Home… By Darragh

I lay there on the dirt footpath, unwanted. I used to be nice and soft and clean, but now I lay on this footpath, dirty and lonely. Several people passed me everyday but they just ignored me. As I looked about me, in the distance I could make out a figure. I thought I recognised him. As he advanced further he picked me up! I was shocked. Before I knew it, I was sitting down by a fire. I recognised the soothing warmth of it. Just then the figure that had picked me up, sat down beside me.  I looked up into his face and I knew that I was home…

The Violin… By Darragh

As I cautiously walked down the old corridor, sweat trickled down my spine. This stupid dare better be worth it, I thought to myself. Just then a violin sounded in my ears. The thing that took the colour from my face was that it was completely out of tune. After that the floorboards behind me started creaking. That was the last straw, I couldn’t take any more of the trauma. I darted for the door. As I reached for the doorknob, I  realised that it was LOCKED. I slowly turned around. A tall, dark figure stood before me. Was this the end, I thought?…

Busted… By Darragh

As I threw the last of my eggs at the house, I smiled to myself. My friend Jake better have that tenner ready for me, I thought. Immediately I darted down the dark alley to my left. The deeper I went in, the darker it got. The alley was just about illuminated by half-working lights. They kept flickering on and off. Suddenly I stopped in my tracks. A figure stood before me. The figure had a big, long black fringe covering its eyes. It looked like it hadn’t been washed in weeks. Just then I was blown off my feet. I could hear sirens in the distance. I was busted…

Lightning… By Darragh

Suddenly we heard a loud roar and thunder. Immediately we looked up to see a group of big, dark clouds. Then the lightning came, it struck all of us. We were unconscious before we knew it.

Suddenly my eyes flickered open. I tried to move my left arm but I couldn’t. The only thing I could move were my eyes. As I looked around I realised that the whole army couldn’t move either. That’s when I remembered the lightning. Somehow it must have frozen us. We all had just one question in our heads: how long would we stay this way…

The Chase… By Darragh

Just as I sat down in my car, ready to have my well deserved lunch break, a car zoomed past me. “Oh no!” I said to myself, ” not again.” Immediately I sped after the speeding car. Keeping one eye on the road, I searched for my handcuffs. As I gained more speed, I caught up to the car. Just then I made out a woman driving the car. Suddenly she turned left. I looked towards where she was heading, but there was just a brick wall there, a dead end. Then suddenly the car and driver disappeared! I immediately spoke into my radio and reported what had happened. The person on the radio questioned, ” But how could she just disappear?” she asked. “I don’t know,” I said…

Bubbles… By Darragh

I kicked the door down and immediately darted inside.

“I’m going in, cover me,” I shouted viciously to my squad.

As I cautiously walked past the doorway, I saw something in a corner. Straight away, I aimed my pistol at it and fired. Suddenly a sharp ringing came from the corner. I walked over to the object. It was a bicycle with a pink  bell which I hit with my shot.

“The rest of the house is empty,” my partner stated.

We started to make our way outside. As we stepped out, we could see bubbles in the air. Then they popped. The force of the explosion, caused by the bubbles, blew me off my feet. It was a trap…

Freedom… By Darragh Quirke. Week 16

We had been stuck here for 10 years but at last we put our plan into action. We were breaking out. We were breaking out of this lifeless prison TONIGHT! 

I woke to find someone shaking me. It was my roommate John, but everyone called him Scar.

“Its time,” he said dramatically.

10 minutes later we were at the exit of the silent prison. I patted all 6 of my pockets and found the key in the fifth. Scar ran straight outside and almost immediately the light blinded him. I automatically shielded my eyes. “Freedom at last,” I murmured to myself…


The Dream… By Darragh Week 14

I tossed and turned in my bed, talking to myself but all of a sudden I woke with a start. I had had a dream of 4 pictures. The first dream was of a dark figure standing before me. Suddenly his head snapped back to reveal a dark blue eye. I was shocked. The second dream was of a family putting baubles and holly on their Christmas tree. And there were presents under it too. I drew all the pictures on a blank piece of paper. I  looked carefully at all 4 of the pictures. The blue eye, the holly, the presents and the bauble. Suddenly I thought to myself “This can only mean one thing…”