 minutes from my house but today I went 8 minutes away from my house and I didn’t tell my mum. I knew I was going to be in trouble. As I walked along there was a strange building and the door was open. I took a look inside. When I made my way inside the building there was a ‘Candy Bar’.I thought it was a museum but it was a cinema. As I made my way back through the door I fell and then this happened…

Confusion week 23 by Alan

After my chores, my mum gave me  10 coins so I sprinted to the shop. When I reached the shop, I thought about what to buy. When I made up my mind I decided to buy a red cherry drink. It cost me 3 coins. On my way home I had 7 coins left. When I reached home my mum gave me another 10 coins to go and buy a ladder. I didn’t question her. I just went to the store and bought it for her. After that I walked along a pavement. I was sinking into a foul mood for no reason.

Present by Alan

My mom bought me a present. I opened it and inside there was a white, fluffy teddy bear. I was in love with the bear. I called it Koy. Koy went everywhere with me, to school, shopping and on holiday. Just everywhere. One day I was sprinting and Koy was in my backpack and Koy fell out of my backpack. I didn’t know and I lost him. I was heartbroken. I didn’t want to tell my mom but I had to. When I told her she was not mad at me but sad. I cried for a long time that day. After a few days I got over it.

WK 20 Competition By Alan

Kris ran as fast as lightning because he was late to preform in front of his class. He was going up against the best musician in the class. Kris had a lot of pressure. Kris was also one of the best in the class for music. Josh was the guy Kris was going against. They had a battle about who’s tune was better. Josh went first and oh my God, it was completely out of tune. It was Kris’s turn. If his one was better he would have won and he would be the best musician in the school.

week 19 By Alan The Light

I woke up happy on a Wednesday. I just thought to myself that I was dirty after yesterday’s match. I decided to take shower and I washed my black dirty fringe. After I came out of the shower I made my way downstairs and ate some eggs. I walked outside. After I reached the park, I went for a jog in the nice weather. In the bushes I saw some green flickering light. It was really bright. I walked towards it really slowly. When I entered the bush I saw this nice colour in it. What I saw was a green flickering light.

Late For Work By Alan WK 18

Monday morning, I was getting ready for my job. So I sprinted through my door when I realised I was late for work. So I swiftly went to work and on the way there was a lot of unusual statues blocking me. Every where I went they just appeared in front of me and didn’t let me go. If I was late for work, even by a second, I would be fired. I used the special powers of my watch and I became invisible so after it was easier to get to work and I wasn’t fired.

week 17 Magic by Alan

One day I just was playing soccer with my friends and my friend Josh and I went to town and bought some sweets. Suddenly we saw this girl. She said she knew magic and Josh and I didn’t believe her until she decided to prove to us that she could. When she was going to do the magic she told Josh and me to turn around and count to 1 and we did that. We turned back around and but how could she just disappear like that? We were shocked and out of nowhere she came back  and said, “And what? Magic isn’t real?”

Week 16 by Alan The Run

I’m sprinting from this ugly monster . I couldn’t defeat him. I tried fighting him but he’s just too strong and powerful. I was just sprinting as fast as I could for my life. I don’t know how I even got in this cave! I just remembered that I had this really bright flash light in my pocket. So I got it out of my pocket and flashed it at him. The light blinded him. After, I was able to find my way home peacefully and relax in the end. In my cozy little bed at night I reminded myself of the cave and the monster. I was so surprised how I survived.

Week 14 by Alan Christmas

One day before Christmas I walked up to my Mom and asked her when was Christmas. She answered tomorrow and I was so happy because I love Christmas and the most important are the presents. Also what scared me was when I looked at my Mom’s eyes they were creepy blue. As the next day came I jumped out of my bed and sprinted down stairs and there was a huge shining present with stars around it. I was amazed as I went to open it my mom stopped me. I needed to eat my Christmas breakfast. After I ate my Christmas breakfast I went to open my present and….

Week 13 by Alan the race

One day I woke up in my cozy bed. I didn’t want to get out but I needed to get out because it was a special race day. As I went to my parents’ room I woke them up but they were exhausted . I ran downstairs and ate as fast as I could . As we were in the car we got to the location . I went to the starting line and I was ready to go ! The man said 3..2..1 go! And I sprinted as fast as I ever did and I finally won by a split second.

