Week 13 , Exhaustion, By Darragh Q.

The jockeys guided their horses  forwards. The horses galloped as fast as they could but they were exhausted on the inside. I flashed my whip in front of my weary horses eyes. Immediately he darted forwards despite his tiredness. We had to win this race. We were coming 2nd place at the moment. I started to panic as the finish line came into sight. Once again I sliced the whip through the air.

“Come on, Johnny!” I shouted…

Week12 The Robbery. By Darragh Q

I threw the bag of cash on the carpeted floor and collapsed onto the comfy sofa. Immediately, I turned on the half-working TV. Just then my friend, James, strolled into the room. At the same time the news flickered on.

“Hey” I said nervously. “We seemed to be on the television a minute ago.”

“Did it show the robbery?” asked James, also getting nervous.

“Yes, it showed everything, even our faces!”

Suddenly we heard the door collapse.

“Upstairs!” I shouted…

Week 11. Evidence… By Darragh Q


Yes, finally, my first case! I immediately started looking for the murderer. Where could he be, I thought? As I read the newspaper I discovered that as he escaped from the crime scene, he stole a bike and cycled away. I decided to search the forest. I don’t know why I chose to search it, I just had a feeling there would be something interesting there. And I was right, as I strolled through the forest I could see something in the distance. When I advanced closer to the mysterious object, I could make out a bike. But the thing that shocked me was that the bike was stuck in the tree. Evidence! Finally, I thought…

The Forest. Week 10: By Darragh Q

I wandered through the forest. It was a very pretty sight. I looked up at the bright yellow sun. Suddenly a fearsome roar brought me back to reality. After the loud roar the ground started shaking. Without even thinking I turned and ran. I kept on running until I thought I had lost it. What had been chasing me was a gorilla! Just then a brick wall exploded behind me. One of the heavy bricks hit me in the leg, I immediately crumpled to the ground. Was this the end?….

Week 9. The House. Darragh Q

It was late at night when my friends and I were walking around the park. We came across (what the local people called) ‘The House.’ The house was abandoned for years. No one went as far as the front door. Suddenly my best friend Jake nudged me in the back. “Dare you to go inside,” he whispered. I  didn’t want to look scared in front of my friends so I cautiously approached the old house. I made my way into the mysterious house. I began to walk slowly towards what seemed like a metal door. That is strange, I said to myself. I wondered what was behind the door. But suddenly something grabbed me by the arm…

Week 7 Ladybugs…Darragh

I walked clumsily across the vast rocket land. I tried and tried to find the missing object but it was hopeless. Just then I stepped into something squishy. I looked down bravely, to find a large group of ladybirds underneath me. I immediately jumped back. But I slipped on a rock and fell flat on my back. As this happened I  grazed my hands painfully. I looked on to see the group of ladybugs advancing towards me. I jumped up despite the stinging pain in my hands. I looked around and at that moment there were men surrounding me, all holding guns. And at that moment I knew that this was a trap…

The Arena… By Darragh Q, Week 6

As I entered the arena my heart started thumping against my chest. I was shaking all over and I could barely hold my sword. The opposite fighter at the other end of the circular arena had already picked up his weapons. He was gripping a heavy-looking sword and an orange coloured shield. I clumsily picked up my own shield and began slowly walking towards my opponent. He danced in front of me. I could hear the crowd chant his name, BATH, BATH, BATH!!! He seemed to have a lot of confidence. We’ll see about that, I thought…

100WC Week 4, Turned To Stone… By Darragh Q

Off we went galloping and charging across the vast farmland. The ground underneath us was extremely hard. We could hear our enemy behind us. With every second he was getting closer and closer. Suddenly a thick dart flew over our heads. But as the second dart came, it hit Zac square in the neck. He suddenly stopped and surprisingly turned to stone! Jamie and I stood there in shock, horrified. We turned and charged across the field once more but even quicker this time. But just then we came across a deep river. We knew that this was the END…

100WC Week2: Tough… By Darragh Q

It was tough, but I kept going. I climbed up the mauve -coloured net, sapping the last of my strength. When I reached the top, I didn’t even bother climbing down. I stepped off the platform I landed hard on my feet. There was sweat, mud and blood streaking down my face. My survival teacher had been next to me for the whole course but had said nothing. As I walked on I came upon a vast, brown lake. Inside the water I could see an alligator ready to pounce. I was shocked to see the vicious reptile. I had to think fast. This was going to be tricky… Continue reading “100WC Week2: Tough… By Darragh Q”

Week 29. 100WC. Crawling. By Darragh Q.

Frantically I crawled across the endless field. I knew I was in grave danger, as I looked around the field. As I crawled and crawled, I finally saw what I had been looking for. I shouted and shouted, at the figure. But he couldn’t hear me.

