Week 18 The Broken Kettle By Danny

One morning, I woke up and walked down stairs. I put on the kettle and went up to get dressed. About 10 minutes later I went down stairs to see if the kettle had boiled. It was still boiling so I sat down and drifted off to sleep without meaning to.

When I woke up I looked at the kettle and it was still boiling. I went to get my mother to tell her that the kettle was broken. She said it was grand when she used it so I said, “But it is SO slow I could run a marathon and it still wouldn’t be ready.” I then copped on to what my mother had said, she said that she used it early on so it must have been her who used it.

Week 17 The Bike Race By Danny

John and I were in my back garden spray painting my old, rusty bike for the crazy, colourful bike race. We spray painted it yellow as we were trying to make it look like a banana bike.

As we were walking briskly down to the starting line, I felt extremely confident about my chance to win.

BANG!!!!! and the race had started. I wanted to get a head start so I pedaled to the metal down the steep hill. I was in the lead  when suddenly I looked back but when I looked forward again, I was heading for a telephone pole so I jumped off my bike but the bike had gotten stuck in the pole and I couldn’t keep going.

Week 14 My Super Duper Bees By Danny

Hi my name is John and I love BEES. My friends are into things like music and sports just to name a couple but my hobby is looking after and caring for my bees. So you could say I have an obsession with bees. I have 2 hives in my back garden and I love seeing bees come and go from there.

On the day of my birthday my parents got me a big hive with metal bees on it but inside those bees were little houses for my bees. It was the best present ever.

PS: I called it Eureka Tower because that was the first word I said when I saw it.

Week 13 My Pet Hamster By Danny

I have a pet hamster. He is very unique in his own special way. His name is Hammy the Hamster. He is 2 years old. I got him when I was 10. He used to live under my house until I caught him one day and kept him as my own. He lives in my bedroom in a little cage. It’s a two storey with a little bed, a hamster wheel and some food and water in there.

One day when I went to my friend’s house (he also has a hamster) we put them in the same cage. They then started to fly. I didn’t realise they could fly. But how would we keep it a secret?

Week 12 Final Day in Cork City By Danny

We were playing a soccer final in Cork and as you know anything can happen in Cork. It was the start of the game but all of a sudden we were down 1 nil. Suddenly at tip off one of my teammates passed the ball to me but all I could see were giants sprinting at me in purple shirts. Just then all of a sudden an elephant ran onto the pitch painted a very bright red. There was a person playing the violin on him. I asked him how he had got on the elephant but I didn’t care and I was happy that they didn’t tread on me.

Kanturk Art’s Festival A Story From The Past By Danny

A Story from the Past

by Danny Cronin

As we sauntered up the narrow road to my Grandad’s, we felt extremely excited as my Grandad’s sister was coming home. They were going to tell us a story about when they were young. We strolled up the drive and saw that Julie was inside with my Grandad. When I got in, I had an adrenaline rush just looking forward to the story. A few minutes later, Grandad started…

It was a normal, chilly August morning. Julie and I were lazing down by the shore. We were going to the “Grand Feast”. We were both very exhilarated as we were the only children going there as our Father was the Monarch before he died. He died of consumption and it couldn’t be cured.

Suddenly, we heard a bang and the lights flicked off. When the lights came back on (or if they did),  we were gone. We were taken onto an old, desolate ship. It had vast, white sails with a massive” T” on one of them.

I asked the Captain, “Why do you want us?”

 He said, “Your father stole jewels from me in days gone by. Now it’s my time to have my revenge on him and I will kill his children but first I need my beauty sleep.”

The next morning, we woke up on a slippery rock and all we could see was the ship in motion, drifting away.We were shivering with the cold. We were both numb with the cold and fear and our blood was circulating poorly. There was water seeping through our shoes and our clothes were clinging to us. Later that day, we saw a ship. We were saved, thank God, before we perished with the cold and hunger.

What an incredible story he told!


Week 10 John’s First Kill By Danny

As John walked into the prison, he knew he would have to draw first blood on the prisoner of war. John was a young man who had to prove himself. He walked down the long, dreary corridor of the prison with his new comrades on both sides of him while prisoners of war stood in cages beside them. John sauntered down the corridor with his gun in hand.

” PEW, PEW!” and the prisoner was dead with dark red blood dripping from his body.

“Great stuff, Cadet,” the Sergeant called out but all I could think of was the prisoner’s family.

Week 7 What a weird Morning By Danny

One morning as I slumped out of bed, I looked out the window. I could see a woman outside walking with her child. I closed my eyes drowsily and then looked back and saw her  loud and peculiar child had gone.

” But where did it go?” she shouted, (‘it’ meaning her child!).  I then skedaddled out of my room and bolted down the stairs. I nearly broke the door handle with how fast I was running. I went out to her and asked her where her child was gone. She said that she didn’t know but she selfishly accused me of taking it away. She then rang the guards and all I could do was watch and listen in sheer horror.

Week 6 The Cumbersome Bag By Danny

Walking down the road, I felt content but a bit apprehensive about everything I did and everywhere I went. It was April Fools Day. Every year my family go a bit too far. We always try to out do each other but this year was different. We hadn’t played a trick on anyone yet and I was a bit scared that I would be the first victim. Just then, I saw a bag and ran over to it. I looked inside it and there was money there. I then tried to lift it but it was heavier than I expected.  ” What would I do?” I asked myself.

Week 5 Litter Collector By Danny

Denny Double Chin was a famous person who used to live in St Louis with his two children, John and Millie. His wife had died a few years after the children were born. Denny used to work as a litter collector and used to go around town picking up rubbish. He knew everyone and everyone knew him. Though the worst thing was that he barely saw his children. He was gone before they got up and was home when they were in bed. He usually only saw them at the weekend.

When he died 10 years on, everyone decided to make a big sculpture of him made out of rubbish. And of course they put his neck bent back because he used to always look up at the stars.

Week 4 What would I tell my parents? By Danny

The day after Hurricane George hit Kanturk, I went to see what kind of damage it did to the town. I was strolling down gradually at my ease when I noticed that there was a bird on the ground. I checked if it was hurt and it was. He had broken its left wing and couldn’t fly so I took it home.

I darted upstairs so my parents wouldn’t see me and I then made a nest for it.

Four days later and his wing was fixed. I tried to leave it off into the wild but when it just wouldn’t take off, I kept it.

(Without telling my parents of course!)

Week 1 BANG… By Danny

One day Tom was walking down the road when suddenly he heard a bang. He went over to the building and saw that that there were about 12 people in there. He went in and said, “What was that bang?” They said it was nothing but Tom knew something was going on. He told him to skedaddle so he did but what they didn’t know was that he only went outside the door. They then started talking again and Tom heard everything. So he barged in the door and said, ” If you don’t want me to tell everyone in town your secrets, then you should let me in your club!”