100 word challenge week 26 “The Dream” by Noel

One day I woke up happy as could be. The birds were singing and the sun was splitting the stones outside. I jumped out of bed and changed into my clothes. When I ran to the door it was locked. That’s when I remembered I was grounded for breaking the vase in the kitchen with a football. I peaked through the keyhole as I heard muffled noises outside. I saw mum packing stuff  such as clothes and old shoes from Sarah’s room into a bag. I could make out the letters C-H-?-?-?-T-?  S-?-O-? on the bag. When she passed my room to the games room, I realised the writing said CHARITY SHOP. When I saw my game station being packed into the bag, I was so cross that I screamed, waking myself up from a horrible dream.

Scéal eile By Noel War Horse


France WWI

We’ve been in these trenches for days. My ears have got used to the constant cracking of gunfire in the distance and the constant fear that one of the flashing shells might land in my trench. I haven’t had a bit of good food since ,well, I can’t remember the last time I had any. This is a lot different to what I pictured the war to be. With blood, dirt and sweat stains all over me and the cries of wounded soldiers in my ears, it’s hard to remember the time  that I was marching out of town with my pressed uniform, laughing and singing marching songs.

When I heard the sergeant yell “Positions!”, I grabbed my rifle and raced to the ladder. Then the bagpipes started playing and I leaped up the ladder and darted into cover behind a sand bag. When the enemy’s shooting ceased, my platoon were ordered to search the trenches for food,drink, medical supplies and ammunition. As I was going through an ammunition crate I heard a soldier’s terrified cry from up ahead, “Gas, Gas, Gas!”

I woke up in a hospital bed with a bandage covering half my face. The doctor told me that some soldiers found me when the gas dispersed and that the gas had damaged my eyesight but it was not permanent. I had heard an officer outside the hospital saying that there was a horse found out in no mans land. It had been caught in razor sharp barbed wire. That’s when a British and a German soldier went out to get him. When they freed the horse from the wire, they flipped a coin for who would get to keep him. I heard the vet say he had tetanus and he was too busy to treat him, so he would have to be put down. On impulse, I decided to whistle, like I used to back home in the fields, to call Joey. That’s when I heard the clipping of  hooves echoing on the cobbles coming towards me.


100 WC Week 23 by Noel “The Veteran”

Yesterday as I was strolling down the pavement from school something across the road caught my eye. It was a really old man with a wooden leg selling books. He told me the books were tales of his days in the navy. He told me once that when he was at sea, pirates sneaked onto his ship and kidnapped him in his sleep. He was woken by the sound of gunfire and it wasn’t the navy ship firing. Raiders had attacked the ship he was on looking for gold coins. As the ship was sinking a wooden beam fell on his leg. Red blood pumped through his uniform. As the raiders were climbing the ladder of the ship they heard his cries and saved him.

Christmas Dinner by Noel 100 word challenge week 22

Last Christmas, we had the old lady from next door over for dinner.

When she sat down she said, ” This chair is like a mattress of nails.”

When Mam brought out the wine she said, ” This is as bitter as a lemon.”

When Dad brought out the turkey she said, “This is as dry as the Sahara Desert.”

“Do you have any chips?” she asked.

So Mam made some chips. When Dad gave her the chips she said the vinegar was too sharp. I was told to go and get the desert and when I came back she was gone.

The Bear 100 Work Challenge Week 21 by Noel

Anna loved me. She brought me everywhere, whether it be a walk in the park or on a plane. If there was even a speck of dirt on me, she would scrub until she could see her own reflection on my red bow. I lived in the countryside so Anna spent a lot of time with me as there was nobody her own age around. When she started Junior Infants, she was so scared that going in the school gate she clutched me to her chest. A few minutes later, 2 girls started playing with her, making her forget about me. When the bell rang, she darted off, dropping me without realising.

The School Concert week 20 By Noel

The school concert was never going to be successful.Firstly the secretary messed up the date on the flyers and only realised at the last second so only 4 families showed up. 2nd of all a child was running up the hallway and slipped on the mopped floor. That’s when the the band came out onto stage. The guitarist got stage fright so the teachers got John O Brien to play instead, even though he only played the ukulele for a month in 1st class. When the music started playing it was completely out of tune. As the concert was such a failure the band had to clean the floors after school for 2 weeks.

April Fools 100 word challenge Week 19 By Noel

April 1st. The most cautious day for Tom every year. He was able to avoid most of the pranks . In the morning his brother swapped the sugar for salt. During the afternoon, his friend Susie faked bursting a blood vessel by using fake blood.  When Tom got home there was nothing on the top of the door or nobody hiding under the table. After Tom did his homework he washed his hair. As he was going into his room he saw a light flickering out of the corner of his eye. Just as he passed his sisters room he saw eggs flying at him, drenching his black fringe. APRIL FOOLS!

