Christmas Day Wk 14 David B

It was Christmas Day and I was so excited. I was so excited to get my presents. We had Christmas dinner first. I contacted my friend to see how his was. I leaped down the stairs with such excitement  to see my presents. This was the best Christmas ever. I had asked for a surprise as well. As I went to the tree, I glanced around and to my surprise I saw some sort of blue goblin about to open my present, I scared him off. My family didn’t believe me. I finally opened my present to see a ….

The Unusual Forest by David

One day, my friends and I went to the forest. We went there because  everyone  was saying that it was weird. It was dark out too. As we strolled  along in the forest, we heard howling. It was a wolf. He came and attacked us but we somehow ran away.  Then we saw a bike in a tree. It was unusual. Then a man came and told us why it was there. He told us a story of a boy. He saw a wolf and ran away. Then he came back to get his bike but it was in a tree. That day was very unusual. It turns out I was having a dream.

The bad night by David

One night Tom got asked by his friends did he want to go to a party. But Tom didn’t really want to go –   it was a fancy party but Tom didn’t really like the people that were running it. Tom wasn’t the greatest dancer he was pretty clumsy. At the party, there was a  chocolate fountain in the form of a bath. As he arrived he saw the fighter -at least that’s what they called him. He was a bully that picks on every one. Tom had no clue why he was there.  He ruined the whole thing.  How could it get any worse?