Week 18 Released by Matthew D

There I was, driving down the M50. I was in a big rush. My son was playing in his first ever inter-county match. I couldn’t resist speeding because I didn’t want to miss the match. I came to a red light and broke it. Two minutes later, a Garda car comes up behind me and I’m under arrest. I mooched into the station with my head held low as I was embarrassed. He questioned  me about why I had broken the red light. My reply: “but it is SO slow and I couldn’t miss my son’s match.” I was released. Thankfully.

Week 17 Wheelie By Matthew D

The best morning of the year, Christmas morning, sprinting down the stairs and there I saw it: my new, yellow bike. I immediately rang my best friend and questioned him about his presents and he got a bike as well. I suddenly had a light bulb moment.We should go for a cycle.There we were, dashing down the big hill which every child in the town was afraid of except for my best friend and me. All of a sudden, I lost control of the bike while doing a wheelie and crashed into a tree. Ouch!

Week 14 Repay By Matthew D

I was patrolling up and down the hallways of Melbourne Bank. It felt strange. It felt like eyes were watching me. It felt suspicious. I then went for a cup of tea and some biscuits but I’d to leave my tea and biscuits as bees were somehow robbing the bank. I chased after them as quick as I could and saw them on top of the computer manufacturing building. I asked them why they stole the money .Somehow they could write and they said that they help our world and now it’s time for us to repay them. I found the courage to say no but that’s when they attacked.

Week 13 Busby Twins By Matthew D

There I was, revving up my car at the starting line when all of a sudden the craziest people I know, the Busby twins, arrived. They came in this so-called hot air balloon. I chuckled to myself as I heard them say that they created a new mode of transport.

” Cars travel on the GROUND at a much quicker rate!” I exclaimed.

I saw the starter making his way up to the corporate box.  I prepared myself. He fired his gun  and then the Busbys and I set off but theirs flew into the air. I didn’t realise they could fly, I thought to myself.

“See you at the finish line,” they announced.

Week12 Busking By Matthew D

There I was, busking with my violin, on the streets of New York when I saw a purple painted elephant on one of the walls in Times Square. I was confused and took a drink of water in case I was dehydrated and having delusions. But it turns out this marvellous piece of creativity was real. I did a full examination and was bemused as the penmanship was inch perfect. All of a sudden a crow cawed overhead and the elephant came to life. He immediately stampeded towards me and as he was just about to trample me,  I woke from my dream. And I was happy to be alive.

Kanturk Arts Gone By Matthew D



Matthew Deady

There I was, herding the sheep on a dark, damp, dreary day with my cowardly sister. I had an unsettled feeling as we walked the sheep over to the stream that rushed towards the ocean.

Suddenly, a bolt of lightning flashed across the gloomy, midnight-coloured sky. My sister and I retreated  as if it was fated that something horrendous was going to happen. With the black clouds rolling in overhead, the rain started pelting down on the lush green grass. The animals were starting to get tense and then we knew our destiny.

Shortly afterwards, the ground began vibrating. The land started eroding around us until there was nothing left except for my sister and me. Everything was gone, including the ground behind us and the sheep were stranded. There we were on the verge of life and death. We were hopeless in the stormy weather. Would we ever live till morning?

The cold was numbing as I lay down on the bare, wet grass. There I was, gazing at my sister, who was trembling with fear, her teeth chattering with the cold. I was worried sick that we wouldn’t live to see another day.  It was impossible to fall asleep as I could hear the waves crashing against the rocks and to make it even worse the sea water was spattering up on my face. My cowardly sister clung to me during the middle of the night when the wind started howling louder than a thousand wolves.

When I woke up in the morning and I was in one piece, I was overjoyed that we survived the night. But how would we get home? As dawn was breaking, we saw a ship emerge from behind the dense fog. We jumped for joy as we were saved.

