kelpar 186f by Alex

The discovery of the new plane, Kelpar 186f, means that if this world were to become uninhabitable, that we have a back up planet. Kelpar is in one of the habitable zones and is the same size as our planet Earth. The surface consists of mountains and rivers.There are many islands which we can make cities on. There are a few small islands where the ground looks soft and there are remains of some sort of tree or creature. The planet is only three weeks away and we can take all 7.53 billion people too.

The Complex by Alex

The rundown castle has a candy bar and a public bar. It is suitable as a hotel with 90 bedrooms and one master suite. It will need a bit of TLC. One of the rooms could also serve as a cinema. There is a swimming pool at the rear of the complex and there are extensive grounds. A  gardener would need to come in every day for a few hours to manage this.

Smoke by Alex

House raid number five. We busted down the door but it was empty. What a surprise!

“Is there any intel that we can gather?” asked Nomad. “We have to find this SAS scientist before he launches the 2nd bio hazard bomb.”

“Over here,”  screamed a voice. I walked over to the corner of the room to see a cell door half cut by a blowtorch. When the man spoke he had an American accent. His name was Erik Thorn aka Maverick .He’s part of rainbow six, an anti -terrorist group. He told us the name of the mad scientist: James Porter aka Smoke.

The Cartel by Alex week 23

“Agent Kryptonzz, please report to Sector B for mission briefing.”

This is it, I thought. The totally classified top secret mission. Walking down the corridor, I passed a red ladder and a new guy. Very strange. We don’t recruit people till March. Maybe just one of the inspection crew. I walked into the General’s office only to see a sinking Lego battle ship. There were some coins on a table and the floor looked like a private pavement that hadn’t been touched.  Any way back to the mission. I was being deployed in the jungles of Bolivia to take down the Santa Blanca cartel  and the drug making business. Once and for all.

The Complaint by Alex

Here we go again. Timmy was complaining about his meal. This time it was his wine. He was saying ” The vinegar was too sharp!”

“What vinegar?” I asked Dad.

“It was just an expression,” said Dad. “He means the wine isn’t nice.”

I was still a bit confused but I just agreed and said nothing. After that we went home and he kept complaining to Mom about it until he finally went home. I must say it felt like years until he left.

“Thank God he left,” said Dad. I could see he was a bit mad but Mam managed to calm him down.

The Ecouter by Alex week 20

As I clambered down the ladder, I heard a noise like a distress signal but it was out of tune with the robot. My friend Bobby gave the robot a smack and it worked. I looked round to realise that I had been down here before when I got attacked by zombie robots. All of a sudden a door opened and the mad scientist that I had seen before stood in front of me and Bobby. Scared that he was going to run away again, I jumped at the opportunity to seize him. He tried pulling a runner but couldn’t run fast enough.

week 16 Fired by Alex

” Today the evil scientist, Bobby Sport, was arrested for making a deadly pink acid.” said the TV reporter.” The bubbles from the acid could kill people and destroy metal and carbon fibre vehicles. He was arrested after some of his employees rang the police and told them what was happening and what he was making.He will be sentenced in the coming week.”

Meanwhile, all of his factories around the world have been closed and will be inspected thoroughly. All of his employees have been let go and there are now over 100,000 people without work across the world.

Blinded by Alex Week 16

Let me tell you a story about a guy called Timmy. This is how he’s blind.It was finally here, the solar eclipse. For safety, we wore special glasses so we wouldn’t be blinded but of course Timmy was a dare devil so he didn’t wear the glasses but the light blinded him. Ananthirn solar eclipse happened and Timmy looked up at it. This time though he wasn’t so lucky. He was rushed to hospital and he was blinded forever. A few years later another one happened but this time he couldn’t see it happen.  That’s because he is blind.

Santa by Alex week 14

It was Christmas morning. My sister and I ran down the stairs. We turned, going into the living room and there he was, the man in red: Santa. He handed me a snow globe. In the snow globe, there were hundreds of tiny people running around busily. All of a sudden a big bang could be heard and all the people disappeared. Then a blue face with a present in its hands appeared. The present blew up and out came holly and red berries. The blue face disappeared. The snow globe turned into dust. I heard a noise but what would happen next?

The Escape by Alex Wk 11

Today was the day. Today, I was going to escape my evil master. I found a bike that belonged to my master’s son. I cycled until it got dark. I found a small swamp and set up camp for the night. In the morning, I woke to find that a tree grew where my bike was. I tried to get it free but there wasn’t that much time left before my master came looking for me. I walked for a while until I saw a tow truck trying to pull out another bike. It seemed that over night every bike in the village had been taken and put into a tree. All of a sudden, there was a massive bang and all the vehicles were sucked into a black hole.

