Week 33: It Was All A Dream By Marc

“No, I’m not going in there, it is haunted.”

I was dared to go into the woods that were said to be haunted. It was said that whoever went in never came out. I walked in about 1 km. Suddenly, I fell and got knocked out. I woke up and it was night. I could hear screams and they were scaring me so I tried to fall asleep so I could go back home in the morning. The deafening screams echoed through the cold night. Eventually my friends jumped and  scared me. It was them the whole time. Suddenly we heard a real scream and a shadow came towards us.

Week 30: The Genie By Marc

My friends and I were playing truth or dare and I was first so I said dare. They told me to go into a deep dark cave. So I did go in by myself. When I crawled through a very small hole I could see a bunch of gold and a lamp on top. I heard of a story of a magic lamp. I grabbed  the lamp and a big blue person came out and said, “You have three wishes”. I said I want to be the best soccer player in the world and the richest person in the world. He said no, I shouted It doesn’t matter what you think , does it ? Suddenly the cave roof fell in. 

Week 25: The Jail Break By Marc

It was a dark, cold night. There was a plan to escape from jail tonight. It was pitch black outside but it was perfect for us to escape. We all had stolen food for the night so we would have energy. I stole a banana, there were 3 of us escaping. There was me, Silly Sam and Dangerous Dan. Silly Sam also had a banana. We broke the toilet and it was extremely heavy. The toilet was really damaged. Silly Sam threw his banana skin away. We jumped over the wall. Suddenly we all slipped because of the banana skin on the ground. We all got caught!

Week 20: Should Have Listened By Marc

“Everybody run!” shouted a man in a black jacket. Nobody listened because there was nothing wrong going on. After that he shouted again, ” You will regret this!” Still nobody listened. There was a lot of Irish people because they want to join the British army. Suddenly there was something in the sky coming towards us. As it flew towards us I couldn’t see what it was. After a while I knew what it was. It was the Germans! We all started running to the country side. I was too late. We should have listened.

Week 18: Never going to be the same By Marc

I was going out to my garden, but while  I was going there I saw something in my neighbours’ garden. Me, being the person I am, I walked into  their garden. I saw a piece of paper with some writing on it and I read the writing. Suddenly the board lit up. Everything seemed normal at the start but then everything was definitely not normal. I was going back into my house but my Mom was as slow as a slug. I walked outside on the road and the car looked normal but it is SO slow I can run to the shop and back and it will still be there.

Week 17: All Just A Dream By Marc

It was a dark morning when I was going to school. I had a torch but it wasn’t too bright. The road was also extremely bumpy. Suddenly, I saw a deer on the road. I turned sharply and fell off my bike. After that I saw a house with lights on. I saw a pole so I tied it on a pole. I  walked briskly towards the house. I knocked on the door looking for a bandage. Just before I was got there an old woman tried kidnap me. Suddenly I was in my classroom again. On the way home, I saw a bike on the same pole.

Week 14: We Should Have Listened By Marc

“Our world is being destroyed by us,” announced every president in the world.  “We are killing all the bees which is killing our crops at the same time.”

That was 50 years ago and we should have listened. There was now only 1 bee left. After that bee died we had no crops left in any country. Suddenly the sky just turned black. The sun was being blocked by something but nobody knew what it was. Straight after that happened, it looked like the sky was falling. A massive bee came out of nowhere. Then swarms started coming. They were coming for their revenge. 

Week 13: A Whole New World By Marc

“Why are there so many giants waiting to get on the mysterious object that goes really fast?” I was thinking to myself.

So I decided to crawl on. I could smell a peculiar smell. After that I knew what it was. It was the most scrumptious cheese I have ever observed. So I leaped in an imperceptible hole. Unexpectedly, it got pitch dark. I felt a really weird feeling in my stomach. I got moved and then I could see and I was right by the window. I didn’t realise they could fly. Giants can now fly, I thought to myself.

Week 12: A Bad Day By Marc

” Please, mother, Please!” I was begging my mother to go to the zoo. There was going to be a purple elephant. She said I could only go if I made enough money to go. So I decided to go busking with my violin and I also painted portraits for money the next day. After 2 days of hard work, I finally got enough money to go. I even had to pay for petrol. When we arrived, I was so happy with myself. The show was so good until the elephant went mad. Luckily we escaped.

