100 word challenge by Charlie wk 14 The Christmas Land

It was Christmas Day and Zack was extremely excited. As Zack darted down the stairs everything in the hallway started shaking. He was filled with adrenaline when he started opening his present. But suddenly, Kaboom!! Glitter went everywhere, baubles smashed and wrapping paper ripped. When he opened his eyes, he wasn’t in his cosy sitting room. Instead he was in a land covered in blankets of snow. In the distance, he could see a town. But it wasn’t a normal town. There were miniature gingerbread men walking around the town. The town was also covered in Christmas decorations. But then, Kaboom!!!

The Snake by Charlie Wk 13

My jungle research team and I trudged down the damp rainforest. There were only 3 people in my group: myself, Matt and Dan. We were warned of the dangerous animals roaming the rainforest around us. Suddenly Matt nudged us and used the sign that they taught us at camp. It meant stay still and don’t move. Within a second Dan roared,” Snake, snake, snake!” But it was too late. Matt was already in agonising pain caused by the snake. I shouted Dan to drag Matt to the river and I would look for help. I looked back and they were exhausted. Help was 30km away… There was not much hope…..

Thomas’s Bike By Charlie Week 10

This is a story about a little boy called Thomas. It was Thomas’s 9th birthday today and he was extremely excited. He was amazed when he opened his present and there lay a blue shiny bike waiting to be ridden. His mom told him not to be out long in the woods because they would soon be having the mouth -watering chocolate cake. Suddenly disaster struck as Thomas darted down the rugged terrain in the woods. He had hit an awkward rock which wrecked the bike and sent Thomas flying into the air. Little did he know but Thomas had just made a top tourist attraction.

The Gorilla by Charlie Week 10

I trecked down the muddy rainforest path hoping to see a sign of civilization. My wooden boat hit off a rock,  making it useless. But then I saw something that caught my eye. It was a gorilla! In my head I knew not to panic. But then in the blink of an eye, I was already running away from a gorilla that was chasing me. I saw bricks in the distance. I thought that maybe there might be people there. But suddenly I fell and landed pretty badly, ripping my yellow shirt. I could not stand up. I knew what was coming.. ©

The War by Charlie Barry week 5

I got nervous as I clambered onto the noisy ship. This reminded me of the time when I went fishing with my grandfather. A question in my head that kept ringing was, “Would I ever get home?” I knew that with the number of soldiers waiting to get on the ship that the ship would be unpleasantly over crowded. I clambered into the noisy ship. I hoped that I would be lucky and get a bunk bed. I heard the general shouting “Valuables! If you win the war you get them back. ” Then I stomped down the stairs in despair.

The Dungeon by Charlie

There I was, running down the muddy track, trying not to be spotted. I had been sent by my king to gain back his precious gold that had been stolen. Then I came to a field with 3 statues. I had to try a lot of combinations. The ears and horns of the statues were disguised as levers. Then finally I lifted the ram statue. I went down the ladder into a damp and dark dungeon. I walked down a cobblestone passageway. Then I saw it, the room full of precious gold. I walked in the room quietly. Then disaster struck! The door slammed shut. I tried opening it but it was no good. I was terror stricken.

Week 29 Disaster Cruise by Charlie

It was the day. I was going on my 5 day cruise on the Mediterranean Sea. I got a crimson bus to the harbour and in no time I was on the ship. We set off.

I did not know what danger was ahead. It was a very misty day. The ship sailed smoothly through the sea. I was sitting calmly in the dining room when I heard a loud bang. An alarm went off.

People shouted frantically. I knew what had happened. I rushed to the lifeboats . I was in grave danger. Everyone was stressed. I jumped into a life boat and hoped for the best.

But then I spotted a puncture.

Would I survive?

Lost By Charlie

One day me and my two friends were walking home when we got lost… We did not know what to do. Then a strange looking man came to us and said. What are you doing here? He told us that he can bring us back on track. We followed and followed until we came to a big castle. We knew this wasn’t good. This was Mr. Goodguy’s castle. He was the most evil person in the country. Then the man tackled us down into a cell. My friends ran. Although they ran quickly, they were still not making enough progress. Then they fell… We were stuck in a cell…

The Ugly Monster week28 by Alan

I was just walking and I just saw him. I don’t knowwhy  I freaked out. I thought to tell my friend Jonn.y I also told my mom and dad. It looked like a half wooden dude eating a tree to have more body made from wood. I took photos of it. Suddenly it just decided to chase me and Jonny. We got chased for about 3 mins.Then we finally lost that weird ugly monster. And we looked around but there was no foot step or sign of him which was good. We found our way home and Jonny went to my house and I never want to see that thing.

The escape/By Charlie/100 wc

There I was in the army working as a slave. I had been there 2 years now. Everyone treated me and the other slaves badly. I was absolutely sick of it. So one day I had a thought: But what if I was in charge? I had a plan! I was going to steal a uniform from the staff area. And so I did, I ran into the staff area grabbed a uniform and flew off. But then I heard someone saying AYE! I ran and ran but then I tripped. My leg had a huge gash on it. I could not run. It was over. I didn’t think I could survive. It was over.

Week 10 A Strange Room By Charlie

One regular day I was getting ready for school when I saw something odd. The book shelf had moved. I went to check and what do you know! A spiral staircase leading to a dark room. I never even knew this room was in my house. I went down and saw a little chest. “Maybe there’s a bit of gold there” I said. I opened the chest and saw guns and ammunition. What if somebody thinks this is mine? A chill went down my spine. But where would I hide it all? I saw food from my fridge too. Somebody is living here….



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