The Ugly Monster week28 by Alan

I was just walking and I just saw him. I don’t knowwhy  I freaked out. I thought to tell my friend Jonn.y I also told my mom and dad. It looked like a half wooden dude eating a tree to have more body made from wood. I took photos of it. Suddenly it just decided to chase me and Jonny. We got chased for about 3 mins.Then we finally lost that weird ugly monster. And we looked around but there was no foot step or sign of him which was good. We found our way home and Jonny went to my house and I never want to see that thing.

Joe’s Unlucky Day by Nathan

One day in America a thin man called Joe was going mining for diamonds. He chose a spot and started to dig. After a while he saw something shiny in the dirt. He started to dig the tiny yellow thing out of the ground. When he did he didn’t have any clue what it was so he got into his car and drove to his friend’s house because he knew everything about diamonds, stones and gems. When he arrived at his house he asked him what it was. His friend answered, “It’s a piece of Amber and where did you find this?” Joe said, “By the Yukon River.” His friend told him that that place was loaded with Amber. Joe went back to the hopeless spot and gathered his gear and went home empty handed.