Writing competition Fantastic Beasts by Krzysztof

“Thanks. ”

“Bye!”  shouted Jacob in a normal voice as the women went out from the bakery.

” Yes?” he asked when he raised his head. He looked. It was she, she that he could remember.

” Qee…”

He stared. It was his friend Queen. They stared at each other.

” Hi.”

“Hi.” Jacob replied. ” Tina got a message from Dumbledore. He told me to find you and we need to help Newt.”

“Who?” Jacob asked.

“I tell you later. Get your jacket or whatever.”

They walked out behind the bakery.

” Why me, I’m normal, not a wizard like you.”

“I told you that you’re one of us!” They caught each other by their hands and teleported.

Meanwhile in Dumbledore’s office at Hogwarts Castle…

” Do I need to do this?”

“Yes. You’re the only one to defeat Grindelwald. And you’ll need your beasts.”

Newt looked at his case for few seconds and then replied ” What and where do I need to go?”

“France, Paris. You’ll take the train from King Cross, Platform 8. It goes to Dover. There you’ll meet your old friends.”

Doors opened and Newt went out.

“Ok,”  he said to himself. When he reached the platform, the train was ready to go. It was not the end. It was only the beginning.


100 WC. Week 23 The Duty by Krzysztof

Above Pacific Ocean 4.00 am.


The squad jumped. The night was cold, stars shone and the moon’s reflection looked like it swam on the water.

“Ship on target,” repeated the Captain.

They landed.

“Move, Move!” he said.

“RED! Go on.”

Again he said, “Faster, move, move” to the squad.

RED opened the door slowly and walked in.

“No one’s here”


Everyone felt a shake. The ship seemed to be sinking. The pavement broke and Jim fell inside.




Coins floated and more water poured in. It seemed to be the end of it all.

100 WC week 22 Trapped by Krzysztof

“OPEN! Please. I’ll do whatever I need to. PLEASE! OPEN IT! ”

Vinegar poured in the room in big drops. The Voice announced, ” Give up the money or die, Jim.”

There was no chance of surviving, the vinegar was too sharp. The  hatch was closed for ages and still vinegar poured in .

“What’s your choice Jim?  See your family again or die?”

Vinegar was up to his shoulders  when he heard steps. Then someone shouted, “CAN YOU HEAR ME ?”


The hatch opened and Jim was saved.

100 WC week 21 Loss of a friend by Krzystof

The school bell rang.

“Ok! ” shouted teacher. ” Line up!”

Jim was last to walk out, alone but for his one friend, Benny Teddy Bear, his best friend for life. Sitting alone in the shed, holding Benny, and thinking how it would be to have a real friend. How would it be to play with some one? As he was thinking of that, Thomas came up. He was the person who bullied him. Thomas, in a mean voice said, “Give it!”

” What?”

“The thing in your hand!”


Thomas grabbed the teddy bear and threw it over the fence. Jim shouted “NO!, NO!” He lost the only friend he had.

100 WC. week 20 APOCALYPSE by Krzysztof

Just as I turned in on Sunday night, the noise of some bizarre music came from outside. It was completely out of tune. People  dashed through the street screaming in horror. Everything seemed to change: the sky was grey and black, roads collapsed and steel started to rise up in the air and fall down in seconds. Roads broke, houses smashed. As fast I could run, I sprinted through the estate in which I lived. Everything changed from that day on and turned into the most real of living nightmares.

100 WC. week 18 THE GAME by Krzysztof

Sydney 12.21p.m. A storm came up in the bright, blue sky as the U.S. Army started to  gather up on the beach. Pixel cubes came down from it that combined and formed into monstrous robots from the 8Os video game.

“DESTROY!, DESTROY!” they repeated.

People and the soldiers died in pixelated horror. They turned into coloured statues, placed in lines.


The game was hard to win but your life is at risk.


100 WC. WK 16 ONLY ONE TO BE HERE By Krzysztof

Just as Ben cycled his bicycle past, he heard a gun shot being fired. Streets were silent and houses wretched after the bombing. Something strange appeared to him. Slowly he moved to the door way, gazing at the pink, coloured wall.


It seemed to be empty when he heard …

“Steps,” he repeated. “STEPS!”

