Week 20 The Chase Was On by Julius.

Nervous, I put on my black mask over my face and loaded my gun. We jumped out the van in a hurry and only had five minutes to get back from the bank .

I ran into the building  and fired a bullet into the ceiling and started roaring at the banker and told him to give me the money and if he didn’t I would  give him a present .

We came back with bags of money and I ran for my life out of the building before the police had got there .

We got in the van and I started driving.  When we were moving very fast  the police started driving into the van and the chase was on.

week 19 The Endless Terror by Julius.

“Run you fools!” the captain shouted in a frightened voice. We ran quickly past the burning vehicles but the smell of gas was too much and I could no longer breathe properly.

But I didn’t have much choice and carried on running. A while later we came to the factory where we first landed for the mission .

We went inside and hid behind the boxes and waited for the attack. We did not know what it was or where it was from but we knew where it was going .

Suddenly it came down the drainpipe and we braced ourselves for what was coming.


Week 14 what are those by Julius.

Suddenly the van hit something and the doors crashed open. My baboon brothers and I made a run for it.

We separated so it would be harder to catch us.

I was alone when I ran into the Apple Store, you know the shop with gadgets. .

When I looked around there was no one there. As I walked on there was this big piece of plastic in front of me so I decided to push the buttons. Nothing happened so I rapidly kept on pushing the buttons so something would happen.

I got so angry that I pushed the plastic thing off the table and it disappeared in front of me.

suddenly something caught me by the neck.

Week 13 cornered by Julius.

Excited and curious, I walked through high reeds and into the dense forest .

The trees were full of monkeys and other beastly creatures that stay out of sight.

As I walked on I noticed an orange spot in the distance that seemed to grow bigger and bigger as I walked on.

Then there was a roar from behind me. It was a tiger. Then another appeared from behind me.

There was nowhere to go. Then suddenly a monkey fell out of the trees.  We were doomed. The tiger was blocking our way out. Then suddenly they charged. There was nowhere to go. We were cornered.

Week 10 The Terrible Deeds of War by Julius.

It was 1916 in Dublin, Ireland and a rebellion was on and a tonne of supplies were being delivered through the Liffey .

The great ship sailed up the Liffey but where would I hide it all from the British, that was the question.

That day they were ready for the ship but it never turned up and was ambushed by the heavy machine guns and the great machinery of war.

No supplies ever got to the harbour. The Irish got so mad that they planned an ambush on a bridge and the Irish were on buildings shooting with the last ammunition they had left.

Week 9 The day the Earth stood still by Julius.

“Come on, we are going to loose it,” I said in a worried way.

The blurry figure got faster and faster  and there was no way that we could catch up to it unless we crossed the stream and into the city.

I realised that this was a big risk but we had no other choice .

As we raced for the city we came upon people screaming in fear and running for their lives.

I knew that it had gotten into the city and unleashed more of its friends from down under .

I took a quick photo and ran for my life like the others and this was the day the earth stood still.