Week 20 The Eagle by Mathew O’G

My friend and I were heading up a mountain when something came flying.    As it flew towards us I couldn’t see what it was.                                                            To my surprise it was an eagle.                                                                                               It  flew majestically towards us.                                                                                             It saw us as a threat and tried to strike us with its talons.                                         It let out an ear shattering shriek.                                                                                       Covering my ears, I lost my step and plunged down the mountain.                        I screamed with fear that I might die.                                                                                   To my surprise, the eagle swooped down and grabbed my t-shirt lifting me back to my climbing frame.

Week 18 The Bus by Mathew O’G

It was a dull and dreary Monday evening.                                                                          I was on the bus home from Dublin…UGH!                                                                         The line of traffic seemed endless.                                                                                       Will we ever get home? I thought.                                                                                          After about 45 minutes we moved only inches though.                                             Finally, we were on the move again but it is so slow I nearly lost my head.          My head was like a balloon

It was about to burst…and eventually it did burst!                                                                            I screamed as loud as a mega phone.                                                                                    Babies began to cry and some people covered their ears.                                            I got thrown out of the bus onto the main road.

Week 17 The Billionaire by Mathew O’G

Mr. Zelinski was crazy, always coming up with wacky ideas and bizarre inventions.                                                                                                                                       He once made a motorbike with doors, windows and wipers. Madness!             One of his most recent and successful inventions is the painter bike, he made it for people who paint markings on roads.                                                           They could simply cycle along and the wheels would do all the work.                 It is also a great way to get fit. Genius!                                                                               The eighty year old man is very famous  and is a world known character.


Saved From Deaths Grasp

Saved from Death’s Grasp


Mathew O’ Gorman

It was a wild and stormy night on the island of Komodo,Indonesia…

On Komodo, over 1,500 komodo dragons live. They can grow over 10 feet long and are cannibals. I had tickets for a luxury tour of the Indonesian islands. I had won them in a raffle. Our tour guides were very happy to have us on board .They treated us like a royal family. It was a beautiful country, I highly recommend going there. All the islands were beautiful. Komodo was my least favourite, simply because I nearly died there.

This storm was like no other. Wind howling.Rain pelting. Waves crashing off the rocks. My sister and I were at the back of the group, lost in the exquisite landscape.

We hadn’t realized the tour guide and crowd had run back to the ship to avoid the storm.

They left us. Petrified and worried, we dashed to the bay.                                     Bad thoughts were flowing through my mind.

There must have been a sudden land slide because now we were in the middle of the Indian Ocean!!!

We shouted at the top of our lungs while waving our hands to try and catch a crew member’s eye.                                                                                                                      The ship slowly drifted across the sea.

We had no choice but to swim.                                                           We felt so weak but the thought of drowning drove us on.                                           I heard a screech from behind me. A piece of mirror had stabbed into my sister’s leg.


The best idea ever had popped into my head.

I faced the bloody mirror to the moon which shone a light on deck and caught the eye of the captain who turned the ship around and saved us from Death’s grasp.



Week 9 The Trolls by Mathew O’G

It was a normal day at the market. There were stalls selling flowers and some selling jerseys.                                                                                                                  But one stood out the most. A sign above read “Trolls”.                                          This made me feel suspicious. I just had to investigate.                                              The man selling them seemed eternally joyful. He was wearing a red t-shirt with rainbow effect shorts. I walked over confidently .

He greeted me in a harmonious voice.

“How much?”I asked in a deep tone that hurt my throat ever so slightly.             “$6.90.”

I bought two of them, a red one and an orange one and to my shock the orange one spoke first.

Week 7 LIES by Mathew O ‘G

“Ugh, Monday…..again,”I sighed as I slumped out of bed.

Then it suddenly hit me and I ignored the fact that everyone was asleep.

“NOOOOOOOOOOOO!” I screamed for what seemed like an eternity.

I could hear the loud flapping of wings as a bird fled in horror.

“What is all this ruckus?” Mum whispered as the bags under the eyes expanded under the dim light.

“I forgot my home work at James’s house…and he’s gone on holiday,” I added.

I was breathing heavily, thinking about the consequences at stake. I nervously walked into the school, admitting that my homework was missing.

“BUT WHERE IS IT?!” the teacher screamed.


Week 5 Andy by Mathew O’G

Once upon a time in St.Louis, there was a giant named Andy.                                  He  was over 8 feet tall!                                                                                                               Once he was walking over a roundabout when something shot through the sky.                                                                                                                                                       It was green and blindingly bright.                                                                                      He gaped in awe.                                                                                                                       He was watching it for hours.                                                                                           Every time it passed there was an “ooh”and an “ahhh”.                                           He was still standing there when it was dark.                                                                  Mother was concerned but the beautiful lights eased her worries.                    Andy was staring for so long that somehow his body was frozen and it became fossilised.


Week 4 Disappointment by Mathew O’G

It was Saturday and it was also  my brother’s birthday.

He saw a stupid toy in  the window of the local newsagents .

He really wanted it so I got it for his birthday.

It was one of those rockets that you pump water into and supposedly they launch 400 feet in the air.

That morning I woke up very early, the sun was shining and the birds were chirping.

I attempted to wrap his present.

That didn’t go too well.

I brought him out to the garden .

I pumped and pumped.

The look on his face when it just wouldn’t take off!

Week 3 PEDAL FASTER!!!by Mathew O’G

It was Saturday morning, I was on my bicycle, escorted by my dad.                       He warned me not to worry if a yellow dog started to chase me.                               We cycled past a huge house and the I saw it… the biggest dog I have ever seen running toward me.                                                                                                            Drool was flying out of its mouth and all over the place .                                           Desperate to escape, I greedily grabbed a stick and fired it with all my strength . The dog came to a halt and darted toward the stick.                               I was safe .


Week 2 The Punishment by Mathew O’G

It was 11 AM and it was time for P.E.

We had zumba and it was so boring.

I really didn’t want to participate so I hatched a plan.

When the zumba teacher wasn’t looking, I would dart for the door.

We strolled to the school gym for zumba class which would be my hometime.

I did a few dances which were the most boring thing ever!

I then figured out how to escape this dump.

I manouevered my way to the door.

When I finally reached it I turned the knob. Then everything stopped and I was caught.THE END.


Week 1 WWII football by Mathew O’G

Gun shots wouldn’t stop… these past years have been so lonesome, being so far away from my family.

But I’m not letting that horrible German get away with it.

I missed playing football with my mates on a Tuesday night.

I dreamed of playing a game of footy to settle this.

It was getting close to Christmas now and I wished the war would end before Christmas so I could go home.

Sergeant burst  through the door holding a white flag.

“Let’s play football!!!”


We were taking a break from all this shooting…now lets beat those Germans  at our own game.