He couldn’t believe that he was seeing bubbles coming up. It was Jake, his old neighbour.

“Jake,”he said. “We need to go. They’re here. We need to go.”

He dashed with him to the bike and got away.

100 WC. WK 16 THE LIGHT By Krzysztof

The light blinded him.


The boy looked up at the torch, covering his eyes.

” I wanted a short break from the journey to find my uncle.”

“Where do you come from? ”

“From far away, 30 km away.”

The farmer gazed at him and thought what to do.

Finally he replied, “Come on, you get a bed, something to eat and new clothes.”

The boy got up slowly, got his bag and followed the man to the cottage. He looked at the stars , walked in…

100 WC week 14 THE Gift by Krzysztof

Snow came down from the sky as Christmas Day appeared. Peter walked downstairs to get a  glass of water. While he was drinking, he spotted a small package that stood under the Christmas tree. He took it and read the small piece of paper attached to it. It read “For Pete”. He tore off the decoration paper. The gift was a small glass ball. Peter put  his left eye to it and saw a holly bough with red berries, stars shining, a bauble and a small present. Suddenly the package opened and sucked him in…


100 WC Week 13 NO ONE by Krzysztof

Fire burned, the sea was shallow, stars shone and a little breeze came upon their shoulders. Luke shouted out to his men, “WE ARE GOING WEST FOR SOME FOOD!” He picked out his 5 men and marched west. When they reached the Dry Valley, Luke heard abnormally big steps. The person was a Giant with an awful smell and he had a huge hammer. They started to sprint down but they were exhausted after a kilometre. Luke, John and Ben were those left. The Giant grabbed Luke and spoke out with a loud voice, ” WHO ARE YOU?! WHAT’S YOUR NAME?”

“My name is No One!”


100 W.C. Start week 6 By Krzysztof

The clock alarm went on as Nevil woke up. In his head, he spoke to himself. “Another day”. While closing the door two men in a black suit stood in front. Nevil asked ” Can I… “Hi my name is Mr. Orange and that’s Mr. Fighter. We are working for BATH and we’re here to take you. “No, I’m …Mr. Fighter pulled out something like a gun and put it up to Nevil’s neck. He felt a small pinch and fell. Clumsily they dragged him up to the car. When Nevil woke up someone danced in front of him.

100 W. C. Week 5 Time W. 3 By Krzysztof

It was 02:00 January 2020 when five shots came out from the North Korean navy ship. Boats approached the bay near Golden Gate Bridge. People were dashing through the roads to save their lives.  One of the soldiers ordered to fire. Just then a rocket shot out in the air, got split in half and blew up an eighth of a city. It reminded me of a time when my grandfather told a story when he saw a nuke accident. I sprinted down the hotel stairs, through the corridor, but I stopped. I knew I was not safe.

Week 29 The way By Krzysztof

Ship was boarding port Perth. When the stairs were dropped on the land , the crew went first and Ben after. One of the men shouted “I’ am  taking Clark O’ Donnell and his son to Tony’s farm ”

When his father  came down Ben exclaimed ” Someone is there to take us” repeated Ben.

Frantically , Clark and Ben ran up to him. Then he said ” My name is  Bruce. I am taking you to my friend Tony.” They sat up on the camel’s and were on the way. Going through the burning sand Clark saw a creature coming nearer and nearer.

” We’re in grave danger!” he repeated.

The Ugly Monster week28 by Alan

I was just walking and I just saw him. I don’t knowwhy  I freaked out. I thought to tell my friend Jonn.y I also told my mom and dad. It looked like a half wooden dude eating a tree to have more body made from wood. I took photos of it. Suddenly it just decided to chase me and Jonny. We got chased for about 3 mins.Then we finally lost that weird ugly monster. And we looked around but there was no foot step or sign of him which was good. We found our way home and Jonny went to my house and I never want to see that thing.

Making Progress by Krzysztof 5th

Although they ran quickly , they were still not making enough progress when a rathar [a monster with arms] was chasing Ben and Peter down the ship hall. Ben got his two gun blasters and jetpack trying to kill the monster with shots out of it as Peter was still running . Soon Ben shot the rathar and it died lying on the ground but Peter was injured in the chest . Then captain approached and said ” What have you  done? ! “