Week 5 Litter Collector By Danny

Denny Double Chin was a famous person who used to live in St Louis with his two children, John and Millie. His wife had died a few years after the children were born. Denny used to work as a litter collector and used to go around town picking up rubbish. He knew everyone and everyone knew him. Though the worst thing was that he barely saw his children. He was gone before they got up and was home when they were in bed. He usually only saw them at the weekend.

When he died 10 years on, everyone decided to make a big sculpture of him made out of rubbish. And of course they put his neck bent back because he used to always look up at the stars.

Week 4 What would I tell my parents? By Danny

The day after Hurricane George hit Kanturk, I went to see what kind of damage it did to the town. I was strolling down gradually at my ease when I noticed that there was a bird on the ground. I checked if it was hurt and it was. He had broken its left wing and couldn’t fly so I took it home.

I darted upstairs so my parents wouldn’t see me and I then made a nest for it.

Four days later and his wing was fixed. I tried to leave it off into the wild but when it just wouldn’t take off, I kept it.

(Without telling my parents of course!)

Week 1 BANG… By Danny

One day Tom was walking down the road when suddenly he heard a bang. He went over to the building and saw that that there were about 12 people in there. He went in and said, “What was that bang?” They said it was nothing but Tom knew something was going on. He told him to skedaddle so he did but what they didn’t know was that he only went outside the door. They then started talking again and Tom heard everything. So he barged in the door and said, ” If you don’t want me to tell everyone in town your secrets, then you should let me in your club!”