WK 20 Just a Quick Snack by Ciarán

Okay, I’ve my laptop, my spare clothes, sunglasses, this, that, this, that. Okay I’m ready.

I had 15 minutes before the gate closed and I did smell a delightful aroma and I just couldn’t hold myself back.

14 Minutes later..

That was delicious. Time to see what time it is… I looked at my watch. I HAVE ONLY 1 MINUTE TO GET THERE. I’ve got to run. I was so busy thinking that I was going to miss it that I realised I was on the runway. I turned around as it flew towards me. I couldn’t see what it was. Before I knew it a plane… I didn’t get time to react.


WK:17 Notice By Ciarán

I whizzed past the scout girl who was selling lemonade on this scorching day on my way to my best friend Mike’s house. Past the weird yellow bike on the pole, past the… Wait! What..? When was there a bike stuck to a pole here? Beside it was a notice board which looked to show why the bike was here. It said:

“He who taketh the bike from the pole would be cursed for eternity!”

So the fool I was, I cut the chain and moved the bike away from the pole. My mistake behind me, a ghastly storm arose. The first thing I thought of was that I was going to be late.

WK 13 A Sense Of Disaster By Ciarán

Sniff, sniff, sniff! Ugh! That reeks.Why do those muts that giants call dogs get all the delicious food and all I ever get is leftovers?

5 days later…

I’m starving. I am so tempted to start eating myself if I could just take one or two bites out of my juicy meaty flesh. Pull yourself together Milly! Whack! Now I’m talking to myself. What the… wait, what is that smell? It looks to be a triangular shaped cheesy piece of food with red circles on it. Gobble Gobble Gobble. Wait a minute I didn’t realise they could fly…                       SQUISH.

WK 12 Just Boring by Ciarán

“ROOAARR ,Waaaaaaaa, help! There’s an elephant after me with a… wait a minute, it has a violin in its purple trunk! What the..?”

“Wow, Zac! I am loving that virtual reality. Everything looks so realistic.”


“Wanna get some pizza or..?”

“Nah, I need to finish the unfinished painted picture of happy children.”


“So tomorrow?

“No, I have a meeting with Mr Purple, very, very important.”

“More important then your best friend?”

“YES! If I get the job then I would be making millions. So no.Bye.”



Surtsey By Ciarán



Ciarán McKeever

5000 years ago, off the southern coast of Iceland, “Surtsey” located in Vestmanejar Archipealago  erupted and wiped out more than half Iceland’s population…


My sister and I  were on our way home from the factory.

On our way a shady figure grabbed my sister’s hand and ran away. I chased after him. He ran into an alleyway so I ran in after him. My mistake. Whack!

I arose on a damp, dank floor with my sister beside me. I heard pandemonium from behind the septuageain, rusty door. I grasped the handle and laggardly opened it. 5 people all talking gibberish were in front of me. Behind them was a chest of gold. They were all staring at me. I sprinted.

Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang!

I had to keep running but a man started talking. I stopped. The tall man said that in their language gold means steal. He was quite a kind man and let my sister and me stay on their galleon.

The weeks passed….

There was a lot of commotion from outside my cabin. I skedaddled over to the bow of the ship. I gazed in wonder.  Mt. Surtsey  was erupting.

The sun arose from behind the mountains. We had run out of rations. My sister and I had prayed for a saviour but nobody ever came looking for us. We walked out onto the rocks and my eyes slowly dropped closed.

Week 10 Captive By Ciarán

Hi, my name is Blade. I had one shot, one opportunity. My brother Red   was beside me. My brother accidentally shot our own man. I scurried away like a coward. It was my brother got caught red handed. I never saw him again after the war. 5 weeks passed. I was living on the streets thinking but what would have happened to me if I stayed and had not been a coward and let my brother to die? I tried to join the army again but I wasn’t allowed but then I saw him. A white skinned man in a suit said,”Are you Blade?”  

Week 9 Not Treat But Trick By Ciarán

My brother and I always go trick or treating but this year my mom had the late shift and my dad had the paramount job of protecting the vault. We were too petrified to go out into the dark and gloomy neighbourhood. So what we did was, we decided  not to treat but trick.


