The Speaking Statues By Kyle

My friends and I were in a huge city on holidays until we saw three statues placed in a triangle. Suddenly my friend heard something. He said that he heard somebody talking. So I said that it was somebody that walked past us but he heard the exact same voice again. Then I heard it.

So we checked the statues and they were talking to us but only we could hear them. So my friend ran howling for help that the statues were talking but he never realized that only we could hear them.

Soon after we had to go back to the hotel room and we still heard them and we were taken….

The Strange Figure Looking Like A Hand. by Kyle

One day me and my friends were cycling around until we came across a strange figure. The figure was like a hand shape but the eyes were red. Suddenly it dropped and it bit all of us and we were given claws and sharp teeth. The figure called us a genetic breed of a werewolf. We were half werewolf and half Hellhound.

I was terrified because my parents would think I was a different person that looked like me. But my friends, on the other hand, they loved it. When the full moon came me and my friends went on a hunt and we killed everyone in a building when they were working late. And we couldn’t control ourselves. We were on fire and after the full moon we could control the other half of us and we were unstoppable.

The End

The Angry Monkey By Kyle

One day I was at the zoo with my friends. When we were passing a monkey it was on a laptop. Suddenly it turned off and the monkey was so angry that he picked up the laptop and threw the laptop at the wall. It was smashed into pieces. All the kids were howling with laughter. One kid had a heart attack but he was okay. My friends gave the monkey their phones and they regretted it.

The monkey broke their phones and the kids started laughing a lot. My friends were sad because they forgot to take out their sim cards so they had to get new phones and sim cards. And they paid together and it cost 250 Euro so that is a lot of money. The End