The Punch wk26 by Dara

One day I was at home and I was just sitting down on my couch watching t.v. And then my brother came in and took the remote for the T.V. I was so mad that I punched him in the face and he got a nose bleed. So we were fighting for so long, we stayed up until 5am in the morning. THE END

The Cinema week 25 by Dara

1923. I was going to the cinema. I was going the see a horror movie. Its name was “Down the Street” and it was meant to be a really scary movie. It was rated 15 but I was allowed to go see it by the manager. My Dad was really good friends with the manager and now I was waiting for the doors to open to the theatre. It took about 1 hour but I didn’t mind. It was really scary.

Get out week 20 by Dara

Stop, stop. What do you call that? It was completely out of tune.

Sorry, it was our first time singing that song.

You said you know it off by heart.

Ya, I do but everyone else isn’t in sync with me.

So everyone is meant to be in sync with you?  Well, you know what? You can get out now and never come back!

Week 18 The Frozen Army by Dara

One day I was on a flight to Australia, it took 25 hours. When I arrived in Sydney after about two hour waiting for our luggage we were on our way to our hotel. We saw a bunch of statues.  We all went out of our cars and my friend said,” These were once a army but one day an evil witch came and froze them all. It was about 100 years ago. ”

“Oh, that is very interesting.”

I called all of our other friends over. We told them all about it and they were amazed how cool it was so we all took a picture. About 20 minutes later police arrived. They saw us on security cameras. They took all our phones and deleted the picture.  

Get out week 16 by dara

“Get out now!”

I had just been fired from work. I went home but it was empty, nothing at all left. I went for some interviews. I went for a local one and they said “Okay, you are good enough to work here, see you tomorrow at 7:30.” I went to buy a new bicycle. I was cycling past a park and there was a lot of bubbles. There was a bubble artist. I gave him £5. He said, “Thank you so much.”  I asked, “How long have you being doing the bubbles?” He said 10 years. THE END

week 16 Monday Morning by Dara

Get up!!


It’s half seven and you have got school today.

Okay. I’ll be down in 10 minutes. I need to go for a shower.

Okay. Hurry up or you will be late. Get your brother up too.

I went into my brother’s room and opened his curtains and the light blinded him.

Get up.


I went into the shower and 10 mins later I was done.

Come down for some pancakes.

Yup. Pancakes. Is there syrup?

The Marathon Week 13 Dara B

Bang!!!The race had begun. There were 75 people taking part in the race. I was in the middle of the crowd of runners. We were in a bit of a swampy forest. Everyone was all dirt and I got stuck in the mud so I took my shoes off and jogged so I could preserve my energy. So it was near the end of the race. It was a sprint between me and my friend and I had more energy than him so I won by falling over the finish line. I didn’t mean to fall.

Bigfoot but a Human Week12 by Dara

One day I was walking on a footpath with my friend. There was a man in front of us. He had huge feet. We didn’t take any notice until these people came running over the him.

“Oh my God, you are a celebrity!”

“Ya, why?”

“I need a photo with you, please.”

Okay so I went home and turned on my t.v and we seemed the be on t.v. My friend said we are going the be famous, right? No we wont.

The Bike Stuck in a Tree week 11 Dara

One day, there was an eight year old boy cycling in the  wood. He was on his new bike. He wanted the see how fast it would take to go through the forest. It was around 1 minute to get through the forest. On the way back, he saw a bear so he got off his bike and ran home as fast as lightning. He came back about 20 minutes later and the bike was not there. About two years later his younger brother was out collecting wood for the fire and the bike was stuck in a tree.

The Yellow Gorilla Dara Week 10

One day I was at a zoo and I saw a yellow gorilla. He was sitting on a pile of bricks. He was huge. He surely weighed a tonne. He was high up in the air. If I was up there and I jumped off it I would break my legs. Suddenly the gorilla broke the bars open and everyone was running all over the place. There was a pretty woman under a table and the gorilla saw her so she ran inside a shop.

Week 9 Behind The Garage Door by Dara

Bang! Crash! My dad was in the garage for the last week and I think he was working on something for my birthday. I hoped it was like a robot or something for the future or a hover car or some thing that actually hovers. One day I was giving my dad his lunch and some coffee and I saw what it all. There were about 20 robots and I was like, “What the hell is all this stuff Dad?”

“It’s for work. As you know, I work as a spy. Don’t tell anyone.”

The detective Week 7 Dara

One day a detective was reading over some files about crimes that other people solved. But one was still open so he decided to help on it. It was the crime of something eating all the ladybirds in the world. Everyone thought it was a spider. But the detective was at the crime scene on his own.It was in the middle of the night so he brought a torch with him. He suddenly turned and that was the end……

Halloween week 6 dara

Get down here now my mom said. And I was like oh no it might  be that vase I broke a few days ago. I ran down the stairs clumsily. Get into the BATH now. And after put on your warrior fighter suit for the night. So I when up for a bath and after I got dressed for the night of eating sweets. At one house I got an orange but the next twenty houses I got two bags from each of them which equals forty bags. I went to bed and only ate ten bags and the next day I got sick all over my room.

Was I really sick or faking so I didn’t have the go the school?

The Evil Robot Dara Week5

Bang, boom, clang! This robot was going to be a really good servant. It was insanely smart and fast at responding. It was silent on its feet too. It was going to be my money maker by assassinating millionaires. It reminded me of a time my granda would give me £20 every time I would visit him. At first it was like it had a  clamp on its leg but after a while it got better. It would pursue people like a cat sneaking up on its prey. One day it came home with a torn off arm, just like a vicious dog.

The Evil Witch by Dara week 4

There was a witch who was always around her cauldron mixing her potions. No one knows what all her potions were for. One was green, white and purple. About two weeks later my friend and I were in the woods walking our dogs and we came across this very old shack. It looked damp and there were three heads on the roof: a ram, a horse and cow. We were like what if the witch lives here? About two minutes later the witch came running after us but we outran her.

                THE END

Maths test week 32 Dara

“Okay, children, its test day so no looking into your partner’s work. Sam, you hand out the booklets to all the children. The instructions are: do the whole book. If you are stuck skip it and go back to it. There are 17 pages so I want all 17 pages done by 3’oclock.”

At 2.30 all I could hear was: “Sir, I’m done.” There were 11 other people doing the test. I was on page 14. I skipped some questions. I was the last one doing the test. I was on page 16, almost on 17. The minute I was done the bell rang. The next day I went to school. The teacher looked straight at me. He said “You didn’t finish the test. I said “But I didn’t understand the instructions…!”

Week 29 World war 3 Dara


World war 3 has begun.The captain for Britain shouted so loud his face turned Crimson. It was very very misty out on the battle field. Frantically there were gun shots every where left right and centre.

I was hidden behind a small barricade. It was made of sand bags that were about 10kg heavy. Lots of people died so we need lots of grave stones. It was after about 5 mins. I got up and started the shoot at the enemies.

Yes we won!!! What a war!


The Ugly Monster week28 by Alan

I was just walking and I just saw him. I don’t knowwhy  I freaked out. I thought to tell my friend Jonn.y I also told my mom and dad. It looked like a half wooden dude eating a tree to have more body made from wood. I took photos of it. Suddenly it just decided to chase me and Jonny. We got chased for about 3 mins.Then we finally lost that weird ugly monster. And we looked around but there was no foot step or sign of him which was good. We found our way home and Jonny went to my house and I never want to see that thing.