The Theatre (Paddy 6th Week 25)

We opened the main door. It creaked loudly as we stepped inside. I flipped the light switch, the artificial light casting long shadows against the banisters of the stairs. We tiptoed upstairs. Suddenly we heard a WHAM and the smashing of glass.

“I-I think w-we f-f-found our b-beast!” exclaimed my friend.

He then turned tail and ran, screaming all the way out the door. We then heard a cackling from the candy bar. We flashed our torches inside there as we came down the stairs.

“AAARRGH!” my friend screamed.

I spun on my heel to see him pinned by the beast. What was I to do!?!

Wk 23 Fighter plane (Paddy 6th)

Flying over the streets of France, I feel free as a bird. I still remember running down the pavement, dodging old ladies and sprinting underneath ladders, coins jangling in my pocket. That was my first toy plane. And now I’m actually flying! The exhilarating rush left as soon as it had come and with a sinking feeling in my stomach, I remembered what I was here to do. I pushed the red button on the joystick. Five 250 kg bombs dropped on to the city below, killing millions. Tears came to my eyes as I flew away.

Fast Food Fight (Paddy 6th)

We dropped from the bag on to the plate. I glanced upwards and managed to see the sachet dropping its gloopy, red contents over the plate. Then came the burger, the hulking mass of meat and bun sprinkled with sesame seeds. Suddenly, a giant fleshy claw came down from above and grabbed the burger. Burger was shoved into a hole which bit into it. The claw picked up a glass bottle and sprinkled on something brown labelled vinegar. I struggled to get away from the droplets, but one hit my back and the vinegar was too sharp to withstand. The last thing I saw was the claw, and I blacked out.

The Attack (Week 21 Paddy 6th)

“Minion!” said a voice from the massive leather chair in the centre of the room.

“Ready the Deady Bears!”

“Yes master,” replied a whimpering voice.

There was the noise of a button being clicked and an enormous mechanical claw came down from the ceiling, holding a crate. From within that crate a scratching noise was echoing ,with the occasional grunt. The crate burst open with a splintering noise and out came… millions of adorable, plush bears.

“Gaah! Minion what have you done?! My weapons!”

“I’m not your minion. I’m FBI Agent Turncoat and you’re under arrest!”

“Dang and blast!” roared the evil villain. And that is how teddy bears came into the world.

The Street Man (Paddy 6th)

He stepped up to the edge of the side walk and closed his eyes. He then muttered something under his breath, and began to play. He played not for family or any  noble cause, but he played to make ends meet. Although his rickety old guitar was falling apart and was completely out of tune, a crowd had gathered, entranced by the strangely beautiful music that was coming from his instrument. His fingers, plucking swiftly at the strings, looked as if they were dancing. And then, as suddenly as it had come, it stopped. and the street man turned and lay on the street corner.

Egging (Paddy 6th)

Living on the fringe of society is no easy task. That’s why we rebel. We didn’t fit in so we were thrown out. The flickering street lamps brought me from my thoughts. We were given a dozen eggs each. We were going to egg the houses down the street. We crept out into the black of the night. We were sick of our unequal rights and we hadn’t washed or eaten a proper meal in weeks. I’ve had enough. We are going to make all of those…those… posh people pay.

Another World:Paddy 6th

I know this world is another dimension, but how could she just disappear like that!? Then I heard a screech, that tore me from my thoughts. I turned slowly, just glimpsing the creature I had to catch. I fired my glu gun, hoping that it would be trapped,but it kept circling me until… WHAM!!! I was thrown against the wall by an almighty force. I leaped to my feet and checked my suit for damage. As I was doing this, I heard a snarl. I unhitched my glu gun from my utility belt, spun on my foot and shot the monster,trapping it in a chamber.I shrank the box and went back to base.

Escape: Paddy 6th

“We live in a perfect world. That’s my problem.”

My father said that a lot. He also said that he saw a light in his dreams, and that the light blinded him. He was a superstitious man,throwing his life away to research half -baked theories about aliens. But one of his theories caught my interest as I was going through his old filing cabinet. His theory was that we were all in accurate simulation of life. He said the government was covering up the pollution on earth, and that escaping the simulation was our only hope of saving the planet.


Christmas Day                                                                                                                              Seoul, Korea.                                                                                                                                     00:48

“We are dealing with an enemy so advanced that they can attack anywhere, at any time.”

It was a standard mission briefing : be quick, disable the bio-hazard container.My first mission with Team Rainbow, I was nervous but excited at the time. We breached the windows. We swept the floor. As I entered the last room, a flash of white hot pain shot through my skull. I collapsed, seeing stars. The room was over-decorated, with trees covered in baubles and boughs of holly. I saw the bright blue eye of my attacker, and I blacked out.


Temple Of Shadows (Week 13 Paddy 6th)

The beast chased me down the cold, dark corridor. The stone stronghold was falling into folds of deep inky black in the beasts wake. We never knew that the promises of treasure from the ruins of Templo de las Sombras in Peru would hold such a vicious guardian. I had comrades on this adventure, but they were exhausted and decided to set up camp outside the temple. Lost in my regrets, I almost missed my escape. It would be tricky. I would have to leap towards the trap door, twist my body and pray that I didn’t miss it. I leaped…

The Abandoned Factory {Paddy 6th } Week 12

My friend lucas and I would head out on our paper rounds every morning. Then we would race to the chocolate factory. But that was when we were little, and now the factory is closed down. We decided to go in there for a good story. We came to a room that was bright white. Lucas pressed a button and suddenly we blacked out. When we woke we seemed to be on the television. Little orange men came rushing in, pressing buttons and eventually they put us in a jar. I wish we had never come here.

