100 word challenge by Noel

Once upon a time there was an agent called Adam Johnson. Agent Johnson was particularly good at obtaining information. He was involved in major missions and the boss had raised him up to be the main man of the whole industry. The latest mission he was assigned to was classified but I can tell you that he was transporting a shrinking/growing device to a classified location. He placed the device (which was the size of a nail clipping) inside the walls of a tea cup. Sadly the plane crashed and everyone aboard drowned but the agent’s case landed on an undiscovered island. When the case landed the teacup grew and grew and grew.

100 word challenge by Noel

15  hundred hours



The Front

The troops were receiving orders from Captain James Boyne. There were clumps of dirt being fired into the trench from explosions. We had received word that somewhere down along the trench that a supply of grenades had gone off killing half a dozen men. A private was walking around gathering up valuables.  “If ya make it back we’ll share em out,” he roared. This was bound to end in disaster, the Germans had double the amount of troops we had. It was hopeless. I heard one of the commandants roar out,” On your ladders!” As we charged into battle I muttered to myself “But what if I was in charge?”

100 word challenge by Noel

One day my father was up re-tiling the house as a lot of tiles had fallen off during the storm. Dad had said to  be careful of my step even though there was scaffolding up and I wasn’t allowed on the roof.

Dad said, “Go get the hammer from the table in the kitchen.”

“Ok,” said I.

I  climbed slowly down  the rusty old ladder (which had turned brown with age). I went inside to get the hammer but saw my goldfish, Swimmy, panicking. I went over to him and then realised that there was a   bird stuck in the chimney. I pushed him  back up. Dad  got such a fright from the bird that he lost his footing and fell through the roof into the kitchen. “Here’s your hammer, Dad.”


In ancient times the tree warriors  watched over the planet with great care. But soon the humans took over. They had spears and other weapons. They were seen as a threat to the tree warriors. So one tree warrior called upon all the other tree warriors for a meeting. The meeting was about how if they all teamed they could take charge from the humans. So all the tree warriors gathered together in one of their so called “parks” and we all ran into battle. The humans never even saw us coming!