Back To Reality By Cillian Week 28

I had to get out of this cold, damp, wretched place. Behind me was the piercing sound of this terrifying, demented creature. And to top it all off I don’t even know where I am. Am I in a new planet?Galaxy? or even a whole new universe? Wherever I am, I have to get out. Eventually, I stumbled upon a ladder. This was my only chance. The second I put my hands on the cold metal ladder, I knew something was wrong. But as I climbed up everything was turning back to normal. I could eventually hear my mother roaring at me to wake up! Was it all a dream?

An Awful Day By Cillian Week 26

It was just a normal, wretched, dreadful Monday morning in school. I thought everything would be fine when the morning passed but I was very, very wrong. After maths we went to PE, so that wasn’t too bad but the day just kept getting worse. Andrew, the school bully, was giving everyone trouble and I was no exception. After a while I confronted him and I really wish I hadn’t because he and all his ‘friends’ did was laugh at me. I was so  cross that I went into the gym to hit the punch bag.

Troublemakers By Cillian Week 25

Once upon a time two boys, Tayto and Cadbury, were running away from home in search of a new life. On their adventure, they brought their horse, Tadhg. Along the way they slept on hills, under hedges and even traveled on cargo trains! But one night they became very hungry. So they decided to go to a town called Palace Town. After everyone had left the local cinema Tayto, Tadhg and Cadbury sneaked their way up to the the back door. They got their food and turned on the movie after pressing every button. But what they didn’t know was that when they turned on the movie, they turned on the front lights as well! They were doomed!

Sceal Eile: The Boy in The Striped Pyjamas Alternative Ending.

After I entered the camp with Shmuel, the officers started lining us up. We had no idea what was going on. We thought we were going for a shower. But after a while we realised this wasn’t normal. Some of the men were getting upset. I had never seen a man cry  before so I knew this was serious. Suddenly, there was a loud bang and all the alarms went off. Over the speakers around the camp we heard a man shouting: “Lock down. I repeat lock down!” Then a black car pulled up and four men wearing gas masks got out. One of them shouted at us to hide, we hid in one of the camp huts. All we could hear was the shouts, cries and gunfire of the men. Eventually one of the men knocked on the door. We hoped it was safe so we opened the door. He then escorted us to a truck and we were driven away. Were we saved?

Behind Enemy Lines By Cillian Week 24

I struggled to walk but I had to go on, my squadron depended on me. As I got closer to the enemy’s HQ, I heard the roar of vehicle engines so I stopped and dove into a nearby bush. I waited and when it seemed clear, I made my way towards the camp. It was empty. What a surprise! I returned to my Commanding Officer with the excellent news but when I got there, they were already surrounded by the enemy force. Dodging any stray bullets, I zigzagged towards a nearby hut what would happen next?

A Mistake? By Cillian Week 23

This was my big day, the day I would meet Gordon Ramsey! I was so excited. I would be going on the cooking show at 10 pm. After I picked up the ingredients, I headed to London. After one of my fellow contestants, Simone,finished I went on. I only had 10 minutes so I had to be quick after I was done I gave the food to Gordon. He took one bite and made a rather peculiar looking face. The vinegar was too sharp, I could already tell. I apologised but Gordon laughed. He ended up loving it!

A Wacky Day! By Cillian Week 21

One day while I was sprinting to the shops, I heard someone shouting “Help! Thief! Thief!”

I scattered through the streets and eventually found the supposed ‘thief’ but to my surprise it was a teeny, tiny bear! The second he saw me he hit the deck as if playing dead but he wasn’t fooling me. Suddenly a loud car pulled up and a group of men started shouting at me. I asked them what the problem was. They responded with “You.” Then I blacked out. I woke up in a hospital and a nurse began to ask me general questions but the only thing I remembered was my father’s phone number.

The Rebellion By Cillian Week 20

Hello, my name is John Adams. I am the Sergeant of Squad A for the British Army. The year is 1916 and the Irish Rebels are starting a rebellion. I was sent out to ease this issue. One day I was passing Jacobs Biscuit Factory and I saw many workers run outside. I asked them what was going on. They said, “The rebels demanded the factory so we had to leave”. I immediately left to tell this to my Commanding Officer. As I was walking down the hallway to his office, I heard him singing. It was completely out of tune but I still enjoyed it.  Once I told my Commanding Officer about the rebels he said we would attack that night.


The Alibis By Cillian Week 18

It was 1746 and there was a civil war in the city of Sydney. They all wanted independence from China. So after a while the people of Sydney were getting tired of it and decided to hatch a plan. The people of Sydney were either not trained or had poor military training so, by default, the Chinese Military had a HUGE advantage. But one day William Jefferson thought of an amazing plan. He told the people and they agreed so they set up around 30 alibis near the now Sydney Opera House. Then the Chinese Garrison and all hell broke loose. The statues are still there today.

