Week27 Soccer Shirts by Anthony

I was playing the semi final at the soccer match at 1978. I am playing with an  Italian team. Next week we  play against England.We sent our clothes to the person who washes our clothes. Finally the day had come. Our shirts were delivered back in a box. We opened the box, our shirt was black and white but it is the wrong colour! Our shirt was supposed  to be red. We have no choice to wear it. When we came out on  the field, we won! 2-1. Now we won every match! and even won the final. People says the shirts keep us winning. Until now at 2019 the shirt colour was the same.

Week 18 The God of War by Anthony

Long time ago, there were wars everywhere. There were about gods and goddess having war with demon armies. There were Zeus, Thor, Apollo, Hercules and a lot more. They were having war at Australia. A lot of the army was killed but it was still too much ,so Zeus sent the god of tricksters, that was Loki. He send Loki to bring Medusa to the surface to end all of this. Loki went down to hell and he successfully passed a three headed dog that guarded hell, then he met Medusa. He tricked Medusa to the surface to end the war. Then she got the most powerful sword in the world, she trusted him and got to the surface. He turned every army into stone, she asked for her reward. Then she had been tricked. She was so mad then. Zeus sent her back to hell and she couldn’t break out. The armies were all turned into stone.

Week14 Unforgettable Day by Anthony

One day, my family and I went to a big show. I was sitting beside my brother, there were a lot of glittery and shiny  things at the huge stage. When a famous singer came out, hundreds of people were cheering and shouting. The singer was half way through when an explosive noise came from back stage. All the stage was silent. Then a 40 or 30 year old man came out with a gun. All of the people were scared. The man opened fire. A lot of people were injured and some were dead. We all got safely out. Half an hour later the man killed himself.


Memory by Anthony Week 12

One day, a girl name Rose, she liked to ride a bike. She always  came back home from school, she rode the bike, cycling with her friends. A couple of long years later, the girl was growing up. Her father bought her a new bike. His father picked her favourite bike up and put it into the forest. He put the bike down and he went out of the forest. The girl didn’t know where her favourite bike went and she just forgot about it. Many long years later, the girl was old and the world had technology. News came out that there was a bike stuck on a tree, she told everyone that was her bike. She decided not to pull it out of the tree, she wanted to put her memory in the tree.

Week 10 Camp by Anthony

One day, I was going to a camp by myself. I put my stuff down and went to find some branches to light the fire to make me warm. I saw an abandoned house made of bricks. Went I came near the house, I saw  a yellow furry creature sitting and eating beside the wall. When I went in the house, I saw a gorilla. It was pretty big and scary. It looked at me and stood up and chased me. I was running as fast as I could. I hid in a small cave and the gorilla ran past me. I climbed up and ran to my camp. I got my stuff and ran back to my car, and I drove off.



Week 9 What’s Behind The Basement Door by Anthony

Long ago, there was a handsome man named Jack. He was smart and evil. One day, Rose fell in love with Jack. He took her into his house.

Jack said,” I’m going to my friend’s house. I want you to look after my house, I will give you my keys and an egg. You can go everywhere but you can’t go to basement door, and you must hold the egg everywhere you go.”

She did go to the basement door, she was so curious. She saw a big bowl and inside was a lot of blood. She was so scared and the egg was bleeding blood. She tried everything to stop the egg bleeding. Jack came and he saw the egg bleeding. He got the butcher knife and chopped her into half.

Merry was the smartest one. She knew that Jack was the one who killed her sister. She followed him to his house. He gave her the same thing again, then he went out. Merry knew a trick. She used a black blanket to cover the egg. She went to the basement and she saw her sister’s body. She put the body together, her sister went back to normal and they hugged each other.  They had a plan to trap Jack  when he came  back. He went to his basement and found out that the body was gone. The two sisters snatched the keys and locked him in the basement until he starved to death.

Dream Come True by Anthony Week 7

His 23 year old sister suffered from cancer. Jamie came to visit her and asked her what was her dream. She wished that he would go to a mountain to get the world’s sweetest smelling and most beautiful flower. Jamie took his camera and flower pot. He flew off to Australia. He found the mountain,climbed up and found the flower on top of a rock in a loveliness of ladybugs. He took a picture. Then he pulled the flower and put it in the pot.Back in Ireland he gave the flower to his sister.She hugged him very hard and thanked him for bringing the flower to her.

Truth or Dare by Anthony(week 6)

One day, me and my couple of friends were playing truth or dare. We had a lot of fun. When my friend asked me truth or dare I said dare.  He dared me to wear orange underwear and dance on the pool.

First I said no but if I did it I would get $500. Then I thought that is better. The next day, we went to the pool. First I saw there was a lot of people there. I wore my underwear and went to the pool. Then I danced.

All of them were looking at me/ They laughed and recorded me. I got my money and went home.

I will never play truth or dare again.

Regret by Anthony Wk 3

One day, my friend and I were going to a camp. We were very naughty. The camp leader sent us to find branches. We found alien looking stuff, we were curious so we broke it but it seemed to be going backwards. We went back to our camp. We saw everything around us going backward slowly. First we thought it was fun. Many years went by, but we still did not get back to normal. We were sad and lonely. 30 years went by, we finally went back to normal. We were extremely happy. We went back to our home but no one knew us, we tried our best to explain but they still did not know, so we got out of our house. We felt regret for breaking the thing.