the shifty ship by:Tadhg

The Shifty Ship


Tadhg Humphreys

My eyes flicked open. I gasped for breath as I realised the situation I was in. There was a ship speeding towards me. I clambered up onto a cluster of rugged rocks. On finally escaping the freezing cold water, I heard a whimpering coming from the highest rock. I climbed to the top and what I saw nearly made me fall back into the water. There was a little girl there. She was pale-faced and starved.

She whispered in a hoarse voice, “THEY’RE COMING! YOU CAN’T STOP THEM!”

She then gasped and fell over. I clasped her hands and dragged her onto her feet. I saw her eyes dart towards the ship. As I have mentioned, the ship was heading towards THE ROCKS,  MEANING CERTAIN DEATH FOR US BOTH!

I rushed down the slippery rocks, falling a couple times. I was surprised by the agility of the small girl and asked her how she got there. She answered in her unusual wispy voice, “I was chosen, just like you.”

I asked her what she meant by people coming and me not being able to stop them. She replied “The crew of the ship of course.”

I was oblivious to the fact that there was a little hut on an island but the girl seemed to know exactly where to head. We sprang into the ice-cold water and swam as fast as we could to the island but we were too slow. The ship blocked us and we started to thread water. We were sitting ducks out there. I heard a bang and I fell unconscious. I woke up in bed and presumed it was all a dream. I opened my eyes to see the frail girl staring right at me…