Week:5 Triple Trouble By Marc

“RUN!!” I shouted.

They were running from an alien attack. He ran to the wretched, dreary shed. They wont’ come in here, I thought.

Suddenly, I heard someone scream”Why can we see the moon so clearly?”

Bang Bang!!!!! It was a giant coming. It was true, there was an abominable giant crushing all the houses. The aliens started to attack the giant. The giant was destroying all the space ships. The the moon started falling. The giant stopped fighting and looked up. Suddenly, he froze from the aliens. The aliens captured everybody and were coming for me.

“Come on, John, its time for school. “

It was only a dream!!

Week 4: Abominal Alan By Marc

Cops don’t lie .                                                                                                                                   Usually.                                                                                                                                                 I get away.                                                                                                                                         Usually.                                                                                                                                                I get the money I want.                                                                                                                Always. 

The useless cops, I thought. They were going on strike and they somehow tricked me to go to Best Bank. I called my partner, Vast Vicson, and said lets take the wretched, old car to rob Best Bank. We got out of the dreary, abandoned house. We slithered through the long grass behind the bank. We stole the money and suddenly saw the cops. We ran like we were about to get killed by a demon. We jumped into the wretched car and the cops were on us when it just wouldn’t take off.

Week 3: Greed Is Too Powerful By Marc

“Brainy Brian, come look at this,” Alert Alan shouted.

There was a mysterious gold box in a deary, wretched place. It was 2 pm so Alan went home on his brand new yellow  bicycle. It was dinner time for Alan, but he couldn’t eat. He saw his little brother wolfing down steak. Alan couldn’t get that gold box off of his mind but Brian warned  him about it. Greed was too powerful so he went to the bathroom and broke the window, he was so desperate. He cycled all the way to Pool Park. He opened the door and walked in. Suddenly the door closed but greedily he went to the box. He saw a enormous spark…..          His dinner went cold.

Week 2: The Dark Horse By Marc

“We’re going to the final!” everybody was chanting. John’s team was going to the final. His soccer team were like marshmellows on hot chocolate, they were at the top. They all went to school the next day, happy. Except the abominable bully who was on the team they beat. So the bully had a plan to break their best player’s leg. John heard the bully talking about the wretched plan. He didn’t tell anyone and that was a bad idea. There was a new guy at the match. They were drawing the whole game . The dark horse took the last penalty and if he scored they would win.  Then everything stopped and suddenly you could hear everyone screaming.