Week 29 The Plan By David A

Misty and I had been at the table for hours. We had been planning on robbing the Crimson Manor. Tonight was the night.

At 23 hundred hours we drove to the halfway point. We would take it on foot from there. We walked through the foggy graveyard where all the graves had been there for more than 50 years. We arrived at our destination and climbed through the window.

We went down the corridor where we found the vault. I put the code cracker on it and the vault opened. We took all of its goods and headed for the door. Misty shouted the signal to tell me the coast was clear. We had escaped for now.

The Ugly Monster week28 by Alan

I was just walking and I just saw him. I don’t knowwhy  I freaked out. I thought to tell my friend Jonn.y I also told my mom and dad. It looked like a half wooden dude eating a tree to have more body made from wood. I took photos of it. Suddenly it just decided to chase me and Jonny. We got chased for about 3 mins.Then we finally lost that weird ugly monster. And we looked around but there was no foot step or sign of him which was good. We found our way home and Jonny went to my house and I never want to see that thing.

The Iron Giant By David A

It was nearly 100 years ago to the day that there was a fight between the iron giants and the wooden giants. Over 1,000 iron soldiers fought and over 900 hundred were killed. They had been programmed to save the human race. Nowadays the last few robots are stored in museums but there are still some out there.

In school we were doing a nature project so I decided to go into the forest after school to pick up some things for school. I came up to a tree not really paying attention and banged straight into a metal leg. On that leg there was a little button. I pressed the button and all of a sudden it turned on and  all the pieces came together and standing in front of me was a big iron giant.

Week 26 Desert Hopes David A

It was hopeless. We were probably going to die out in the roasting, hot sun. I was starting to get blisters on my feet from the yellow boiling sun.

I looked over at my thin, dehydrated friend who looked like if he took another step he would simply just turn into dust and blow away. As we walked up a sand dune we could see the shiny looking mirages. We came to the top of the hill and looked down at the dead wastelands of dried up plants and tumbleweeds. We looked all over and saw a something that looked like a pool of water. As we dropped everything and ran down we both had that tiny bit hope.

Week 23 League Final Day By David A

It was League Final Day. We were coming second and drawing on points. If we won this game we would win the league. We were definitely going to get promoted as the top 2 teams got promoted.

We went out for our warm up and 10 minutes later kick off came. Our captain was Chris Stewart who had never been captain before which was a risk.

Even at kick off we looked the weaker team. Then right on half time their captain blasted the ball into the back of the net to make it 1-0. The second half came and we were looking a bit better but they were still stronger. They scored another goal and won the league by beating us 2-0.

When we came in to the dressing room I thought to myself, What if I was in charge?

Week 22 The Grand Final By David A

It was finally the Golf Final and I had qualified for it. I knew I’d be playing with all the top players. I was nervous. I was at the first hole. They called it the water competition because it was right next to the sea. I wanted to win the Golden Goldfish more than  anything.

I was at the first hole and I swung my club. I watched it as it flew down the fairway. It was trouble as I landed in the brown grass underneath the trees.

I saw the best of the best on the Greens putting slowly to  make sure they didn’t miss. I could see Jim Harrington, the best in Ireland, being interviewed in front of the ladder by the clubhouse.

I didn’t have a good day. How would I recover?

Week 9: Shopping With Ghosts By David A

Going to my school can be tough sometimes. Being the only one that can see ghosts. But the only ghosts here are because of an untimely death and they still have things to do.                                                                                                                 Usually.

It was only yesterday that I realised that all the ghosts were out for some reason.

“Whats happening?” I asked John my old neighbour.

“All the ghosts are out for their annual Christmas shopping. There is only one ghost train coming in.”

But the one problem was that if too many ghosts arrived they would become visible.

We have to stop the other ghosts.