Week 29 The Risk by Laurynas

My finger rested on the trigger and I waited for my target to appear. The gun was scraped and the handle was almost broken. I just waited. If I shouted I would be seen and killed.

I frantically crept towards the window to look outside. It was misty and only one grave in the cemetery could be seen. I saw a couple of creatures walking and sniffing the air for flesh and blood,… my flesh and blood.

I turned around and saw a crimson light shining in the corridor. Something was shining there and I had to check it out even if it costs my life.

The Ugly Monster week28 by Alan

I was just walking and I just saw him. I don’t knowwhy  I freaked out. I thought to tell my friend Jonn.y I also told my mom and dad. It looked like a half wooden dude eating a tree to have more body made from wood. I took photos of it. Suddenly it just decided to chase me and Jonny. We got chased for about 3 mins.Then we finally lost that weird ugly monster. And we looked around but there was no foot step or sign of him which was good. We found our way home and Jonny went to my house and I never want to see that thing.

Week 28 The Run by Laurynas

The thing raced down the street ignoring the eyes that stared at it. The thing had to get out of this planet before it was caught. It only had to run down a few streets before it reached its spaceship.

Suddenly armoured vehicles surrounded it and little creatures pointed little guns at it.

” We have you surrounded, don’t do anything funny and we won’t hurt you.” shouted one of the little creatures.

The thing stopped for a moment, crouched and took a giant leap. It flew over the creatures’ heads and ran off. The air was filled with noise but the thing ignored the noise. It had almost made it, it was almost home .

Week 26 The Golden Flower by Laurynas

Josh and Micheal walked into the entrance of the cave. They started having second thoughts of going in but they knew it was too late. After researching  the legends about the “Golden Flower” they had to see if the legends were true.

After walking a while in the cave they saw a yellow light shining in the distance. They ran towards it and saw the flower. It had shiny petals made from gold and it had a thin, golden stem. There were tiny pebbles surrounding the flower.

Micheal reached out for the flower. It was hopeless to stop him because he was the kind of person who didn’t like being told what to do. Suddenly a scratching noise was heard behind them and the two boys knew that they weren’t alone.

Week 24 The Tunnel by Laurynas

” Jim, do you think this is safe, going so near an object that we don’t know about?” asked Jake, feeling very worried.

” Oh, don’t be a scaredy-cat, it’s just a massive cup.” replied Jim.

It was a sunny afternoon when two brothers stumbled on a giant cup standing in the middle of nowhere. Jim was looking at it when he noticed inside the cup was a dark hole. He took out his torch and shone the light into the hole. He could see a tiny sparkle.

Jim jumped down and seconds later shouted back at Jake to come down. Once Jake was in the hole he saw that around him was a cave full of gems of all sort.

” We’re going to be RICH!” shouted Jim, full of delight.

Training by Laurynas

” Right Lads, I want you all to start your training AND NO MESSING.” announced Sergent Thunder.

The soldiers immediately started their training which included 40 push-ups, 30 sit-ups and many more other drills. Sergeant Thunder left, leaving the soldiers doing their training but once he left the room they started messing.

Just then the janitor passed the room and saw the soldiers “acting the maggot”. He thought to himself quickly, ” They won’t have any chance of success and Sergeant Thunder doesn’t know about this. But what if I was in charge?.

The janitor entered the room and shouted out orders. The soldiers thought that this was Sergeant Thunder and started their training once again. After a half an hour of exercises they were absolutely worn out.

” What’s happening here?” boomed Sergeant Thunder’s voice…

Week 22 Mischievous Simon by Laurynas

Simon looked out the window and saw that it was raining . His pet, Samantha ( the goldfish ) swam slowly in circles like always. Samantha was a magical fish and only Simon knew that.

” Samantha, can you stop this rain?” asked Simon. Samantha wriggled her tail and the rain stopped.

Simon, on the other hand, was a mischievous boy and always  thought of mischief. He saw a bird perched on a branch but suddenly it flew away into the distance. He also saw his neighbor walking out with a brown ladder.

Samantha was already eyeing him suspiciously knowing what he was thinking. Simon turned around and saw that she was staring at him.

