week 23 Dominic The Saviour

Today I went up my ladder to paint my wall red. I was going to paint it white but I didn’t. When I was finished, my family and I went to the beach to have some fun. Then I saw someone sinking and I said “Mother, wait! There is someone sinking.” Then I ran to save the boy. When I saved him, I went to find his family and go back to my mother.

                                         THE END

Dominic week 18

Today I flew to Australia to look at some places . When I was walking around , I found a lot of statues at some place . They were different colours and then , they were moving like robots . Then all of a  sudden they looked at me and started to run after me . Then I started to run as fast as I could . Then all of a  sudden they stopped . Then were going back laughing and then I forgot it was April Fools Day .

week 14 Dominic

Tonight, I went to bed so I can get my presents tomorrow. When I woke up I opened my presents and there was a motherboard , cpu , cpu cooler , 2 sticks of ram , power , storage , termal paste , gtx 1080 ti and the case  . I started with the motherboard . I added the cpu  then the termal paste and the cpu cooler . I added 8 GB of ram . then I added a gtx 1080 ti . then I added the storage and the power supply . then my computer worked out well .

…I wondered what was behind the door… Week 9 Dominic

Today I was at home minding my own business and I was really tired . I went on my bed and when I was thinking someone knocked at the door really hard . I was so scared that I went to my parents’ room to take a gun . Then I went downstairs and then he started to break the door open. I ran somewhere in the house and it was a big house . He was searching the whole house . He was shielded with armor so I was going to hide. I was terrified . I was going to shoot him but I didn’t . He was trying to find money.

Then he opened his helmet and I shot him.

Dimension Portal by Dominic Week 7

Today I got a Lego set. I opened it and it was a Lego dimension portal .Then I started to build . It took me a half an hour and when I built it a portal formed inside it. I was confused but when I touched it, it swallowed me. I woke up in a Lego dimension world and I was really confused because my body felt weird and I was holding a camera . I was taking photos of ladybirds.

And that’s how the story ended.

Oh No by Dominic wk 3

1 year ago I was at a train station . I was  going to Dublin until I saw a meteorite . I ran onto the tracks and ran as fast as I could. Then I saw a train coming but it seemed to go backwards. I went off the tracks so I didn’t get hit . Then I saw  another meteorite falling on me. I woke up in the hospital in Cork with a broken leg. I was in hospital for 3 months. When I went home everything was over .



Week 29 by Dominic

Today it was misty and raining. There were floods everywhere and our garden was flooded.

Then all of a sudden I saw a tsunami right in front of us. We went underground to survive and the door was strong enough. We had lots of food in the bunker and energy so we are safe. We were all waiting until the tsunami passed by so we can get out.

When the tsunami passed by we went out of the bunker and we were safe so if there was another one I think I would be safe at that bunker.  We had to  build our house again.

The end.

title: Horror School by Dominic

1 year ago I was sleeping. When I woke up I went to feed my goldfish.

Then my mom called me to go help her on the ladder and then I went to school.

When I entered the school the doors were closed and I couldn’t get out.

There was lots of paper on the ground and blood. That was so creepy.

I was so scared and then someone was chasing me with a sword. Then my friend saved me and died……                                                                                         The End