The Haunted House By Cillian Week 17

“Help!” screamed the girl. Johanna, an ordinary girl, was after fleeing from her home situated in the small town of Hawkins. Eventually they caught up with her, she was doomed! They began to ask her questions but she was very reluctant. Then they said something that hit very close to home they promised that she would see her family again if she just cooperated. She agreed and told them everything.  After the interview her dad came in and told her the tragic news about her mother. He said: “She just disappeared.” Johanna wondered to herself saying: “But how could she just disappear?”

The House By Cillian Week 16

The house was empty, or so it seemed. This was no ordinary house though. In fact it was very unusual. The door was bright pink! But everything else was either black or grey.

Jim and I had used our bicycle to get here. Yes, the bicycle we shared, so it would be hard to escape if we needed to. I said this to Jim and he said “That’s nonsense, you’re exaggerating.”

When we entered the building, it felt very unstable but I trusted Jim. Suddenly a loud bang shot through the air. It was as if a gun had been fired. Then bubbles started appearing at the end of the hallway. This was really a mad house. When we decided to leave, it was too late, we were trapped.

The Siege Of Jadotville By Cillian Week 16

Hello, my name is Pat Quinlan. I am the Captain of B Company for the Irish Army on a peacekeeping trip to Central Africa. Us Irish, Indian and Swedish forces have been chosen by the U.N to tackle the issues in Jadotville at the moment. You see they have a new Prime Minister and he is mad.

The Arrival

We arrived there and set up camp at an abandoned petrol station in practically the middle of nowhere. Although I am the Captain, this is my first time overseas.

The Battle

The light blinded him but suddenly Tommy shouted, “Hostiles incoming! Take point.”

We all took our positions and waited for the enemies to push. They did and they had way more fire and man power but the Irish forces held them off for a number of days. When they arrived home they got no credit for what they had done.

Christmas 1914 By Cillian Week 14

There was a ceasefire. We could hear the Germans singing a Silent Night-like tune. It was astonishing. I could remember singing it at home whilst hanging up the baubles on the Christmas tree. Was it a trap? I decided to go and check despite my mates saying “Oh, you’ll be killed!”

I got up with the white flag and shouted “Hello!” Then a German soldier rose from the wretched, wet, cold trench. Clearly, they were losing the war, mentally as well as physically. We all rose, shook hands and even played a game of football. I will never forget looking into blue, German eyes.  An explosion went off so I said my farewells and returned to the trench.

The Escape Week 13 By Cillian

They had to continue but they were exhausted. Sgt. Alex Mason and Corporal John Woods were escaping from a Russian Gulag during the Cold War. They had been imprisoned for the past 3 months and were getting tired of it. So one night they decided to escape. So here they were sprinting helplessly through the cold, wet, dense forest. Then they caught up with their former squad. They told them what had happened. So that night they decided to launch an offensive on the camp and they saved more than 500 prisoners from the camp. You see, when I say prisoners, I mean innocent people snatched up and put to work for the duration of the war. Although people were saved, the war wasn’t  over yet.

Coincidence? Week 12 by Cillian

It was the year 2065 and gameshows on T.V were pretty much extinct as the government was spending their money on military enhancements. But one gameshow fanatic wanted them back on T.V. He was even on the news! What’s funny is we seemed to be on the television. I told my mother and she was bamboozled.

“What!” she exclaimed.

“Yes” I said “Look.”

We were all amazed. Was it a coincidence? Turns out it wasn’t. We were later invited to be the first family on the show. On the show, we were treated amazingly well. But later on that changed. It was all a setup. What we didn’t know (but the government did) was test subjects had escaped from Area 51 and they needed more military personnel. That was the last time I saw my family.

The Monster By Cillian Week 11

One day, an ordinary eight year old boy named Charlie was riding home from school on his bike. On this particular day, he chose to take the shortcut but this was a big mistake. The second he entered the dreary, cold forest he completely regretted it.


“What was that?” wondered Charlie.

He abandoned the bike and ran rapidly through the forest only to find that he was lost. Charlie sat down helplessly. Then he heard some footsteps.

“Who’s that?” shouted Charlie.

There was no answer. Suddenly, a huge monster appeared. Charlie screamed. Then the dreadful monster clutched him tightly in his hands and started to trudge through the forest. Charlie was never seen again.

Secret Mission By Cillian Week 9

I crouched down silently, opened up my bag, took out my walkie-talkie and whispered in,”M16 Agent Green reporting at the Spetsnaz Recruitment Camp.”

