The Spider By Killian Week19

I was outside playing when I saw a pikachu on the roof. Then it came down the drainpipe. When it got down it shape shifted into a GIANT SPIDER!

I was petrified but I gathered all my courage and ran down the street. It jumped straight over me. It was a jumping spider! It was eating all the cars when suddenly, a giant egg came out of it.

The giant egg hatched and the babies grew rapidly. Soon there were giant spiders everywhere! They all turned to look at me. They jumped at me and this is where I say goodbye. Goodbye.

The Hand By Killian Week 16

I was walking down a street in Dublin one day. When I saw a giant hand with a face on it on top of a building. It jumped off and ran down a dark alley. I chased after it and saw it jump in a rubbish bin. I did too.

I was zapped into a really big maze. I saw the hand turn a corner and jump into another bin. What was it with these bins? But anyway I followed and ended up in a spooky mansion and saw the hand run through a door and I saw a giant room full of them…

The Surprise War By Killian week15

We were in our house in the beginning of this story. Unaware of the danger. It all started when we heard the first bomb drop. It was the Navy. Everyone was screaming and running. World War 3 had started. I grabbed my gear and ran outside to see what was going on. I had to find bullets for my gun and all the shops were closed. Then I saw it, a small pack of bullets for my gun. I hurried my family to the boats and carried our dog over to the animal section. I ran back in to our house to find…

The New Boss By Killian.M

I am really excited. I can’t wait to meet our new boss.”Hello everyone. I am your new boss,”I heard. I turned around to see…a monkey. Really. Of all the people they could choose they chose a monkey.”Okay everyone, I have set a few rules in place. Rule number one: Never…”,he started. Crash!He just threw the laptop of the table.”Who turned off the WiFi?! I was just watching Dan TDM! Who did it?!”he shouted. Bob put his hand up.”You’re fired!”,he yelled.”But you can’t…,”Kate started.”You’re fired too,”the monkey shouted at Kate. I could tell that our time with him will not be very good. It will be horrible.