100 Word Challenge Week 14 By Noel

Christmas Eve, I was speeding along the jagged cliff edge as a gunman was giving chase behind me. The icy roads were proving impossible to drive upon. My tyres were losing friction as the roads got windier and the ice got thicker. Suddenly a large clump of ice sent my car over on its side. My car screeched to a halt, hanging half over the cliff’s edge. The metal of the car would topple with any movement, the shattered glass twinkling in the ocean breeze. As gravity took charge, my life flashed before my eyes: presents, baubles, holly, the blue eyes of family members. I’ve certainly had better Christmases.

100 Word Challenge Week 13 By Noel

The race had begun. The journey from the most southerly point in Africa to the most northerly point at the Mediterranean. The vast voyage would take two teams of highly trained men. The race was about endurance and about who would get to the Mediterranean first. 10 days in, the team found it a struggle. There was the endless need for air conditioning and a refreshing glass of water. Meanwhile Team 2 were in crucial need of medical supplies. It seemed like all hope was lost for team 2, they had lost a crate of supplies. They could go to a town for supplies but they were too exhausted.

100 Word Challenge Week 12 By Noel

My friend Stephen and I live in a housing estate. Our houses are side by side and we play football everyday on the green. Behind our house is a roadway. One day we climbed over the fence and went down the road. At the end of the road was a a dilapidated sort of spooky, old house. The door was hanging on by thread so we let ourselves in. I cautiously tiptoed down the hall while Stephen clambered up the falling -in stairs. I peered in the sitting room  door and glanced at the tv, it seemed we were on the tv. I knew what had to be done……. RUN!…….

100 Word Challenge Week 11 by Noel

One day a boy was out frolicking in the field, like a daisy in the wind. For his 9th birthday, he was given a  bike. He rode the bike to school everyday, when he came home he would ride his bike through the fields, down the hills and up the slopes. The bike was like a third leg to him.One day he was cycling hard through a forest that he was used to. The steep hill  was to his right and the daring drop to his left. He was pedaling as fast as he could towards home to be in time for dinner when a pigeon flew out from the hedge making him loose his balance and sending him over the cliff’s edge, leaving the bike behind him.

The Gorrila 100 Word Challenge Week 10 By Noel

Last week Mr and Mrs James had their wedding in Yellow Park right beside the zoo. Everyone was dressed up in beautifully coloured clothes. The bridesmaids were dressed in pretty purple dresses with a blossoming rose on their collars. Just as the bride and groom were exchanging rings a gorilla tore out of his cage, throwing bricks and cement everywhere. Guests were running left, right and centre as the ferocious beast was charging his way through everything. A team of guards with tranquilizer darts arrived. When they caught the gorilla’s attention its eyes turned maroon. They took aim and fired . What was a rampaging beast was now a slumbering ball of fur  with a dart in its neck.

The Office 100 word challenge week 9 by Noel

When I was little, Dad told me never to set foot inside his office or there would be trouble. I always wondered what was behind the door. But I am twelve now I’m not small anymore. After dinner I crept quietly and slowly towards the office. When I entered the office, rows upon rows of dockets and papers filled my eyes. I spotted a computer at the far end of the room. I powered up the ancient piece of work. Just as I was about to investigate, I heard footsteps outside the door. All the windows were locked so I grabbed a book and threw it through a window. I leaped out. I didn’t know how long I could hang on for dear life while those jagged shards of glass were piercing my palms.

Ladybird Basket 100 word challenge week 7 by Noel

Frank was a certified MI6 agent. He was sent to Australia to reach Ladybird Basket. This assignment would take courage, skill and most importantly a camera. Ladybird Basket was at high altitude so it would take a lot of climbing. At Ladybird Basket there was chaos because the humans were trying to change the way of the ladybirds. Frank’s mission was to bring peace to the loveliness of ladybirds. A helicopter took him to his destination. As he ascended he saw the chaos below. He jumped out the helicopter and deployed his parachute.

The Fight by Noel week 6

The night had come. The fight had come. BATH Breht was fighting The Orange Fighter. Bath Breaht leaped clumsily onto the stage. The Orange Fighter ran onto the stage showing off his horrendous dance moves. One person in the audience threw a squished rotten banana at him staining his perfectly pressed orange jumpsuit. When the fight was over the referee called the two fighters together to shake hands but  instead Bath Breahd started dancing in front of The Orange Fighter. A person in the audience threw a size 5 Adidas trainer and knocked him clean out. That was the end of our fighting experience.


Yesterday, I went to see a movie called,” The Meg (Megeladon)”. It was a bit like Jaws. It reminded me a time when I was jetskiing with my cousins. A baby shark swam up from beneath me and snapped at the jetski . Although it was a baby shark I didn’t know that at the time. After this we skied back to shore as fast as we could. Anyway the movie was 2 and a half hours long. We then got KFC on the way home.

The bull by Noel

Once upon a time there was a farmer. The farmer had bulls , horses, goats, sheep and geese. He was quite proud of his bull. He weighed 1.5 tonnes in weight. At this time the farmer was very sick but nobody knew. One day the bull broke out chasing the horse and the sheep around the yard. A neighbour came to tell the man about the bull. When he realised he was dying he called an ambulance. The man came out the very same day. If the bull didn’t break out the man would have died. In memory of the animals three statues were built.