The Record [Paddy 6th week11]

This is it. I’ve always wanted to be in the Guiness Book Of World Records. Now is my chance. I mount the bike, taking deep breaths. I adjust my grip. The Guiness World Record representative blows his whistle and I’m off. Racing through the trees I don’t dare touch the brakes. I feel my sweaty palms slide off, but I readjust. Just another few metres. Then my controller slipped. I watched in dismay as my character ploughed headlong into an oak tree. Game over flashed across my screen.

“Damn it!” I muttered, picking up my controller and clicking restart. Who knew that World Records Simulator would be hard?!

Week 10: Overestimation by Paddy

I thought Lego bricks could withstand 300 pounds of force. I thought gorillas only lived in jungles and rainforests and I thought gorillas were not yellow. Then a yellow gorilla  burst through the wall of my room casting a looming shadow over me and my now ruined lego set.I’m pretty sure gorillas are faster than twelve year olds, but I started running anyway. I was shouting for help and the residents of Kanturk were screaming and calling animal control. Then I remembered why it was chasing me. My banana pattern T-shirt! I threw it off and prayed I would not die.

Leechwood Institution pt 2 (Paddy 6th week 6)

The orange  glow from the chest faded as Samuel looked over at Annie. She had just grabbed him out of the blue, so he thought it fair that he should ask some questions.

“Okay Annie, where are we and why am I here?”

This outburst startled Annie, but she decided to give him some answers

.”This is BATH, also known as Leechwood Institution.” she spoke evenly “BATH stands for Birmingham Adolescent Training Headquarters. You’re here bec…” she stopped as the room fell into darkness.

As the light filled the room a silhouette danced past him. He clumsily adopted a fighter stance…


Week 5 Paddy, 6th: MY TEACHER EXPLODED.

My teacher exploded.

She was shouting at one of my classmates, Brendan, when her hair started smoking. There was steam coming out of her nostrils and ears. A crimson shade was crawling across her ravaged features. Her fists were clenching and unclenching. It reminded me of a time when I sprained my wrist and the physiotherapist said to squeeze and release the stress ball. She looked as if she was about to burst. And then she did. With a poof of smoke and a gigantic POP she was gone. All that was left was a pile of greyish-black ash.


There was once a haughty group of animals. They thought they were better than everyone else. There was a Helen Horse,  Brian Bullock and Reginald Ram.

One day they met Warwick, a wise old warlock. Warwick proclaimed that if they did not give up their wretched ways he will conjure a cauldron, bubble a broth, sprinkle some sparkles and pluck a pointy pineapple’s prickly cactus to turn them into silent, unmoving, everyday rock sculptures.

The band did not heed Warwick’s crucial words and while walking through a clearing (after tormenting a poor hare) they were turned to stone.


Icyville National:Paddy 6th

Our school is called Icyville National. We all call it I.V.N. It was modern… in 1988! The desks have inkwells and there are planetary posters that say Pluto is a planet!

We call our Teacher “The Mauve Murderer”. This is because she’s always wearing that godawful pale purple blouse and she is a maniac!

We all have cool nicknames in class. Mine’s  Alligator. My friends’ are:

“The Tutor”. He’s the smart one.

“The Joker”. She’s the Prankster.

And there’s me. I’ve climbed the popularity ranks as I progressed through my years of school. It was tricky, but  I earned respect eventually.

Week 29 Paddy:THE TOMB

Grave danger is what lies ahead!” croaked my old man just before he kicked the bucket. No joke I think to myself as I frantically search for the tomb in the misty graveyard. I remember what my mam said before I sprinted out the door: “DON’T go looking for that tomb again, Mick, It doesn’t exist!“.

But the stories I heard sounded too horrible to be just made up. I ambled on, my new crimson sneakers full of stones and covered in mud. My mam is going to kill me.,but my thoughts were interrupted by what I saw next…

The Ugly Monster week28 by Alan

I was just walking and I just saw him. I don’t knowwhy  I freaked out. I thought to tell my friend Jonn.y I also told my mom and dad. It looked like a half wooden dude eating a tree to have more body made from wood. I took photos of it. Suddenly it just decided to chase me and Jonny. We got chased for about 3 mins.Then we finally lost that weird ugly monster. And we looked around but there was no foot step or sign of him which was good. We found our way home and Jonny went to my house and I never want to see that thing.

Paddy: The Accident

I took control of  the robot. It was an oak robot ,shining in the sun-light. I grabbed the throttle and pushed it forward . My robot started to run and was picking up speed when I had an  idea. “How high can this thing jump?” I wondered. I pulled the throttle upwards and up I went at the speed of light. Suddenly, something caught my eye to the left. A PLANE!!! The plane cut straight through the middle of my robot.  My bottom half was impaled on a tree while my upper half sunk into the  ground with a sickening THUNK!

Paddy: Frilled Lizard

I woke up to the bright glare of the yellow sun. Whisps of white cloud floated overhead, tempting the creatures of rain. But of course, dreaming is hopeless as it never rains here. I started scampering over the sand, my tiny feet leaving prints in the grains. Suddenly something caught my eye. A shiny, silverish gleam casting its thin beam of light into my line of vision. I approached it carefully, making sure not to startle it. I examined the clear material. I saw a scaled creature looking back at me. I extended my neck frill and scuttled away.

Week 9 : Photoshoot by Paddy

Last Monday I was asked to pose for a few photographs for a website called “100 Word Challenge”. I received a letter stating that it was on in Dublin at 2:00pm. I was scared when they told me about the photo, which looked like I was drowning. They said that it would all be done using tricks of light and editing. This reassured me a little.

Firstly, I met Julia Skinner, a former principal, who created the “100 Word Challenge” website. Next, the photos were taken. There was a twist, I had to hang upside down! Numerous photos were taken. We eventually settled on one, edited it, and finished up. I had great fun.