” Don’t worry, I’m not thinking of mischief.” said Simon but Samantha knew that behind his back, his fingers were crossed.

Week 21 Camp Wood by Laurynas

“Sir, we received news from the border and our tree ninjas  are retreating.” said Ash.

The humans were cutting all the trees down not sparing a single one of them. There are only a few dozens left but every day one of them still dies. Now the generals have come to a meeting to end this.

” We must attack  the humans or we’ll all die one by one.” said General Birch.

” This is too risky, we must defend the last tree citizens.” answered back Sapling.

” And die ourselves- ”

” Good news, General, the plants in England have agreed to join our army and running as fast as their roots can take them. ” Ash interrupted.

” O.k, we shall strike tomorrow and end the human greed forever.” shouted Birch with a grin.


Week 20 The Slippy Getaway by Laurynas

” RUN!” I screamed.

It was midnight when my gang of robbers broke into a local bank. Our aim was to sneak in silently, grab all the money and drive away like nothing happened but one of the robbers set off the alarm.

We ran as fast as the wind to our pick-up truck where our getaway driver was waiting for us. Once we all entered the car we drove away. We were moving very fast when suddenly we saw an oil spill on the road in the distance.

Once the truck drove over the oil it was out of control and it skidded into a ditch .The police arrived after a few minutes and we were caught.

” Who spills oil on a road?” I asked myself angrily.

Week 19 The Mistake by Laurynas

It was the third day of chaos. Volcanoes exploded, tornadoes blew everything away and tsunamis flooded countless cities. It was all thanks to this monster who changed a peaceful world into a living nightmare.

I was in my half-flooded home when I saw something moving outside in the open. It was the shape of a little man with a tail and some horns ( I wonder who it was ?) In my opinion, it thought this was a water park  because it was climbing up a roof ready to jump in.

Unfortunately it slipped and it came down the drainpipe. Once it reached the water it sank like a stone. Two bubbles rose to the surface and popped.

” Well that’s something you’ll won’t see everyday!” I said with a laugh.

Week 18 A Close Call by Laurynas

” Statue 1, do not move! You’ll give us away!” whispered  Statue 3.

” I cannot feel my legs, my head is itchy and how much longer do I have to stand in the same position?” answered back Statue Number 1.

” It’s easy ,Statue 1, all you have to do is… ah… what do you have to do?” said a confused Statue 2.

Just then a little boy passed them and overheard their conversation. He stared at them for a moment still eating an ice-cream.

” There is nothing to see here, we are just some ordinary statues, ” informed Statue 3 to the boy in a robotic voice.

” Ahhhhhhhhhhh… okay, I’ll just be going on my way then,” said the boy very confused with himself.

” Thanks Statue Lord, that was a close call,” whispered Statue 1 but the others ignored him.

Week 17 The First Creature by Laurynas

Long long ago, before anything set foot on Earth lived a creature.

This creature had sharp claws, hundreds of teeth and looked like a snake. It had more intelligence than anything and it was a thousand times smarter than any living creature.

This creature was as red as a beetroot but it could do anything, like in the past he cycled a bicycle or played an imaginary sport, you name it. He was so clever that he didn’t even need a clock or a watch to tell the time because he used the sun and moon.

One day the creature was asleep when a giant meteorite crashed into the Earth wiping out everything. Now the creature is asleep forever resting underneath our favourite (it is actually our second favourite) city… London.

Week 16 “What If… A Hand was a Person?” by Laurynas

” Hey Mark, what if a hand was a person?” asked Jack.

Mark and Jack were walking down the street playing their “what if ” game for about the tenth time. They loved the game but sometimes Jack’s questions were a bit weird.

” Yeah right,” answered Mark ” I could bet you a million euro that would never exist”

The two boys continued on walking until they reached a village. The village was called Greenhill and it was a quiet and peaceful place. Suddenly a strange figure started shouting on a roof.

It looked like a hand with fingers for its arms and legs. It continued on shouting for a while and then disappeared. Mark stared at the place where he had seen the hand.

” Pay up now ” said Jack with a smile.

