My Invention by Nathan wk 6

I danced clumsily around my new invention, The fighter plane. It had taken me years to build this to get everything right. But finally I built it and just in time too because somebody had killed a Duke of someplace, now Germany had invaded France and Britain have declared war on Germany.

So now I am off to a city called BATH to see if they will use my invention but if the don’t I’m going to Munich and see if they like it.When I got to the city I met an orange faced old man who really liked my invention and ordered a thousand. Now I am off to Munich and I hope they order lots more.

A Matter Of Life and Death by Nathan wk 3

As the three gods of all herbivores watched and waited for the carnivore army to clash with their army, the squirrels spotted the carnivores coming slowly towards the army outside the forest. The squirrel commander gave the order to “Fire” and  every single artillery gun opened fire to begin raining hell down on enemy troops. Bodies were flung high into the air as shells rained down upon them . When the gods heard the Booms from behind them they knew the army was coming so they moved the gatling guns up further and they immediately  started spewing out bullets . Onyx the goat god phoned to begin the dive bombing . On the other side of the forest the flamingos were being loaded up with acorns that once dropped would drill into the ground and explode. Meanwhile the gods sent the tanks forward.  Suddenly there was a streaking sound above them. They looked up and saw eagles diving towards them. After 24hrs of non-stop fighting the herbivores won. Now there is a memorial honouring what 3 gods did to protect their kind.

Week 29 The Battle of Midway by Nathan


A torpedo struck the front left side of the USS Midway. All around us Anti-Aircraft guns boomed.The lieutenant`s face was turning crimson in colour as he shouted at the deck hands to get us up in the air to fight Japanese fighters .

It was like a misty morning in summer on the carrier. Eventually we were in the the sky shooting down Japanese fighters. I knew the ship was in grave danger because she was listing to the the side the torpedo struck .

Suddenly I got hit by an enemy fighter – Flames were belching from the engine of my plane. All of a sudden my left wing flew off. I was tumbling down to the sea . Frantically I took off my harness,slid off the canopy and jumped out and yanked on the string –  my parachute shot out. I looked down and saw my plane slam into the ocean.


Week 29 : Hitler’s Angel

Otto and Leni have got the girl and are nearing the Swiss border when gunshots rang out and they dived for cover. Otto looked back to see Heydrich with an SMG puffing smoke. Otto pulled out his pistol and returned fire and told the girls to get to the border.10 minutes later Otto ran out of ammunition, he turned and ran after the girls. The girls were nearing a bridge and as they crossed it Leni told the girls the plan.

They waited for Otto – Heydrich came up to the bridge with Otto at gunpoint and he roared out “hand over the child and I’ll let your friend go . The girl stepped out from behind a bush and as she stepped onto the bridge Heydrich let Otto go and he ran towards the girl – She said to him “get to the other side. ” Otto did as he was told and stepped to the other side –  the girl then pulled a ball of string out and pulled something,dropped the ball and ran. Then the ball of string exploded the bridge split in half.

Otto frantically looked around for the girl but there was no sign of her  -he looked over the ledge where the bridge had been and saw the girl clinging onto the bridge.  Otto reached out for her to take his hand .The girl slipped and fell into the rushing waters below.  Otto roared between tears “Angelika”.

The end

The Wizard’s Hut by Nathan

I was walking in the woods with my friend Callum. We were messing around when we stumbled upon a little wooden hut . Curiosity got the better of us and we went in. What we saw was astonishing. There were potions ,body parts and dead fish. We decided to take some potions and see what they could do.

The first one we tried made things grow.

The second one made a green flame.

The third one made a tree with legs.  After ,we went back home and told no one about what we did. A couple of nights later a wizard came to the hut only to find that some of his potions were gone.


Black Hawk Down by Nathan H

We were under heavy fire in Baghdad. We were in the city centre in a tall building holding off  ISIS while waiting to be picked up by one of our Black Hawks. There were loads of casualties on the roof of the building and we were running low on ammunition. I heard a noise and looked up to see what it was. It was a Black Hawk coming to save us. I shouted to my division “Fall back!” As we crept back there was an explosion. We all turned around to see the Black Hawk spewing out smoke and spinning out of control with its tail section on fire as it plummeted down to the ground. I roared into the speaker “We have a Black Hawk down!” Now our mission was to protect the people inside the chopper. We climbed down a ladder and got to the crew and we pushed ourselves through to the edge of the city and were rescued.