A Big Discovery and a Big Mistake by Eoin

They had found us. The people from down below had started chopping trees as if they weren’t even there. If only they had been more cautious . But, as the old saying goes, if you mess with the bull you get the horns. Every single branch had been equipped with the most hi tech gear, from the smallest, barely noticeable birch twig to the biggest , ancient oak stalk. We had also branched out to our close friends, the dogs, using them as spies.

Little did the humans know they had just pulled the trigger on a cross species war…

Wk 12 The Evil Sandwich by Eoin

I hurried along the uneven ground towards the one thing that could stop earth’s inevitable fate . The sword was stuck between two massive boulders and was a solid and steely silver with white engravings on the blade. I pulled with all my strength but it wouldn’t budge. I decided to try something no one else had tried, to push it . I pushed and the boulders split open. With the sword in hand my physical battery was high and I felt as energetic as a 4 year old who’s drunk a litre of coke. Now I headed off to defeat the evil Sandwich .

Week 10 Caught in the Act by Eoin

I whizzed around another sharp bend, the tyres screeching from the speed. Me and the rest of the sharp claw gang had just pulled off our best robbery yet, on a toy shop . The cops were gaining on us and we were having to swerve dramatically to avoid their hail of bullets. One police car caught up and slammed us into the ditch. Where would we hide it all ? We frantically stuffed the cash into our sleeves and any other place we could find. The other policeman approached the car, guns drawn. We stepped out of the car, hands up and waited for something to happen.




Week 9 : Phantoms by Eoin

I quickly nabbed the handbag and sprinted across the street. I had got it, now all I had to do was get away. I stopped at a shop nearby when I heard mumbling and groans. I looked around and saw three phantoms drifting towards me .

They were nattering on about giving back the handbag or else. Go away I whispered but they kept advancing nearer . I ran to an alley when the walls started closing in on me the ghosts groaned “give the handbag back or you will be cursed for eternity . You have one hour “.