100 word challenge by Alex

In the beginning of my flight to Bobin  we met some weird sort of thing. Aliens as I like to call them. They looked mean and angry but they were nice beside the fact that they took me as prisoner to their plant. All the town, city and county people all came to see me. I looked  weird to them and they looked weird to me. After what seemed like hours I was left go but little did I know I was going to meet them again sooner than excepted. I left  scared that they would take me again as a prisoner.

Week 12: 100 word challenge A Break Down By Alex

“Oh, great not the battery again, not in the woods. All I have is a sandwich. Lets pull over” he said. ” Peter do you have your phone?”

” Yes Alex”

“Good. I will look in the forest for a main road”

So I hurried along looking for a road and as I did I saw an  energetic  deer fighting a bear. I returned to Peter empty handed. I did not find a main road. ” Ok I fixed the battery anyway!”

“Thank God I have you! Let’s stick to the main road from now on. Ok,  when we get home I’m taking the car to a garage.”

The End