Week 9 The Box by Alan

One day my friend and I were playing soccer, just passing the ball around. We suddenly heard a loud noise. I found a door on the wall beside the pitch. Hmm, I wondered what was behind the door. My friend and it were so curious. Suddenly some alarm came on and started beeping. A box fell on us and we were  stuck in a big black box. The only way out was the door.

The punishment. Week 6 by Alan

Once Tom the fighter was on fighting training and he fought clumsily. For his bad fighting he got punished – the punishment was to get inside of an ice cold BATH. What a ice cold BATH! And Tom needed to dance in circles and shout “I’m a weird guy haha”. After two hours Tom went shopping and found a really nice orange jumper that said” Tom is the best”on it . But he didn’t know should he buy it as it was€ 142. He bought it any way . As he walked home he was happy that he bought it.

Three Statues week 4 by Alan

One day I took a walk to a park called Noms Park. And what I saw was three statues .One looked like a ram and the second one looked like a horse and the third one looked like a bull. I saw a wizard beside them and he was the one to make the statues. I asked him did he do that? And he said yes! I asked him does he hate animals ? He didn’t answer. Once I blinked he was gone in 0.1 seconds. I was amazed . Afterwards I took a walk in the park and went home.

100 wc wk 2 /Alan: Weird Day

One day for homework my class and I got a tricky question from our teacher. As I was walking home I saw a guy stealing an alligator from the petshop. I asked him what is he doing. He said that it was for his son. I didn’t believe him. He ran away. When I got home I went into my room and started doing my homework. The question was “What is a mauve?” I had no clue. I asked everybody but my mom knew the answer. I climbed the ladder to her room and she told me the answer.

Week 29 by Alan : Weird day

My mom shouted at me and I didn’t come downstairs when she told me  – finally I came down. She told me to put on my crimson jacket and go outside.

My friend and I went to the graveyard because we were bored. Also it was misty outside. So my friend ran frantically because he saw and heard a bat. But after he came back.

So we had a walk until we saw a weird looking creature chasing us  –  we ran as fast as lightning.  After a long time we wet to my friends house at 19:33 and we saw in his house a …

The Ugly Monster week28 by Alan

I was just walking and I just saw him. I don’t knowwhy  I freaked out. I thought to tell my friend Jonn.y I also told my mom and dad. It looked like a half wooden dude eating a tree to have more body made from wood. I took photos of it. Suddenly it just decided to chase me and Jonny. We got chased for about 3 mins.Then we finally lost that weird ugly monster. And we looked around but there was no foot step or sign of him which was good. We found our way home and Jonny went to my house and I never want to see that thing.

(week 23) (Alan) what is this thing?

My mom finally  bought my goldfish.She bought it and I didn’t know that she did buy it.So I came down my bunk-bed ladder.My mom came into the room slowly while I was going down the ladder. I saw a brown fish and it had saffron wings.It didn’t need water to breathe.It just flew over to me and freaked me out.Its eyes were fully titanium white. That’s so creepy, oh my God.The next day it was gone. I couldn’t find the goldfish. I guessed because it can fly then it  can teleport too. It just teleported right in front of me. I hated this fish!!

Alan kowalski/week 14/Monkey Rage

One day Pat and I  were in the office, my office. Pat said “Why are you on your computer all day? You have been on it for eight hours!” Okay, to be fair I have. I do this every day.” So your’e a nice friend,” I said in anger. I threw my computer on the ground in rage . Pat is just too stupid to know that I have too much work every day . So much work ,every day, messages and files, I whispered to myself . When Pat saw me throw the computer off the desk . He said calmly, “You didn’t have to do that. If I was you I would just close it because I just wanted to take a break and have some coffee.”

Week 9 : Ghost shopping by Alan

No one knows why they’re here and for what. If you should be scared or not.WATCH OUT. There are not here to attack you only for shopping. For clothes, for food. Should you be scared? No. They might be dangerous but you can’t see them so there not able to hit you. But yes they are dangerous. But I don’t believe in them . Some are big, some are small .Some  look creepy ,some look funny but you can’t see them.All they do is fly and do nothing. They probably have a Ghost Town. Somewhere. But you might be asking so why did they come to our place . I don’t know .