Week 20 St. Stephen’s Green By Jack

It was Tuesday of Easter Week. All was quiet around the GPO. Pádraig Pearse had read the proclamation yesterday and the British flag had been taken down and replaced by the Irish tricolour. I am stationed in Stephen’s Green and am safely tucked away in a cold,muddy trench. I must say it is better than being out of it.

“It’s nearly dusk, Conor,” my friend Sean was shouting to me.

“C’mon you lazy lumps, we’ve got work to do!”he said in a joking voice.

I got up out of the trench and just then I saw something sailing over our heads. As it flew towards us, I couldn’t see what it was but then I recognised it.

“GRENADE!” I shouted as I jumped back into the trenches and it exploded 10 feet away from me. Last thing I remember was the sound of gunfire,men shouting and the bitterly cold evening of Tuesday 25th of April.

Week 17 My Brand New Bicycle By Jack

Thud ,thud, thud…

I was currently banging on my house door.

Oh no! I thought as they stalked up the driveway, they were going to catch me! I ran around the side of the house and hopped over the fence. I then climbed into my little sister’s tree house and opened her dollhouse I took the emergency key and ran inside. I turned and locked the door behind me, I was in home. I was safe, I thought as I panted for breath… I thought wrong.

To tell you how I got here…

My uncle had bought me a brand new yellow bicycle. It was the newest version and everyone was jealous of me…  and I knew it.

I got this great idea to make fun of the bully in our class as I was cycling past and it went wrong and they caught me. I ditched the bike and ran. They zip tied the bike to a pole and ran after me.

And that’s how I got here.

Week 13 Flight By Jack

BARK! BARK! I was giving out to my younger brother  because he took the juiciest bit out of the little thing humans called dogs.

I am a coyote and I live in a stifling hot den in North Carolina with my brother.

We finished eating and went looking for more food when we came across Orville Wright and Wilbur Wright, more commonly known as the Wright Brothers. They were the ones who had killed our parents with the thing that shot lightning out of a barrel. I was about to pounce on them when they hopped in this “thing” and took off.

Up and up they went, I sat there dazed because I didn’t realise they could fly and then they came back down and we went back to our den deciding to leave them alone and have a good night’s sleep.

The Runaways Kanturk Arts Festival By Jack

The Runaways


Jack McSweeney

“Anne ,C’mon , we’ve to go!”

It was the year 1892 and  Seán was speaking. He had sneaked in through the window to wake her. Today was the day they were going to escape. They had paid £1000 to a crew of brigands.

Anne and Seán had lost their parents in a storm when they were younger. They then got sent to different homes and they’d lived apart since. But they sometimes sneaked out and played. They lived 1 mile apart so they constructed a tree house halfway between them.

Seán had spotted the brigands when he was herding his stepfather’s sheep. He told them he would pay £1000 to take them away from that desolate lonely place. He took the money out of the bank his stepfather owned. Seán’s stepfather was very wealthy so he wouldn’t notice any money missing since there were no devices to count the money.

They’d planned to meet at the treehouse but that hadn’t gone according to plan. Seán had had to trudge through the muddy terrain to Anne’s house.

“Seán, why are you here?” mumbled Anne.

“We have to go, remember?” he whispered.

It was like something in her brain clicked. She grabbed her things and pulled on some clothes.

“Um, Anne, those are summer clothes,” he pointed out.

There was a violent storm booming outside. He had brought a suitcase so they put their things in it.

They were on the verge of a cliff when a vast vessel emerged from the  thick mist. Seán had only noticed it because a flash of lightning had highlighted its shape and size… and the T on its sail. It was only now they realised who the ship belonged to: Teresa Mhaol, a descendant of the famous brigand Gráinne Mhaol. He heard his sister whimpering. There was no going back now.


Week 9 The Odd One Out By Jack

I am what you might call ‘an odd one out’ or ‘the black sheep’.  But in my case, I’m not orange or yellow. Nor am I peach. I am white.

My father and mother were a peach and a yellow pumpkin. Not the greatest combination but if people thought that was bad they should’ve seen me . White pumpkins are meant to be evil , cruel , nasty pumpkins but I’m not like that. I still got dumped …into the sewers. I was sad and angry. The sewers were a smelly, dark wet place with mice and rats trying to eat you all the time. But I was going to get my revenge on the orange one, for it was the orange one who spoke first…

The Star Gazer By Jack Week #5

This is the story of a man who, in pursuit of his dream, got the name “The Star Gazer.”

He heard the cock-a-doodle-doo in the morning at half past seven. Wait? HALF PAST SEVEN! He got out of bed and got dressed as quickly as he could.

He was already late for his lesson with Miss… he didn’t think she had a name, everyone just called her Miss.

He was on his way to the secret place where she taught him when bang! crackle! pop! He heard a noise. He looked up. Oh no! Miss had warned him about this. He shouldn’t have looked up. He tried to move but couldn’t. He was looking straight at what looked like a cloud but it wasn’t. It was an evil spirit that would bind him to the place for all eternity. His body would freeze but his mind would still be operational. The thing that froze him was moving. He had no doubt it would go after Miss next…

Trouble Down South By Jack

It was while we were doing research in the seemingly endless icy desert that is the Antarctic that the team I was assigned to first struck trouble.

It was always known that I had bad luck. Even for something that seemed like it couldn’t go wrong, my luck always found a way.

And this was a trip to the Antarctic.

I was assigned to collect samples from a lake we had found that wouldn’t freeze because of the amount of salt in it.

On the plane to go back home my luck showed itself.

“Ummm, Captain, the plane won’t start, ” is what the pilot had said.

We tried everything in the book to get it going but when it just wouldn’t take off we knew we were in trouble.

And I knew that my bad luck had struck again.

Prison By Jack Week 2

“Hey, Peter, did you see that guy? I think his name is Professor Frank .”

“Yeah, didn’t he make some sort of mind control thing? ”

“Yeah, that’s right. ”

“Know what I’d do if I had that sort of power?”

“Hmm, let me guess! Try and break out of here again?”

” Yes, exactly Keith. How did you know?”

“Because every time you get a little bit of motivation, you try and break out of here and guess what? It would probably fail just like your last fifty-two attempts.”

“Hey, my thirty-second attempt nearly worked.”

“Yeah, well, it didn’t. You got as far as the crocodiles, then got your leg bitten off. Anyway, Peter, back to Professor Frank.  They say he’s a nutcase and he’s going try and take over the world with his mind control. ”

“Yeah I … ”

Peter was just about to finish his sentence when his eyes turned red , and so did Keith’s. Then they heard a voice …

Johnny Peter and Patrick the Mason By Jack

“Hello, Johnny. Today I spotted a man in the town square by the name of Patrick. He looks to be a senior stone mason. There was a queue the length of the building we’re in now asking him to do things like make a fireplace or build a wall.”

“Well, Peter, do you think he should join us?”

“Well, yes.”

“Okay, so you know what to do. Watch him for the next few days.”

“Yes, John. See you on Monday.”

“Fine but hurry along now.”

Monday came and Peter thought he should join. John was ready with his flintlock just in case he refused but he didn’t. He agreed and went on to be the greatest stone mason that had ever lived.