100 Word Challenge by Noel

Last month we went on a field trip to the aquarium with our school.At 20 past nine the bus arrived. It was a dreary old grey bus. The bus driver was lifeless with black sunglasses and no expression on his face. I climbed up the steps to the bus. The group was as quiet as a mouse. When we got to the aquarium the teacher was finding it tricky to get children in line. She snapped like an alligator at one child who was playing  up . When I opened the door of the building a vast gush of water hit me. I saw a mauve blue object on the floor. A jellyfish had escaped.

Week 29 The Chase by Noel

Frantically I ran through the fields scrambling over trees and bushes. It was a  misty evening and I had turned crimson with the cold. I couldn’t leave them catch me. I could still hear them behind me. I could their roars getting louder and louder. I climbed a tree but I hesitated because there was a man standing outside a house He shouted to a man inside “here’s his grave” he shouted. The man went back inside.

I got ready to run again but I heard a rustling of bushes behind me!

The Ugly Monster week28 by Alan

I was just walking and I just saw him. I don’t knowwhy  I freaked out. I thought to tell my friend Jonn.y I also told my mom and dad. It looked like a half wooden dude eating a tree to have more body made from wood. I took photos of it. Suddenly it just decided to chase me and Jonny. We got chased for about 3 mins.Then we finally lost that weird ugly monster. And we looked around but there was no foot step or sign of him which was good. We found our way home and Jonny went to my house and I never want to see that thing.

The Long Sleep by Noel

There was once a man known for his enormous legs. Every day his legs grew 1 milimetre. One day this man went for a walk up a mountain to get away from the hustle and bustle of living in the city. After walking a few miles the man felt tired so he took shelter under a leaning tree. The old man made campfire he pulled out a tin of beans and a bottle of whiskey. After his meal he fell into a deep sleep for 25 years and when he woke his legs were as long as the eye could see. In his memory a statue was built.

100 word challenge by Noel

One day in Fota it was twice as busy as it had ever been. After I went half way I wrote down the animals and the habitats that I had encountered: Chimpanzees, Zebras, Giraffes. As I went on I came to the lion enclosure. A 10 foot tall fence was around the enclosure and a massive sign read : Do Not Make Contact. After that I went into the cafe and almost immediately I heard screams coming from behind me. A lion had broken out of its cage and was running free. People were running, screaming, trying  to get to safety. Although they ran quickly they weren’t making enough progress to get to safety.

The Old Man by Noel

I woke up one summer morning. The sun was shining. The sky was blue so I decided to go for a walk. While I was walking I saw an thin old man wearing an old faded yellow t-shirt which was even tinier than him. He had one leg which was hopeless to walk on so he always carried a walking stick (which was quite shiny). I had often seen that man limping from pub to pub before. I always thought that he was limping because he was drunk but now I know the reason. From that day on I never saw the man again.

100 word challenge by Noel

Once upon a time there was an agent called Adam Johnson. Agent Johnson was particularly good at obtaining information. He was involved in major missions and the boss had raised him up to be the main man of the whole industry. The latest mission he was assigned to was classified but I can tell you that he was transporting a shrinking/growing device to a classified location. He placed the device (which was the size of a nail clipping) inside the walls of a tea cup. Sadly the plane crashed and everyone aboard drowned but the agent’s case landed on an undiscovered island. When the case landed the teacup grew and grew and grew.

100 word challenge by Noel

15  hundred hours



The Front

The troops were receiving orders from Captain James Boyne. There were clumps of dirt being fired into the trench from explosions. We had received word that somewhere down along the trench that a supply of grenades had gone off killing half a dozen men. A private was walking around gathering up valuables.  “If ya make it back we’ll share em out,” he roared. This was bound to end in disaster, the Germans had double the amount of troops we had. It was hopeless. I heard one of the commandants roar out,” On your ladders!” As we charged into battle I muttered to myself “But what if I was in charge?”

100 word challenge by Noel

One day my father was up re-tiling the house as a lot of tiles had fallen off during the storm. Dad had said to  be careful of my step even though there was scaffolding up and I wasn’t allowed on the roof.

Dad said, “Go get the hammer from the table in the kitchen.”

“Ok,” said I.

I  climbed slowly down  the rusty old ladder (which had turned brown with age). I went inside to get the hammer but saw my goldfish, Swimmy, panicking. I went over to him and then realised that there was a   bird stuck in the chimney. I pushed him  back up. Dad  got such a fright from the bird that he lost his footing and fell through the roof into the kitchen. “Here’s your hammer, Dad.”


In ancient times the tree warriors  watched over the planet with great care. But soon the humans took over. They had spears and other weapons. They were seen as a threat to the tree warriors. So one tree warrior called upon all the other tree warriors for a meeting. The meeting was about how if they all teamed they could take charge from the humans. So all the tree warriors gathered together in one of their so called “parks” and we all ran into battle. The humans never even saw us coming!