Week 32 The Money By Michael

One ordinary morning I was walking down the street. I saw two men running up the quiet street. They gave me a big, black bag with lots of money in it and gave me some instructions but I didn’t understand the instructions. I dumped the bag on the street and ran down. I hid behind a smelly bin. A few minutes later 4 police cars went speeding down the road. I went back on the street and saw a tall policeman shout “Hey, put your hands up! You’re under arrest”.

Week 29 By Michael

Boom! Crash!

I had to leave the city immediately. I was in grave danger. I frantically packed my crimson bag and left. I shouted for help but nobody seemed to hear me. It was a very misty day so I put on my coat. I ran for what felt like an hour to look for safety.

I reached an old abandoned cottage and decided to stay there for the night. A few minutes later a man entered the cottage. He took out a weapon and threatened me with it.

Week 27: The Run By Michael

Although they ran quickly, they were still not making enough progress. I ran from path to path from street to street and from road to road, I still couldn’t run away. I sprinted up the old bumpy road until I came to some roadworks. I ran around them and  kept on running. I came to a dead end. I ran into a narrow dirty street. Dead end. I climbed on the bins and jumped over the high brick wall. I ran quickly and quickly until I came to the exit. I was surrounded. I tried to open 2 emergency exits, but they were locked. I have no choice but to surrender.

Week 28: The Giant By Michael

One normal day I was walking in the park. I saw a large group of people next to an ordinary tree. I looked up and saw a huge pair of legs. Everyone was taking pictures of it. More and more people kept on coming up to the tree. A few minutes later I heard very loud sounds coming to us. It was a giant. Everybody ran to the exits not looking back at the giant. I ran as fast as I could to the exits. Helicopters were flying up in the air and police were speeding to the park. This didn’t look good.

The Cup from “The World of Giants” By Michael

One normal day I was going outside to play in the garden. I saw something shooting down from the sky. It looked like a tea cup but I knew it could not have been one. I ran back inside and it crashed in the grass. It was actually a tea cup! I was surprised it did not break. I went outside to explore it and saw some writing on it. It said “From The World Of Giants”. I could not believe it. If the cup actually came from some giants this could be a big discovery for the whole world.


The New Greenroad United Manager by Michael

I was sick of it! We were losing against the worst team in the league, Park Rovers! But what if I was in charge? The following morning I switched on the TV to watch the news. The Greenroad United manager role was available. It said to send in an e-mail to the club and give them your past experiences with other clubs. I had been the Summerfield City manager before so I sent in an e-mail. A few hours later I got an e-mail back saying I had been appointed as the new Greenroad United manager. Hopefully I will do better than the previous manager.

Week 22: The Plane Robbery by Michael

My plan was to break into the airport and steal the keys. I kicked the glass and an alarm went off. I ran into the staff area and grabbed the keys off a brown table. Phew! The goldfish bowl nearly fell off but I stopped it. I sprinted out of the airport and out onto the aprons and opened the plane. Just as I was opening the plane I heard a voice. “Hey  you, police are coming!”. The man started running to me but I got the door open, hopped in and slammed it shut again. I taxied quickly to the runway and took off. There was a bit of relief when the plane flew up in the air but this was just the start.