I looked down at my leg to see the wound pouring with crimson blood. But I kept on crawling through the field hoping for shelter from the misty night. And of course to get proper care for my wound. But no matter how far I crawled I knew that eventually I would hear the crack of a rifle and I would fall into the well known darkness…

The Ugly Monster week28 by Alan

I was just walking and I just saw him. I don’t knowwhy  I freaked out. I thought to tell my friend Jonn.y I also told my mom and dad. It looked like a half wooden dude eating a tree to have more body made from wood. I took photos of it. Suddenly it just decided to chase me and Jonny. We got chased for about 3 mins.Then we finally lost that weird ugly monster. And we looked around but there was no foot step or sign of him which was good. We found our way home and Jonny went to my house and I never want to see that thing.

100WC Week 28. The Big Apple. By Darragh Q.

“Hello, my name is James O Callaghan, and the city is under attack! Yes indeed. It seems that an army of monkey legs are attacking the Big Apple. Have these topless monkeys come for something in particular or are they just here to destroy the whole state! We don’t know. All we know is that these things have to be destroyed. There you have it. Tune in for more information at 5pm.”

I immediately switched off the TV and looked out the window. All I could see was a big city burning. I wished that I could save the city. And just at that point an amazing idea struck…

100WC :By Darragh Q. The Chase…

Off we ran through the wet, stormy night. I managed to give a quick glance backwards. All I could see were about 20 men in bright yellow and blue uniforms. But although they ran quickly, they were still not making enough progress to catch up with us. We darted down the dark alley to see our getaway driver sitting nervously in the old, shabby jeep. Without even thinking we jumped right into the trailer attached to the jeep. Immediately the nervous driver pushed down on the accelerator. As soon as we sat up on the trailer we looked behind us to find that we were already away from the police. “Bye bye,” I smugly said to myself…



100WC Week 26. Hopelessness. By Darragh Q.

It’s hopeless, I thought for the hundredth time. It simply can’t be done. I’ll be killed. I reluctantly opened the tiny door. This was the end, I thought. I dived passed the door and skydived about 1000 metres above ground. As the wind swallowed me up, a very shiny light glowed down on me. I looked up to see a very yellow sun beaming down on me. As I squinted down at the Los Angeles, I felt my watch vibrating. It was nearly time. I was almost there. I reached into my pocket and lifted something heavy and cold out. It was time…

Week 23. By Darragh Q. The War Of 2084

“No, I’m too old to lead ye into this war,” explained Commander Shang.

“But sir, you know how much this war means to us.”

“No,” replied Commander Shang simply.

“Pardon me, sir, but what if I was in charge?”

Commander Shang looked shocked. No one had ever asked to replace him before, but he managed to say: “O- O-Okay,” , still amazed.

“Thank you sir,” replied the young lieutenant who was also shocked at Commander Shang’s answer. Immediately the young soldier spoke into his high tech radio.

“Everybody report to the war zone.”

“Good luck, soldier.” Commander Shang said eventually as the lieutenant left the room. The young man left the room with a huge smile across his face…

100WC By: Darragh Q. Gotcha…

I flew down the dark, brown streets of Drinkwater City. My headsets exploded in my ears, making me jump.

” Agent Goldfish, we’ve got a runner.”

“I’m on it” I replied through the headsets.

I squinted into the distance to see a shadow climbing up a ladder in the centre of an alleyway.

“Gotcha” I said quietly to myself.

I slowly followed him into the alleyway and up the ladder. Just as he reached the top of the ladder he looked down upon me. Immediately he pulled himself off the ladder. But as he looked around he noticed that he was trapped.

“Gotcha,” I repeated but this time a little louder…

The Chase. By Darragh Q

I hurried down the dense, abandoned street. It was a cold and misty night. I took a sharp turn down a small, slippery alleyway. It smelled like a huge 20 year old sandwich as I struggled to pass. I dared to glance behind me as I peered through the alleyway. I could just make out a burst of white smoke rising into the air. Even though I had run through muck, water and sewers I actually felt very energetic! Just as I started to look in front of me again I slipped on a cylindrical object. I looked down to see a battery lying in pools of water. Then I felt someone jabbing their knee into my back. I knew this was the end…



The Mystery at Blueberry House. By Darragh Q

“The Triplets” people used call them, Darragh, Dan and Eoin Harper. The three of them were walking down Blueberry Lane when suddenly Eoin stops them. “Hey guys, that house over there looks familiar for some reason?” “Oh, you mean Blueberry House. Yeah, the oldest house in this strange town,” replied Darragh. “What about it?” asked Dan. “Well I read a fiction book saying there was treasure in there somewhere. Come on lets have a look,” suggested Darragh boldly. “Ok!” replied the other two. Just as they approached the door, it creaked open.”Lets go in,” said Dan and Darragh. “I don’t know?” replied Eoin, but it was too late the other two had darted into the old abandoned house…

“Duck!” Darragh shouted. Soon after we had practically broken into the house we found out there had to be treasure somewhere, because the house was surprisingly filled with booby traps. There were lazers, spiked balls, holes, fire, closing walls, and the hardest of all RIDDLES. Then we reached a door. Dan swung it open to find a room full of treasure! “But where will we hide it all if we get it?” asked Eoin. Darragh took a step forward he had seen a mark on the box of treasure like this… <~>. But just then a voice came from behind us saying, ” Put your hands up or I will shoot!”