Week 10: Caught Red Handed By Marc

The creaking door was moving because of the wind blowing. There was a red sign saying no entry. Curiosity got the better of my scruples. The lights were flickering on and off. There was water on the ground which made my shoes squelch. It was dark and damp. There were chandeliers shaking on the ceiling. Doors were opening and closing for no reason. It was said that it was an abandoned school. They said a boy got bullied and he died. He was haunting the school. Suddenly he saw a shadow coming towards him. Boo!! It was only a security guard. 

Week 9: I Will Get You Back By Marc

AAHH!!!!! screeched Delicate David. He said that the pumpkin moved from the windowsill to the ground. I just said that he’d probably knocked it down. I woke up the next day in a dark, dreary place. Drip Drip, there was a hole in the roof. I knew because water was falling on my head. Suddenly, 2 lights appeared out of nowhere. They were in a shape of a pumpkin. There was a white and an orange pumpkin. The orange one spoke first. “How dare you not believe that I moved!”I was shivering with fear. Surprise! It was just Dave the whole time.

Week 7: WHY!!! By Marc

“Come on, Kevin,” Hailey exclaimed.

We were just playing in the park until a wicked lady came up to us. She had a rasping voice. She told us that our parents told her to collect us. We were only 8 years old so we went with her. She had a harsh, loud voice when she was trying to talk over us. Suddenly, we arrived at a cave. It was a very peculiar shape. We went inside the cave and we heard shrieking from beyond.

“But were did it go?” she shouted at another person.

Eventually, we realised that there was a cauldron in the cave.

“She’s a witch.”

We were never seen again.

Week:5 Triple Trouble By Marc

“RUN!!” I shouted.

They were running from an alien attack. He ran to the wretched, dreary shed. They wont’ come in here, I thought.

Suddenly, I heard someone scream”Why can we see the moon so clearly?”

Bang Bang!!!!! It was a giant coming. It was true, there was an abominable giant crushing all the houses. The aliens started to attack the giant. The giant was destroying all the space ships. The the moon started falling. The giant stopped fighting and looked up. Suddenly, he froze from the aliens. The aliens captured everybody and were coming for me.

“Come on, John, its time for school. “

It was only a dream!!

Week 4: Abominal Alan By Marc

Cops don’t lie .                                                                                                                                   Usually.                                                                                                                                                 I get away.                                                                                                                                         Usually.                                                                                                                                                I get the money I want.                                                                                                                Always. 

The useless cops, I thought. They were going on strike and they somehow tricked me to go to Best Bank. I called my partner, Vast Vicson, and said lets take the wretched, old car to rob Best Bank. We got out of the dreary, abandoned house. We slithered through the long grass behind the bank. We stole the money and suddenly saw the cops. We ran like we were about to get killed by a demon. We jumped into the wretched car and the cops were on us when it just wouldn’t take off.

Week 3: Greed Is Too Powerful By Marc

“Brainy Brian, come look at this,” Alert Alan shouted.

There was a mysterious gold box in a deary, wretched place. It was 2 pm so Alan went home on his brand new yellow  bicycle. It was dinner time for Alan, but he couldn’t eat. He saw his little brother wolfing down steak. Alan couldn’t get that gold box off of his mind but Brian warned  him about it. Greed was too powerful so he went to the bathroom and broke the window, he was so desperate. He cycled all the way to Pool Park. He opened the door and walked in. Suddenly the door closed but greedily he went to the box. He saw a enormous spark…..          His dinner went cold.

Week 2: The Dark Horse By Marc

“We’re going to the final!” everybody was chanting. John’s team was going to the final. His soccer team were like marshmellows on hot chocolate, they were at the top. They all went to school the next day, happy. Except the abominable bully who was on the team they beat. So the bully had a plan to break their best player’s leg. John heard the bully talking about the wretched plan. He didn’t tell anyone and that was a bad idea. There was a new guy at the match. They were drawing the whole game . The dark horse took the last penalty and if he scored they would win.  Then everything stopped and suddenly you could hear everyone screaming.