It was 19:30. The first trick or treaters got to our house. My brother greeted them and I hid in a bush. One was an orange and malicious witch. The orange one spoke first and bellowed, “Trick or treat!” My brother told her to look in the bush. She walked over. I pounced out and I shrieked, “NOT TREAT BUT TRICK.”

Week 7 What Door..? By Ciarán

“Coming, Mom….”
After 7 hours of misery ,I got on the bus to go home but on my way home  I saw this woman in a black coat. We stared for minute but then she just  disappeared. I had to find out. That night, I crept out of the house and there she was in a black cloak. She asked me to follow her. After a while walking, there was a wall in the way but she pointed to a crack in the wall. She gave me a note saying, “Call out what you see over there!” So I shouted that there was nothing and for the first time she spoke saying, “But where did it go?”

Week 6 Robbery By Ciarán

“Stop Criminal…..!”


So you are probably wondering how it got to this point. Well, it all started when I was at home watching tv and I saw this guy robbing a bank . He made it seem so easy. So what do you know ? I tried robbing a bank. It was all going so well until I got to the vault. There were guards with guns outside. I took them out just like I planned. I got in and grabbed money but it was heavier then I expected….

Bang/Pew! I was shot…                                     Well, I am going throw that plan away….

Week 5 The Dreamer By Ciarán

I always wondered what that statue was that I pass everyday on my way to school. Some of my classmates call it,”The Dreamer” because he looks like he is day-dreaming.

A few weeks later….

Something amazing happened, the head moved.. So I went out to investigate. I walked up to it and I was surprised because it was made out of tin foil. I let my curiosity get the better of me so I ripped it open and what I saw was inexplicable. It was the void. Then I heard a guard. I didn’t know what to do. I jumped in. I turned around and I got farther and farther and farther away from reality.

Week 4 Terrorist By Ciarán

The sun was blinding me when I was coming out. I was ready to fly the silver, metallic jet. My best friend, Marcus the pilot, was beside me with those dark, gloomy eyes.
BANG BANG! PEW PEW ! There was pandemonium everywhere. I asked Marcus what was going on. He said there was a terrorist in the building and he ran off. I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t know how to fly. I got in. I didn’t know how to fly so I started pressing random buttons. It started up but when it wouldn’t take off, I knew it was over.

Week 3 Wrong Place, Wrong Time By Ciarán

Beep Beep Beep~~~~~~~~ I was in a coma for 6 months. You are probably wondering how I am here. Well it at all began when I kicked my ball over the wall to my neighbours’ garden. It was late at night and I went to get my ball. My parents warned me not to but I was determined so I opened the door and walked into the dark and gloom. Then I spotted a yellow bicycle just like my brother lost a couple months ago. I snatched it greedily. I turned around and a dark figure was standing there and said, ” Your time has come.”

Week 2 Time Machine By Ciarán


“Son, how many times do I have to say it to you not to touch anything?”

“Sorry Dad.”

“It’s ok  but if you do it again you will be punished… What is that thing you are working on and why did call me in here? ”

As he said that a cold and misty wind entered the futuristic room.


“We can go to the future like the movie. NO! This is better, you can stop time. Well I can, not you.”

He lunged over and pressed the button. Whoosshhh! Then everything stopped and I made a big mistake…………

Week 1 The Trick Coin by Ciarán

“Knock, Knock, hello! Anyone home? I have been getting some complaints.”

A Week Later…..


“You’re right, if they find out…”

“What are doing here?”

“We could be arrested!”

“George, keep an eye out.”

“Where should we go?”

“Turkey,Egypt,Italy or Russia?”

None of those. We’re going to America.”

“All of us?”

“NO, we go one by one.”

“Then it is settled that we go….”


“Please, please, we can settle this in an easy manner. Flip a coin, heads we go tails prison for rest of our lives.”


“Looks like it’s heads.  Bye…. ”

5 minutes later:  “Wait a minute, it was a trick coin.”