Week 15 The Story Of Old by Laurynas

Long long ago, in the beginning of civilization, lived two kings. The Sun king and the Moon king. Each was powerful and strong with an army so powerful it could wipe out the whole civilization. Both kings never trusted each other and had many battles.

The time came for the kings to meet their death and their two sons took over the thrones. The battles continued drawing more blood than ever before, until one day the powerful gems that controlled day and night were stolen.

The only way they could take back these gems was to stop the battles and offer the sign of peace to each other. The sons ignored it and continued fighting. Legend tells that if a person has both gems  he will be granted eternal life…

Week 14 MY COMPUTER!!! by Laurynas

“What are we going to do with him?” said Jack in a worried tone.

Before I continue let me tell you two things:

  1. NEVER go wandering near the back of a circus.
  2. DON’T let a monkey in your house.

When I took this monkey in the house it went bananas ( get it? ) and wrecked everything. Thank God my mother wasn’t there, she’d act like the monkey. We gave him the computer to play with. It worked for  while but then he tossed through the window. I guess it was useless even when we bought it.

The monkey went crazy again.

“Do you think it’s hungry?” asked Jack.

Fireworks set off in my mind and it was like winning a prize of infinite coins.

” To the fridge!” I shouted like a captain to his army.

Week 13 Circus Fire by Laurynas

“Fire, Fire” shouted the manager.

This was a catastrophe. There was fire everywhere, animals were running loose and help still hadn’t arrived. We all ran in circles helping out those who were in need and those who needed saving.

I raced to one of the stables where the elephant lay. I tapped him gently on the trunk, waking him up. The elephant understood he had to go. He stood up. I climbed on his back and we raced towards the exists.

But the matter went from bad to worse. Our circus tiger was already there. In my opinion he looked a bit…hungry.So the tiger was blocking our escape?” I tapped the elephant’s side giving him the command to charge. It was all or nothing.

Week 12 Hospital Horror by Laurynas

” Tick Tock, times ticking” The voice echoed across the hospital.

I hurried through the hall trying to find the person. I knew he was the killer. How? Well, every person he killed had one tattoo: a white skull with a black background. When he killed my father he had written:

I gave him what I owed.

The only person he owed was Jack Higgins, the doctor…

I won the title Most Energetic child in school so it was easy running fast to the reception table. I saw a half-eaten sandwich and a battery( which was broken in two). But what I mostly wanted to see was the camera footage. Finally, found him.

” You’re not getting away this time” I whispered racing to the basement.

Week 11 Are You My…..Father? by Laurynas

That was the last straw. I had enough of it.

What, did you expect me to run for all my life from this strange figure. Well, no, I’m not. After reading clues of all sort, I’ve been tracking down my lost father for weeks and now a weird figure is after me.

I stood still and turned around seeing that he was standing also. I wanted to run at him and hit him as hard as I possibly can but I didn’t. Instead I stared at him.

” What do you want, what do you need from me ” I shouted at him all tired, furious and…sad.

The figure pulled down his hood reveling his face. It looked looked really familiar to me.


Week 10 The Priest’s Treasure by Laurynas

” That daft king, stealing all those poor priests’ holy items and selling them for MONEY” cried my wife Kate.

It was a dull day and a runaway priest came to my home. I had to let him in or otherwise he would have been beheaded. But even if I let him in I would also have been in trouble.

The priest was carrying a sack with something inside. I just caught a slight glimpse of treasure before he tucked it away. Kate was preparing a meal for him. He was shaking like a leaf.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door.

” Kate, hide the priest and his treasure  ” I whispered.

” But where would we hide it?” she asked.

I didn’t know but I had to think of something fast…

Week 9 The Day of the Dead by Laurynas

All Souls Day, a day when everyone prays for their dead relatives. Well that’s one side of the Earth. The other side of our story is set in Mexico. People go in parades, bring food and cheer on this day. Well until it came to night.

Everyone was in the city after walking in a parade and putting food on their relative’s graves. What a shocking sight they saw walking through the shopping centre! Real ghosts walking around.

For a few moments the people were bamboozled, baffled and completely confused but suddenly every ghost disappeared. Was this an optical illusion caused by the moonlight or was this real? Well, nobody knows.