The Yellow Gorilla by Alex Week 10

“No, not the zoo again!”

It was the second time in a week.

“We may as well live in the zoo at this point,” I told Mam.

We went to the new gorilla habitat first. His home was made out of brick. The gorilla was a pretty yellow colour. He was running at the glass at full speed. The glass cracked. With out hesitation, I ran out of the habitat not evening looking back. I ran the rest of the way home. All of a sudden I woke to find it was all a dream.

Lego Man Week 7 by Alex

It was a Monday morning.Another day in the factory making lego men. The last shipment of lego men were leaving to be sold. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw what looked like a lego man jumping out of the back of the truck.  He then ran under a fallen tree. I thought I was imagining it but then a loveliness of ladybugs picked him up and took him away. No one believed me when I told them what a weird start I had to the week.

Fighter Pilot by Alex

“AHH” screamed the enemy pilot. He had just seen us on the horizon in front of the orange sun. We could hear him because his mic was hacked. He was flying an f1 fighter jet. He clumsily flew the plane turning it left to right trying to shake us off.

” He’s dancing for us” exclaimed my co-pilot Krytonzz.

You see we work for a special organize called “BATH” that no one knows about except the people who work for them and you know about it too.

The Red Eyed Technician by Alex

As we clambered down the ladder, we saw the robot but it seemed to be going backwards.

“Someone has all ready been here,” I told Jimmy.

Then we saw him at the far corner. He was a technician. He turned around and his eyes went red. Was he manufacturing  more robots? He stopped what he was doing and ran into the shadows. We ran after him but there was a vault door locked from the other side. All of a sudden all the robots turned on and looked at us. Were they robots or zombies?

The Robot by Alex

it was 2008 and my first test began. It was all going to plan until the last test came: the standing test. Every day my programme changed but I didn’t understand the instructions . BY 2009 I was the war robot I was built to be. I finally got into the army and more robots were made. By 2018 there were no more soldiers, there were just robots fighting robots. EMPS were regularly used to disable the robots. Everything was manned by robots: planes, tanks and boats all manned by robots.

Week 29 by Alex

Bang – the bomb went off and now it was time for the real challenge. Beefy Keefy ran in and frantically began shouting orders. I was part of the drilling team. I got shouted at for being late with the drill  -my face went crimson red with same.

The drill started up and the mist and dust made it look almost like a grave yard  – finally, the robbery was over  -it was a great success with a lot of money taken from the bank. We had a healthy profit to go into hiding and let the heat go away.

The Ugly Monster week28 by Alan

I was just walking and I just saw him. I don’t knowwhy  I freaked out. I thought to tell my friend Jonn.y I also told my mom and dad. It looked like a half wooden dude eating a tree to have more body made from wood. I took photos of it. Suddenly it just decided to chase me and Jonny. We got chased for about 3 mins.Then we finally lost that weird ugly monster. And we looked around but there was no foot step or sign of him which was good. We found our way home and Jonny went to my house and I never want to see that thing.

100 word challenge by Alex

It was a Friday afternoon when I reached the airport. On the run way I saw my plane coming down to land. It was dark brown and it slowly came toward me. Instead of having stairs it had a ladder with a goldfish as it’s crest. When we were ready to board the plane we had to walk outside and it was not the hottest day to be walking to a plane. Once everyone had boarded, the plane began the take off and before I knew it we were in the sky. We flew for a while…..

100 word challenge by Alex

In the beginning of my flight to Bobin  we met some weird sort of thing. Aliens as I like to call them. They looked mean and angry but they were nice beside the fact that they took me as prisoner to their plant. All the town, city and county people all came to see me. I looked  weird to them and they looked weird to me. After what seemed like hours I was left go but little did I know I was going to meet them again sooner than excepted. I left  scared that they would take me again as a prisoner.

Week 12: 100 word challenge A Break Down By Alex

“Oh, great not the battery again, not in the woods. All I have is a sandwich. Lets pull over” he said. ” Peter do you have your phone?”

” Yes Alex”

“Good. I will look in the forest for a main road”

So I hurried along looking for a road and as I did I saw an  energetic  deer fighting a bear. I returned to Peter empty handed. I did not find a main road. ” Ok I fixed the battery anyway!”

“Thank God I have you! Let’s stick to the main road from now on. Ok,  when we get home I’m taking the car to a garage.”

The End