week 20 Worked Up by Oisín

Why must we build this wall? It’s the length of China and I still don’t know why. Then at that moment I saw something in the distance. As it flew towards us I couldn’t see what it was. At this point my heart was pounding. What if we were building a wall for a future war? What if that thing is a drone and when it was right over our heads I realized it was a bird. I was just about to run for my life, scream and hide behind a bush because of a bird! (I looked down at a bush and I think I could see eight or seven people hiding.)

Flying Pigs by Oisin Wk#13

“Caleb!” I shouted running up to him.

“Sean got hurt, we might get no homework,” I said.

“If pigs could fly!” Caleb said.

After school, I go straight home (and that is what I’m doing now) and before I do homework I feed the pigs. I was walking towards the pig sty and found no pigs. I was looking around for two minutes before one landed on my head. I looked up and there were pigs flying above me. I didn’t realise they could fly and then they all flew down in a row, waiting for their food and the little one who hit me on the head just stepped in line.

Week 9 Disappearing Nurse by Oisín

I was playing with my friends at the end of the road until all of a sudden a weird man jumped out of the bushes and said, “The orange one spoke first!”in a creepy voice. He pulled out a carrot.

“I’m telling Mom and we’re taking him to hospital,” I said.

We were at the hospital and he was in a bed in some room.  Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a nurse disappear. There was only a dagger in her place. When I turned around to tell Mom, she was gone too. Everyone was gone except for me.

week 7 Annoying Sister by Oisin

I just got out of bed and my sister went mad because she lost her box of make up. But she doesn’t know that I dropped it down the toilet.

“But where did it go?” she shouted and that’s not the only time she said that.

She entered my room.

“Oisin, did you take it?”

I knew this was going to be a long day. After what she calls hours of accusing Oisin,  I finally went to the shop and bought her a new box of make up. When I got home ,this is what I heard :

“Oisin, that’s not the right one!”

So I went to the bathroom and dropped it down the toilet on purpose.

week 5 Bad Nightmare by Oisín

I walk to school day after day and every day there’s this weird-looking statue, but in a good way. I was leaving school on a Tuesday and they were taking it down. I ran towards the statue. As I tried to stop them, I started pushing them in all directions. The police arrived and they pulled me out of the area and only then I started to think, I don’t know how I’m going to face my parents. I was on my way home in a police car. Then I found myself in my bed. Thank God, it was just a dream (a very bad dream)!