I then asked the operator if I should infiltrate the main building. He said it was now or never so I did but it was a big mistake. I pulled out my device detector to see what devices I could identify and I quickly wished I hadn’t. I saw gu poison mines, grzmot stun mines and even bear traps! I then wandered over to a door. I wondered what was behind the door. I guessed I would soon find out.

A Marketing Scheme?

In the middle of a show of Charlie Chapman’s, something very unusual happened. At first you could hear a weird, windy sound around the room then suddenly, BOOM! Charlie had turned into a Lego man! The audience couldn’t believe it. Back then most people didn’t know what he had turned into. Then two of Charlie’s security pulled him back stage. Many years later Lego released a set in memory of him, it is one of the rarest collections.

Sean vs Bath Time by Cillian

“BATH TIME!” mum shouted,  Sean hated bath time. A full on battle would commence when it was bath time and Sean was a reluctant fighter. If he lost the so-called ‘battle’ he would make his way to the so-called ‘hell on earth’ as slowly and clumsily as possible. When Sean got in he usually danced around for as long as possible before the so-called ‘lava’ was poured on him Sean imagined it was a hot, orange lava. Whenever he got out he always said he would never get in again (until next week).

The Secret Story By Cillian Week 5

One day Michael was telling a story to his two sons, John and Peter. Michael was always going to keep this story a secret but his two sons had got interested in cars. They were talking about the new Toyota Supra A90 that was coming out.

“It reminded me of a time when…”

“What Dad?” exclaimed Peter.

“When I was a street racer.”

“What?!” gasped John.

“Yup, Adrian, Hector and I, we all had nick names. Mine was Tfue, Adrian’s was Ninja and Johns was Nitrous”.

“What car did you drive?” asked Peter.

“I drove a Nissan Skyline R32”.

“Cool,” sighed John.

“Anyway time for bed, guys”

Hallucination? By Cillian Week 4

Once upon a time a boy named John woke up on a sunny morning. He lived on a farm and every day he’d go out to help his dad. But today was different, his dad wasn’t there. John could hear something bellowing. He went outside and saw a bull! John never ran faster in his life. At  the house he saw a horse. He was so confused. There was a ram in the house! Then a car pulled up and his dad got out. John told him everything. “Nonsense,” his dad said. Was it all an hallucination? The story has lived on to this day and recently a local sculptor remade the animals they are now up for auction.

100 Word Challenge The Frantic Escape By Cillian

John frantically shouted as he was running rapidly. He had visited the grave yard on a cold, misty night. His father had died a few years back when he was 15. John decided to visit the grave on the way home  – now he wished he hadn’t.

It was around 8:30 but it was dark. While John had been standing by his fathers grave he heard a mysterious sound. It got louder and louder. John got startled and ran. He looked behind him and saw a ghost like figure. When he got to the car it wouldn’t start-  he was crimson with embarrassment and full of fear.

He realised he used the wrong key he left the ignition key behind when he got startled and ran. He got out and ran down the road- he saw a car and thumbed up and the car stopped. He got in. He told the driver the whole story and said he had seen a ghost like figure. Then the driver looked at him …and he was one of them too.

The Ugly Monster week28 by Alan

I was just walking and I just saw him. I don’t knowwhy  I freaked out. I thought to tell my friend Jonn.y I also told my mom and dad. It looked like a half wooden dude eating a tree to have more body made from wood. I took photos of it. Suddenly it just decided to chase me and Jonny. We got chased for about 3 mins.Then we finally lost that weird ugly monster. And we looked around but there was no foot step or sign of him which was good. We found our way home and Jonny went to my house and I never want to see that thing.

100 Word Challenge By Cillian Mcs.

When my team and I were making tactics for the match we weren’t agreeing. My team and I had got to the final of a huge gaming tournament. I had been assigned as Captain and I.G.L (In Game Leader)  as usual. But Bryan was not agreeing to my tactics and leadership. Bryan shouted “But what if I was in charge?” I responded with,” I have always been I.G.L.” We all agreed I should stay in charge as Bryan had no experience as I.G.L and we’d probably lose if we let him in charge. That game we had barely won and only won because of communication and agreement.                                               The End

100 Word Challenge By Cillian Mcs.

I walked slowly,cautiously and carefully towards the ladder. I had my scuba gear on and was ready. I went down the ladder. |When I looked down I saw gold fish and other fish. When I was in the water and had dived down I could see green,pink and brown and other coloured fish. It looked spectacular. The fish flew past rapidly. I was swimming around when bang! I heard a loud noise. I looked around and saw a cargo container. I went over to it and examined it. There was a small crack that I could barely fit in. I saw a load of sparkling crystals. They looked beautiful and were so bright. Then I saw about 7 men swim towards the container. They had APS rifles that could be used underwater. I was petrified. I swam quickly towards the reefs. I saw them with a huge saw. They started cutting the metal. Would they see me?!