Week 31, by Mikolaj

I was on vacation with my family and we went to the local shop to buy some food. I wanted a roll with butter and cheese and my sister got reeses. We went exploring the city and it was beautiful. We got to a castle and you could’ve gone up one of the towers of the castle and I decided that I wanted to. I had to jump over a 50 feet drop and I asked myself, “Should I really do this?” But then I decided to not be risking my life on a view. I loved the city!


Week 20 Unknown by Mikolaj

While I was in my tenement, I could hear a strange noise outside my defenceless window. I got up from my bed and walked really slowly towards the noise. It was like a mile up above my house. I tried to take my camera and zoom into it, but it was too high. I tried thinking of a plan but I couldn’t think of anything. I got my mate Josh but he didn’t have a clue what to do either. We heard the engine zoom, but as it flew towards us I couldn’t see what it was. At least I got the shot with my camera…

Week 18 UPS by Mikolaj

So I was lying down, watching some T.V and I heard this really loud car outside my house. I decided to check on it because I didn’t know what brand it was. I went out and I knew it was going to be Lexus. I liked the sound of the engine so I decided to invest in the car which had the price of $37,000, not bad because I’m a billionaire so it wouldn’t make a difference anyway. I got it and it was so slow I sold it right away, although it had a nice engine sound.

Week 17-OOF, by Mikolaj

I got this bike just to use it when I’m coming back from school because there are these two bullies who always bully me because I am slow. So I’m going to make them change their minds now. Oh, and I got this body guard just in case something goes wrong. So I got on my bike because it was the end of school and I started pedaling. I thought I’d got past them but they brought another 2 so I jumped off my bike and my body guard scared them away. From this day my bike is stuck to a tree.

Week 14, I’m a Zoologist, by Mikolaj

“Woohoo, Yes, Yes, Yes!”

I have finally trapped my first bee in a jar. I looked up what to do with a bee and all it said is to let it free because without bees I’d be dead. I obviously didn’t believe that so I researched more about it and I automatically believed it. I let the bee free and gave it a little bit of nectar. Later on I decided I should look for more bees and I found a group of them stuck in their own honey. I let them out to be free.

Week 13, What a Surprise, by Mikolaj

“No, No, No!” I shouted while I saw my sister run away from an ostrich. I ran up to it and scared it away. My sister is always afraid of those stupid creatures. I told my neighbours to either sell them or keep them away from my house. The next day my sister went out to exercise and was waiting for me in our garden. I didn’t go out because I knew the ostrich would attack her so I waited till it did. I saw it approaching and tried to catch it but I didn’t realise they could fly…

Week 10, Joe Gets Mad, by Mikolaj

It wasn’t the time yet but we bought it anyway, the red stress ball for Joe. He always gets mad when he plays fortnite so he just throws the ball around the room. I don’t really get mad at him because I laugh at him screaming into his mic,”YOU’RE TRASH, KID”. He goes down and eats his fortnite energy bars to play like Jarvis. It is the most hilarious thing when he says, “YOU’RE A HACKER DUDE, STREAM SNIPER.” I buy him like 7 controllers monthly so that I’m not really happy about but it’s funny anyway!

Week 7 What was the Score? by Mikolaj

“Ah, hello there!” Harry bellowed at Ethan.

” ‘Sup mate?  Wanna cup of tea?”

“Nah,” answered Harry.

They strolled to the sitting room to watch England play New Zealand in the rugby final. It was actually supposed to start in five minutes so they went for the cup of tea. They came back.

Harry asked, “Where is the tv gone?

“I don’t know bro,” Ethan said.

“But where did it go?” asked Harry.

“I don’t know. Let’s look for it before it starts.”

When they found it, New Zealand had won! What a result!

Week 6, Annoying Day, by Mikolaj

‘Dring, dring, dring!’ My alarm started to ring. It was the day to find out who was the strongest man in town. I had been lifting 120 pounds standing up and 300 pounds lying down, so this should’ve been easy. Eventually I got to the place and there were about 15 other opponents. I was first up so I walked over. I got the 25 kg in my right hand and I started to lift. It was heavier than I expected and next thing I started to hyperventilate so I couldn’t do it.

Week 4 The Day My Heart Stopped by Mikolaj

I was ready to go on the private jet that I ordered for $10,000.00. I packed all my clothes the day before so I would be done and dusted. I got a limousine to get me there. I took about 500 pictures before going in. I took a seat in the jet. I called my Mom and said that I would be a new person after this ride and when it just wouldn’t take off I was so disappointed. Eventually the pilot realised there was no fuel so he called the fuel truck to help us in this sticky situation. It finally came and gave us the fuel that we needed and we took off. That must have been the best day of my life.

Week 3, The Only Bike I had, by Mikolaj

The only way that I could travel was by bike or by a  fast sprint. It was all because there was a yellow Labrador dog in my estate that was desperate for food. There were signs but they only warned a few people because the others ran for their lives. Suddenly my bicycle chain came off, so all I had to do was RUN! I was running but I knew I would have no energy in a minute. Meanwhile, I realised he was not chasing me so I greedily guzzled from my water bottle and came up to the sign and leaned on it.

Week 2, The Biggest Fail Ever, by Mikolaj

So I really wanted to know did Pennywise actually live in the canal so I just hopped inside. I was half way there and suddenly my phone rang. I forgot to turn the volume down. That’s just me, what do you expect? I think he heard me so I ran as fast and far as I could. I spotted him. I was strong and I was confident. I don’t know why he asked me for a cup of tea. I said yes and I drank it all. Then everything stopped and he killed me. What a fail. Mission failed, we’ll get it next time.

Week 1, by Mikolaj

I wasn’t sure was I in the right place but I went on. I met this dude and he told everybody where to go. He just didn’t tell me. I made a deal with him because he was just so dumb. I gave him a ten euro voucher in an envelope but there was actually nothing inside. He showed me the way and I ran off. I found the place that I was looking for. It was a church, just an ordinary church, you know, nothing special. I hadn’t prayed for a long time. That’s where my parents would want me to be.