Week 10 Guilty By Matthew D

The judge ordered Joe Chambers to rise. The judge started questioning Joe and immediately his face turned red with guilt. The judge instantly smashed his gavel off the table and exclaimed that Joe Chambers was guilty of murdering Josh Mansly. Joe pleaded with the judge not to sentence him but the clerk silenced him. The judge sentenced Joe Chambers to eight years in prison. Joe looked back at his nauseous wife, her lips quivering, tears pouring out of her eyes. All over one false accusation.

Week 9 Regret By Matthew D

I was sauntering down the street when I came across two young men trick  or treating. They asked me would I go with them and I foolishly did. This was something that I was going to regret. They took me to their warehouse and shoved me into a damp, dilapidated room. There was a dart board in the middle of the room with my face on it and there was a red mark on my forehead. They put me onto a chair and the orange one spoke first, demanding aggressively for the gold. I stayed silent and he then picked the gun off the table.

Week 7 Daylight Robbery By Matthew D

Ireland was playing Wales in the Women’s Rugby World Cup Final. It was a tight, intense, edge-of-your-seat game. It was tied 19-19 with the final ten minutes left to play. The hits were hard, the space short but then with the clocking ticking down, it all changed.

“Come on!” roared the Irish captain and that’s when it all happened. The Welsh player robbed the ball off the Irish captain and scored a try.

“But where did it go?” shouted the captain as she was asking her teammates what happened. And then the final whistle sounded. The Irish players collapsed to the ground. They got so near yet so far.

Week 6 The Hill By Matthew D

It was Halloween night. I had visited  every house in the town except one. I sauntered up to the dark,reclusive house. I came to the door and without hesitation opened it. I walked into a damp, dreary hallway. I could hear the spiders scuttling across the floor boards. With curiosity getting the better of me, I made my way up the steep, old stairs. The floor boards were creaking, the bats flitting through the foul air. Then I came to the door. I opened it so quickly I almost took off the door handle. The golden chest gleamed in front of me. I tried to lift it,it was heavier than I expected. Then the light flickered and he crept slowly towards me.

Week 5 The Bent Head By Matthew D

Nobody ever mocked him.

Nobody ever spoke about him.

But that has all changed since he has moved.

Everybody mocks him.

Everybody speaks about him.

One day a small, scrawny man with a brown leather jacket and a black hat came up and had the nerve to ask him why he was so tall.

His reply, ” I eat my vegetables.”

The small man sneered at him. He then pushed the small man.

The small man hit him so hard that his neck and head bent back and got stuck.

He now stands in the same spot every minute, every hour, every day and never moves.

Week 4 Enemy By Matthew D

After the failure of the Stormbreaker, I decided to make my own product. Usually it would be all over the market. Usually the shops couldn’t get them on the shelves quick enough. But not this time. When it just wouldn’t take off, I didn’t know what to do. I modified it. I did everything that was possible, but it never worked. One dull, dreary day I was in my office on Liverpool Street when a small man with black hair and tinted glasses walked through the glass door. There in front of me stood my worst nightmare: Herod Sayle.

Week 2 Don’t Look Back By Matthew D

“Quick or else we’re going to get caught! ” I said.

We scurried down the corridor as quick as our legs could carry us. We went into a room painted black with only a light bulb hanging from the ceiling in it. Suddenly the light flickered on.

Then everything stopped and a guard sauntered over to us. He showed us his ID. He was 24. He seemed vexed so he appeared to be in his early thirties.

He then roared, “Hand back the cash!”

I dropped and spun around into the long corridor. I opened the wooden door so quickly I almost knocked it over. I then darted home without looking behind me.

Week 1 Um… by Matthew D

“Will you join?” Jim asked.

“I will,” I said.

He then brought me to a castle and down to the basement. There was an old half-rotten wooden table in the middle of the room. There were 6 men at each side of the table. In the corner there was a bucket and that was it. They then started walking very slowly over to me. It felt threatening. A man with a bushy beard and a scar above his eye cornered me. He told me to repeat, “I swear an oath to tell nobody about the club I’m about to join.” The words came out of me so fast I’m surprised he even understood me. When I went home my mother asked what I’d done. My reply was “Um…um…”